March 27, 2016

Thanks and some more

I did not want to write this but I realized I can not lift more baggage on my mind.

This had happened and my mom was hospitalized for eight long days and I was with her for six days-twenty two hours in a day. My dad was out of India and things have gone complicated. It was a challenge to not to cry in front of mom who already was going under emotional trauma due to the sudden illness she had caught. When she was discharged and I flew back home, I felt as if a decade had passed.

My mind kept on weaving threads of stress and I was too numb to get back to life. So much that my director asked me to take a break on Saturday- which was the most amazing thing happened lately. Apart from spending my weekend with Mr.ISB, I could get back into the groove a bit.

Hospitals,I never knew can be so intoxicating. So flushing. Mother, who is your strength can become so weak.

More than anything else, I thank all the blog readers and being the selfish me- asking for some more so she can recover faster from the horrible weakness and Sugar- BP parameters she is going through.

March 19, 2016

March 14, 2016

The Sunday #4

The working Saturday was one of those days when work was demanding as well as encouraging and still I could flee from office at four in the evening. It was followed by a Coffe-Dosa date with Mr.ISB in Matunga which ended up with a plan to check out some laptops for your truly who remains unhappy with performances by all laptops - cost or weight. We did not only window-shop but I actually zeroed down to one laptop and bought it on the spot.I do want to thank Mr.ISB to bring sanity to my mind required for taking such decisions!

While I played twitter-twitter for our company's social media account for the rest of the night from my new laptop, we three kids (?) managed to gobble down some Fasoos rolls. I was hell bent on not sleeping early because hey,it is was a Saturday night which eventually made me sleep at 1 pm. I think now that is the usual time I fall asleep.

Sunday was the most awesome holiday I have experienced in last two three months. If I tick a check list,

- Laptop : Check
- Shopping Formal clothes: Check almost
-Meeting my friend with SIL and Mr.ISB : Check
- Not doing anything : Check
- A Yoga session at home: Check
- Cooking up a storm soup : Check
- Satisfaction of a holiday : Check

Only if that painful body stiffness vanishes on Monday Morning :,(

But That was a super Sunday! How was yours?

March 11, 2016

aPOINTment #12

I have unintentionally joined the community of people who gets up with stiff body if they sleep on the mattress which does not belong to them in the first place. Not that I do not sleep properly, I sleep deep when I sleep but I get up with painful body pretending to be made up of wooden block. Well. Some more days.

Then there is a catch. I am not really sleeping on time. I get super tired by ten at night but I collect my will to sleep only after twelve which is not a good thing for a morning person like me. (Watching my favorite movies or web series does not count in!)

Such days also carry a lot of stiffness in office hours. Pain gets multiplied when we postpone breakfast or lunch. The deadly combination of hungry stomach and stiff body almost kill me and then some one offers me sinful chocolates and biscuits. Sugar rush and calories would never blush. Here my diet and health score throw themselves in the dustbin,

Since days I have been dying for a relaxed weekend where I do not get up with a plan at the back of my mind, unhealthy habits with busy weekends trouble me more. Stress for nothing is a thing now!

I have to buy some super formal blouses but either I roam around in the virtual market a bit too much and manage to feel overwhelmed or just do not have the courage to include this task in the already hectic weekends I have. This thing is on priority since three weeks. I am abusing those management lessons in which they talk about priority.

I want to re-start running but getting up without quality sleep and stiff body do not help me at all. I try to make up with a lot of walking and climbing stairs but where is the fun! The feel of endorphin kicking in is very precious.

There is so much to do on the work front and so many opportunities. Before I seize any of them there is a need of brushing my skills or developing a new skill set.

The entropy of life will not exactly stop increasing but I can slow down the chaos.

At least I can try.

March 7, 2016

The Sunday #3

Back home at five
I do not remember what did we do!! Really

Morning at nine
Tea time and lazy eyes
Realization of the time flying
Family lunch
Not so good food just out of fate
Stressed out for nothing
The Rude Langue and an awesome chit chat session
Meeting cousins
Watching the favorite series - Suits
A virtual slap when realized Sunday is over

I can not say I did not enjoy my weekend but it was not a sort of the break I wanted to enjoy. The problem with me is I do not enjoying doing-nothing but if I am a part of the plans for more than I can tolerate stress starts building up. Something similar happening to me.

I can not complain of life not being fair. As I am happy and not sad!


Life is like that. Balanced.