January 27, 2016

Messed up

So Mr.ISB, who is a man of few words and more mess managed to irritate me one more time by converting our bed into a type of garbage dump.

Bubblegum: "Tumhara yeh gandagi se rishta kya hai?" ("What is your relation with the mess?")

Mr.ISB: *With a big lovely smile for a micro second* "Shadi kia hai usase" ("Got married to it!")

Bubblegum: .......................................................................................................................

Badala lia jaega.

January 22, 2016

aPOINTment # 10

  • I am horribly upset with myself for loosing many Jet Privilege points due to my unawareness regarding so many offers they have. My dad when I purchased my Singapore flight tickets, had forced me to get the membership of the JET scheme. I was never interested but when I heard stories about people using lounging , weight allowances during flights, point redeems, discounts on partner retails - I got interested. My reviews on 'Trip Advisor' can earn me miles! Wow! *Bubblegum must use all the offers and travel some mores! Jet era!*
  • Mr.ISB in Denmark, on a business trip. Enjoying snow and Copenhagen. Phew. I so want him to see everything so next time I can tag along. I have been dreaming of the Denmark-Norway-Sweden road trip now. *Don't you guys know about my wish to enjoy white Christmas!?*
  • I have become too silent for myself since morning. No, I am not grumpy or upset. My throat is being grilled by some invisible force which keeps my voice inside and my struggle to speak fails almost all the time. I had a meeting lined up in the morning which did not go too well because of my inability to speak. My mentors/directors kept on laughing virtually. 
  • This Chai-Time blogging break is generally superb. I get to do multi tasking (?) Talking to colleagues, ragging a younger colleague for fun, laughing out my lungs (Not today!) out and blogging. Everything together.
  • I am looking forward to the big fat wedding I am to attend. Fun it would be. I am equally nervous. My super enthusiastic cousin ( The wedding loving type) is very difficult to manage if decoration or costumers, needless to say make up do not go as per her instructions. All is well, Bubblegum!
  • Mumbai is experiencing winter like never before. It does feel like Ahmedabad now a days. The wind and the shiver both make me nostalgic- How I loved hiding into warm blankets, wearing smart jackets, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying sun shine if blessed. Shivering may be brings me back to the definition of resonance. The frequency of me shivering may be matches my heart beats and I feel nothing but warmth. *Geeks I tell you!*
  • I am falling in love with Sarees. This should not get jinxed. I was waiting to gain this expertise of wrapping it in the stylish way all my life. I am closer but well not an expert. Hopefully soon.

January 18, 2016


It was like reliving my Singapore days in Banglore. From the very moment I saw the bunch of guys grinning and welcoming me in Singapore. It was as if we are meeting daily, we did not feel weird at all. We were meeting after ages - some were meeting after more than two years! But things were same. Fun basically. All thanks to my flat mate from Singapore hostel. She decided (and her now husband too) to get hitched!(Thanks to another flatmate and my roomie who managed your truly at her place and made tea for her twice) So one more tick on my attending-close-weddings list.

We three girls (yeah others were the part of another group of mine and after I left Singapore,all came closer to each other as a group, thanks to outings - picnics-chit chats planned by me :D - or may be their plan to give me a surprise birthday party in Singapore, because I loved/love all of them a little too much to not spend the whole day with any of them, hence they planned it for me together!) were a gang. A gang of gigs. So, when she decided to get married, I was sure of being the part of it at any cost. Finally the day arrived and that is how I was Banglore'd. (No, I am not sad that they could not attend my wedding. No madam!)

Fun, photos, chit chat, tears , wine, plum cake, flowers, decorations, dancing, some more chitchatting. Everything happened there. Singapore happened there. 

I do not have enough words to describe the fun we had created. 

Now, time for some snippets!

  • I saw a sparrow inside the super giant terminal of Banglore Airport. I was like :O
  • Go air is the most pathetic low budget airlines while Indigo gets 9/10 score. Just that I am too picky to give 10/10.
  • I hate Banglore traffic as much as I love those green lush trees every where there.
  • For me, the climate was cold and I had conveniently forgotten my jacket in Mumbai. I had fun with wine, tea and the heater my roomie switched on for me then! :) 
  • My Singapore roomie has turned into a beautiful girlie individual who flaunted a fancy floor length gown with her lovely curls all over her shoulder. I laughed on her change while I secretly loved her new Avtar! :) :)
  • Our friend, the bride looked like a barbie doll. Not a slightest amount of exaggeration in it. I have not attended such a cute wedding ever in life! EVER.
  • Meeting the bride and her family made me realized how artistically challenged I am. Though normal people  do not think so. I never observed artistic people saying good things about my creativity! :D
  • Seeing the bride and the groom dancing - was one of the best moment I have witnessed so far in all the weddings I have attended. The second best moment was when I had blatantly refused to do Varmala till Mr.ISB's friends let him bow down to me in my own wedding :D (No, I am not that rude. I had bowed down in return too!)
  • Ms. Bride, if you are reading this you better mail me all the songs which were played during the dancing part of the wedding. Those cute Konkani /Manglorean / Goan songs!
  • Am I the only person who wanted another piece of the plum cake given during the wedding? I loved it!
  • So now when two out of three girls are in the single city, am I feeling jealous being in another city? Hell, yes.
I think, Some girls should get Mumbai'ed now! 

PS: A very scattered post but I was too overwhelmed to register my experiences and weave a story out of it! 

January 12, 2016

Chit Chat

I came across this. One feed in my feedly and a full nod. The author seemed to have my own heart when she said, it is not in our culture to teach a woman how to be alone.

I remembered my uncle (Fua, as I call him) who expired a few months before my wedding. This man had taught my aunty (his wife, who was seven years younger to him) to be alone - independent long before he expired at the age of 78 by letting her work as a Gynecologist (no less!), encourage her to make long trips alone, cultivate hobbies (so much that she got her 'Visharad' in Classical Music at the ripe age of 67!) and so on. My aunt has moved on with the same courage we have always seen her with. It makes me proud but I feel the pain too that our society does not care about women in such a fashion.

Accompanying a lady every where, pampering her to the extent where she hardly knows how to handle her own financial situation and be with her every minute possible would do no great but to put her in a trap of denial and depression if god forbid she has to live alone some day. Be it for a small period of time. When I left home in 2009 to work in an Automotive giant on my own, I also went through the stage of denial but my dad made sure I manae every thing on my own - Manage my salary, pay my returns, buy groceries, cook , have parties, manage my logistics (come on, as parents they slept when I reached home on those nights), manage my re-locations and land lords above all learn how to live alone. I am proud of myself whenever I see people of my age struggling to even switch on a washing machine on their own or make a cup of tea if left alone some where - forget about managing a broken tap.

I think living alone is boring and may be depressing but once you overcome it prepares you for the hardships which might surface in life later on. It is extremely important for females to learn this. Rather than fumbling like some of our grannies and aunties who were blank about money in the bank when their husbands/fathers left them alone for the better place. Yes, it happened with my maternal grand mother. It was my mother, being too smart as a daughter managed every single thing at the age of 22 (and raising her four siblings with that money)

We are setting up our bedroom now when we both are in the same city we call our home. I kept on wondering why the world has moved to cheap - ready made- ply furniture leaving old-solid wood-teak sort of elegant furniture? I am sure money is one thing but spending lakhs on ornaments which rest in bank lockers mostly does not really justify the reason. I so wish all my distant grand-uncles and grand-aunties whom I rarely know gift me some of their assets. Till then I am going to make my room classy even with the ply furniture, okay?


I am in love with this new channel called 'Epic'. Google says it has some funding but I so wish it does not die. It is like purely Indian - proud of heritage site showing no nonsense? Bollywood, Food, Stories, History, Freedom fighters, Literature and what not. Absolutely brilliant by amazingly talented actors of this age. If you watch TV then you can not miss Epic! (I just came to know Srilankan Cinnamon came to India through Portuguese and we adopted it in almost all sweets. Talk about intolerance!) 

I am plodding enough to get up on time. Sleep on time before that. There is this invisible force which clenches me when I think about going to bed and thus end up sleeping late. Skipping my walking session next morning. I do make up by walking to the station and the office but then morning jogging or walking seems to be more fun than anything. It gears me up for the rest of the day. This wake-up-late has to change at any cost because what I would do in this age would be with me in my old age. Work out is one good job to rip sweeter fruits.

I am not sure if I love shopping or not. I keep an eye on current fashion trends so that I can help myself and others in picking up dresses during family weddings coming in future. When it comes to shop in real, I slog. I have to really have a heart to go to the market and buy. Shopping, in a way is not my forte. My cousin is getting married this month and all I want is to get over those talks about what-to-wear-and-when with mom and Masis. Same had happened with me before my wedding too. I can not survive shopping hundreds of things together, back to back. I need small joys of life like buying one elegant saree and a necklace at a time. Such things never happen in India during weddings - for a bride or even for a close family member.  I really hope, I get into the groove when I land up in Ahmedabad and enjoy this wedding as well. (And flaunt sarees and that god damn dress which I am yet to buy!)I really hope.

I loved cooking. I still love it but getting into the mood seems totally ambiguous. I do not feel like experimenting for all five members of the family. It is not safe. Every one has different taste and every one has their own dietary choices at a time. It takes a two to cut down options and bring one to the table with the enthusiasm I used to cook before. Some day I would manage to handle such a situation and that day my friend, there would be a feast at home. 

January 8, 2016

God Speed and the breaker

It is not exactly a blogger's block! (Because, I am not a writer.) Life is going just too fast to stop myself and think about the crux of anything happening. Highs and lows, every thing moves faster now a days. Talk about the God Speed.

This morning, I realized I am living on this roller coaster ride since long and if (Call me a nerd) I would not break these moments into millions of moments while focusing on any one of those broken moments -I would not be able to feel the life (and blog about it). Yeah it does sound like maths and physics where you break the substance or time into millions of particle.

I am busy in attending those weddings and some other social functions. I am flaunting sarees and ornaments. I am busy in working my ass off for the product I am developing and which has started showing its fruits (It is really fascinating!) I am busy in struggling with myself to get up early and do some work out - which I am still doing. I am busy in watching movies and interesting books. I am busy in planning for social get together. I am busy in shopping for every events I mentioned above.

Such things are overwhelming sometimes. For me. I need to pause.

I need to pause. Feel. Think, Plan. I want to be more organized. I want to sleep for eight hours together and get up fresh. I want to walk and jog and dance. I want to get rid of that stiff body which is a result of too busy a life. Or that is what I believe in. I want to work harder but without affecting my health. I want to enjoy all social functions but do not want to induce stress due to any of them. I want to add one or two days in my life- to break the busy schedule.

Yeah, I need a speed breaker.

January 3, 2016

Resolutions 2016

And then there was that moment while walking to the office, I decided to stop being too stubborn and take up a New Year resolution and try to adhere to it seriously.

I realized after reading some really good stuff that a human being needs a push. A push to enjoy and so we have festivals. A push to play music so we can emote. A push to have a fat Indian wedding so we can meet relatives (and end up creating more weddings thanks to aunties who love match making!). We need something to motivate us. A New Year can be that 'Push'. So the old Bubblegum who felt that a resolution-tamasha is nothing but a hype (and the same Bubblegum secretly confesses she loves such Tamashas!) got converted and decided to declare  'New Year Resolutions'!

1. Fitness: I am quite plump, that is not a problem. Aesthetics are important but what is more important is I am too uncomfortable in my plump skin. Last year till August I had put on weight and had conveniently forgotten about my (last) new year wish to be slimmer after wedding. Then suddenly when I took up my new exciting job in Mumbai, I started forming habits which helped me to be fitter than what I was. I do end up eating junk often even now  but walking to and from office helps me. I struggle to do more work out and be active - climb stair cases or walk faster, but then hey, this is still not where I want to be. The 2016 should be the fittest year of my life. In a sustainable way. Yes.

2. Career: I would be recognized through my work and so this is important to me. I want to give my two hundred percents to my new job - taking up few more. There is no two way about it. The journey which I started in 2015 would not be easy in 2016, but I love challenges!

3.Vacations:I love vacations. I love mountains. I love adventurous trips. I love struggles and fatigue one experiences after and during the trip. I absolutely hate it when some one demotivates people to do bag-packs due to the struggle one makes during the trip. Isn't it a part of the joy associated? So I want to enjoy minimum two vacations this year. One big and one small. No, Ahmedabad visits do not count! Hopefully I would fulfill my dream of witnessing white Christmas next year some where on the other side of the glob!

I do not want to make these resolutions a baggage but a motivation as I told you. Three generic ones should not hamper my state of mind, I think!

What do you think?