May 14, 2014

D for Dilemma!

D is truly for Dilemma for me. As of now.

Before I start, I must confess I went horribly irregular and very big gaps have been witnessed in my blogging schedule. Let us say,the would be bride is too busy juggling wedding preparation , family members, two homes, shopping and of course her own Dilemmas. 

Should I wear this or that? This hair style or that. These questions are almost on the verge of getting over with a sense of nervousness, what if they can go wrong!

What if some one will spoil the mood of the wedding. What if both sets of parents gets into some sort of stress. What if some loved one gets hurt by some one I love. There are billions of questions with no answers as of now and they create dilemmas. What else. 

There is this feeling of excitement which is in dilemma of being too open. The feeling likes to reside in the corner of my heart hiding behind the nervousness my whole life is suffering from. 

I am sure this will be natural for all would be brides. I am sure there will be thousands of girls experiencing the same feeling. 

Feelings themselves in dilemma. I call the phenomena.