July 15, 2018

Chaitime Chitchat #16

And no, I have not disappeared in the thin air, I decided to resurface just to chitchat on the blog when I realized, I am blogging lesser than ever and in July I have not blogged at all. Phew.

Also because, there are multiple things happening in life and such a chaos makes me unstructured enough to not to blog. Hence, I decided to pen down just rumblings to my utter dismay as this style sounds more like a feel version of my to-do list which is never ending.

Anyway, something is better than nothing and specially if it makes me feel good. Which comes to the highlight of my life - Self love. I struggle to love myself selflessly. Taking stress, over analyzing things, assuming worst in the name of being realistic etc falls into the opposite category of self love. I have realized this thanks to the direct hints my health has shown. Nothing at all in this life is more important than inner peace and it comes through self love. (Sorry, all the religions who believe that this life is a pain and pain is the road to the salvation)

I have realized light Yoga and Pranayam help me but going to a classes early in the morning when my body already needs sleep more than anything else is a form of stress. Hence, I practice both the things in the morning. Only for 15 minutes. It give me calmness. Because this hyper lady is ultra hyper in the office which throws challenges every hour in the name of the success. Well, can we help?

Another thing I am trying to follow is non-packaged snacks. Nothing out of packets should go in my mouth unless it has to be cooked. No, no cook-ready meals as well. This also brings to the issue of unavailability of two hunger meal times- which we are trying to resolve by bringing a hot plate to the office. I make tea already and planning to cook simple stuff like oats in the pantry which would keep me satiated enough to not to get attracted to packs of biscuits kept in the same pantry!

One more practice to follow: Walking and climbing staircases when in office. This practice is more like a sine wave- sometimes I follow to the tee and sometimes I fail due to the workload but I am pleased myself for trying the same. Being healthy is going to keep me happy , is the truth I have derived in last two months.

Trying to go away from any negative vibe coming your way. It does not mean avoiding it completely but trying consciously to get out, is a step closer to keep your mind healthy. Most of us fail to understand that negative vibes create more negative vibes and to avoid being the source of the same- you need to get detached from even a little bit of negativity (which you can not manage) on your way. Do we need extra baggage in life?

Talking about office, It is going bonkers. We have so much of work load and worst, dependency on other service providers and suppliers are keeping our hands tied. We are taking one day at a time and planning for next four days. It is like this complex puzzle in the mind, which is getting sorted piece by piece.

There is this one thing which keeps me kicked up - upcoming Kolkata trip. My cousin is getting married and I am so so so eager to experience the Bong wedding along with the city vibe! I am very fascinated by Calcutta as a city and finally I am all ready to seize the opportunity.  Hopefully it wont be too bad an experience as I am already getting warnings from my Pseudo-Bong maternal family about the traffic and weather issues.

Hopefully, I will over come the fire fighting at the office and leave for the trip in a breeze.

What's up with you guys?


June 20, 2018

The Recycled Bin, Or Not

Was it only me or every set of parents tease their kids that they are adopted? I think, my mom played the elder sibling (generally siblings tease each other in such a fashion) when it comes to playing jokes.

For example, In her jokes I was(Am) the daughter of one of the maids working in the society who used to scare me. My brother was (is) my real brother (Gosh, even in jokes he follows me *eye rolls*) but the kid from the same mother. The story is that the lady kept on throwing her kids (us) in the dustbin and my mother (who plays the lead role) kept on adopting kids. Thankfully she stopped at two.

How we were found with a lot of garbage on us and how we are still messy (Even when she kept on scrubbing us for months!)- was the main story when we were growing up. My mother is very very creative and weaving every 'messy' thing we do , with our fictional genes was (and it is still going stronger) her hobby when we were kids.


So, a day back one of my cousins with her two years old kid visited my parents I was really curious to know how my niece is doing. To my dismay she is exactly like her mom and me, the proud Masi. Really. She does not go to any one else but her mom. Nobody should try playing with her. Nobody should try to make her talk. Or else, a low high pitch cry will follow the act. Yes, I was that irritating too. So much that I used to accompany my mom to the loo. It amuses me even now how my Fai ( the same cousin's mother) and my mom managed us; also get one kid each after us!

So when round #I-dont-count-anymore story of how irritating we were, was going on..

Yours Truly Bubblegum: Mom, didn't you feel like throwing me (the toddler) out in the garbage?

Mother of Bubblegum: Arrey, I got you from the garbage only na! There was no option.

*Rolling Eyes*

June 15, 2018

Char Baat

"Which invention by humankind which you feel, we could have done without?"

"Plastic?? ummm... No No, It is religion. I am confident."

Both smiled in consent, resuming eating the delicious food served on the plate.


"Which invention do you think was the most important one to change the world, the way it is today."



"Do you know Hanuman had a son?"

"Yes, Makardhwaj."

"Oh!!!", She is in awe.


"Which one is your favorite book of this life time till now?"

"Ummm.... Pollyenna had a great effect one me. What about yours?"

"You could have guess it. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie!"

Both deep dives again into their own thoughts. May be difficult to pick one book?


Ladies and Gentleman, last evening we celebrated the fourth anniversary of our marriage and these are typical conversation we have on all our dates even now!

We are a conversation converted into a couple.
Conversations like these, help us thrive even now.

Happy Anniversary, Mr.ISB.


June 5, 2018

Rain Rumblings

This unexplained break from blogging is something I want to wash off, just like the first rain of the season washed off the cluttered mind last late evening.

My heart craved for that cup of tea with really high amount of ginger which would perfectly amalgamate with the smell of hot and dry 'Mitti' soaked in the water. Wind blew really hard and trees danced. Monsoon is the freshness we all need in our lives more than this environment I felt.

Happiest were my plants who are now waiting for some new pals to give them company. Gardening in monsoon is always a good idea anyway.

Another combination is dancing and rains. There is nothing like keeping windows and doors open and dance like no one is watching. I have done that a lot in my childhood. Have you ever done it?

Being one crazy Amdavadi, how can I forget 'Dalvada' with 'Mirchi'? Is it just the craving or is it the feel of being in Ahmedabad I am missing, sometimes I wonder.

At some time in your life, you realize that nothing is more important than you feeling happy from inside, keeping aside those unfinished tasks and dreams in your eyes.

May 1, 2018

Chai Time ChitChat #15

We finally did it. Took a much needed vacation to another country.

While a blog post dedicated to all the pretty artistic and historic places we visited and seized, is pending I would like to just pull a chair along with a cup of simmering hot Adarakhwali chai and chat.

As much as I love being home, snug up under the blanket while reading my favourite book, I love exploring new places and feel them like local people. The amount of stress we both went through in last three months - office and wedding at home - we were bound to feel fresh after the vacation we took. That is what has happened.

Vacations are magic. I was suspecting a severe jet-leg (and mental hangover) after coming back but I am already feeling fresh. Everything seems new. Irritations are yet to resurface. Energy levels have gone up even when the sun is scorching hot. I am not sure how much it would sustain but who cares? Why to worry about sustainability of happiness when you can enjoy every second of it.

What did we do in Italy? Well, aren't you hopeful that I would write a post if not couple of them on the trip? If no, let me tell you what did we do.

We walked, we ate (Like our Kaki says, No food can be bad in Italy), we observed, we drank, we walked, we climbed, we hiked, we watched movies, we slept of like logs and we talked, talked and talked. If you know my husband is a man of few words, I must say he is not a chatterbox like me but lets say his words are seasonal. Luckily the weather was perfect otherwise too.

Now when we are back in the most humid city I have ever lived in after Singapore (Wait, I have lived in total five cities only) it is not taking a toll on me. I may be too early to write about it, but I'm already feeling bold enough to brave it.

Of course, I miss the no-sweat-and-a-jacket weather, greenery around, delicious pasts and croissants with coffee but then the comfort of your own bed is also a thing.

What do you think about Vacations? Are you a home snob or globe trotter?

April 16, 2018

Birthday Bumps!

Yes, I am 30 and hence, I am not of the age where I get Birthday Bums! Only Birthday Bumps.

Now, if you are done rolling eye balls on my poor joke let me tell you. This 30ish birthday is already a bumpy ride.

- I am off for an Italian vacation today and I have a long to do list to finish in the office
- I am not sinking in with the fact that after a year full of activities in personal life and hectic schedules followed with 200% involvement in my professional life, I am a few hours away from a much needed and deserving vaction
- I am not able to express the happiness of getting a gorgeous wood carved frame and a mobile phone as birthday gifts from Mr.ISB. I am just not sure how do one express happiness. I was always a weird child and I am still weird at 30.
- I am not able to see myself even on the airport to leave for the vacation. Curtsy: Office Work
- I have been reminded of the ticking biological clock all the time. Aging is something out of trend for people. The clan of my husband's family look really younger than their age. My clan is famous for wisdom. Khi Khi. (Ouch it hurts!)

While the joy ride of getting gifts, phone calls and wishes from family and friends was very special, what do you think of the bumpy ride I am going through.


April 12, 2018

Early Birthday Surprise

Surprises arrive only when you are not expecting a thing from this universe.

(Also, because you are tired, dull and ..well.. grumpy and irritated to even think about your birthday)

Last Saturday (Yes, my lord. I have six days working week) started with a lot of work, a lot of is an understated phrase but I would stop at that. Amidst all the tick mark to-does, I was pulled into two hours review for the year. Obviously it went well but a review is a review is a review. (No, I am not high. Just..well... dull tired post migraine) So the stress ache my body gets had surfaced already when I left office at 6 pm. The thumping head ache made me almost cancel meeting my best friend R (who is in the town for a few days) but then I do not have my own friends in the town generally. So, missing this would be very disappointing. Mr.ISB also was of the same opinion. (He is always like that, but I figured out the real motive afterwards)

I went back home for fifteen minutes, had tea to make myself headache free (just to postpone it for three four hours) and left for the venue we had decided.

When R arrived, it was magic. We started chatting about all sorts of things. 'Everything under the sun' is the correct statement there. I was also excited for the new phone Mr.ISB had got me on the same day. Just when I thought- oh my god time is running out and I am not sure when I would be able to meet her again and how would I be able to meet rest of my buddies again- she started smiling. Almost like Monalisa, albeit with a lot of alcohol before flaunting the fishy smile. I stared her for a while and looked back.


I saw three buddies behind my back. (who had planned this surprise behind my back only, one of the three was, needless to say, Mr.ISB)

This was a real real real surprise. My complaint to the universe about people not planning to give me surprises in general, went straight to the dustbin flying in the rings of Saturn (Please do not take this statement literally!)

We all met after three and half years. Yes! I could not believe my eyes.

Time just flew by and I wanted to cling on to the evening. Well....

Only if...


Approaching 30s is not exactly an exciting era for me but this surprise along with a couple of happy gifts from Mr.ISB, made it already exciting!

Birthday is yet to come. Hence, wishes would be accepted only on the day.