February 29, 2012

And thats the deal my dear!

Dear Friend,

I know you will like to be called by this name and designation I am providing to you. People call you GOD,I don't mind, I used to pray you. I do and I will.But, I like to refer you as my friend, I feel closer to you.Just like my best buddies.

I wonder, people always ask you to remove their worries and what do you do when one's pain is other's gain?How do you manage? I though I will reduce your pressure to perform and take you in confidence! Yeah that's me. Its not that I dint come to you and pray for nothing. I did, that was a mistake. That's what makes me respect you now in a different way. No really, what you do is always best for me. Either I learn or I just enjoy,and now I manage to do both together. Thanks to you my buddy.Lets make a deal,to reduce your workload.

I am so grateful to you. You have given me enough to enjoy. You gave me wonderful personalities as my parents, best younger brother who can annoy me even by an sms.Best bro-buddies who can actually do anything right from pulling my cheeks to pulling my legs to make me smile.

Now, I wonder of course there will be some learnings for me na. You will make sure that I learn through mistakes (I have already made some horrible ones!) and I will correct them.
So here is a deal,

You give me happiness, I will celebrate, I will feel near;
You give me struggle, I will overcome, I wont fear;
And that's the deal my dear.

You need not worry about me. :) Friends mein no sorry no thank you. No give and take relations. You can take me for granted, but remember the deal ;)

Bubblegum :)

PS:Something I learn from a drama, "Kanji Vs Kanji". I loved the concept of talking to God as your friend.I thank Shakira too for the title :D

February 28, 2012

Pimple-y live!

Ok fine. Better late than never.

I have started getting typical teen-age pimples on my face, at the age of 24. Yes. I never had them in my teen-age. This has raised quite a few discussions at my office.

Okay, the 'saddest PJ 'ever cracked by me is mentioned in the title when I realized its a typical kind of teenage pimples. Yeah Pimpley-live! :D The PJ was followed by a live blank-expression on the face of my buddy :D

The buddy sitting just opposite to me,commented  in Marathi "Tarunyapitika", and started laughing, others also joined. They finally declared that they might take me a bit seriously as I am out of my childhood phase and now in the teenage phase at the age of 24! :/

One buddy of my gang- '3 bandar office k andar', also commented something on my physical age and mental age which was ignored by me :D I dint listen to him :D I could only hear laughter. Ah, common being the youngest one in the group is a painful thing too!!!!!People get jealous of my maturity levels you see :D

Okay here is a theory,originally made by my friend,Shana and edited by Bubblegum,

I am aggressive & I seem to be 'Sikh' (My surname makes people think, I am sikh!) and Pimples actually thought I was 'Sick',not 'sikh' and they came to me, albeit at the wrong age :D

Okay, to avoid eggs thrown by you people I go to wash my face and apply some medicines to just kill the,

"Pimple-y live!" :D

PS:Sorry I am horrible at PJs and they were called as 'Zeher' by one of my buddies, truly! Some eggs for you too Shane :D

February 27, 2012

Pink and me!

I think I loved the colour 'Pink' in childhood when I never thought I have to be a tom boyish girl and even if I become one, I don't have to give up 'pink'! :D

I remember, I had so so many frocks and skirts gifted to me in Pink and my all time favourite purple shade.I adored them all. I loved them and I used to feel them-Feel pink!

Slowly in the male dominated classes, in the rage and race of moving ahead of boys, I started disowning 'pink'. I felt I have to be with guys, be like them to move ahead and prove myself. So, I left 'Pink'. I tried to dislike and hate 'Pink'. College days went in blues and blacks (Ah, they are still my favourite) and forcefully fooling myself that I don't like 'Pink'.

Once I got my job in Mumbai, I started feeling blues and then 'Pinks'! Yes! I have started loving it back. I want to have almost every potential thing which can look adorable in pink. In fact not the tacky pink, kindda baby pink and some 2-3 darker shades than that, albeit in combination with some other colour.Ah,picky I am.

I feel I am back, Bubblegum is back to original. I call myself now a girlie tom-boy and that's what I am! I absolutely love all my independent guys like skills and mindsets to my girlie characteristics (Earings and anklets in main!).

With accepting this pinky phenomena,

I seize myself in 'PINK'!!! :)

Ah, as Miley Cyrus said, "Pink is not just a colour, its an attitude!!!!"

PS:I really love my gray-pink shoes :) Oh okay dont stare they are pretty sober and stylish.

February 26, 2012

Sunday ke fundae!!

Sundays are always special, as this Sunday I had nothing special in my plan , I re-planned and gained some special fundaes (Okay-Fundaes to kill/pass your time) to share with all readers and blog-friends.

Fundae-1: If you feel homesick, call your buddies (not all) who have left the city where you are currently and you really had to suffer the sudden change in your life. Please throw all your anger on him/her. Hmmm.. Did you feel better? Well please don't call all buddies, as you might get disowned by your buddies you call. Preserve others for the next 'homesick' weekend :D

Fundae-2: If you dream about a particular food-dish, you smell almost every minute, try all your luck to drag at least a friend to go the destination by hook or by crook,even if your most of friends are out of the city. You are a charm, you will get at least a friend to come along,make sudden plans and enjoy :)

Fundae-3: You can play 'angry birds' to throw out the frustration. It is awesome! It kills time, diverts your mind and when you see the 'angry expressions' of birds, you really feel good :D

Fundae-4: Find a cute baby of one of your neighbours, play with him/her, tell stories and enjoy! But, when his/her mom comes to you to take him/her back , you might really feel bad , as the kid might become a fan of yours :D He might hug you and just refuse to go back! :D

Fundae-5:Youtube. It has some super silly and stupid videos which might make you 'lol' all the time. Yeah you can find some senti-emotional and inspirational stuff also. Ah, you can also irritate people by sending a silly video link when they send you a real wonderful inspirational emotional video links. :D

Fundae-6: Last but not least!! Blog-draft about all your time pass fundaes and feel amazed about your potential. But, you dont feel like posting it and then after a day you feel like posting it and you post it too! Bingo. Ah, but then you remember its Monday today, you don't need these fundaes :D

PS: Yes, Fundaes are tried and tested. Ah, tasted too-Cheesecake! :D No wonder why one of my bro-buddies calls me 'Chuhi' and 'Jerry' :D, I name you 'Tom', dada :D

February 24, 2012

I dont want him-He is back.

I saw him yesterday. He came inside my home without my permission.

I couldn't do anything. I was blank, I couldn't scream. I couldn't show my anger or fear. I was freezed.

He came to my place some months ago, I had taken enough care after that. I prayed he should not be back.

But, he is back.
I have to face the fear every time I go home. I live with fear in my own place. He comes, he sits aramse, he stares at me,he enjoys my fears and then go inside.

I stand there, I shout sometimes,"Go away you looser", but he doesn't. He leaves when he wants.

I have dealt with some jerks like him before also, albeit with the help of my not-so-brave roomies.

I am scared, yes he is back, please somebody save me, save my roomie from the fear!

He is back.-The mouse. I don't want him.


February 22, 2012

Fool of thoughts?!

Disclaimer: A typical Bubblegum rant and a typical silly post! :)

I have developed a habit of thinking ,thinking a lot actually.

It's bad, I am at my best when I do things without thinking :D Be it a presentation or singing or dancing or even as crazy as playing pranks. My spontaneous self is more powerful than my thoughtful self.
So, I am trying to control my thinking-over thinking, which makes me silent, people get scared seeing me in my mute mode. :D People also than try to think why I think , I also think and there will be 'nothing' as an output! :D

I seriously need something to stop or discard the process.Its not I am not busy! I am busy like hell these days and I love to stay busy. But, still I think a lot and I am very much efficient it seems!

Over thinking makes me stressed. I think about me,my job,my future,my family,my buddies to my handbag and earings too!! I have become sensitive and reactive to the situation.I am getting suffocated as I try to hide my expressions subconsciously.

It is not at all a devdas/sad situation. I am just lost somewhere in thoughts.

Chill Bubblegum, you have to keep on bubbling!Bubblegum you have zillion plans to have fun with friends!

I need to stop over thinking,stop worrying may be. I have to be bindas again!

One of my bro-buddies tells me the reason of my fluctuating health,and that is my mind. My mind runs at supersonic speed and body is left behind , imbalance to hona hai hai system mein! :D

I believe of I am not ready not even Baba Ramdev or Shilpa Shetty's Yoga/Pranayam can help. But this time I am making a fool of myself, Fool of thoughts!!

Ek laaaaaamba Kit-kat ya Chit-Chat break to banata hai boss!!!

February 21, 2012

Toony memories.

Cartoon Network, the most loved tv channel by My brother and me and hated by Mumma. Period.

I don't know from when I started following the channel, but certainly it was not before my brother started,my younger brother.

Early memories related to cartoons are of  'The Jungle Book'. The title track is something I still love (Actually all title tracks of all cartoons except of 'Road Runners') and I still have that in my mobile :)

I used to follow 'The Disney hour' very regularly before I was glued to Cartoon Networks. I really loved all characters in Disney Land of Paris I visited after years!

First my brother was glued to the channel and it was then compulsory for me to watch all of them.We started with Richie Rich, I was so so so much fascinated by the whole concept, may be from there only I picked up my interest in Robotics.Our favourite was 'Swat cats' too, known as 'Chhote Miyau and bade miyaun ' in hindi version. Fighter planes,the war,missiles and aerobatics!! We loved them the most!! :)

I must mention the reason why my brother ate 'spinach' in his childhood was 'The Popeye'! The way the Popeye fought was the only reason my mumma could make him eat Spinach or any bhaji in the name of spinach.

I can not forget to mention, 'Scooooby doooby Doo'!! We very much loved it! We used to keep on singing the track while playing ,in fact I remember playing bhoooot, the ghost with white cloath on the body! I also remembered after some days we had got warnings of being kicked out of our place by mom :D

I used to hate the whistle by Road Runner, bipppp beeeeeep! And, I still used to watch the silly cartoon, along with 'Looney Toons!'. I used to love the Bugggss Bunnny show!! :)

There was a phase in our childhood when we used to live on cartoon networks.(Exactly it was my brother's childhood, mom still says I was elder enough not to get fascinated by cartoons like other girls of my age , but then she was convinced I was(am) a tomboyish girl by that time!) Summer vacation- Cartoon Network, cousin's get together-Cartoon Network, Khate khate-Cartoon Network,Lets draw something?-Cartoons, Lets buy compass boxes/toys/frocks/tee shirts-Cartoons. Only my passion for reading never got affected.

But then I grew up. I was little less immatured and crazy.

It was so nice to get an sms from my brother some days before my parent's wedding anniversary to discuss about the gift,

'Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you, we've got some work to do now...
Scooby Dooby Doo, we need some help from you now...'

The sms I had saved in my 'Important messages' folder, I just read it, I am feeling Nostalgic!! :)

I am love in'it :)

February 19, 2012


I am always keen on developing kands!!

So,obviously,it is Sunday today!I have tiny stories,ah kands to tell you people today!

  • I woke up with my grandmother (Ma) in my dreams, the dream woke me up in the dream itself and then it was followed by an earthquake in the dream! :D Finally I woke up, relatively early for Sundays!I must recall the song-'Ek din sapne mein dekh sapani,woh jo hai na Latadidi apni'-Golmal!
  • I started working and reading news papers on something and suddenly saw the watch showing 12.24pm, I realized I had to reach a near by venue of my friend's wedding at 12.45pm! I had to leave by 12.30pm so I had exactly 6 minutes to decide what to wear, get ready! :D I think I am fed up of attending marriages this year!
  • I actually logged in the facebook zillion times and after next 5 minutes went offline every time! Yeah,people who were pinging me either got pissed off by my status or were too busy to note!
  • I suddenly got a gmail, my airtel broadband bill was due today! My online account to pay was not working and so I went to a shop nearby to pay the bill. I was asked  the land line number of the connection. I still think, why the bill shows only account number and not the land line number?! I had to dial total 17 digits after dialing 121 to get the concern person!!! Holy cow!Ah, yeah It also took some zillion stares by people passing by, as I kept on walking on the lobby of the shop while doing this exercise on the phone!
  • My sudden urge to eat Idlii(note-masala one) made me and my roomie to visit the only option available in our area. The slow process of getting our order of tawa masala idli in the 'fast food' dint rise any doubt about the quality of the food. Here I am typing this while sipping soda after trying options like cold milk, water etc to make my stomach feel thoda- ekdum thoda better after eating the not-so-common food-dish.
  • I hope yeh Sunday-kand(s) idhar hi samapt ho jae , as it is already 11 past 9! Please bhagvan ab is raat ko thodi si boring banado..My ki(a)nd atma should rest now, its Nashik time tomorrow.

February 16, 2012

Falling in love..

I am. I am falling in love with myself! Ah, I was always but now toh, too much into it. I don't feel I am the perfect person or I am the best , I love myself with all my faults and flaws. I even enjoy the process of improving them.

I have started feeling luckier day by day. I have started feeling what time I am living right now, is not going to come back, it will change me and my life and I must seize these moments and make them brighter.

I feel I am improving in putting my views, I am going back to my basics where I always used to rebel against odd, I want to tell the world what I feel. Which way I am conservative and which way I am not. I am improving. I would like to thank my parents, grandfather (dadaji-will write about this part later), my best buddies, to make me and bring me back what I was.

I just enjoy having lunch and chai with my very few old office buddies. I just love insane jokes we crack on each other every time. I just love being youngest of all, with a pinch of jealousy when I hear they want to leave our company for better opportunities and the bitter truth is I cant, as I don't have that much experience. But but but, Jitne din hai utne din, I want to just carve them in my dil-dimag in a happy frame!

I just just love calling my mumma and tell my office stories, I love talking to my besties and share my family-work place stories. Basically I love my own talking-chit-chatting-story telling skill :D

I am enjoying my work-work I am doing for my own career. I am enjoying staying busy.

I need to read few more books, yeah I am done with The Harry Potter. I am still in Hogwarts, I feel. :) Some more books... :)

I  love myself , when I enjoy the Kulfi to eternity and then get cold the very next hour :D

I am falling in love,Ah already in love..Love with myself :D

February 15, 2012

Shocking surprises!

Face book- I don't want to even write about how it has made our life easy and complex. It seems you want all of your buddies, known people (who are not buddies!), family on one platform and aha...The privacy has to be a fake word for face book after that. Any one in your profile can see even see a friend (whom you also don't know!) of your friend from your friends profile and I can make more complicated sentences to express ! :D

So in last few days I have got many wedding invitations from my friends on Face book! When I see who is getting married to whom, I get shocking surprises.

The cases are like,

1.Your school friend is getting married to another school friend of your from your class only, and you wonder how come you don't know this purani love story  (Yeah for 14 years I was in the same school!! Junior KG to 12th!)

2.A garba group friend of yours is getting married to a school friend of yours. They met in a get together via you!!!

3.A distant relative (may be not relative but something like that!) is getting married to a senior of yours! :D

4.A college friend of yours is getting married to a sibling of your office-mate. Cool.

Okay, while reading one can replace 'You' with 'Bubblegum'!

Bubblegum is still in the state of shocking surprises.

Cheers to all would be dulha-dulhans!!

Bubblegum still thinks, why suddenly people around you are getting married!!!Ohh, She feels luckier! :D

February 14, 2012

i-am-touched :)

Yesterday we celebrated Valentine's day in our department, which is suppose to be the most interesting and brilliantly cultured department in our sector.  :D

Generally we play a number of games relevant to the event. So, it was a valentines day and people of all age were included. I generally don't fly high on this valentine's day and hate the way it is made commercial.I hate typically pink hearts and teddies displayed in shops! They suck and make things forcefully adorable.Digress.

The most touching (& hurting) game was the 'Guess game', in which we were made to listen some person's recorded message to the family member-who works in our company and we have to guess that employee's name through hints in the message.

It went so well-listening to messages from mothers,daughters and spouses!! I was heart broken but there was no message for me (Yeah I expect such things!), I missed my parents so so much. I think all bachelors who live in Mumbai but are not from the city,felt the same.

I dint call my mumma or papa, as my voice would have shivered and made them worried.

The day ended, while walking back to my place, I told one of my best buddies the whole scene and my feelings. I missed my home, my family. I missed my old buddies, who would have certainly planned something in the event for me.

The reaction from my buddy-" I can understand, par I am there na."

I was touched.

When the whole world seems to be unknown to you and suddenly your buddy appears and holds you hand to support, you feel warmth and calmness na? I felt the same.

I think, I have a bunch of friends who doesn't let me miss my family more than a few hours. Thanks buddy for that damn touchy line :)

February 13, 2012

A Whirlpool of thoughts.

Yes, I am going through a whirlpool of emotions today, of course I am not sad, but Yes, I am touched, I am happy and I am smiling with tears. Reasons for tears are unknown.

I am having a gorgeous life, I am aiming towards a happy future. I don't want a perfect life, My life should be full of struggles, excitements and thrilling stories to tell. I don't want to be boring. I want to just fight all my fears and problems,spark like a 'dynamite'! I am content and still I dream, dreams give me references to live-live with joy-sorrow. Yeah sorrow too, it is also a human emotion, we must respect all emotions!

I always make a list-a list of what I want to feel. I want to feel the excitement of bungee jumping, I want to feel the serenity of walking bare foot on wet sand of a freaking-beautiful beach.I want to just cuddle in a super warm blanket and sleep in a city facing heavy snow fall. I want to play in snow too! I want to scream at the top of my voice while enjoying a ride of a roller coaster! I want them all...Some day in life!

I don't want to plan what I am going to do for next 2-3 months. They are crucial for my career. Ah, April is coming. I want this universe to plan out for me! Yeah, it doesn't mean I am just going to live aimlessly. I just want to flow with this amazing time.

I am not afraid of people-buddies leaving me my city-Mumbai. I am habitual. I am not going to make new friends unlike my actual nature- I am going to preserve you people in my life. I am waiting for the moment when I will be on the other side and you people will feel my pain- touch wood that would never happen. Its painful-I threw that statement in anger!

Today, I am feeling I am trapped in a Whirlpool, and a base of the whirlpool was of negative emotions, I guess by blogging positive I have changed its direction towards positivity. I am going to make this Whirlpool a driving force of my life. :)  Amen.

February 12, 2012

Kalaghoda Festival and all :)

So, Frock buddy N was in Mumbai! Ah, how can I miss the fun when this event collapsed with the 'Kalaghoda Festival'. We had a very very tight schedule but we,with other 2 friends managed to visit and enjoy the festival and I managed to click some shots with great difficulties, Damn crowded place!

Why did I love the festival and that too in such a short visit!
  • Craft,painting and music!! How cant I love the festival!
  • Folk dance! Super like!!!
  • A wish tree, where different messages on posters were written and hanged by people! Loved the concept!
  • A sewa sadan initiative by kids! How to help someone everyday and feel the happiness!A craft display! I am not able to express right now! :D You have to select a card and you should do that particular helping activity written in the chosen card to spread smiles!
  • Crowd! Public humise to banati hai!
  • Ah, I was with my frock buddy and my other school seniors! So, I had to enjoy!
  • With Moshes cheesecake,gali ki bhel and yeah, juices! :) Loved them all!
  • Did I mention I bought wonderful and adorable anklets and earings from Colaba!My favourite place!
I couldn't work properly on my learnings of photography but with all people around me, public giving me dhakkas I managed some shots!

"Block prints"

"Four wonders of the world in lamps"-I dint get this click proper but still want to share!

"Dustbins for you sadness and worries!"  -Again I couldn't take the shot in a correct frame.

"Spread smiles by reading for some one else!"-The card I got from Sewasandan activity cardcollection.

"A wish-message on the wish tree-Why this kolaveri di-God"

"Lets create happiness together"-A pottery workshop shot , one of my favourites.

"Sketching his life"

"God's Jugalbandhi"

"Ganesha also supports-School chalein hum initiative"

"Illuminating Mumabi!"-I couldn't take a good click from my limited resources but I loved the actual scene-Awesome-Marine drives!

PS: Thanks to all buddies who actually smsed/called after reading my last post! Hey guys thank you, All is well"! Thank a lot :)

February 10, 2012

The anger

Disclaimer: A rant, officially!

I am a short tempered person. The anger sits on my nose as most of my friends tell me. (Ah,its 'gussa nak pe rehena') I get poked very easily and I react faster on comments. Sometimes I don't react, feel null,don't show it, but then it doesn't mean I don't feel anything or I am a fool.

My own people very well know from my expressions, talks and chats if I am angry. I used to love to show it to the world. But,now I don't. I feel I have become matured, but it is pain to be one., I don't react.

People may think, I am not realizing what they are doing to me/what they have already done. They might think I am a fool. They might think I am a bechari ladaki who keeps her mouth shut. They might think I am a sehene wali krantikari. Sorry guys and gals I am not, it is just that I don't feel like reacting as I am sick of showing my anger and my irritation or I am giving you one more chance to not to do 'that' again. Worst, I have chosen myself and kick you out of my life.

For all who thinks I am a fool, let me tell you I very well know what are you doing. You can not do anything under my nose. I am blessed that way, I have a powerful sixth sense or I am just smart enough. I know/knew very well if you bluff,you hide things from me,plan to ditch me or plan to just snatch my own things.I let you do as I love/loved you as my own buddy,so I dint/don't react.

For all who thinks I am a bechari sehenkarnewali ladaki. Better not to challenge.My patience is your saviour. The day I will feel not-attached to you, I will react and you will never forget that.

For all those whom I have kicked out of my life, better you remember what you had done to me. You had decided to hurt me or ditch me. You did that, I kicked you out. My simple concept, if a part of my body gives me pain,I cut it off. I just shift delete them. Yeah I would definitely love to show my anger to you as I remember each and every cases precisely dear guys and gals, I don't forgive and forget!

I have kept mum, and silently left you or silently watching the show, that doesn't mean I wont react in future. The anger in me is growing day by day, and for the first time in my life I am not longing for calmness.As I am going to use this gift from you in a creative way!

Till then, keep on fooling me, hurting me,remember me with guilt,
.. It wont matter..

As I don't give a damn about you!

Pagal stupid mann!

Dear Me,

Stop swinging your mood, people around you will now start getting irritated. Beware! Take care of them!

A dull-day-today Bubblegum


Dear Me,

C'mmon, you are the life of the office-floor, cheer up and forget the headache!!


Ready-to-enjoy Bubblegum


Dear Me,

Go home and take rest, its needed. Then back to work at home for what you are planning like anything.


Tired-today Bubblegum


Dear Me,

Yar  c'mmon its fun in the office. You like staying busy and be with all. Enjoy the way back home!


Still-cheerful-fighter Bubblegum


PS: Yeah all letters on the same day in a few minutes time. One can understand my fluctuating pagal stupid mann :)

February 8, 2012

Ramblings of my mind!

What do you blog when actually you have so much to share, but not in a flow, you run out of words. Not even 2 things fall in the same category that you can write! Generally I shoot random bullets. But, today I thought of making a basket full of feelings and just enjoy writing them, expressing them!

Like this I sometimes feel null,numb and the mood swingzzzzz like this, and I am either on the top of the world or feeling low or null! :/

Sudden workload, is not making any difference in what I do regularly. I think I am too good at multi-tasking except getting frustrated if my plan goes wrong! :D I should feel the work load but I am not feeling, and I am tensed why! :D

I am sure February is going to be the month of 'Karma'! I have so so so many tasks to do and I am sure I am going to enjoy staying busy! I would like to add, it wont affect the usual jokes I crack or my office buddies crack. The sixth sense of mine (Jo bechari pehle se thodi si weak hai!) tells me the month is either going to change my world ie. atmosphere around me or going to be the foundation of the change! Baki hum to bhai jese hai wese rahenge! :)

New songs no more make any sense to me! They don't make me feel anything! What has happened to all new music composers!? Ah, I must add writers also in the list! I am still dwelling in Kishore-Asha-Rafi-Lata songs or in the era of Madhuri,Sridevi! :D I guess, I need to even get into the Gujarati Sugam Sangeet again! Ah, my lost  thrown out  dream of a new smart phone or an i-pod is still bhatakking somewhere! Sorry dear, there are 6 more months to go! :D

I have a biiiig list of to-do things in my mind, and looking at the workload it refuses to appear on paper as it also contains a lot of enjoyment activities and pamper-yourself jobs :D

Books I have to read-list simply starts with the 6th and 7th part of Harry Potter series, followed by some really good books for serious-matured-not-so-kiddish people!  :D

My balidan and tyag of chocolates and coffees aka my resolution 2012 has become easier for me, I am being pro at ignoring them and I have successfully ditched them till now. As I told some of my friends, teasing me while enjoying chocolates and ice creams , "Tyag kia to darna kya!", the task is daunting but I am also adi hui!

So, I should conclude now (Hightime to stop, 'Bakwas bandh kar'!), that this post of mine is simply my blabberings-ramblings of my mind. Insane and still I loved it!! :D

February 7, 2012


Someday you just like to keep quiet, you enjoy the silence,rather kindda pain of silence. You just get out of your bed, work like a programmed robo to finish off daily work without feeling anything and start for the office. You step out and realize its pretty cold, you feel like going inside and put on your woolly jacket, but you don't.

You are not in a hurry, though you are late by some 10 minutes.You just walk keeping ear plug in your ears and music in the air. Even music is not making sense, which is unusual.

Your skin is feeling the dry breeze, you try to cover your face with a scarf, you don't feel anything. You call your mom , but you fail to talk to her. Her phone is switched off and you give up. You try to call a buddy of yours but you cant.

You see a team-mate of yours just opposite to your office-gate, but you just escape before he realizes its you! You try to feel the music while reaching your office-building. The friend of yours greets you with a high figh, you give but half heartily.

You try to analyse and think over, what has happened to you? You are showing your normal nature to all and fake smiles, but what is that, which is bugging you??

You realize, you don't want to answer.You have got the answer that you don't want the answer. so you smile :)

May be you have started loving and respecting all emotions,even numbness.

PS: Ah, that some day is today! : / I think I am a grown up girl today!

February 6, 2012

Lucky mascots!

Do you believe in them??Yes,Lucky mascots? Well, its a human tendency to believe in these things and but, the human should be a normal one.I have seen some humans who actually don't believe in luck or mascots or both! I think my father falls into the second category and I used to be in the first one to some extent!! :D

I remember, my first board exam of 12th STD, My father was driving me to the school, I realized I dint carry my watch! I told papa, to drive back but he removed his own (awesome) watch and gave it to me! Mugambo khush hua! Eventually, I felt the first paper of Biology was also awesome for me and I started relating it with the awesomeness of the watch.So, finally Papa, dint get his watch for other 10 days of my board exams! And..Yeah It was proved in the results how awesomely it was lucky for me!! My papa still refuses for the same and in fact I also feel I was silly at that time!My father still has a doubt that it was a "shadyantra" to get his 'awesome' watch! :D

I also had a lucky compass box which was thrown out by my mom, as she felt it was absolutely kiddish and old for a college going girl after my last exam!I also used to have a lucky t-shirt which I used to wear on critical days of my life such as results and exams!It was also thrown out of my house, after I left for my job!

Just before some days I realized some of my friends think if I take lunch with them, be with them, they get better career opportunities or they get engaged!! Nokari ya chhokari! I think I am going to take full mouke ka full fayada!Ah, I am lucky for my brother too! He never used to step out without my wishes during his exams! :) In fact my parents also believe the same, and I am super happy that now I will consider this fact or faith while giving them hints for my birthday gifts! :P

On a serious note, I have almost stopped believing in these lucky mascots. I have grown beyond this whole phenomena.But but looking at the benefits of being lucky mascots for others, I restrain to stop them believing. Thankyouverymuch! :)

February 5, 2012

School chalein hum..

So, while walking down to office, in the morning, I changed my route! It passes from a school.

I observed so so many tiny kids with bags bigger than themselves.They were carrying water bottles which looked like water tanks in front of their small structures!I saw a little girl holding her papa and asking him not to drop her to the school with tears in her eyes and her papa smiling with her bag on his shoulders!

I saw a girl holding 2 water bottles followed by her tiny younger brother! 2 kids wearing cool eye gears and giving high fighs to each other and their moms busy in talks!

I was feeling nostalgic!!! Flashback!!!

I was telling papa, I have a headache and stomach ache and don't want to go to school! Papa, asking me what happened?? I told him frankly, a medical check up is there and doctors will come. My senior had asked me not to come as those doctors are monsters, they would make me ill! Papa tried to make me understand that its not true but I was crying hard. After sometime, mom gave me my favourite, danhi and thought I would start for the school!..No.. Suddenly my fai(bua) called and asked me to talk to her , she told me "I am coming!" This bua like my all other buas is a doctor and I used to be confused, so used to call her " M doctor" instead of "M fai"!  :D I was all ready to rock the school as "M doctor" is going to come, I started for the school!

I recalled all my days going happily to school with frock buddy N in school-vans! Of course riding our "horns wali" hero rangers and reaching school!

Ah, I got an sms and my mobile vibrated. Flashback over!

I think I  need my "M doctor" and "frock buddy N" today to go to office! Its a Monday morning!! :P

PS: This long post for a small feeling of mine is important to me!

February 2, 2012

In LDRs!

You are right! I am in LDR, Long Distance Relationship(s)! Ah...Don't grinnnnn now! Not that type ;)

I am in Mumbai , my parents-brother at home , Ahmedabad. My 2 bro-buddies in Delhi, my frock-buddy N again in Ahmedabad, I have one Pune-bro,bhabhi and at ex-pune and now Chennai-bro. For friends I can put a very very long list, all titar bitar in cities except Mumbai!! :D

So, I am in LDR. Now I can see some faces staring at me , oh common best-buddies , you people are there in Mumbai,so I am happy over here, but today its about my LDRs! :D

Distance makes me dull. LDRs are difficult, I realized! It starts in the morning , when Papa doesn't come to me and calls me by new names, daily to wake me up with a mug of milk. Mumma is not there to make me eat forcefully.My Younger bro is not there to fight with or laugh with on even a silly matter! My frock buddy N is not there to talk to and to do 'kands'! In office, I don't have to look back often- I don't have my 2 bro-buddies just behind my cubicle. I don't have my 2 best friends for our favourite girlie shopping talks on the office-floor! I don't have my 1 pune and 1 ex-pune brothers to talk to and make my own mazak :D I am happy ,my evening walks actually compensate for all.

Hey, here I am not to crib! There are some really really positive things about LDRs.

  • They make me sane.
  • They make me less hyper.
  • They make me independent.
  • They make me realize the value of all these relations.
  • They make me a person who knows herself, very well.
They are important and I learn to keep in touch.I learn to grow them.

This is to all of them!!!Who, live far away and still dwells in my life!!  Cheers!!

Ah, I dint add in the list, They make me miss all of them!

February 1, 2012

Why I blog!?

This is the question every time I used to ask myself on receiving comments on my blog, and the answer is keeping me sane. 'I blog for myself'- keeps me get going-go blogging.

I never used to write in childhood, yes I remember writing dialogues for dramas,ekdum fatichar they seem now. I had tried one zillion times to write a diary and I think apart from this blog I had made one successful attempt for some 2 months. The diary seems silly-maha silly now.I  Digressed.

So, why do I blog. I started blogging as I felt I should ,after getting inspired by all those bloggers in my favourite list.I remember I wrote first on how I spent my birthday a year back, mailed them to my close pals.My buddy-bro and an office mate encouraged me to blog. I started a blog after some 2 months of this kick! :D I tried everything, serious write-ups to poems to humour. Okay one confession , as a sugam sangeet and ghazal as well hindi bolly-song fan, I loved writing poems! I just love meaningful lyrics and I make it a point to get the meaning of the whole song.Digressed again.

Once I started blogging, I got many many encouraging comments from my pals and some bloggers I dint even know.I am really thankful to them. I got comments on my grammar errors, my spelling mistakes and a lot of other typos. Some times I felt like stop blogging , a blog is not a my cup of tea-sort of feelings. Somehow I kept on writing , I also improved a bit. I felt like crying, when a friend of mine told me, he reads my blog to check, how my language is and how come I write with so many errors and with so much besharami.I asked myself the question, "Why I blog?!"

I blog as I feel like blogging. Blogging makes me feel good after a hectic day. It makes me feel light. I love to express and blogging is the platform to express be it a rant, a happy post or just a concept. It doesn't let me feel suffocated. I try to find words to express and bingo, blogging is just awesome and jakkas.

I think, I should ask the question , a powerful one every time I feel like stop blogging. I wont ever stop!

To hell with all those typos and errors, to hell with stupid-silly-long posts, to hell with all digressions, I just enjoy blogging and so will never ever stop it. Amen.

PS: It doesn't mean I wont improve!!Yeah I am rude today!