Most of you (If 'you' exists that is) know me as 'Bubblegum' from my old blog whom I called ''. I don't blame any one but myself for this stupid name I kept for this blog which eventually became best friend.

I shared happiness, I shared fears,I shared disappointments here. I shared secrets with open heart here. I still do. I some where grew from irritated freshly minted college girl to the self proclaimed matured person here, my blog is the witness. Hence, after a lot of marathon ideating sessions with myself,I came to this conclusion that my blog deserves a better name. A little less stupid.

My real name is sort of complex and lovely. (My parents some-how new how I would be! Haha) It has some beautiful meanings and one of them is 'Phoenix'- The bird which rises from the ash.

Isn't it how we should be. Situations might put you in a fix. Hell might break loose. One should try to just shed all the fear,depressions, negativity and try to rise. Ideally.

So here I am, Bubblegum, trying to make funny mash of emotions, situations, observations, thoughts, concepts, theories from the ash of disappointments and failures in life. Trying,I said.

Best friends are always fine with 'Trying',anyway.

Welcome to the land of 'Funny Mash Out Of Ash'.

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