March 27, 2013


Reference: The awesome TED talk:

I remember I believed as a kid,
Independence and education will bring happiness,need not bid;
Those books fascinated me, I was assured;
Dad is saying the truth, my dream of machines are so good.

Joys and sorrows which look small now;
Of course they are close to me, no idea how,
My degree, my job and one more try to study hard
I have doubts over my believes,if machines are still on my card.

Money is not the problem, my heart is;
No body told me how I am going to express by machines and means,
I studied, I served, I blogged and I danced
Even the bath room songs did not give me any chance.

Those are hidden expressions trying to bloom inside my soul
Joy, happiness, tears, curiosity everything ready to be poured in the bowl,
Emotions are not good if they are caged inside,
Do you know how I can throw  away creatively, yet imbibe.

No degree no money, no work can teach you to express,
Here I am telling you as it is for me the best,
Keep on singing, dancing, crafting and cry!
That was the kind of 'Spoken Poetry' I tried;
I suddenly smiled!

March 20, 2013

Love, again!

Any person on this earth can not be perfect. Yes, that is the rule of thumb to love. Each of us has some amazing qualities, along with them, we have a bunch of negative or I would put them as not-so-positive traits. Does that mean, we are not meant to be loved? No, we all deserve love and care from each other. That is how the world moves on every moment.

Loving some one, even after knowing him or her (totally!) is not easy. One needs guts, power of forgiveness and adjustment, the power to resolve fights and many more other qualities. These qualities to fight flaws make us Human. That is why human beings have partners for life!

I know one person with some really irritating qualities. Qualities?! Yes, as these qualities make her unique.

  • She is an absolute emotional fool. She gets attached, she gets ditched too. She cries for herself and for others too. No that is not the problem. The problem is she throws her frustration on people whom she loves. Yeah she fights too,horribly. 
  • She is otherwise a happy-go-lucky person. She can divert her mind from things which irritate her, most of the times. Wait, she is, when negative or depressed creates a whole big cloud of negativity around her. She can pull people in it! Pathetic I know.
  • She calls her best friends and cry-scream. Yeah some times they scold,some times they listen to her. Some times they just ignore her. She cries again and then never stand on her attitude and gets back to her original mood in a day. In process she sometimes hurt her own people.
  • She is moody. She thinks a lot. With age she is becoming choosy and cautious about the whole  game of friendship.
Do you think, you will like her? I like her. In fact I love her. Absolutely, with all her flaws. Her flaws make her warm! *

May be that is the unconditional love I possess for her. 

Yeah,she is Bubblegum and 'Love Thyself' is what I believe! ;)

PS: I think I owe this post to 'Shana' who, makes me realize each time we fight out of a fanatic discussion! 
*Copy rights reserved by my best buddy!

March 18, 2013

For me please?

If some one asks me, do you believe in God? I say, yes. I believe in all those thousands of Gods and Goddesses in Hindu religion,I believe in Mahavir , I believe in Allah, Jesus , Buddha too. As I believe in the Super power.  A few days ago I wanted to ask for something to this super power but I did not dare. I have started asking what I deserve. There is a reason.

I have a different relation with the super power. I fight, I snatch whatever I want and some times the super power does that to me. So when I tried asking for something a few years ago, he gave but made me suffer after giving or say, gave me after a long fight. I believe it was his way of making me stronger. I am twenty four, I can still fight.

What a two year old baby can do?? She has done it though.

She calls me Masi. She is the one toddler who when calls me 'Masi', triggers my heart. I see myself in her. There are some similarities. She had a tough fight when she was born. A real tough one, I had one too but not this tough. She was brave, she was awesome.

She just turned two. She is sick again. I don't know how is she. I have not seen her in the hospital. She is one of those very few reasons for me to enjoy in Singapore. I don't want even the simple cold to cling on to her.

I wont make things more complex. If you share better relations with God than me, the super power,

PRAY for her. 

For me please?

March 12, 2013

My way and You!

Days are floating in some different way;
Smiles, I have you of course in a day,
This numbness is a feeling, did I tell you?
I am not waiting for anything, I bet you.

Wait, I might wait for my future to unfold.
You said, I said, no plans to draw and told;
When I say the breeze is soothing and warm,
I am sure you also trust them, so you are calm.

I never want this time to fly away,
I consider coming closer on your way;
My smiles and tears are so incomplete without you,
With whom I share my heart, you also do!

March 3, 2013

The random beauty!

I always get some beautiful moments by some random happenings in life, in the past I have also blogged about it. After days of some fights with my health, my thinking, my anger, ah my buddies I finally found a state of mind which defines itself as 'A calm state of mind.' Does that call for a post on random blabbering! Well yes. Here I go.

Some times your emotions scream more than your logic, sometimes your  health turns you upside down from your positive state of mind, what would you do? I am not sure but I got some panic attacks of negativity followed by illness. I was wrong but then at that time I was all right. 'Right' is a relative term, true.

Buckets of tears and tubs of pain finally reached a point of saturation. I was blessed enough to get some positivity in the form of some friends, some assignments and a courier from home. Though my buddy called me 'Materialistic' and I answered him, 'Even if I will get only some amount of air in the box from home, I am going to receive positive vibes.'; I feel the day was mine.

I felt a strange calmness from a courier which includes a gift from mom dad apart from surprises in the form of hell lot food. Yeah, my mom feels I am on starvation mode. Books- I got my life for a while. I got some chat masala- yeah I am a food buff when it comes to Indian chat dishes. Did I mentioned some things hidden in different food dabbas by mom? smart and cute! I felt with calmness inside my mind and I thought was it due to 'something from home' mania? No. It was because of the previous day talk with my best buddies? Well may be no.

The day was followed by 'an awesome moment' later on when I got a mail from one of my best buddy! Needless to say the voice also calms me down, the mail brought me back to what I was. Happy.

What was the reason of the random beauty I felt in my heart. The random relaxed state suddenly out of no where?

It was me. It was me who wanted to take the control of my life back to myself. Of course with the help of mentioned angles-God gifts.