April 23, 2013

One pair of eyes!

Sometimes I wonder why did God give me only two eyes?! He actually obeyed the rule of standardization (How can I engineer such a sentence!) by giving those two dont-know-which-shaped-eyes but then like all designers he made mistakes. He gave me too many dreams,which are gushing out of my soul now,through the same pair of eyes. It always did but right now they are not under my control.

Dreams are  mischievous also, they change their shapes and sizes, they make me think a lot and they just refuse to let practical approaches come my way.Imagine two kids fighting- Dreams and Logic. One in eyes rooted to heart, one is in mind rooted deep inside my brain cells.

Sometimes I just open the 'Ever note' and let my hands type & when I type my mind doesn't use even 10% of its power. In fact I have a manufacturing defect, while writing my hands are controlled directly by my heart. Now you know why there are trillions of typos and billions of errors. You want to know what am I going to write? It is already embedded in my eyes! The real residence of culprits.

A dream just tried to jump out of my eyes, the dream about not doing any job and doing something on my own. One dream tried pushing it, it was about making a difference for my country. Before I could control other hundred dreams came and started fighting. I cant control them!

I told you, God made a blissful or a painful mistake, by giving me only one pair of eyes!

April 21, 2013

Facts- Sudden realizations!

1. Miracles happen in every one's life. Just that you have to be with good people and you have to be good to them. You don't have to give up on life for the miracle to arrive.

2. When you give up on 'expectations' from life, life gives you a glass of nectar. You are shocked.

3. Your dad comes to Singapore, Gives you surprises and birthday gifts which includes Mangoes from India. Your friends enjoy a lot on the awesome dinner with your dad. You just observe things and you sleep peacefully for the very first time in Singapore.

4. You get a call from some people who can shape your life, your future. Not the employers.Your own people and suddenly you feel you have a shoulder to cry on and a life to crave for.

5.Your exams are approaching and you realize you are now experiencing last ever exams of your life. Yeah for the end of college life, you are happy. Unlike other students!

6.Your best friends bug you a lot and you still smile while yelling. They tell you some super intelligent stuffs - Like why I should be more independent and how I should spend time in cultivating my hobbies. Friends with matured minds!

7.You have a bunch of crazy flatmates who play with you in a kid's garden. You are blessed.

8. You have a room mate who knows you and never gets shocked by your behavior. May be I am becoming predictable!

9. You cut mangoes and eat with your friends- hostel mates. You experience the heaven.

10. You have so many happening events in life that your mind blocks 'blogging ability mode' and starts numbering sudden realizations called facts!

April 16, 2013

Syllabus of the year 2013!

As I am back to teen age, I decided to define a syllabus of the school called 'Life'! In a real picture, I am going to experience some hundred changes in my day to day life, be it a professional front or the personal front. Adjustments and emotions are the main key factors.Here are my lessons!

Lesson 1: Patience, which is measured on negative scales as of now for yours truly. Patience comes with the control over mind, heart. It comes with  the trust in myself, my own people. I need to learn patience. Not every body is going to bother about my being impatient, those who will , are my own people. For their happiness and for my happiness, Bubblegum shall learn to create patience!

Lesson 2: Emotions in control. I have been blessed with a holy vessel of emotions called heart. It keeps on over flowing on each possible emotional situations. Joys, sorrows, pain and enjoyment. I need to balance them. If I have the aura of making people smile, I also have this pathetic side of spreading dullness. I need to be a responsible citizen and spread sunshine!

Lesson 3: Anger. Yeah I look quite cool but I am not. Some friends say anger sleeps on my nose (Yeah gussa nak pe sota hai!!!) Some friends say, I need a mole to make a mountain of fire! The cliche is, the speed is constant when it comes to loosing my mind and cooling it off. The sudden rush of fire burns many minds and hearts. Hurting people is not my business and so I am going to improve on this front.

Lesson 123 is the way of life in 2013 for me now! May the super power give me the courage to learn and gain expertise!

Yeah now all those friends smirking and closing the tab of the blog- Help me! :P

April 14, 2013

Welcoming Twentee(n) Six!

Yeah I am welcoming my new teens! When I am finishing twenty fifth year of my life and spending  9125 days  according to my two adjacent roommates, I feel like I am entering new teens! There are reasons for that.

Yours truly has become more rebellious in thoughts. Rather in good language, I have grown up to an extent and I am little more matured. I take up decisions and feel responsible for the same. At the same time, I have become rigid in my ethics and which makes me behave like a teen age girl even though my teen age was not much of a problem for my parents. Mostly!

I want to do everything in life. A good job to trips to awesome places in the world. I want to do bungee jumping and Himalaya treks. I want to dance like no one is watching and I want to scream- shout just like those crazy people in very old fashioned cinema halls. Kind of a teen age syndrome?

The 'me' inside has become choosy - grumpy when it comes to mixing with people whom I don't like. I avoid talking much and have fairly showed the attitude ' I am not interested in you' pretty well. Though my friends have doubt over this part.

Just like any teenage girl I have started taking time in grooming myself. Yeah in my previous (or the real) teen age I had missed this part. What do you expect from a tom boyish girl in the class of guys of Mechanical Engineering? Well this time, I am  crazy over accessories  , clothes and grooming services! Come on, very soon I am going to earn again once I finish my studies.

The 'remain tip top' phenomena as we say in Mumbaiya language is being  complemented with pimples on my face. Yeah, teen age pimples have been growing on my face (pretty) lately. I have to accept that!

You know what? All these reasons even when kill me everyday emotionally, they are fun. Fun like those teenagers?! Even when they are a big question marks to themselves due to confusions and hormonal imbalances! I think I have got my teens back!

So, I, me, Myself, Miss Bubblegum welcome the second and new teen age of my life.

The Twentee-n six'th year!!

"Happy Birthday to the new teen!"

PS: All sad thoughts about suffering from quarter life crisis has been put aside for a while, as I see more fun in my current age! The post is going to contain some more awesome errors than other posts as this has been written in a total moody state of mind! 

April 13, 2013


Whenever I listen  the word butterfly, I always recall a dialogue from the movie 'The ultimate Gift'. Where the little girl, the cancer patient is asked "What do you think how it will be with God?!" and she replies, "Butterflies, lots of butter flies", the reason she gave was, "God paints wings of butterflies with his fingers." There is something in this dialogue. Definitely butterflies are close to God.

As my birthday 25th birthday is approaching, I am getting nervous. There are some news flowing in the air which actually helps me to revive my little positive mindset. My best buddies and me, flowing with the river  little stream of joys and this year can be important for each of us, professionally and personally. The little thought of missing each one of them gets sharpened but then upcoming news make me tearfully happy.

The reason of my nervousness also lies in calls of relatives pointing at me, who is entering the danger zone of 'Unmarried single girl'! I keep calm obviously. Some where I know everything will be fine, of course being the rebellious yet scared soul inside, it wont be too natural.

With my birthday, my exams are approaching, the never ending job hunting has started without any responses from the employers for all us. Life is not going to be easy. I am nervous.

Butterflies in my stomach.

May be God is taking care of their wings some where. He is still painting their wings.

April 7, 2013

Shooo April, Go!

When I was 5:

The month of April used to be of sheer joy. With examinations coming to an end by mid April and of course the very big Birthday of my parent's princess were some of the reasons. Ah, did I mention the month of April brings summer vacations back in life?! Precious days!

Buying new clothes, mom's baking a cake session (Yeah generally they never bought cakes, I was a premature baby and so no Bahar-ka-khana till the age of seven!), Dad buying me cool stuff and Dadima's and mom's long sewing sessions which used to end before my birthday- Do I need any other excitement?! Well, my mom now says, they called kids on my birthday against my wishes to be alone so that I see them eating and I eat,I play and start developing good nature, otherwise I used to 'Hate' meeting people. It is a shock for me, as some of my friends says , I am too extrovert and fast when it comes to making friends. Phew!

When I was 15:

The same old joy, with a little bit of tension for exams. The harsh sun of Ahmedabad still failed to make me nervous, though the young girl was shocked with no-friends-enjoying-April-Syndrome. Batch mates were busy discussing about effects of sunlight on skin and Bubblegum was busy celebrating her birthday plans (Yeah it was a celebration itself!) with the fantastic frock Buddy N.

When I am 25:

April is no more a special celebration! My best buddies are in India, mom dad and brother -Well I have failed to meet them on my birthday after 2009 due to my job. Exams are approaching and projects are killing. Even though I have some really good friends here,I know it wont be an easy day. Tears will flow, smileys will bloom due to irritating friends calling me from India at odd hours! One thing I know, even when I like to age, entering the Quarter Life crisis is a danger zone for me!

So please APRIL fly high and don't come back soon again. Please Go!

April 6, 2013

Dying vernacular characters of kid's world!

One thing I am really proud of is, my schooling. I studied in Gujarati Medium from KG to 12th Standard. Not that I had put lots of efforts in College to suddenly start with English! I never felt weird,even for a day. My parents and school actually had taken enough care!

As my mom says, she and my dad had a big fight over this when I was to be admitted in a school. My father adamantly said and still stays, a kid should be taught in the kitchen language! Yeah not even the mother tongue, the language which a toddler is used to when he/she is fed by her parents. This ideology was given to him by my grand father who himself was a doctor, who studied in Mumbai state at that time. My mom whose brought up was of Kolkata, felt I might feel inferior when other kids talk to their parents and friends in English. The fight I guess was won by my father who actually admitted me in the Gujarati medium school , 'The Shantiniketan of Gujarat'! Just like my grand father who made my father learn 'Pathamala' which is an oxford level seriese to learn English, I was made to study all parts of the series in vacations. It was fun I tell you. Of course my grand mom made my lessons so interesting with stories- how my grand dad made her speak English! One thing my parents and grand parents never missed, the avid little reader of the family-Bubblegum should never feel bad/inferior/odd while reading vernacular books!In fact I was encouraged a lot. I picked my first English book (other than text books and news papers) in 7th standard. By the time I had started with history Novels in Gujarati- K.M.Munshi and Zaverchand Meghani! I guess, my morals were shaped by characters of Gujarati Kids literature.

When I see today's kids, reading lots of books in English which is good, I feel nervous about those Gujarati kids literature books! There are hundreds of characters which were portrayed by those stories, who inspired many directors to direct theaters for kids and who taught me the difference between right things and wrong things!

As now I have reached almost 1/4th of my age (yeah I might live hundred years!), I can safely comment on authors who wrote amazing stories and created amazing characters!

Miya fusaki and Tabha Bhatt: Stories of Hindu Muslim friendships, never a single story promoted communal differences! The sharm Miya and a hogger Bhattji!

Bakor Patel: This character  based in Mumbai was created almost in 1930s! I can still connect to all of them. The best kid's character ever portrayed in Gujarati Bal sahitya! My grand father got 24 books of the same seriese for my father, with hard covers, same is passed on to me. I still have in the very same safe condition. I will keep them with me all my life.Amen for that!

Gappidas: The simple comic character which falls in some trouble every time he lied. The morals of each of the stories which made them unique.

Inspector Kumar and Jamadar Husainkha: These two gentlemen cops were our heroes, just like Sherlock holmes! Those amazing little story books made me go under the table and read, so that my dadi or my mom don't disturb me! :D

These are some of the characters and even when I write this, I feel nostalgic and sad. May be they are dying with the English crazy parents and kids. It is not the story of only Gujarat, I think all states are fighting to save vernacular kids literature.

English is important but killing vernacular characters is almost a crime for me, specially of kids literature!

PS: I tried to Google images for some other characters, I almost find nothing. May be the post is a pure rant.

April 2, 2013

Bubbling Bulletins!

So a friend called me yesterday,asked me in a quite a scary threatening way,

"Where is your new blog post?"

"Well I don't know...Umm.. I have nothing to write may be!"

"Or you will have many ideas accumulated in your mind to write about!"


Pause. Well I do have many updates but one more post with bullets did not trigger me to write. Frankly even I was scared when I saw ever decreasing count of posts per month. Not that I am a writer or something, but blogging gives me another world to pour my feelings out. There have been things I want to blog and I cant as I run out of intentions or guts but, I have seen many blogs dying or living in coma due to this. Certainly I don't want this to happen to my blog! So even with the risk of  bore you with my bulletins here I go!

  • Thanks to my evening night lectures which keeps my mind running at the super sonic speed even at twelve in the night, I have turned into a night person. I tried and even started getting up in the morning but my anti allergic (anti sneezing - nose leaking cum coughing) medicines made me sleep ten plus hours a day. When I stopped it, I continued sleeping for same numbers of hours but at odd times. Like from 3 am to 11 am?! So, after days, today when I got up at 7.30 am, I decided to blog! Isn't it a beautiful day with a cup of adarak wali chai?!  *Coughing!* *Sneezing* 
  • Some days ago, I felt amazingly at home!While eating canteen food in the university! Can you believe it? Yeah, so it was one of those lonely days before the lecture. No one was to give me a company to eat.I could not make anything at home. I wanted to eat something Indian and so I tried Komala's in the canteen! I was trying to locate an empty table.A Singaporean lady near by smiled (?!) at me and asked me to sit on the same table. She was quite casual,yeah she was working there. I smiled back and sat to wait for my Paneer Paratha to cool down. She started, " Is it some kind of a Dosai?!", I said no and explained how it is made. "India has amazing food range no?!", I smiled back. I was irritated with the taste of Paratha, which was horribly hot as well. I thought I should take Iced Milo. I got up and went to the stall which was empty. She got up and said, "You want iced Milo lah?", I nodded. She suddenly came forward and said," You go and eat lah, I will come and give you the glass"! Yeah, with that I got tissue papers as well. She sat down with me, talked to me while I finished the horrible Paratha. Period. Something like mom does at home, just sitting at the table while I eat!
  • The other day, when me and my Kiddo friend 1 (I will post about us some time!) wanted to eat hot waffles! I had an idea that it might contain eggs! So, we asked as my Kiddo friend 2 doesn't even tough eggs! I being, 'eggs only in cakes and not at home in raw form' girl I asked the lady making it, "Does this contain eggs?", She replied, "No!". I had a doubt. I pointed at the vessel where she had kept the batter and asked again. She laughed and said, "Yes yes Many Many egg!" Yeah English was being murdered.
  • Time flies. I came to Singapore a few months back, I realize now, very soon I am going to finish my studies. Many students feel at home in Singapore. I realized, I cant settle outside India.Period.
  • Next few months are not going to be easy. I have to cross check my ambitions and dreams every now and then. As I read it some where, "Dont give up what you want the most, for what you want now!"
  • April, is going to really challenging as well. With all sneezing coughing and sleeping problems, I have exams at the end.I have to fight with my destiny for my work, my life. Or may be convincing destiny works?
How about you all? Any bulletins?