September 29, 2011

Schooly Scoop

I got a ping from a school friend of my yesterday and My 'Firtile mind' again started doing time travel-ahem reverse!... :P

  • I remember my Prarthana Mandir -each and every detail. We used to pray together (Almost all classes) in our beloved Prarthana mandir daily. We never prayed standing in the class! Music teacher and the group used to initiate and we all certainly prayed loudly! The place from where my hobby of singing became a passion of life time!
  • I remember 3 technical classes of 8th to 10th and glasses we had damaged , black boards on which we had applied oil!!
  • I remember one of the most hit scene of 12th class when the fan fell on my bench just some minutes after we were to sit on!!! My god!! And reactions 'hehehehhuehehehe'!! :/
  • Our school campus is very biiiiiiiiig and we had some farms,buildings to ambaavadi (Mango-farms)to Derasar to roam around!! I loved them all so I was in the same school for 14 years! :)
  • I love the way every CNite prays the school every time we pass by one of the gates even today! Yes we do it!! We worshiped and still worship our school -Its a culture. Moreover the first reaction or the action on seeing a teacher even now will be do 'Namaste' by proper Pairi pauna!! Yes!!Its our culture too!!!
  • My Gujarati is pure and all all and all credits go to My school!!
  • I started indulging in Engineering subjects, arts, music and Computers!! Credits again to my school!
  • I have some friends who were in same class for 14 years of our schooling tenure and We don't talk everyday but when we talk within a fraction of second we realize if samanewala is happy or not!!
  • 14 years is a very very very big period of time , we spend at a place and thus the attachment with the environment , buildings, benches , blackboards, computers, labs,machines , books, volley ball nets,cricket pitch,Prarthana mandir,Tee-squares and drawing boards(Yeah we studied technical subjects in the school),The chotara( bench like structures outside the buildings),Pure white khadi uniform,going to prarthana mandir bare foots, all songs and prayers,dramas ........Touchy ! No wonder the school built in 1930s somewhere having the largest alumni all over the world!!!Blessed!!
  • I know I am jelous of all my school mates and seniors/juniors will be enjoying Navaratri together somewhere in Navaratri!! I promise to be back someday!! 'chal be topppi..Senti nai tha'!!Oh I heard one of my friends would react hiding his/her tears!!:p

Points I noted-29.09.2011

  • My best best best friend and my brother had his last day in my office..One more best friend and then one more leaving in a very very few days.. I am super sad!!! But damn happy for their future!
  • In life some people teach you such values you carry them all life... I have started identifying them :)
  • Missing Navaratri at Ahmedabad so so badly...
  • Going for Garba in coming days!! Guys please don't cut my nose and come to the celebration! :)
  • Photography,Technical detailing are subjects I have to improve!!! Bubbles you need to buck up!
  • I need to take care of my fitness badly!!! Migraines you are out of my life now :) I hope!
  • I badly want to watch 'Jane bhi do yaaro' & 'DDLJ'!! :)
  • Hey those 3 friends leaving my office, Is there any possibility for you to come back? :(
  • I am looking forward to a Diwali vacation!! :)
  • I don't want to throw any surprise farewell parties :P
  • Bubble's babbling needs to be decreased  :P Decode if you can!!
  • I want to pamper myself for sometime now with a break!!!!!!!!!

September 28, 2011

Kutto ke samane mat 'Jana'..

Got an sms referring to the famous dialogue of SHOLEY... 'Basanti...In kutto ke samane mat nachna...'

Whenever I hear this 'K' word.. I remember several Ks in my life.. Hang on!! Real Dogs!!!

1. Pepsi-Cola
The opposite bungalow at my old place had ,a dog due,- Mother dog was Pepsi & the son was Cola..(I never ever thought of sacrificing both drinks though!!:P).. Pepsi was shant enough and Cola was the don of the galli.. He used to bark all the time.. Especially if the ball we are playing will go near the samnewala ghar!! Khauf hua karta tha!! In fact I remember days when while peeping from the window I used to check if Cola is outside the ghar or inside :P It doesn't mean I was not scared of Pepsi... Both of them were Cute ones (I dont know the name of the caste!-the puffy kind of from Hum apake hai kaun... Though I loved the puppy in the film!)

No no he was not adopted by a Bangla family!! I think it was named after a 'mixer maker' local company!!
It was adopted by the other neighbour of mine and did I mention he was the real brother of Cola?Though he never barked on me!! (Credit goes to my masi who loved him!) I remember he was bugged by a cat :P that too galli ki!! But he was a puppy dog that time! :p He used to bark when I used to park my cycle! :(

The female dog again the daughter of Pepsi!! Was far away from my home so never ever harassed by her!But I remember one day she attacked me without my fault!! :(

A society Secretary (A very kind person) had a very dangerous doberman!!! Opposite to his name, He was scary and he was as tall as I was some years back!! Always scaring us!! Damn, we used to run away as if a monster is coming to eat us up!!! He never ever let us play near his adda!!!

5. Society k bhataku kutte
Most scary types of.One was black and he had one leg not working properly... Most dangerous one!! Other dogs were also there in the gang. While walking in all gallsi any time they used to attack!! My chants of 'om namah shivay:' became regular from the time I was told by some one that it will protect me from the gang!!: P

6.The dog I met yesterday!
Yeah I was attacked by a dog (A barking one!) so badly that I screamed and shivered.. and made my friend also scream who was walking beside me!! :P I hate you kutte... (Not the friend..Okay?)

So I hereby warn you all people... Jo jesa bhi ho...


September 27, 2011

Navratri - Nostalgia

Yes, Navaratri is up here, and I am not in Ahmedabad :(

During these pre-Navaratri days... We used to do practise in our 'Garba group'! For all non-Gujaratis I will explain. There are 3 types of Garba-raas Functions.
1.The kind of fuction which is famous as Falguni Pathak Nights/ LAA garba (For amdavadis)
2. Sheri garba (Where the function is organized by Societies and colonies!
3.Perfectly Choreographed Garba-rass. Where choreography to lighting , clothes to music, everything is planned!!! :)

Yes I am missing the 3rd one! I used to participate in a Garba group where we used to plan 3 age-group garbas.. One for very young girls, second for young ladies and third for Mummies and grand mothers (yesss!!) of ours.... I have taken part in first 2 groups (Obviously)!

We used to start choreography and practise well in advance! Before 2 months. After college time -office time at around 9PM.. 9PM to 11PM full garba times!
We have done Raas (Its not dandia damn -the prob is called dandia!), garba (Modern and ancient),Ghado( with Pots) to diya raas...I think for 2 years we had guys-gals garba also! But some of them were left-legged! :P

Having fun while practise , heavy practise , last day planning , similar kind of chaniya cholis , rangolis and the most important Music!! :)

Having home made nashtas and nimbu panni in between! All aunties used to prepare in day time for around 30 females!! :)

On the D-day alta paining or mehandi in palms , colour full dresses and lighting on the ground!! I bet I cant miss anything more than this!! I can here the music-feel the charm!

Cheers to all my Garba-mates...We will meet someday again!! (To all my age group girls- who are missing the era like me!)

Just wanted to say...

To my 3 bestest ever friends-officemates... resigning.... :( Just want to say....

Nalayako.... chal die... Mein 2-3 saaal jaldi paida hoti to chal deti tum sab ke sath....Keep in touch nahito......

I am going to miss you for  all those coffess, sms sessions, chatting , career paths, GK to those laughter attacks....... I owe a lot to you!!!! My life and learnings!!! 

PS: I just realized they will be not there in the office from next week!! Crap!!

September 26, 2011


In school I was one of the most serious and sincere student (upto 4th std)to a bit 'shaitan' (upto 7th) to the biggest 'Tofani' (Mischievous) girl in the class. There was a gradual increment in the 'Shaitani' element in me!!

When I joined Technical class (We had a separate class opting technical subjects in 8th to 10th std) I actually started being tom-boyish , sports loving and yeah not to forget a 'prankster'!

I had hidden lunch boxes of my friends to harass them..
I had made one of my friendseat 'danhi' in strawberry (what the heck!) just as she hates 'danhi'!!!
I used to fight with guys in 7th std so badly for a volley ball net!!
I used to chadhaofy other serious pranksters of technical class (read guys!)..
I made a very decent impression on teachers and students used to grin!! :P
I fought with a classmate of mine (Yeah we were in the same class and school from Jr.KG to 12th std!) so badly for 14 years and now we are bestest of friends! :)
I have some 2-3 friends who will always come to me , when I will fight with the above guy and made us shant!
I had got a chance to stab one of my dushman gang-member in a drama!! (wow!!! with a ti-tu types knife)
I always used to do dadagiri on guys for benches or lab-machines!

My prankster dimag was falofied in Mechanical Engg (I was the single girl in my class!) with guys and the graph is still going up! :P The saga of college fun will be in a post some day! :) School fun was silly and college fun was crappy I bet!! :P

Mein Madhuri Dixit Banana chahati hu!!

I was a real crazy person for dancing!! (I am still there!!)

From Garba to Bharatnatyam to Salsa...

So, My benchmarkings (Yes you all Automotive people , I benchmarked some dancers!!)  were Madhuri Dixit for contemporary, Hema Malini and Meenakshi Sheshadri for Bharatnatyam!!!

I really tried to copy  famous songs of Madhuri and..The first  song (Silly song!) I became fan was...'Tu shayar hai...Mein teri Shayari'!! Man..I always felt , she is  stunning doing the signature action of the song..'Making her palm-fingers going 'snaky way'!(I cant describe a better way!!)..

Enjoy the link!!(For all Bollywood lovers.. Madhuri Lovers... For you!!!)

September 25, 2011

I 'love'

  • I love games!! Badminton , cricket to football!! Suddenly!! Thanks to the environment I am living in!
  • I love mujjiiic!!! I love my I-pod to the core! Will any one tell me how to re-install I-tunes on windows 7!! I tried and cried my lungs out to update my ipod!
  • I want 'Dhunaki' song on my I-pod now!!
  • I love all rakhadpatti as in bhatakana!! :P
  • I am running out of ideas for throwing surprise parties birthdays or farewells!
  • I love love and love 'Senorita' song!! & Hrithik Roshan in it!! :)
  • I love to cook sometimes!! :)
  • I love my life now-a-days!! I plan and sometimes- impromptu visits to places and people!!
  • I love to follow my ethics now!!
  • I love shopping also ! But very very moody for shopping!! :P
  • I love reading.. Next books on my shelf : Mehula, Paths of glory!! :)
PS: I think 2-3 people were shocked to see the first post of the week! So this one is on a positive note!!

I 'hate'!

  • I hate people who think 'Guys can drink but Girls should not'! The real thing is 'Should not' holds true for both logically!
  • I hate when people lie, at the same time pretend to share his/her life-stories!
  • I hate when people don't respect other's time!! I really don't like and so people get scared of me!! :p
  • I hate when people just do things for 'show off'!
  • I hate those people who think a girl should get permission to do certain things.. Basically related to clothes! Why not to train your daughters such,which will make herself think what is Good/sober and worst! About your daughter-in-law, trust her if she is coming from a good family..She will dress sober enough not to cut your nose!! Wearing jeans and kurtis are decent enough than wearing revealing sarees!!! Anytime!
  • I hate to hate people too!! :P
Disclaimer: My thoughts! My ethics!! Clearly!!You are free to disagree!

Ole ole......

I couldnt stop myself from posting this song on the blog!!!

Love the music and the way The hero dances!!!! :P Love the choreography the most most!!!

September 24, 2011


OMG!! I couldn't believe my eyes when while cleaning up my hard disk and Picasa account I found a painting done by me!!!

During my first ever job-Induction period, we had an activity called 'ESOPs'. We had to arrange a painting competition for kids. Just to motivate them , I also started painting... Obviously dint want my whole energy to go for the painting-thing.. I ended up as below!! :)

Good or bad!! I was so happy again seeing and remembering those wonderful moments....

May be those moments have made me what I am today !!

PS:I dont paint now!! :P Dont worry!!!

September 22, 2011

Its all over- A tough decision!


I know you will be surprised as I haven't been calling you 'dear' for a long now! If you can digest its good for you. I think the journey of us being together all the time completes here. Please don't become cynical about it. Its tough for me also.As I realized I am not happy with you! Even if I want ,I cant live with you. Its painful for me on either side , but the real truth is ..Its all over.

Coffee, its all over. Please understand and stop tempting me!


Disclaimer: Please don't over indulge with coffee, it creates havoc in acid-base balance of stomach :(

September 20, 2011

For my frock buddy!

Getting high due to a bottle of chilled water...
Harassing people together...
Laughter attacks on small issues..
Those activa-scooter and cycle rides...
Indore-Mumbai trips full of fun...
For all those seniors bhais and friends due to you I made..
Remember playing 'Ghar Ghar' below the dinning table?
Making my brother 'Hanuman' in drama and his makeover..
Shopping for our earings,nail polish and handbags...
Coming from school by bus on saturday..
I think I need a seperate blog to write about us!! I am getting messy!!

For all memories from when I became Samajdar to some more samajdari I do have today...

Happppppy Birthday to My best friend-Frock buddy!! 'N' :)

Mumma-mania...... :)

Mumma (to Papa) : Look she is not buying the 'X'!
Papa: Arre let her do whatever she wants na.. I wont come in between you 2!
Me: No mumma I hate it!! I  will buy the 'Y'!
Mumma: Your sense of dressing is horrible!!

ME *Avoid and go for the 'Y' with Papa power on my side!*

X: A party frock -Royal black in colour-sleeveless!
Y: A traditional (with dupatta )salwar kameez!!

Happpy birthday to my modern mumma!!! :) I am so proud of you!!

PS: She just reminded me why her sense of dressing is too good as today its Kareena Kapoor's birthday also!! Me *Grinning*

September 19, 2011

Monday mobile blues...

Scene: After office time , as usual waiting for my friends for the execution of the plan 'Lets go somewhere , we are feeling bored'!..

Action: Office mate-1 came and showed his new 'Android' Mobile. (Yeah touch-pad)..He opened an application and gave it to me!..He asked me to speak something...

Me: 'Officemate-1' is Nalayak!!
Mobile:(Cartoon will act as if he is listening to you) 'Officemate-1' is Nalayak!!'
*Mugambo Khush hua!!!*
Me:'Officemate-2' is also Nalayak!!
Mobile: (Again the same way) 'Officemate-2' is also Nalayak!!
Me:'Officemate-3' is also Nalayak!!
Mobile:'Officemate-3' is also Nalayak!!

(Me *Happy happy*)

Me: Mein kitani achchhi hu!!!
Mobile- *The cartoon nodded his head in negative* (What the heck!!)
Me: 'Mein itnii achchi hu!!
Mobile *The cartoon laughs!!!!!* (Double what the heck!!)

*Officemate-1,2,3 laughs*
Me *Fumes* :/

Points i noted....19th Sept

  • I have started loving my I-pod so madly that even without updating it I keep on listening..while walking,cooking and when I am on call I don't shut the pod off!! :P I keep on listening with my one ear.. You see it makes me a multi-tasker :P
  • I have reinvented my love for sports/games. Bowling is the game I had played once, I was in 10th STD and was defeated by my younger brother so badly that I became Bowlo-phobiac (What??!)! I have reinvented myself and done good now!! (Gooood!!!)
  • I just love oat-meals. I make it really tasty!! Though my room-mates think its 'Bimar logoka khana'!!
  • I am still not able to decide where should I celebrate Navaratri! :(
  • I really want to go for a loooooong vacation at an exotic place!!
  • I want to roam around the world.. I want to see California ,Singapore and Sikkim! They are on my current list and seems I don't have any visibility on the same!!
  • I love to blog!!! It makes me feel good.. Seems its the most common 'random bullet' on my blog!
  • I really need to work on my photography skills!!
  • I want to buy 'Dhinkchika' skirt and the shoes!! (Ooo!! yeah I am choosie! )
  • I want to read some more books and some more books!! Makes me feel awesome!! :)
  • I am totally in love with
  • I have developed a crazy habit of writing lyrics of my favourite songs!!
  • I am proud of my mom who is fighting all alone against 'Search for grooms' statements of aunties!

September 18, 2011

Foody fun on sunday!!!

Nimbu and Mung daal....

The perfect lady with the perfect guy!!! :/

The Shanghai Paneer!!!Really Yummy!

September 16, 2011

Shining sparks...

Generally I don't use things with love and care (Be it my Mobile,Laptop or even a Mug!)! But I am proud of my 'Sparks floatters' Which are there with the same shine and looks since 2 years!I use the pair very very very often!!...

May be its not about my only thing in  'Handle with care' list.. Its due to the brand and quality!! :/

But I got a series of shocks leaving me blank....

One fine day I(We) came to know that  me and My office-mate (Floor mate??) have the ditto same pair of the 'Sparks' floaters.. OK!! Same pinch!! That day only I met 2 other persons on the same floor with the same kind of (read 'Totally same'!) floaters!! The score is 4!!

After 2-3 days I went to purchase medicines in 'Welness forever' chain where the person on the billing counter was wearing again the same floaters!!It was original! The score is 5 now!!

I read an advertise of the same brand in the news paper showing the same design!!! :(

And...Alas...Just after that day my maid told me that there is a sale in near by 'Super market'!Where we can buy Original 'Sparks' with 30% discount..Pointing at the very very much same kind of floaters put on by her!!!.......!!!

I recalled the sms  : 'Ek ladaki ka dil sahi mayano mein kab tutata hai??....Jab wo apne hi jaisi dress maholle ki kamwali ko pehne dekhti hai'...!!

With due respect to my maid (You are doing great!!!) & 'Sparks'..'Blank'! :/

September 14, 2011

When you are of 23!!...

'Beta , Koi hai to bata de, humein problem nahi hai'!! (From aunties obviously!! for no reasons!)

'Beta,Koi nahi hai to dekhna chalu kare?' (Yeah !!The ultimate Goal !)

'I am telling you.. Please study!! Don't waste your talent!!' (Mugambo Khush hua!!!)

'Actually its the right age! Achche ladake milate kahan hai?' (What?!23??!)

'Oh please!! Its like a child marriage!! Abhi chhoti hai'!! (Hmmm from brothers and uncles!!,Again Mugambo khush hua!! Bahot khush hua!!)

'Abhi tak koi mila nahi kya??!' (Yaaar!! Kahani filmy nahi hai baba!!)

'Beta, Kitane saal hue job karte hue!!' (If from an aunty's mouth ,Khatare ki ghanti!!)

'One of my family friends are from your state!' (Uncle par ab mera mental 'state' bigad raha hai!')

'Can you cook?? wow!! Kitne saal ki ho??' (No child labour aunty!! Meri mummane sab sikhaya hai!!)

'I am telling you...Get engaged and study'!! (Oh....Something inbetween!!)

'Wese 24 k baad ask your parents to find a nice guy!! Bechara..' (Means what ha!!)

'Tera Swayamvar karte hai!' (Oh please!! I am filmy but not Serial-y!)

'Mujhe lagata hai tujhe USA ka ladaka milega as you don't want to settle down there!' (Shrap will also come like a boomerang ,dude!!)

'Tujhe Mumbai ka ladaka chahie kya? Can you give me your mom's number beta?' (What??Noooo!)

Hmmm... The list is still going on.. The only positive feeling about the list is 'I am quite Popular and loved/cared the most!!' Yeyeye!!

But I am JUST 23 ok!!!

PS: My Mumma-Papa -Not part of this list!! double Yuppy!

Cheers for Cheque chakkar..

I started earning on my own some 2 years back..

I was handed over a sealed envelop with the 'salary account of HDFC' label..
Gosh!! I got the first ever cheque book with my own identity on it!!! yeyeye!!

For the first year I dint get any chance to write a cheque and transfer the amount as company was paying for my accommodation!!!...Then started the 'Puncturing' of my account as I was thrown out of company account after a year and 'Rent on your own' stage came up alive!!

First things first I had to do was to give a cheque to the broker for deposit!! Now the question came...

Which sign ...Full or short?? !!How was the Initial letter??? I had 2 signs!! My hand was shaking.. I had heard of bouncing of the cheque and so called 'Badnami'...But with the name of 'Har har mahadev' I signed my normal way...For the first time in my life I signed on a cheque!! :/

Now there is one more reason I was scared was..There is no uniformity in my hand writings.. With different moods ,pens and notes my hand writings keep on changing!! :P :P I was really scared !what if the sign will not match?? !!

Just after a day my phone beeped 'An amount of 40,000 is debited from your account'! successful!! Alaas... For the first time in my life I was relaxed after some huge amount was going away from my account!!...True Self respect is everything!! :P

Yes I smiled a big way on that SMS!! and Wished myself 'Cheers for the cheque!'

September 12, 2011

Desi-ing Bond!

Well while having the cheescake , Me and my friends ended up discussing about Indian versions of Bond..The James Bond!! What if we replace Bond in  place of our 'hit-super hit filmstar' punch lines!!..

Lets have a look! Dont come to kill me if you cant laugh! :P But some how ,getting high due to cheese cake, coke and KFC stuffs we laughed ..We laughed like no other day we had! :P

'Rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap lagate hai name hai 'James Bond'!! (Oooo!! puattarji of bond!)

'Bond..Name to suna hi hoga!! (OMG-I cant imagine replacement of SRK!!)

'Kabhi kabhi kuch jitne ke lie kuch harna padta hai and harke jitne walo ko 'Bond' kehte hai!!'

'Mar gaya bond' (SRK special !!)

'Aap ne jail ki diwaro aur zanziro ka loha dekha hai jailor saab, Bond ki himmat ka faulad nahi dekha!"

'Mein hun James Bond, Ankhen nikalke gotiyan kheloonga'!! (Just imagine James Bond!!)

'Yeh James Bond ka Ishtyle hai!!' (Paresh Raval and James Bond????hehehehhe)

Just replace James Bond in the place of apne fulltoo filmy actors and imagine!!

The Power (Laughing power!) is yours!!  :) ;)

Chasing Cheesecake...Aha!

To make my dream come true , I started chasing my cheese cake..As it is said God helps them who help themselves!! Hmmm.....right!

I started asking some people about cheese cakes and where can I find one in Mumbai!..

The nearest place was still quite far for me :( But, finally got the nearest cake shop ,...Just 5 mins away!! Hurray!

I called up my 'nearest' friends (Geographically!!) to accompany me!..Yes they came  and we became popats when the shop keeper told us that we have to order the cheese cake!!..What the hell???...Yes... In India cheesecakes are not very famous...So...shuh!!

I smsed my brothers that I want to eat them at any cost!!! Huh..Panga with me!!!

I got a call from 2 friends from USA to whom I asked to send 'Cheese cakes' shamelessly and one of them googled also to find the nearest place!! Offered to order but I refused to give the address...I am not so so so shameless :P :P

The next day I declared 'Cheese cake chasing'!! Unfortunately I dint get time to even order till 4 PM..But luckily got the perfect address for the coooolest and yummiest ever cheesecake!!... I made 2 of my friends to accompany me in my 'chasing' and what we relished is shown below!! Yeyeyeyey!! :)

Cheessssssse cake!!! :)
With the never-ever-had-this-pleasure state of mind I finally chased my dream!! Yupppy!!!

September 11, 2011

Dreaming facts??!!!

As my last post , I was totally sleeepy in the office for the whole day with backlogs of 3 nights!!...But after reaching home I tried not to sleep in the evening so that I can have a good night sleep at night...

After doing time pass on some social networking sites, reading and music finally it was 10..But My roomie had not returned...So i was still stretching my 'Jagran'.. !!When she arrived I went to sleep....

I was in deeeeeep sleep and I dreamt some unusual things..

At mid night my roomie had a phone call with a very high volume ring tone!! She said 'Ok I am coming down' and I threw a dialouge in filmy style with action 'Kahan ja rahi hai...Ruk jaaaaaaa'!! She slammed the door on my face and went....

After sometime I dreamt I was reading something on net and It was such a nice story (Yes I do remember the story!!!) and felt good...

I finally dreamt that I am very happy eating a Cheese cake!! :) yeyeye!!!

In the morning (Or an afternoon!!) My roomie finally ordered me to wake up!! I went and started brushing.. The whole filmy incident was making me laugh!... I was to tell all these Dreamt scenes to her and She started telling me ..'Pata hai kya??'.......

OMG!!!...All I dreamt was partly true...Yes she had got a call..But rest of the story was cooked up from my 'Firtile mind' :P ..

I cross checked on net whatever I was reading in dream..and OMG-2!! It was there!! Dittto!! I think I had read it before sleeping!!: P :P

So..I was dreaming some partial facts happening before and during my sleep!!! What the heck!!! :P

But the third scene was only a dream-A cheese cake! :P May be with God's grace I will make it true!! :)

September 10, 2011

How to keep awake in the office??

Tough day!! When you were not able to sleep properly..When you had super heavy lunch!..When you try hard to keep your eyes open!! ..You are super duper sleeeepy.....In the office!!!!!......What to do to save your 'Super like' status???

Please follow 5 step Procedure:
  1. Have a cup of coffee...
  2. Walk a bit on the floor and take a deep breathe!!!..
  3. Again have a cup of coffee...
  4. Go to the desk and try to work.
  5. If still sleepy and You are not able to focus.. Follow Step 1 again..
I hope the post will be useful to you!! Bang on it from tomorrow! :P

September 9, 2011

Mere brother ki dulhan-Dont Bother!!

After managing to leave our office at 6.30pm , We 12 people with great enthu , occupying one full raw , started watching the movie..

With time we only chatted with each other , shouted at the person who initiated the plan (!!), commented on each and every dialogue of the film.. I felt...

  • Imran Khan acts with eyebrows not with expressions!!
  • Katrina Kaif looks cool but if she is not over acting , she shows null expressions! And if at all she is acting its always 'an over acted scene'!!!
  • They have tried to create fun by cracking jokes on All Khans!!
  • Ali Zafer is the person you may feel is a bit sensible than lead actors! Though apart from looks a bit of over acting is there too!
  • Parents of all lead roles have acted very well!! :P
  • Songs-They have tried pretty well , still only one time watch! Not so much catchy or peppy!
  • Dialogues some where clicks but they are  few!! :P
  • The whole movie is very much predictable!
  • Last few minutes were stretched so long ,They added up the irritation caused by the whole movie!
  • We really enjoyed our chatting and Popcorn,samosa, Coke!! :P With all focus on them!
  • I really hate to see Katrina dance! She dances like guys!! I must say she should not wear Choli and salwar suits!!! Somehow she rocks in jeans and shorts! :)
  • The side actress 'Piya Patel' seems to be more interesting! At least for guys!
If you really want to see the movie ,please keep your dimag at home and enjoy a few tiny things to do paisa vassoooli!! :P Its very tough!! :/

September 8, 2011

Touchy Touch pad........

One more friend brought Android Phone , ofcourse with Touch pad..

One more time I became emotional!!.. Whenever I try typing something in my friend's touchpads.. I fail!!!

Either my fingers are thick enough or Touch pads are very touchy for me!!! shuh!!

May be I will always be carrying Non-touchy pad mobiles and Ipods for the whole of my life!!Touchy Phobia!

Shuh!!.. Any technology-not-so-touchy coming up???? :(

All those Electronics Geeks and Computer Geeks... Are you listening? :(

Addictively addicted..

There are some things (Living or dead??!!) I am highly addicted to and I really cant survive without them ( Only a dialogue , though its never so for any human being!)...

  • Internet : I am so heavily addicted to it that be it a place, a thing , a shopping plan , songs,dresses, medical treatments,ticket booking to all stuffs, i need Internet.. And i simply believe I owe a lot to the Internet!!!
  • Chocolate cakes: Well no reason or explanation needed I guess! I simply can not compare chocolate cakes with any thing else!! Specially if it is 'Chocolate fantacy' of CCD!!
  • Dance: Give me any form of dance I will go mad!! ( weather I have learnt it or not!)..You name it and I will give my 100% be it Bharatnatyam, Kaththak, Garba, Contemperary or Hiphop.
  • Music: I love and I really love songs!! Surprisingly I listen to instrumental very less as I do have a good/bad habit of singing while keeping my ear plugs of Ipod in my ears!! I just go mad if i cant sing!!
  • Bollywood films: I am deeply madly in love with movies, which includes Andaz apna apna to Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies to Suraj Badjatya to Dabang style movies! I have so much of impact of these films on my masum dimag that I apply my filmy dialogues in any damn situation!! shuh!!
  • Blogging: I love , live my blog! Its not more than a few months I started blogging but it feels so so and so good when I blog that It has become my life's basic need!!!
  • Panipuri/Chat: Any kind of chat (Delhi chat,Papadi chat,danhi puri, Masala puri,Bhel Puri) and pani puri.. I just cant resist my self!! 'Name hi kafi hai'.. and 'ek bar jo hum commit karte hai fir apne aap ki bhi nahi sunate hai'!!!
All these my addictions are totally mine and I am responsible for them.. While indulging in them I am adding my number of addictions!!  :/

September 7, 2011

Going gaga over Govinda!!..

There were days , I used to watch all movies of Govinda... You name it and I would have watched it...

Reasons were dance ,dialouges,acting and stupidity which can be enjoyed!! Songs I used to love..

There is one secret also... 'One of my mamas looks like Govinda!!' (I know he ll say 'huh'!!) :P

Accidently while surfing on youtube I recalled This AMAZING song!!  Awesome!!! The signature dance style!!! Too good..

PS: If you find the song or Govinda silly : No Comments!! You can hate him but cant hate!! :P

Ahumm..... Chalo Ishq ladaye chalo ishq ladaye sanam :P : P!!!! Lolz!

One more song!! Though a very stupid one!! Kurta fadke............ I know People will end up beating me!!

Hahaha..... There are 1000s of songs in the series!!! I should end up here only!! :P

Random Rendezvous...

Shifting of my accommodation has relieved me a lot mentally after a small earthquake in my savings account!!... The most adorable point(s) is/are my 2 'mastimates' aka 'flatmates'...

Almost all the time sans office-time we keep on doing 'hahhehehuehu'....

T3 (The Terrific Trio), keeps on chattering and pulling each-others legs...

Being the eldest of all , I do act as a judge, if at all I am out of the crime scene!! :P

But ,Cooking has been our priority for some obvious reasons!!

Till now.. We have made (with efforts of all 3)

  • Bread rolls
  • Pyaz ke parathe
  • Chai (Thanks to the middle member of trio!! I bet you get a different aroma and taste!!like!)
  • Chopada (Masala thepala)
  • Maggi ( It requires some skills- With due respect to my roomie!) :P
  • Dudh pohe
  • Oat halawa!! (Yeyeyeye!!!)
  • Alu methi ki sabji! :)
A lot more to come!!! I must say mothers of T3 are very happy now!! :P :P

A lot more fun-bullets coming up!!! :) :)

September 5, 2011

Shadi season coming up...

So by this year end and January... Lots of my friends-office mates getting married!!..

Being the youngest one I will be having the privilege of attending each and every marriage irrespective of places and time :)  Hurray!!! Thankfully no overlapping of functions!! :)

So, I have lots of things to do and a real busy-hectic schedule coming up..

  • For all would-be-brides : Shopping!!! For brides as well me!!
  • Selecting Gifts for all of them!! (I know, you find it silly but its a tough job!!)
  • Finding girls of all my still-single-seniors!! ;)
  • Planning my calendar as well planning for tickets!!! :( A really tough job!!
I am determined to do all my jobs properly and flaunt fully in all marriages!!

My wishes to all would-be-brides and grooms... (Manjhe navara ani navari!!! :P )

Coffee machine on strike!!...

Our office is going through a bad , a very bad phase..

Our floor coffee machine is not working , We all tried to convince (repair) 'coffe day' machine. ..still..It refused to work!!

We all have become blank , Mood is going swingy...

We are cluless ..when to have a break and where to have a break!!..

Dear coffee machine , we accept your importance please get back to work!!


September 4, 2011

Teacher's day special!!...

So some days before i saw a board at a shop 'Teacher's day cakes available'!! Hurray!! It clicked my mind that it is coming very soon!! PS: A long post awaiting!!

I here by take this opportunity to convey my 'Pranam' and regards to all my teachers and mentors!

I will start from the 'start' of my schooling!

Being in a Gandhiyan as well a vernacular medium school , We used to call our teacher 'Ben' till 4th STD! For all non-gujaratis over here who make fun of 'ben' and 'bhai' suffix , I will clear it out those are the most reputed words in Gujarat!! They are not at all funny!...

In 'Balmandir' (KGs) - Kokilaben and Nirupamaben ... I used to call 'Niru paua' ben due to my inability to talk properly when I was in full form!! :P My dad still teases me on 'this'!! :) They are persons who made me sing , dance, talk, paint...

In 'Balvidhyalaya' (1std to 4th std) - Parmita ben: What to tell about her!! She is my most favorite teacher till date! She made me smile while coming to school.. I used to cry literary when papa used to come to drop me! She used to tie my belt of the frock so lovingly!! She still pulls my cheeks!! yes... Still whenever I meet her!...She gave me primary 'Akshar Gyan'! :)

Nimishaben: Stories Stories and Stories... I became a passionate reader in her tenure! She actually invented  'talkativeness' in me!! :)

Bhanuben : Yes.. Kids of 9-10 years cried when she retired!! She had such an aura we were ready to fail to be in her class!!!

Neha mam.. (Here comes an era of calling all our teachers 'mam'!! : She used to teach history and Gujarati.. Amazing story teller! I was deeply into love with books! and for those who never fell in love with books she was the most strict person!!.. She made me perform classical dances on the stage!! :)

Mrudula mam: She made me sing , She made me a classical singer for 4 years! She cried when I left singing for the sake of my studies and Bharatnatyam!! She (at the age of 70 now) is all ready to teach me again if I shift to Ahmedabad!!! :)

Jagdish Pathak sir : We used to call him 'JaPa' sir... He used to teach us Gujarati and English.. With always diverting a topic (Vishayantar in his language!) ,he made sure we loved his lectures like anything!! He made us dream about our career!!!

Jhala sir : I am out of words to express what 'Jhala sir' stands for Technical students of our school. He was an HOD of technical studies , He is a Legend.. He is GOD.. I have never ever seen such a skilled teacher even in My 1948 born college!! He made me passionate about Mechanical Engg , He made me learn technical subjects so well that I always topped 2 years of my college without studying- only teaching my batch mates!! :) A youtube video captured by one of CNites ,while he was busy with his morning walk and it had got some billions super likes from other students!!! WE OWE OUR LIFE AND CAREER TO YOU , SIR!!

Archana mam: English teacher again who always pushed us to study science subjects and top! Who taught us English in such a way that I never had to read an extra hour after lectures!! I was the most favorite student and later on she became my cousin's mother-in-law!! :) The world is so small!! :)

My father: The person who made me 'opinionated'!! I fight with him for my opinions and lastly accept my defeat!!:P  He is the person who makes me think long term!.. He is my role model and He is my life.. Why knowledge and practical skills are important, he has made me realize! I struggle to think from his level of mind!!!  I am a total Papa's daughter when it comes to INDIA, ENGINEERING AND ETHICS!

During  11th STD to college finale year , There are so many teachers who shaped my life!! I really want to tell them , YOU ALL ARE CREATORS OF OUR LIFE! With all my heart and soul , please accept my PRANAM...

September 3, 2011

Lal baugh cha raja..... and all...

As per my last year's wish I (With my friends) started for Currey road for darshan of Lal baugh cha raja!!! We were  mentally prepared for 7-8 hours of 'aap qatar mein hai' status for darshan.. But alas.. we entered at 9 PM, and got to do all 15 minutes darshan and we were at exit gate at 9.20 PM!.. God blessed us !!and We were having amazing luck factor with us!!

We visited some more ajubaju k 'Ganapati' and did very good darshans...

We actually did rain dance in a Ganpati Visarjan near 'Mumbai cha raja'!! Awesome experience!

Continuous rains actually made us enjoy!!

As we were free in 20 mins in place of 7-8 hours , we actually had all 'galli food' aramse.. from Panipuri to Dosa to Lassi at home!! :)

I made all my friends jealous who dint come as they were scared of 7-8 hours waiting period for the Darshan!

Ultimately , A very best day , Full of lucky omens and A new beginning!! :) Cheers!

September 1, 2011



  • Ability to watch movies... Totally gone!! Cant sit at one place, especially if alone!!
  • Ability to wake up early in the morning. Was used to wake up at 6 some months before! :P
  • Sleeping at 10.30PM!! and now a days - 12 easily!
  • Cooking.. I am loosing ability to cook and be a bit innovative too!! Waiting for a gas connection!
  • Listening songs on Ipod or a Laptop!! Totally gone!! Radio is still on!
I know I know!! Loosing something should be with Gaining something!! :P and I am going to gain all of them back!! Give me some time please :P