April 29, 2012

A (cheese) cake walk!

As you guys know what a cheese-cake freak I am!So when I got some real inspiration I decided to make one at home!

Now I am not a cookie vookie person. If you don't understand let me elaborate- I don't have the real passion for cooking as such-but once in a while I get a culinary-skill-development-attack!When it comes to cheese-cake and if I don't get company to hog all cheesecakes in the town-I really can think of making one!!

When I came to know about no mess-no bake cheesecake-I decided to take the plunge!

Ah, like all cooks do (actually all pro-cooks do but I guess when I cook, I apply my engineering-mind) I came up with my own version! I guess for the first time it really came up well.

So, on Sunday- in the morning I got the brahma-gyan that this is the D-day to make my dream come true!
I just had some raw material (what do you expect from a Vendor Management personal of an OEM!) and had to buy some. The great thing of all-I decided to make my own version by not using any non-veg food item-so that my some friends and specially mom (who doesn't eat eggs!) can try it out at home.

The biggest problem I had to face was-I couldn't get cream cheese-the basic of cheesecake! After some searching about brands and stores having them online-I finale got it from Reliance Fresh! (And I am not advertising the chain-thank you!)

Now,if you had been in a bachelors house, you can imagine about resources in the kitchen- we don't have a mixer. So to make the crust I had to use my own hands for half and hour and grind all the digestive biscuits!

I think after putting the box into the freezer I actually waited for 3 hours (Patience!) and I dint tell Anyone about my this adventure as it had a big risk of becoming a misadventure! :D

So,when I opened the box,Lo I was delighted to see the well jammed-cake! Bingo-I tasted-quite tasty! and I just dialed my Papa who is also a cheese-cake freak! I smsed some of my friends with whom I share all adventures of my life!! :D Ah, I dint share the news with a best buddy of mine who was going to meet me just after an hour I got the flying result! I decided to do practical experiment on him and try to give him a shock or a surprise!

As the cheese-cake was looking very very plain and boring I wanted to do garnishing for which I had no time as I was asked to leave my place sharp at 5pm by someone!Who actually became a bakara to eat my cheesecake-which in next 2 hours looked like pudding without the freezer! Damn!

I later on tried to decorated the cake just to see, what else I can do in the next round! The below picture is taken from the angle where my pudding-like-again-frozen cake looks bigger and not-so-messy too!

So, my cheese cake walk which was not-so-cake walk, gave me a delicious cheese-cake to indulge into.All cheesecake freaks-Lets make a plan to meet and The rest will be taken care of by me!
Waiting for my best buddies to come so that I can just make a more better version of cheese cake and make them proud of not-so-cookie me!! :)

PS:I have some skashis who tasted the cake! Don't ask for the photo-The cake looked very boring from every angle :) The post may sound silly-but just to motivate myself- I had to write one!

April 26, 2012


I had some self-talks a few days before. Bubblegum calling Bubblegum kindda.

Generally such talks are arranged when I am disturbed with my own behavior, because of my surroundings, because of some truths I accidentally found out about myself. Such talks are long in duration, takes time up to weeks and months to establish a set of conclusions.

It is always difficult for me to see the change in myself,sudden ones.I was observing some behavioral changes and some picky selections as well. Finally after a long long and really long talk with myself and some of my close buddies I could come to some conclusions.I am trying to chabofy them and digest!

  • It is alright to become selective about persons you talk to. If you don't want talk to a person or two and just end up the greeting by 'Hi and Bye', its fine. Comfort is something you should opt for.
  • It is fine if you expect the fact that-you gel well with guys, and that too faster. You don't need to feel ashamed for that. It is also alright if you don't want to make all girls, your girl-best-friends.To become friends one needs two similar frequencies to match and you don't have to work on it like a relationship.Friendships blossom naturally.
  • It is alright if you play 'silent' sometimes. Everyone needs a space from the outer world. Outer world which consist of family members and best buddies. For me,my room is the place for me to be 'silent'.Me and my music, my books and Internet. I need this 'Silent' time daily.It keeps me insane.
  • It is alright if you don't love all characteristic of your pals. They have their own personalities.You just stay apart and that's it. If you have some dislikes, digest them. You are a normal human being-not mother Teressa. 
  • If you don't like gossiping, don't do it. If someone does, it is none of your business and just stay away.
  • If some people disapprove your 'Take'on life, its their choice.You know your 'Take', just live it.
  • If the past haunts you, if the future scares you, indulge in the present.
  • It is perfectly fine, if you cant tell some persons whats their way out of your life. You are scared to spoil the relation. Better call it off or drag it for the whole of your life,but close the loop.
  • Your ambitions define you and your smartness. Don't let them defuse in the smoke of perceptions of people.
  • It is fine to ignore people who are coming your way now, not when you needed them and felt alone. 
  • It is fine if you want to forget the 'fight' with a friend, with whom you feel the same when you now talk. Friendships can handle fights!
The last but not least,

  • It is totally fine if you dream about cheesecakes every day!! :D

April 25, 2012

Time travel in the passion world!

So the other day I was chatting with one of my friends studying in Germany. He is studying my favorite subject, "Mechatronics" which actually includes my passion-'Robotics'. I was so much into it in college days that people say I have almost missed the fun of being into an engineering college and roaming around with friends. I deny. It was the time when my personality was getting shaped up by 'Robotics' and other related activities. I had my share of fun in them.Also,I was spoiled to the core by seniors!

Digress.He was getting frustrated with the 'Electronics' and 'Programming' parts of 'Mechatronics'! There it all started. He explained his situation and I just dived deep into the past.

Those mechanical structure we used to try hard to balance, welding,riveting, grinding and what not-Somethings I was always into.I recollected more on my struggles to learn electronics and programming and my seniors struggles to make me learn them!!(What do you expect from mechanical engineers haa??)

My fights with those tiny electronic components, reading on the Internet and harassing my tiny mechanical brain-I love those memories the most now. From that's where my re-search ability started building and then I became one of the 2 FBI (Face Book Intelligence) officers in my buddy-group!! Thank you!!Those capacitors, diodes, locking torque power window motors, development boards and the biggest dushman to conquer- Atmega 32 and other micro controllers. There were so many days I got glued to the data sheet and gain nothing.I was bemused with my own learning capabilities, and alas learnt a little bit of the application. (Okay, I admit I have lost whatever I had acquired!!) Self-teaching was something I learnt if nothing else.

Then came the programming part-AVR studio. How can I forget this software, which was installed by my senior-bhaiya forcefully in my pc/laptop and I was asked to learn how to simulate our developments first.Defining those ports,giving '0' and '1' values,making different gates! I remember in one of such sessions after simulating, we made a blunder and blasted our 1GB pen drive! I remember installing drivers into the laptop after formatting it for million times-was the skill I developed during this time-as I almost ended up with installing infected electronics-simulation softwares. Ah, we never used anti-virus as even if the laptop worked slow a bit, the heat in our mind used to become a fire of frustration!

Goose bumps, I finished my return journey of time travel!!

I guess, the universe hints us when we forget something about the biggest passion residing in us and how we should get into it more.

and, how 'Proud' you were to get the exposure in the very early days of your career.

April 23, 2012

25th year is super fun!! :)

I am a kind of a person who loves to cut the cake at 12 on my birthday, and loves get many many gifts and feel happy! Not to forget phone calls,mails and texts!!Only one problem is there- I hate it when any one asks me what do you want for my birthday-Oh boy,grow up, you people are close to me, Cant you give me a surprise? Sheesh.

The pre-Birthday week was full of such silly question by buddies,they poked me a lot and frustrated a hell out of me. Period. I was wrong. The actual story and planning was running in the back ground!! *Smiles!*

Everyone is asking how my birthday was-and The enthu-atma of Bubblegum wants to tell everyone how my birthday-away from my home was rocking,lovely,heart-warming and yes, sleeeeepy!! :D So,on public demand!! ....

A soon to finish 24- Bubblegum, at around 11pm, previous night, behaved maturely when she accepted that, no one is going to be with her at 12,not even her roomie, personally. She was okay. She thought the next day-she will plan something and have fun.

At 12pm, the newer Bubblegum was given a plenty of surprises by all of her close buddies- even from kilometers away, ah yes. The over-whelmed Bubblegum is bursting with enthu to tell you all how she was surprised by some of her closest pals ever, Here she goes.

The cake at 12, Bubblegum with a Harry Potter fame witch hat!!-Okay you all, I am taking this very positively and Finally, I have got the cutest hat ever I can have!! :) A witch hat-The perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan! For the cake, I should thank Shana and VA!! :) VA, thanks again,Thanks for being the smart supporter!

GLG-2, you rock!!! I love the cute earings and bracelet with the cutest ever, ever Anklet!! Gosh, the pair of anklets are so so cute that, I guess I went bonkers for a few moments after seeing them! I actually stared at the lovely pair of anklets for zillion times and made sure they are mine forever!!(Turning dramatic?!)

                                      The card from my terrific trio-buddies!!! :) Exactly my type of a card!! :) Handwritten messages and punch lines were best GLG-3! :)
I love such cards, given by best buddies and that too hand written. I think my album of such cards is going to feel proud to have such this one.

I can seriously name each and every characters on this card, but I guess if I want to live more I shouldn't at least blog about it :D

Now, here comes one of the best parts of the 'Gift Session'!! The DSLR lens!!!! :) I just cant imagine my bro-buddy has such a creative mind :D Hahaha, Thank you all. Ah, you can see the cute mobile cover,thanks GLG -2again!! :)

Now, the gift I feel , made me emotional. * Sobbing and gulp*, I was never given such a girlish gift in my life. I just want to smell and feel it for the rest of my life. The best-feel gift award goes to 'The Body Shop' Gift pack!!! :) The pack includes Shower Gel,Body polish,Lip balm,Musk and what not-of my favourite Strawberry flavor! (Ah, the post is turning girlish and pink!!)

Now, the last but not least and the best (All gifts are favorite yaar, I can differentiate!, but this one is super special!) gift!!-I never thought people like-my these 2 buddies can be so so so creative and hard working, just for me!! *Eyes flattered*!In the below photo mjust beneath the witch hat you can find it!The scarp book- containing all my photos right from childhood photos to nice photos, crappy photos to disgusting photos!! :D The best part was-Messages of all ,all my buddies & the best-From my parents too!

I cant imagine The buddy (Who is the idea-Generator,laptop photos-chor,the physical copy creator!) called up and mailed my parents, my brothers and school friends to take their messages and ah,photos too!! :) Ah, Bro-buddy, you helped him all the way from Delhi!! *Tears!!*, Frankly, The Scrap (book) buddy, you rock!!! :) ;) :P

I think, a few gifts are still on the way-well it seems I am celebrating my birthday-week if not the month!! :)

The post-gift-night-era was bubbling with hundreds of phone-calls, mails and text messages. It went up to 3! At, 6am I started receiving calls from my senior bhaiyas from Australia and Europe.They harassed me-even when they knew I needed sleep so badly! The session was followed by friends and relatives in India for the rest of the day! I am thankful to some very senior bosses of mine for wishing me by calls and texts on Sunday :)

I tried to manage the day with a visit to Siddhi Vinayak and A fabulous dinner. Ah, I forgot about my 'sleep mode' all day long. I was sleeping standing in the temple-queue for the darshan,having dinner,coming back by train, in the auto,while talking to all my friends on calls.Sorry VA, I really don't remember what I chatted with you while I was in train!!Sorry girl, if at all you get to read this!Just a doubt Shane?-Did you sprinkle tranquilizers on gifts?? Specially 'The Body Shop' gift kit??!

Ah, I bow to you people, who managed to surprise the 'Surprise-plan-queen-ever-one-can-see'!!

With a small birthday wish to be with you all, in my upcoming all years, I declare,

"The 25th year of my life is super fun!!"

PS: I am sure, Shana and my bro-buddy will react with wide eyes and calling me 'Credit chor' and 'narcissist'!! The post is slightly scattered but please understand my feelings!! :) 

April 22, 2012

Har ghar kuch kehta hai!

So, when we shifted from our 24 years old home, to a new lovely big home, I was not happy.

My old home, where I was born and have lived for 22 years of my life.It says a lot. My homes says how I was, how we were, financially ,socially. How me and my brother grew up. How my mom and Ma (Dadima) created those warm attachment. It says all or it said all. Isn't the Asian Paints ad says true, "Har ghar kuch kehta hai"?!? Every home makes you feel something-something about the people living in it.

I just cried that when I will go home, I wont get the old charm, old smell,my childhood and warmth again.
Obviously I was wrong. After more than a year of shifting, when I go home (new one!), I feel the same.

  • I can feel the warmth when I sit in the big varandah cum balcony where my father has planted a series of saplings. Almost a garden. He has finally grown roses in the hot weather of Ahmedabad. I can feel the 'Mom factor' (My mom loves jhulas!) when I swing on the jhula in the same balcony. I can feel the homely vibes.
  • I have finally managed to know which part and compartments/drawers of kitchen contains what! Yuppy! I can help my mom so better now.
  • When I sit on the big couch in the living room like a lazy child of the family and watch the tv. Its luxury and the ditto childhood vacation feeling at the old home!
  • I can still find old black monkey teddy, the royal jhula,the old antic designwala crockery cupboard in the living room and yes, the old bedding on my bed. :)
  • The same way mom makes 'Keri no ras'. the same taste of mom-made food, the same mukhvas-peti on the dining table, the same sitar kept in the cupboard-Somethings I love to indulge into :)
  • The same way me and my mom watch 'Bombay to Goa' the old one, in which Amitabh has put on the shirt of the same print as my grand-mother's saree!! :D We watch in the same mood!!! :)
  • The same way me, my cousin, mom and my masi sit in the drawing room and chit chat for hours together enjoying khakhara. Only the place changed, not the feeling.
  • It feels so bad and good when you hear the old performed garbas and songs saved in Papa's iTouch. Bad as the group is no more in existence due to jobs and marriages of all participants.Good because I realize memories are enough to keep myself live and smile.It was my old home where such dances were being practiced by me sometimes, I can hear the tune and the excitement at my new home too now!! The best nostalgia feeling.
  • I can feel the love with which my mom has developed the environment at home. The drawing room full of my silly glass paintings,carefully selected couch-covers and curtains, flowers, pebbles in the glass table,the small cute teddy-cat,dried flowers and what not. I understand, the feelings and the love I feel for the new home is because it is made with love.
  • I can find the collection of scaled cars in my brother's room (Finally he has a separate room, we used to dream about), the same engineering books on his shelf I used to study, ah and the same loud music only we both enjoy!
  • Not to forget, my mom's gussa when she keeps on scolding us to keep our rooms clean. Obviously her favorite target is my brother and then me! I guess I can get the same age old goosebumps :D
Truly, Har Naya ghar bhi kuch kehta hai!! :)

April 19, 2012

Paranoid Bubblegum wishes you luck,CPZ!

I am considered 'Lucky' on my office-floor, as whenever I go,I become the trigger for people to get the new jump and rejuvenate their career.Thankyouverymuch. I hate the honor now.

One more senior-buddy has put his papers. The scene is different entirely this time. Not too similar to the situation when my 6 close buddies left. In fact , he is not from that group. Feelings are different.

I have wrote about CPZ a bit here. My Cubicle Partner Z. My mentor, my guide, my buddy,my teacher and what not.

When I got the confirm news from my boss about his resignation, even though somewhere I knew, the new project is on hold and he is frustrated over here now,I went blank.The first reaction was-I don't remember. I remember I jumped into a complete paranoid-state-of-mind. I felt as if I am loosing my mind. I bugged Shana a lot, describing how am I feeling, I guess he would have been shocked to see my behavior!

The very first person in my department I met was CPZ. He held my hand and showed me the corporate world, just like a teacher and a guide. He taught me small things which mattered in this OEM world so much. The extrovert me and the extra introvert him glued well,being the cubicle partners. Right from latest gadgets,suppliers,boring meetings to 'what I am doing-single-in the city like Mumbai' discussions. I had a habit of turning my chair, look at him and yell, explain about the situation, I am amazed he always had a solution for every problems.

He pulled my leg a lot, He took care of me, just like an elderly person takes of a kid. I could have learnt much much more from him and apply all, I think I took him for granted. I am feeling like a kid bird thrown in to a valley from its nest, to learn how to fly.

I think, it is going to make me smarter and independent,but I am going to miss CPZ. 'Thank you' will be an understatement. I thought of zillion gifts I can give to express, I came up with this, 'Dedicating a blog-post'!

So, here I go, if you read this CPZ, "You rock, and you don't need good wishes, you are the perfectionist and you are bound to have a great career ahead!"

"Humari cubicle ka name 'Roshan' kar dena!!" :)

April 17, 2012

Cheesy chase!

Okay, that is my birthday party picture. The platter of cheesecake was suppose to be mine, Only mine. :D
Now one can see what happened at the Pizaahut!

Any thing can happen over a platter of cheesecake, ya!!



PS:I think Shane, you owe me a treat of the cheesecake! :D

April 15, 2012

24 for turning 24!

Yeah! It's my Birthday today! :)

I am turning 24, how I was shocked and surprised and all other details will be blogged after taking a breathe in a new year,Bubblegum is turning 24, exactly at 10.20pm,today! :)

So, after quite a good time spent in brain storming, I landed up on this way of blogging a birthday post!It can provide me an opportunity to over view my life, my strength and all those memories I have created,positively!

  1. I was born on Friday,Amawas ki kali raat!! Yes its true!
  2. I share my birthday with the most creative person I believe-Leonardo Da  Vinci, I also share the sinking day of the giant boat-Titanic.Sheesh.
  3. I was prematurely  born-7 months-under weight baby who survived to blog by the name Bubblegum today. It took me full 10 years to come into the limit of normal-baby-growth-rate.I am a chubby-fatty girl now. :/
  4. I was a mommy girl all the time. My mom says, I used to cry my lungs out even if she goes to the washroom for a minute! There were only 2-3 people who could handle the baby Bubblegum apart from my parents.I guess it has nothing to do with my over-extrovert character now!
  5. I had million nakharas in having my meals. My parents helped me to develop taste for healthy food, but still I am the same.May be with zillion nakhras I have my meals now! :D
  6. I am my daddy's girl pakka. Be it the ability of living on only curd or the inability of living without music.I have an added virtue of fondness for Bollywood old movies from my Mother and Maternal Grandmother-father both! :)
  7. I have inherited the style of walking from my father. Yes, I walk almost like a man, even after rigorous training of Bharatnatyam for 7 years. You ask me to dance I will be perfect, you ask me to walk I will jump. :D
  8. I used to love each and every kind of toys, right from dolls,toy-utensils,Lego kits to cars. I think the taste for the same developed my interest in the field I am.
  9. Me and My younger brother are so much into music that, almost every night while helping mom, we provided free music-concert-live to my family.I think he has grown way beyond it.
  10. I was the biggest darpok of the city in those childhood days. My mother used to scare me.laugh at my expressions and have sadistic pleasure too :D She built my guts that way,may be!
  11. I have traveled almost every part of India-except Seven Sisters. I thank my parents to show me what my country is like.
  12. I have some birthmarks exactly like my mom. I have some habits exactly like my dad. Still,my father says, I am like my mom and My mother says, I am like dad.I don't understand them!
  13. I feel wired when people stare and comment at my nose. Nose?? Grow up!
  14. The most-proud-moment of my life was the result of my board exams, for me. But my parents, I guess they celebrated my each tiny achievement. 
  15. If my Ma-Grandmother would have been there at the time of my placement, I am not sure how she would have reacted on that, I was to leave the city after all. Papa says, she would have been extra proud of the fact. :)
  16. I have been lucky in terms of buddies-super lucky. May be that's the secret why I survived all alone in the batch of 89 boys.Mechies we are! :)
  17. My biggest passion I realize is dancing. May be some day I will rock the stage again with my grace.
  18. I generally forget but don't forgive. May be that's why, after getting hurt I cut off for a long period of time and never get attached again like before. :/
  19. My biggest gift from my parents I believe are-My name,My childhood photos and the Baby-record book. 
  20. I had a habit of collecting chocolate wrappers and after leaving chocolates, I have thrown them away.They were 237!They were tempting me so bad.Now I am moh maya mukt from chocolates.
  21. I get attached to my things so easily, that I refuse to give any of my toys to any kids around our place, even now. They are still,packed :D
  22. I am so much punctual that I always loose my mind on friends who make me wait. I guess, I need to start a penalty for reaching late-Let me guess- An earing for each mintue? :D
  23. I just used to hate wearing  Khadi- as I had put on the fabric for 8 years of my life in my school.After leaving school, I just love  Khadi. 
  24. I love to grow, Ask me my age I will add one or two years in it.As my bro-buddy stated,Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional! :D
Today, On 15th April, I seize my 25th year with zest. Life, Here I come!! :)

April 13, 2012

Snap shot!

I know I know I have not come up with some clicks of mine since many days. Frankly, I am working on something. Hopefully it will come out properly some day. Digress in the beginning itself :D

So, I decided to take a snap shot of Today! To show whats going on in my life, may be more like Harry Potter fame 3D photos!! :D (Sometimes I wonder  if they  used animated-GIF kind of formats!)

Lets start!! Here I go!

  • I was not feeling like blogging since so many days, somehow I blogged (not up to the mark though) just to keep my blog alive. It is painful to see people leaving blogosphere or just killing their own blogs.I dint want to do the same thing. Some how I blogged but it was very much hurting. It hurts when you feel you have so much inside you, just that the real 'you' is not getting penned down, you are loosing the skill of expressions! I guess it is just a phase and I will come out soon.I just remember this!
  • I am really happy with myself-the way I have started start drinking coconut water. The 'dhoop' of Mumbai kills me (& 'Dhoop' of Ahmedabad kills me double!) and so I have found out a way to keep my self chilled out :) Even Nariyal Pani wale bhaiya starts cutting one coconut for me, when he finds me walking to his stall from a few meters away, I keep money in my hand, I reach, exchange according to the deal,no time waste in waiting and thus we achieve 'Process Optimization'! :D (Ah, Mechanical engineers don't kill me!) 
  • I feel, I was sleeping since a week,almost null. It happens. One poke and you get back to life. That is what happens, I guess one or the other buddy of mine pokes in such situations, I wake up in a tough way.It happened yesterday.Some day I will blog about it.
  • After writing this, I noticed some of my buddies couldn't understand the post, some of them called and asked me if I was fine, Some said-we dint react and some said I am crazy! Well, the post served the purpose. I vouch for my i-pod-which is not working!! *Sobbing with tears in eye!
  • Do your abs pain when you sleep?? Yes it happens, when you exercise  beyond you capacity or try to increase your stamina! Ah, to not to feel the pain-I exercised more :D
  • I have become a bit more sensitive towards things, or I have become more emotional since a few days. The real problem is,I am not able to show that directly and so I feel suffocated and irritated.As I told you above, I am feeling fine now after getting poked by a buddy. I am feeling relaxed for a while after getting paranoid about the 'Poke act'!
  • I am damn nervous about the upcoming event in my life! Chill guys and girls, I am not getting engaged or something. Just want to say, I don't want to plan, I just want a cheesecake! :D
  • I got a gift from my Senior VP,I got my hard (heart!) disc back which was lost I should say,sometime back. I guess, I was so much overwhelmed when he helped me to get it back, I would have cried, I just said 'Thanks a lot' and rushed out of the cabin! It contains my life-just like my blog, it shows me.My childhood pics, my music, my movies, my e-books, my projects! My heart! 
  • I am planning to go home! Yes, I want to go home! Its my childhood buddy's marriage and the whole lot is giving me galis for not coming. I need a bigger deal of my Ahmedabad trip! Here I come Frock buddy N :) Ah, don't ask me when! :D
  • I just realized I have blogged a loooong post and before people just stop reading, I should stop writing more! :D As of now I am feeling good, may be the Blogvita is working! :)

April 12, 2012

I am missing you!

Insane Behavior:
You!! Yeah. You have stopped responding. Last time I had a chance to see you smile and work a charm for me when I was at home. I have lost all contacts with you.

You were my life-I have lost my soul. In the morning I need you, In the evening I need you. Obviously in Office I have to work. I vouch for you now. I have lost my ability to write,think. It is all because of you. Why did you leave me?

I almost cry when I see you on social network sites with others. I go bonkers when I read about you-your working style and expert-comments.

You, you come back to me. Yesterday a buddy of mine helped me to set a small link which can make me get you. Today in the morning, I felt, I think I have lost you totally.

Please consider this girl,fully yours and her condition without you and come  back!!!

Sane Behavior:
Yeah I have lost it. I am not able to keep myself sane. My soul- come back!!I have lost all my senses and creativity. I have become picky, pricey and moody. I prefer going back to my Insane behavior.Bubblegum cant take it more!!

PS:You can see the photo by clicking the hyperlink.

April 10, 2012

I dont accept this yet!

Dear Fua,

I know you wont be reading this, You might not be able to know what I actually feel, so I decided to write a letter on my Blog.

I lost my grandfather aka Dadaji when I was five, somehow I never missed him as you were there. I am still not sure if you are like my father or my grandfather but be assured, you are that special someone whom I respect so so much, more than any one else in this world.

It was you who taught me to see things with  different point of views, from different angles.It was you who taught me that a doctor is an engineer only. I remember you had told me, "Your papa deals with machines and I with your other fais-fuas deal with human bodies, we all are engineers otherwise." The very sentence built my vision and goal to become an engineer. You had told me,'Dont go where others are going, go where you have already been in your dreams', so I could let go my admission in the medical college & get into this dream world of machines and cars.

It was you who inspired me to develop hobbies in areas where generally girls wont dwell into. I have always seen you taking so much interest in applied physics,mathematics to automobiles and the best, robotics even though you are one of the best plastic surgeon of your era in the city. In fact I have discussed Robotics and cars more with you than my father and brother. The best thing I have learnt from you, "Be as curious as a child,all your life." As a kid or even now, I never felt you are a famous doctor, I always felt you are my fua, who doesn't know anything in the new physics and engineering world, so I need to know more and tell you more! I think, that way I started building my personality.Ah, not to forget, you showed me so many wonderful kits/tables/trolleys you made yourself, sufficient to inspire me to choose my career.

It was you who also taught me how to prove how to perform at par with guys wherever I go.You also supported us-cousins so well be it our science fair, cultural festival, music classes or Bharatnatyam and Garba shows.You were always there to bless us.

It was you who actually told my mother to have faith in my grandfather's diagnosis about her premature baby, that's me. 'Bubblegum is going to be brilliant!', and my mother still says you gave her faith and here I am. Papa says, whenever anything happened to me-my health, it was you who decided and it always worked. Even in my boards and engineering years, when I was suffering from migraine, you made me stronger and taught me certain things which are helpful even today.I think, more of a doctor it was your love for me, always.You are a plastic surgeon and still cured my migraine!

Last time in January, I spent some time with you,Enjoying cousin's wedding. After all you were bride's grandfather! That was the time when I saw you walking with the help of a stick for the first time. I saw wrinkles on your face, at the age of 85, for the first time.I saw you were tired even after 5 minutes of talking.I had to make you wear your shoes and I could see your shivering legs.I am used to see you healthy with kicking enthusiasm. I still smile when I picture you, you are still smiling at me with all love and care, not to forget child like innocence and that fatherly/ grandfatherly warmth.

You suffered a cardiac arrest some days before. You were admitted in a hospital, in an ICU. Doctors (ah, they all are either my fai-fuas or their friends) told us, after great efforts you are stable. You were discharged yesterday.I got to know you are not able to recognize any one. You talk irrelevant and try to figure out something in air.I seriously feel if you are just playing a prank. You cant be so. Not possible.

I am not ready to accept this yet. Come on, fua ,get up and show the world that you are still the same, source of love,admiration,care, inspiration. Above all you are my 'Fua'and 'Pa' of all my cousins, 'Bhai' or a father figure for my parents.

Don't tell me now, that you don't remember me.You gotta dance in my wedding after a few years, remember?

Chatterbox, here people know me as Bubblegum.

April 9, 2012

Tea and Me!

I never ever had tea in my childhood. I exactly don't remember, if I was not allowed or I tasted it once and dint like. Yes, I used to be the tea-maker for my family whenever needed, but I never tasted it. I managed to be a pro in my special family tea-no sugar,boiled tea. When guest used to come I had to make my brother taste the tea and guide me. Somehow I used hate to taste it, forget drinking. The only thing I loved about tea was the smell-specially Darjiling tea and the kadak-masala. I remember making tea for consecutive two days for my Senior bhaiyas and they praised me like anything, though they added, the tea of both days tasted different :D I still cant understand if they were praising or.... :D

Years passed by, I left my home to start my career in an OEM. The year 2009 seems to be a turning point in my life-my personality. I learnt things hard way through, I am still learning but somewhere I am managing it smoothly. Digress. So, while I was in my Induction and Pune, I never ever touched tea-I was the coffee-girl.In fact the guy working in the nearby  CCD knew which coffee I am going to order!

Again in 6 months I was transferred , first to Nashik and then Mumbai permanently.My coffee loving nature was content with the office-CCD and again the nearby CCD outlet. Meanwhile I started developing taste for tea also. The kitli wali mumbaiya chai- thanks to some of my buddies. Somewhere I was loosing my ability to make tea also at home. :D It was she, who actually fed me the actual tempting tea! Just awesome and kadak. The only con of tea made by her was-it used to keep me awake all night!!I chose Saturdays for her tea! One day she got married and my affair with typical-kadak tea ended.

On 1st Jan, 2012 as per this, I left coffee. That's where my madness for tea started, which lasted for a few days. My sugarless-family soul couldn't take sugar-premi-office tea. As of now, I every day take the office tea, smell, try to figure out how much sugar will be in it (Don't ask me how!!),drink it like a davai! (Again dont ask if it is a compulsion)

I guess my roller coaster relation with tea is coming to an end-whenever it happens, May the relation rest in peace!

PS:This whole rant is inspired by today's super sweet-chasani type tea from my office-canteen. Sheesh!

April 8, 2012

Just like that conversations!

I divide conversations into two categories.A dull/null and depressive conversation and the other one is live/meaningful conversation. I have got the third one now!! 'The meaningless yet kicking conversation'! I can not define them properly but they just let you go 'Speechless'! Either due to the punch in it, or the silly stupid stuff in it. :)I call them 'Just like that conversations'! I have had some! If you are reading this to have some fun, I bet, you might throw bricks and eggs at me, I dont guarantee any fun, but it is fun for me! :) Funny me :D

A few days before when I was tired of the 'Dhoop' and As I am not 'Jaadu' of Hrithik ,I get headaches most of the time these days. I smsed a buddy of mine to throw out my frustration.
Bubblegum:Now I know, I get these headaches due to dhoop, I hate it.
Buddy: Oh, then all you plans for Goa,beaches,Mauritius,Maldives cancel???!!?
Bubblegum: Ahh,Well, I can spend on hats,sunscreens,eye-gears and medicines I guess :/

My mind started planning for my dream trips!
I guess the buddy knows how to divert my mind from frustration :D


I was discussing my confusions on which smart phone to buy with a buddy of mine. I am more and too much into music so I have a soft corner for all Sony mobiles :D ,Suddenly this conversation happened and I guess finished! :D

Bubblegum: Which song I would like to sing right now???
Buddy: ...Ahh... I don't know, which??
Bubblegum: 'SONY' de nakhare sone lagade menu... :D
Buddy: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :/


So while doing work in the office, we have to listen to the instrumental songs on the central sound system. Even though I am a music-freak, I have started developing irritation due to the repeating pattern of songs. Me and My Team-mate/Mentor/Friend/Guide who shares my cubicle, Lets call him CPZ(Cubicle partner Z), always discuss,'How to improve the situation' on this music-front. So today,

CPZ: They play instrumental-so meaningful na- the song going on 'Kuch na kaho...' !!!
Bubblegum: :/ :/

I was getting irritated with some work in the office. As usual the work load and other things summed up. 
I just looked back at the desk of CPZ, He was working on his laptop.

Bubblegum: What is the problem. X is not happening, excel sheet toh dekho! The person XYZ is a cunning fellow,I hate that company. Hell, what nonsense instrumental they are playing.
CPZ: I have got your problem. I have a one time solution to your problems.
Bubblegum: Wow, tell me fast.
CPZ:Get a boyfriend or a husband. You will be fine :D
Bubblegum: :/ :/ :/ :/

A few days before, our music system stopped working, We were happy. CPZ and me. Suddenly after some days while I was working I felt the song! (Songs are there to feel okay!?) The song was,Pal pal pal harpal. I kind of love the song, and yes I could feel it.

Bubblegum: Are CPZ yeh to, again started. Music system sahi ho gaya! :D
CPZ:Nooo... It is not working. Why?
Bubblegum: Arre, the songs in on air, I can hear. What CPZ?
CPZ: No, Bubblegum. Are you fine? No song!!
Bubblegum: No, see lets keep mum, one can hear it!
CPZ called our neighbour cubicle friends.
CNN/CNH (Cubicle neigbour N and H) Confirmed.
Bubblegum: No...How come I am feeling it so clearly!!!??
CPZ:You are in love Bubblegum!! Just imagine!!
CNN/CNH agreed, Some other dramatic statements were made.
Bubblegum: :/ : /

After 10 minutes, a sudden laughter!!! :D Yeah, It was a game!! :/ A stupid game on me!! :D

May be such small conversations and stupid jokes make me keep going!! :) Yeah, I am going cranky!I call them "Just like that conversations!"

April 5, 2012


Okay, I am not talking about the insane serial, I used to love that serial at one point of time :D Now, I hate it!

Coming to the actual topic-it is the Khichadi made up in my mind now a days.I am enjoying-celebrating my life. There were moments of shock, weird  feelings,tears,anger but at the same time I had plenty of moments to feel good,enjoy,smile,laugh and I am just lucky!! :) I am enjoying the Khichadi instantly!!!

If I look into the 'Khichadi' of my life, I realize it is the Khichadi of two emotions. Love and Hate. Not in the literal meaning at all. 'Love' is all those lovely feelings you enjoy, and 'Hate' is the feeling you have to enjoy, or say I enjoyed and trying to enjoy!

I have read somewhere, When you let the love grow, 'hate' also grows, they are like two opposite poles. One can not suppress one and let another grow.You have to grow 'love', and 'hate' which is developing along, has to be grown as the part of 'Love'! You have to digest the presence of both!!

Isn't it true?? It relaxes me. Once I digested the fact, it is now easy to let 'bad things' happen.It is easy to make the bigger deal of 'Good things'! Just like him. The 'Hate' feelings should be felt-kept in corner.It should be made the part of the 'Love' which is dwelling in the rest of the part.

If we don't have to experience betrayals, we wont value the trust. If we don't weep, we wont value the smile. If we don't have foes, we wont value friends.If we wont get angry,we wont realize what is calmness. The life is Khichadi-Khichadi of all emotions.

I am learning to enjoy my Khichadi-Are you????

April 4, 2012

The stage-I bow to thee!

I love the stage! Any stage! From the very early age, I have an affection towards the stage.

I exactly don't remember from where it all started, may be KG days. I have participated in all group dances to Garba, folk dances and that's the exact reason for Bubblegum- being a stage loving girl. Performing in the group and still stealing glances from audience,winning appreciation is all about my love for the stage. How you achieve the overall performance by your own performance is all about my love for the stage.

I remember my school- the biggest stage and opportunity provider for me. Be it Balvihar (KG) small stage, Bal Vidhyalaya (1st std to 4th std), Middle school and high school big stage or the biggest stage ever-almost a stadium watching you. My school has given me all.

I have participated in folk dances,Bharatnatyam shows or Garbas for I-cant-count times! The very tiny details were taken care of ,right from the costumes we were to put on, Bindis to hair-does to probes we used apart from music, singers and the stage. The unique thing about my school was, most of the times, we performed 'on the band'. That means we had 100% 'our performance', a mistake from any group, dance or music or instrument can spoil the performance. We did mistakes, we learnt and I guess that's where perfection comes from.I remember some funny incidents like, entering the stage from the wrong side, change of pair-partners and also-throwing probes-dandiya by mistake!Dances were not the only performances though. I also had opportunities to participate or perform in various areas- singing,elocution competitions, book-reviews,fancy dress in early childhood to 'ek patra abhinay'!

 I had performed as 'Kalpana Chavala' and I don't know exactly what I did, but I had won the second prize :D I had to stab  frenemy J, in the drama, I was Brutus and he was Julies Sizer :D I had a chance to talk something about 'Letters of APJ Kalam' means 'Abdul Kalam na patro' in Gujarati and My friend who was to announce the same had ended up announcing 'Bubblegum on Abdul Kalam na putro' means 'Sons of Abdul Kalam'! Due respect to the great personality, we had a good time laughing on his announcement!

I remember those numerous songs we sang on that stage, Those numerous dances we performed, those amazing dramas we acted.I thank my school for providing me the stage,making me what I am.Conquering my fears and making me confident enough-so that I can rock today! I bow to thee-my stage- my teacher-The Snehrashmi Prarthana Mandir.

PS:The photo was clicked, years ago, while practicing on what we call a raw-stage. This is the middle school stage-High school stage for some batches.

April 3, 2012

Summer things!

So the summer is already shining and I have already asked a number of people, the exact English word of 'Dhoop', I am still not satisfied with any of the answers given. Finally I decided to use 'Scorching Sun', suggested by 2 buddies. :D I still feel it doesn't give the same feel as 'Dhoop', may be my Amdavadi atma knows the pain.

Summer used to be different in Ahmedabad. It was my school-college days. Vacation days of course. Most of the people will flee out of town to get rid of the heat. There were days we had to tolerate. I guess, they were fun too.

Kitchens used to be full of Fruits like Water melons, Musk Melons and Mangoes. I cant forget 'Kesar keri' we get in Gujarat, its no where near to what we get in Mumbai. Kesar Keri from-Talala region of Junagadh,Gujarat. Yes, not a single spoon of sugar you need to add in the 'keri no ras' or the 'Aam ras'! Its different than Aafoos/Hafoos of Mumbai. These mangoes are very very costly and one of the reasons we don't get out side Gujarat is 80% of  these mangoes are exported. Digress.

So, kitchens full of fruits and 'Kachi keri sharabat' and how can I forget 'Raasana'! Mom used to make that bottle of Rasana syrup and we used to enjoy with ice in the hot summer afternoons! I remember My brother making 'barf ka gola' for both of us while watching movies and Cartoon Network in the noon.

I remember evenings were cool after 6.30. I along with my frock buddy N used to drink water and get high with our usual 'April fool Pranks' and 'Kachi keri with namak/mithu'! All those games were generated mostly during these days.

During college days, when Ahmedabad used to cross temperature beyond 41, one couldn't identify any girls in the campus on the vehicle, as all will be covered with dupatta resembling 'Jhansi ki raani'! The tradition is still in Ahmedabad. It is a need now, to avoid Sun stroke.We have to cover hands and face with white clothes.

I must not forget Khadi k Kapade! Its a bliss! I remember my father wearing 'Khadi ke shirts' till now, and believe me, Men in Khadi shirt look smart!! :) Really!!!

Nights used to be all ice-creamy!! Yummy!! One can not survive without Ice creams in Ahmedabad. I remember 'Home made Icecreams' by my super duper cool Papa!! :) Ah, I should not forget in early childhood, when I used to refuse to drink milk, my mom used to freeze the 'Bournvita' and give it to me in the name of 'Ice creams!' :D

Now, In Mumbai, I don't miss that heat of course, but I miss the fun. Of course thanks to my buddies I enjoy 'Kulfi' time like I never had!! :)I enjoy my daily does of sweet coconut water. I want to enjoy beaches!! I want to do a lot many 'Summer things'!

I still have to find my 'Mumbai Summer things' out side air conditioned office in the evening yet!

Are you doing your 'Summer Things'?!

April 2, 2012

Viva times!

Its April, it stuck suddenly while browsing Face book, that its the time of University Viva exams in Engineering colleges! 4 Years of bindassness was given a challenge, once in a while in the form of Viva.

My experience with my viva (and others too!) has been very weired and exciting. I was surrounded by some khatarnak padhakus of the batch.They helped me way out, most of the time as I was 'Robocon-Pidit' the only girl of the batch :D

Now don't run your imagination, the help was mostly out of class-viva session, with journal papers floating around us, stationary items being decorated randomly on the desks and rumours of questions all around.I remember one of my friend PC/B (Don't ask me why such weired name! :D) mugging all the way, helping me to consolidate all learnings with Friend AD and others, helping me completing my journal at the last moment. Ah, I was the 'Robocon' girl after all.

Most of the time I will be called with the PC/B friend inside the viva-venue due to the order of roll numbers. I remember I had that 'special skill' of converting any subject in the 'Robcon-know hows' and the viva will get over with a very fishy smile on the face of friend PC/B! Dude, I wouldn't have passed otherwise :D

The unity of my batch was just awesome in bunking all lectures and practicals, I have only one complaint, in lectures no one could give my proxy! I was the only girl :P

I still remember the Last viva of my engineering term, Mrs.AP was sitting inside the cabin, with the narrow lane kindda of entrance. We were in the line discussing 'What will happen inside' with journal files in our hands. I remember due to the 'revengeful' feelings prevailing in our minds, some guys (I swear it was not my idea!!) peeled off the 'name' from her 'Name plate' in an odd way :D :D We had a laughter attack afterwards. :D The prank was followed by filling the hollow (obviously!) out let pipe of the vehicle of the same teacher with papers by some guys!!Ah, we took so much sadistic pleasure!

My viva sessions were always fun, when some different kind of species used to ask some amazing questions and we had to control our laughter or the temperament :D The post-sessions were more exciting, I remember on one such 'Reading Vacation days' when libraries will be crowded,my bag was places in the 'Guys toilet' by a buddy of mine. Ah, I had just given him a challenge , 'I can do anything'! Ah, finally I had to show my 'Naari shakti' aka 'Daya bhavna wali eyes' to another buddy and he went inside and took out my bag!! I must say between the 2 activities a lot many wild imaginations had taken shape in our minds :D

Viva sessions, are somethings which I miss now, the pressure and still 'the pranks' we played were just awesome. We were mechies after all. 

Viva couldn't capture our minds like that!! :D 

PS: A very personal memory shot, might not interest all :D

April 1, 2012

Khare pani re..

I am that kind of a person who sleeps less, you call it insomnia or just a disturbed sleep problem.
When I am at home, I never face this problem, as soon as I get my bed, I sleep so tight. I would say like a dog :D

The beautiful feeling of calm and soothing homely atmosphere, having your own people around makes me feel secured. I sleep without many dreams or nightmares. Yeah I do have a tendency to see dreams related to the thinking going on in my subconscious mind. When I am home I just have either beautiful dreams or no dreams sleep. Its home after all.

So, when I was listening to the beautiful song from 'Machis', I almost had the 'sleepy' feeling I enjoy at home and still I was disturbed.

Paani paani re, khare pani re,
Naino mein bharja, Nindey khali kar ja...

Paani paani in pahadon ki dhalaone se
utar jana
dhunaa dhunaa kuch vadiya bhi ayegi
guzar jana
ek gaon ayega, mera ghar ayega
ja mere ghar ja
nindey khali kar ja...

Very much loosely translated:

The water, (salty water, tears over here)
Please fill my eyes with your presence,
Please remove all that sleepiness from my eyes,

Please climb down from the slops of mountains,
There will be foggy valleys ahead,
pass them all,
One village(town) will come,my home will come,
Go to my home,
Please pour all the sleepiness there (from my eyes)

Its perfect for me.It is beautiful. I think,  I better don't see a lake or the stream right now! I may feel terribly homesick!!

Gulzar's most expressive song (Each song makes me feel so!) so far. Yes, it is the same feeling when I am homesick and when I vouch for my home. The songs is a message to the tears of those eyes living far away from home. The message is evoked when the poet is enjoying(?) the beauty of a stream. It is about telling those tears to go to the far away home and sleep there, remove that 'homesickness' and 'sleepiness' out there.

For me, all those mountains are may be Sahayadri peaks, those valleys and vadiayas are Nashik terrain and yes.. After that the Gujarat part comes and My Ahmedabad will come. My home will come. I sleep there so peacefully. I have my family there.

Its my home there.