August 30, 2012


It was when I had to wait for ten more minutes at a bus interchange while coming back to hostel at 10.30 pm. My friends had to go back from another bus and so my savior i-phone was in demand in the world of Bubblegum!

The queue for the bus was long and there was no movement. That's the Singapore way! No one smiles, No one talks, No one observes any one. They are just engrossed (or installed?) in their phones or just nothing. In such a beautiful country and an effeciet system, seriously I want to ask them , Why so silent?!!

And then the inevitable happened! Even when I was all alone, I remembered a song! Let me digress for a few seconds. Yeah I am such a Bollywood song-freak person that I can just pick a song or more on any damn situation and if not situation,from a word, yes any damn word,  in the on going conversation. Yeah then I sing it too! Well my room mates know how often I do that!

So when the silence induced the song in my mind!! I opened the playlist and then that was it! Years before, I had listened to the song!!

Frankly at that time, I was not of the age where I would actually understand the awesomeness of the lyrics, tune and the voice!Today, I was just knocked down!!!Once again!

"Aur Ahista Kijie baatein, Dhadakane koi sun raha hoga;
Labz girane na payen hothose, Vakht ke hath inko chun lenge;
Kan rakhate hai yeh dar aur diwar, Raaz ki sari baat woh sun lenge!

Aur Ahista Kijie batein!!"

The whole song, in the loop, for 3 time, 21 minutes and 51 seconds! A bliss!!!

August 25, 2012

Hum hai is pal yahan!

So here I am listening to the most beautiful songs as per me, with Udit Narayan singing the best lines of this song!Giving me goosebumps.

"Rang dhal jate hai, din badal jate hai;
Ratey so jati hai, Rahein kho jati hai;
Pyar khota nahi, Pyar sota nahi,
Pyar dhalata nahi, Haan badalata nahi"!

True. The love, true love never changes. Never ever.

"Hum hai is pal yahan, jaane ho kal kahan!"

Very true. The best way to live? How about an eventful day?!

I had. The early morning jog , and as per my observations- my room-mates theory, I was checking out (?) a really old Aunty who was jogging ,wearing shorts with a denture in mouth! I was amazed and got inspired, and in the whole inspiration phenomena I slipped! Hurt my knees and ankles,with bleeding legs and hands came back to room. Quietly took bath, got ready and went to her place.

Eventful? Not yet. The fun portion started flowing. Chit chatting, playing with little Xena, playing more, eating lunch ekdum home made-Didi made, again playing and chit chatting, a short walk, posing with the cute baby, playing  'How to call Bubblegum101',bidding good bye for the day, catching the wrong train, realizing the fact on the next station, catching the proper train, calling friends who were worried about my broken legs-hands and entering the room.

Eventful? Not yet. Receiving many many mails and so unblocking my Facebook profile with a decision of not changing my self like Ever.Thank you everyone who responded on my blog or by mails.

Eventful? Not yet. Long laughter attack-sessions with friends in the room about the whole jogging-inspiring-hurting scene with different theories and on and on and on.

Eventful? Not yet. Downloading 'Andaz Apna Apna' and listening to the awesome song again.

You want more excitement!?

"Hum hai is pal yahan jane ho kal kahan"!

August 24, 2012

Time to pull off?

Facebook-A place where I connect with the my world, where I meet friends, Where I chat, I show my expressions! I see opportunities. I see hopes. I guess, I did not see the judgement.

I remember a few years ago, one of my school friend, a guy mailed me saying, "Bubblegum, we have finished our schooling and I really want to tell you, you are the person I respect you the most. We (The scholar group) teased you for no reasons, you never felt bad, you were Bindas and you achieved the best!" I was amazed, as I never thought I did something big. I was never a group person and I guess,still I am not.So I never took them seriously and always focused on studies.He is my one of the very very good friend, as always.I am still the same.The only thing I have left is, ignoring the judgement of people.

I get affected now. Period.

The whole episode started getting into my mind, when my best friend was telling me how he met my floor mates and other usual things. One of my ex-team mate mentioned his own Judgement to my best friend, 'why does she put photos of Singapore all the time?', I was stunned. Though my best friend knows me better and so there he got the whatsoever Answer. It made me think.

Face book, is something I never thought can be a tool to pass a judgement about someone. In fact most of the people are different then what their respective profiles show. What pinched me is, do my own people think so? Should I share my emotions on face book or not?

I have a problem, I have to vent out whatever is inside me. No I am not talking about secrets. About my life.Emotions and, mind well, There are very very few persons in the world, who has the privileged to see the 'Sad' part of me.I need a big platform to share my expressions, happiness, opinions and that was this blog and Facebook. In that case, should I consider Face book as a good non-living thing to rely upon? I guess no.

Yeah and so I decided to play blind for sometime, and see what is in the store for me.

I guess It is the time to pull off myself from the 'Expression'! May be something in me is growing matured?

August 20, 2012

The Goodie bag!!!

So, I am trying to give a structure to the random life at Singapore. The life is on the fast track. Adjustments, enjoyments and what not. Small incidents which can affect you or some big events, you even hate to react-Life is all about surprising yourself, right? Life is a goodie bag rather! Kabhi khatta kabhi meetha!

So I am sharing mine with you!
  • Lectures have started and the evening ones are annoying in a way. When I come back to my room I just feel as if I have still 5-6 hours to sleep and so I can do whatever I want. Finally my body follows Indian clock and I spoil the whole synchronization with Singapore clock most of the times!
  • Visiting places in Singapore is still on. I roam around with a gang, and most of the time we only laugh our lungs out, may be it helps us to get rid of homesickness. 
  • I visited East Coast Park again. The beach is not as beautiful as Sentosa, I feel. But as one of my friends said, "Water is said to be seductive!" I really felt like walking down in the sea, the sea is calling me. The feeling was so odd and still peaceful. I still dont know how can I love sea so much. It was one of the scariest thing in the world for the Baby Bubblegum.
  • Milo-Something I have adored a lot here. I was always a bournvita or Nutramul milk girl. Lately I had started drinking plain milk or corn flakes only with milk. I never tried Milo, but now I just love it and cant survive without it. Sadly, Milo is not available in India now. Why?!!!
  • I just admire the public transport over here. Very safe even at mid nights I guess. Very systematic. I would love to see India having the same system! Someday better than this one.
  • One more thing I just love about Singapore is residential blocks! They are amazing, right in terms of Gardens, play ground for kids, Tennis or badminton court, Gym, Baby sitting units to Barbecue Pits.More or less each Block has such facilities for members! They practically have one bus stand near by, and so I said, Transportation is awesome here. I guess India is also picking up the concept slowly. I am living in the same kind of a colonie in India, but a way to go!
  • I am developing cooking as a hobby. Slowly getting experienced in this awesome art! That is one more point my personality might adopt in Singapore! :)
  • I just feel a little bit irritated and then lucky, when my bestie pings me on whatsapp!Something like 'Girl better go to sleep! You are still not well' :D 
  • The next best thing after my 'actual' name I think , is my iphone! It keeps me connected and engaged to the world-my own world-India all the time!
  • I really want to go for those awesome pedicure, which I 'really' don't want to indulge into due to my no-salary state!Saving my pocket! Someday Bubblegum! (Dont I act a typical girl now a days?!)
  • I miss books-Reading is limited to material available on net and blogs. I just dream of getting a big bunch of books in India when I will visit! :) I really look forward to it, albeit with Panipuri!
  • I am really really upset at the whole Assam-issue in India. We have a lot to learn rather wasting our energy in fighting with our own clan! Grow up I would say to those nasty group of people!
  • Some weird things going on with me.Like I said, the call from sea! (Dont really laugh at this!), getting skin dried up in this humid atmosphere, Health break downs and etc! Guess I am giving a tough time to myself to adjust! Better I shall! Amen.
How is your goodie bag? Namkeen and meeta both? :)

August 15, 2012

India, you have the charm!

On this 66th Birthday of the Independent India,I am going to share my thoughts on how charming Our India is! I am dying to blog and share those proud thoughts everywhere!

The charm is so powerful, and can be felt in foreign land with much more throw! Seriously!

Let me list them down!

  • You see a lady in Saree, you smile, she will smile at you too! You have the love, care and admiration towards the rich heritage of India! 'You' means all Indians out side India! Isnt is true?!
  • You just feel awesome when some body cooks an Indian dish, be it from any state or the corner of India! You just feel the 'Apna food' and hog!
  • You get news back from home in a few seconds! Mind you! We actually dwell in virtual India through the magnificent internet! India, you pull us back!
  • You miss tri colors around on the eve of 15th Aug so badly, that you try to choose those three lovely colours in your apparel!
  • You miss Panipuri so much that , 'India is almost like our own heaven' makes sense!
  • You actually respect Indian Telecom companies and Regulations for the cheapest possible calls and ah, free incoming calls! :D
  • You start respecting the ease of expressions we get in India! Really , India is home! 
  • You no more try to find states and castes around you, You are happy with 'Indian feeling'!
  • You suddenly realize, being alone in the whole world is almost the same as leaving India!
  • You always check flight ticket rates, to plan a trip back home!
  • You wait for Indian festivals to come and flaunt to the fullest! Traditional dresses, dishes and ah, the shor-sharaba, music dance and temple-runs! Ah, visits to temples I meant!
  • You become more traditional and conservative sometimes! No jokes!
  • You just stare at people, drinking only beers and cokes and not water!
  • You admire economical Indian transport systems-Autos, Local trains, Metros and affordable vehicles! Really!
  • You actually keep an Indian clock on the wall of your laptop and mostly run on that clock once back home!! :)
  • You have ten groups on 'Whatsapp' and you feel connected with buddies back home and yet every few days you feel like just leaving the 'Group' and meet them face to face!
  • The senior sir/mentor/guide and friend sends the 'Satyanarayan Pooja' picture to make sure that you do the darshan and enjoy the virtual Prasand! You just feel nostalgic but proud of the culture!
  • You often read about technology up gradation back in India, so you can add some value in it at any point of time after the graduation!
  • You just install 'Skype','Fringe','Viber' and what not to stay connected to India! 
  • You actually go mad when someone makes 'Roti' and you are right there smelling the 'Ghar' ki khushbu in the kitchen! The cook can be you too!
  • Your browser shows 'News of India' on every possible site!
  • Your play list contains more Hindi/Indian songs than ever! (Not in my case-I rarely have English songs in the pay list!)
There are other billion things in the world which makes you feel connected to India or They end up making you nostalgic! The best one for me was-No celebrations in Singapore like we always did in India, It called for the party! Ah, yeah 'Cook at home and hog' party kinds!

I , yours truly Bubblegum made food for six people almost, alone!! :) Biiig achievement!

So the next few pictures , might give you an Idea, How my India charms me!!! :)

India, You have the charm! :)

Happy Independence day and the 66th Year of freedom! :)

August 12, 2012

When I floated on time in Sentosa!

I float on 'time', very often. One moment I see something, I experience something, I feel something and if the 'something' is powerful enough, I just float on time. Past, present an future time frame.

I saw this wonderful beach from the 'Under water world' of the famous 'Sentosa Island' of Singapore and I was thrilled to the core. I have been no-seashore-or-swimming-pool baby all my life. I just hate getting into the pool or the beach, ruin my skin and stay scared for the time being. This time it was different. The beach made me go back to the world of my own people-childhood and job-hood!

Obviously most of the sea shores of Mumbai has lost the natural beauty and have been spoiled by public but wet sand, the smell and the breeze make me go there on marine drive or the worli sea line! Though this Senotsa beach is different,a lot more beautiful,you can indulge in sports, swimming, playing in the sand to just relaxing like no other day is left in your life. I guess it was me, who makes me nostalgic every time ha? Digress.

I reached and the 'moment' I stepped in the water, There was a sudden jerk and I time traveled in the past for some moments and in some eras!

Goa! Yeah I am some ten years old and Papa is asking me to come to the beach in Goa! One of the very very beautiful natural beach-Sterling resort beach. Listening the roar by the waves I am scared , mom is asking me to be brave. Finally papa asks me, "Do you trust Papa or the sea?" and needless to say, holding his hand I step inside the water and play a lot with my brother and papa! :)

I traveled towards present in just a few seconds then.I am enjoying my walk on the beach, after dinner with my best of best buddies! The awesome Bandra in Mumbai, the happy taste buds as I had cheese cake with my buddies! What else one needs! Of course it is not the 'scary-not to step-in the water' scene at night but when it comes to any sea shores, I just cant stop my self from remembering such incidents in Mumbai.

One more jump towards present. Me with my best buddy, eating 'Mudi' on worli sea link, watching people jogging in the evening. I am just talking talking and the friend is left with no option then to listen to! I have got the admission and I am nothing but nervous about going to Singapore alone! I don't have to mention, the walk was nothing but the last walk on the Mumbai-shore before I landed in this land of merlion!

Sudden splash of water by the buddy in Singapore, I landed in the present.

For once, I enjoyed the guilty pleasure of dreaming about enjoying the awesome and the best Sentosa beach with dad-mom-brother and my buddies! \

Some day!!

August 9, 2012

Who did that?!!

My body clock has gone bonkers. I was not an early bird in India too. So when it comes to Singapore I sleep late by four hours and that means at around 2 am. Yes, I run on 'My' body clock in India!

So at 8 in the morning if some one wants to wake me up, there should be a vibrating and irritating mobile alarm just below my pillow or some one to shake me well and warn me to death.Then  I will get up properly as I have a disturbed sleep syndromes. Digress.

So suddenly I realized a lady who is not suppose to be in the room, is shouting at me to vacant the room!Ahoy, I am awake!!Yes the lady was not in the room but it was the speaker who was coming in between me and my sleep.I realized, it was a Fire Alarm!!! I got up and found that my roomie, is sleeping on the bed next to me as if there is pin drop silence. The sleepy Bubblegum made sure that she wakes her up and we both run out of the building! Suddenly I thought, may be the situation is not so bad, or I guess I was too sleepy to take situation in the serious mode. I asked her if we have the smart card (yes we do have smart card to access the door of the room!) and yes we came out of the lobby,just trying to keep our eyes open.

We saw a lady cleaning the lobby like nothing has happened. We peeped in other lobbies where some faces were staring at each other, some were actually too sleepy to stare too,and the rest of the hostel was empty!

We started going down and with each floor passing , we found no one running in hustle and bustle, actually we found hardly ten students in the whole hostel. No signs of a serious situation!! Then we went to the admin cabin , and found the lady in the cabin was only shouting through the mic to vacant rooms. I asked her, what is it and the poor lady could not understand , my suppose to be The British English , and she replied in Singlish, "Vacant,Level 1" which was not possible for us to decode due to limited hints given!!

Finally, we realized there is nothing like 'Fire' and so within two minutes we went inside the room and slept off by cuddling the blanket. I guess while I was just loosing my self in the dreamland I heard, " We have solved the situation and the danger sign is called off"! We were not in a mood to even throw some anger at the lady.

I guess we got up after three hours and only one question was in our mind,

"Some body has done a mischief and who did that?!"

Waking up these sleepy girls should be fined!! Just like any other banned activities in Singapore!

This time I did not do any thing, I was too sleepy to even play a prank! :/

August 6, 2012


Do you remember I love walks? and Jogs? For T.A.N? :)

Well, I still do. The day when I saw the near by Canal drive track where people jog at any time of the day and night,I had goose bumps! Yeah the whole surrounding inspires me. So, obviously I just pick an hour to jog and try to reduce the flab I have partially gathered at Mumbai in a last few months and partially at home by eating whatever Indian-Mommy made food dishes were offered to me!!

The very first thing I remember is my state of mind when I used to walk at Mumbai and how it is now. Both are same. I just walk and ponder over the day-future , the only addition is the 'Nostalgia' feeling. Well, I am not going to blog about the sick feeling (sometimes, happy feeling too!) again and spoil the mood.

Flash back!
I am a music person, so I generally develop gradual attraction towards a song or I just feel my love for it instantly when I listen to it for the first time. Well so when a friend of mine (who enjoyed his last day yesterday at our company, all the best dude for the studies!) suggested me a song from the movie, which had been watched with enthusiasm by me and my bestie, I was stunned why I did not catch this track. Well that is the different story I guess. The song is from 'Ladies V/S Ricky Behl'! Generally I don't like lyrics of Hindi songs with English words for the sake of it. But, for this song, I really give up on that.

Coming Back to Singapore!
So, when I shuffled my iphone music and found the song, I did not change the track, rather give it a shot to listen to it! I just loved the song and lyrics!!! Some songs just set you free and some would make you sleep!

This song just gave me adrenaline rush! Of course it is about dreams, action and the 'Jazba'!!

"Khawahisho ki hai kitabiya padi, chun le kahaniya kitab jod de!! "-Yeah prioritizing dreams! Pick them up and finish it over! Feel the heat!

Jitne hi muh utni hi baton mein tu na jana,
Dil ki tu sun, na dil ko tu apni sunana,
sapano ke pahiyon ko yara,
speed limit na gawara,
jagale tu jagale jazaba!

(Go Google and listen to it once! For lyrics!) Okay I gave you the youtube link!! ;)

People do comment, they will. We just have to ignore and follow what heart says! Here where we fail, right? Social pressure may be! Something as important as taking a breathe!

Talking about speed limits to my dreams!

I guess No, I have removed the speed breaker for this purpose!

And that's why I am here in Singapore!!!

Isnt it true???

Yeah it does give me a kick of the day!

August 3, 2012

@home @ Singapore!

And so when I called my friend 'Shane' at 11 in the night (Singapore time!), He first said "Oh my god, I was waiting to listen to this voice of years since so many days!' Yeah, The new country is awesome, beautiful and etc, but I miss India. Since many many days I was dull and homesick, and tadang, today I felt 'at home', the day was really really happening!

I met her, yeah she is the blog-mother. And I Call her Didi :)

Bubblegum actually traveled to the beautiful and peaceful east coast of Singapore and just got lost only once! okay that was not my mistake, the girl sitting beside me in the bus told me to get down two stops after the one I was suppose to meet her and the baby Xena.

The pink colored (Attired and mood, both!) mother daughter finally met me and the second I said "Hi" face to face, I was at home! No exaggeration. Meeting some one whom you call Didi is always soothing and especially when you get a lovely kid to play with and Viv Bhaiya to talk to :)

I had read so much about the east coast and  so experienced it.Today I had a stroll on the beach which is having small stalls some what like India, sand castles and the view of ships! Of course my constant chattering with Didi and the chirpy kid
made it excellent. Had a really big cup of sugar cane juice, and I gave heart to the awesome area Didi is living in.

Apparently I decided to take dinner with them once Viv bhaiya returns back, and aha, after talking to him we all left for the most awesome Indian food I ever had in Singapore! The chatpati bhel, pav bhaji, manturian-rice, I cant really thank the trio enough for making my day!!!

Actually I was over whelmed with the whole experience and may be could not express but, Didi and Bhaiya, you are in a fix now, I can bug you anytime now :) :)

Some one in Singapore, whom I had never met can meet me, treat me at home and I never felt even for a minute that I am meeting her and the family for the first time! Charm I say!

Today's blog is just on the general topic of 'How I spend my day today' but No, actually the day becomes special when in a foreign country you feel ' At home'! Isnt it?

@ Home @ Singapore!! :)