March 30, 2012


Just run, run for your life? Just run to get yourself exhausted? Just to sweat hard. Run like you never had.Run to dissolve all your emotions and to make your heart lighter?

Dance. Dance means not that Ganapati dance. Any disciplined form of dance? Without any barrier? Without any audience or the teacher.Just throwing all 7 Raasas out of your body.Express everything you can.Dance all your heart. In my case it used to be Bharatnatyam and the therapy still works,if I try,I guess.

Do you feel like playing badminton matches one after another and winning them all? You just don't want to stop. You just want to keep on playing.You just want to get tired.

Is it the same situation when you just want to scream out loud, to burst out any emotions in you. Happiness or frustration?You just want to breathe hard, you just want to throw that feeling of freaking out or the excitement.

If you think I have gone mad, I tell you these acts are healthy way of channelizing emotions.To feel the soul and balance the inner substance in you. Just like you neutralize the acid with base, to not to effect that red/blue litmus paper. So, I call these activities, 'The Acts of Neutralizing' aka TAN.

TAN can put your dil and dimag at the right place. TAN can make you feel light and relaxed after that adrenaline rush.TAN is running,dancing,badminton or any thing you love to do, it can be your passion. TAN is that spark which can actually cool the inner fire instead of igniting that disturbing fire. TAN can soothe you. TAN can revitalize you, TAN will make 'You', visit 'You'.

Do you feel like having your TAN?? I do.

Whats your TAN?

March 29, 2012

Of Sunrays and Sunshine!

I was in my world, sleeping. In fact I was so much tired last night that I was not ready to wake myself up.

Suddenly, some sun rays decided to take the plunge and softly caressed my eyes.I opened my eyes. The calmness and warmth of those rays went inside my soul.The beautiful feeling is still there alive in me,if I recall that moment. I can feel it.The sunshine makes me shine.It gave me a spark to get ready for the day and seize my life.

While waking up, a thought came to mind. Just like those sun rays, we have some 'sunshine' people.

These are the bunch of people, who give us that shine when we are dull, they give us the support when we are trembling, they give us the reason to laugh when we are just crying hard. I call them 'Sunshine' people.They can be strangers passing by or childhood buddies, your family or friends. They can be you seniors or your colleagues. They don't  feel sympathy, they are the bunch of buddies who are confident about you to win the race or handle the situation.They are just fountains of positive energy. They know you can fight against all odds, what do they do is just, give you that 'Sunshine' and makes you warm.They are just like those compliments given to you, when you feel you are good for nothing.  Just a meet, a call, an sms or a mail to the very own 'sunshine'!

Everyone out here have a bunch of these 'Sunshine' people, I believe. If one doesn't have, he/she is yet to find them or haven't realized who are the 'Sunshine' people of his or her life.

Have you experience those Sun rays and Do you have the 'Sunshine' people in your life?

Cook cook cook cook!

Well, No I am not going to recall the amazing Madhuri Dixit Song and go cook cookoing... :D

I was getting bored at home, doing nothing. My hyper active atama which is absolutely shares no passion for cooking was giving me tough times.

So, today My homesickness drove me to make 'Pooda' as we call in Gujarat, On my own. Period.

Mein cook to nahi.. Magar ee hasin, jabse tanha bethe the, mujhko cooking aa gai :D

*Avoiding sade hue tamatar (thrown by veggies) and eggs (by non-vegies)*

I represent my delicious art work,then I relish my food,

Ah, I just sent this artwork to Shana, and the reply " Nice but is it edible?!!"
Well to you Shane, "It is enjoyable, edible and bloggable!"

March 27, 2012

First time!

I read somewhere,this awesome line,
"When was the last time when you did something for the first time?!"

Such a thoughtful and kicking punch line. Isn't it? 

The life is short, the life is to enjoy. We get mind blocks and we are scared of somethings, we know we should face them. We also know some of them are fun for other people. Why don't we face them?

Mostly because, we haven't tried it for the first time. If we don't do it for the first time, we wont ever come to know what fun is hidden. How many of us just face it and discover the actual fun?

A very few of us. Frankly there are hundred of things , I am scared to do, I know its fun but I don't try. The fear part takes over the fun part. Yeah there are things, I have faced and found out what fun I was missing. So, when I read the line, I decided to make a list of things, I would do in the next 2 years, I will start 'The first time'. 

  • I will learn to drive a car. Yeah I am working in an OEM. If the situation like the movie 'Speed' comes up I can and I will drive a car/a bus/a truck for sure.This is about driving the car like a pro and for that I will start driving a car, on the road, for the first time. Amen. I wont remember, the time when I started learning a car and my tutor started playing 'Mahamrutyunjay' jaap in the CD player, don't know why! :D
  • I will go for a fish pedicure. It has nothing to do with my being veggie. Yeah it has something to do with my favorite movies like 'The Mummy' and 'The Jaw'.
  • I will buy a touch pad mobile. Amen :D
  • I will go Scuba diving and bungee Jumping for sure and face the adrenalin rush!! :) This is the only task in which I know its fun and given an opportunity I wont miss them both.
  • I will learn Swimming and enjoy Water-kingdom ride. I am dead scared of tanned skin with rashes and ah, water too. I know, I may swim like a dog under water, but this challenge will need more will power than the above one :D
And, the last but not the least,

I will watch the Himesh Reshmiya's "Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz", for the first time :D

So, I have decided,

What was the last time when YOU did something for the first time????

March 26, 2012

Yeah That's me!

We are all blessed with some odd beautiful facts-The wired personality traits and believes. At least I am. My small facts and activities, which can appear silly stupid to some people, I found them interesting. I am proud that they are included in my personality and I can be proud and loudly say, Yeeah..That's me!!

  • I have a habit of collecting greeting cards and birthday card given by family members and friends. I have a folder and an album in which I have pasted all of them. They are so special to me.I feel very sad about e-cards, I feel attached to the physical cards with the hand writings and messages on them.Every card has a human touch, and that's what makes it special.I love these cards a lot.
  • I am a curd-mad person just like my Papa. We both can survive on curd for the whole life. I think I am sure, Frock buddy N is going to smell the curd and make a face while reading this!:D
  • I have a habit of 'Not' walking straight , I cant follow a straight virtual line on the road. My 2 buddies had tried to draw a line and make me walk on the same. Ah, they kept on trying to crack jokes on each moment, how will I not laugh and walk on the line?!:D One of my best buddy says I push him on the road-side or near the gutter intentionally :D 
  • I may not be able to run or jog for more than half and hour, but I certainly can dance for hours together without any break!! Thanks to My bharatnatyma practises and Navratri celebrations.
  • I had a weired liking towards 'Shoes', I deliberately wear jeans and skirts and not kurtis in which I appear a bit in shape, for just one reason- I can wear shoes on jeans and not on kurtis and salwars.
  • I have been named weirdly all my life.Yeah it includes names given by my parents too. "Don","Bhai","Mech queen","Cutting tool","Jhansi ki raani","Nar bhakshi", these are the names I can disclose, others are..They can make a puncture in my prestige!:D
  • I am so so so attached to my collection of accessories, that if I loose one pair of earings, may be bought from a galli market, it appears in my dreams and it becomes a nightmare :D
  • I love to wear socks with cartoons on it, at the age of 24. Yes, I successfully hide my habit inside the shoes :D
  • I can not handle duppata for more than 3 hours. I had started facing this dupatta fear some months ago by wearing salwars with dupatta in the office. I got a comment from a sir sitting opposite to me, "It suits you, but tumse hoga nahi, if you will observe, the one end of your duppatta in inside the Castor case of the revolving chair." and I answered " I will learn sir, I will learn!" :D
  • In contradiction with the above trait, I love flaunting scarfs. Specially Pashmina ones.
  • I found it so cheesy when a person calls his or her loved ones by names like "Baby"
     or "Shona",both sucks. :D
  • I am so so bollywoody and filmy that I can find songs and dialogues (that too cheesy ones!) on almost 90% situations! I used to given a word during my induction at Pune, and was asked to sing a song on the word, Most of the times I could win the bet.
  • I am proud to announce that, I am a great planner if we bunch of people want to throw a surprise (big or small)on an occasion, I am the  best one to plan and execute. When it comes to my birthday , I have cried on the point that no one can surprise me, the greatest surprise party organizer of the decade!
  • I have to have to and have to blog everyday, almost. It completes me, The Bubblegum. :)
There are a lot many personality traits which are not usual, and still when you observe yourself, you can proudly say , " Yeah That's me!!!

March 24, 2012

I respect and you inspire!

Before some days, In the office, we all (The huge-floor-buddies) received a mail, mentioning the last day of the service of a sir who was getting retired.The management was arranging a farewell for him.

Now I know this sir since I joined the job in Mumbai, He greets me everyday with a warm smile. He asks my whereabouts sometimes. I haven't worked with him even once, but I feel the attachment and I am sure every one on the floor feels the same. His smile can  make your day, I bet. The fatherly affection I receive is just something I cant express. Just a 'Hi hello' attachment also has a value, in such cases one can not say, what value. I have never seen him shouting, never angry on anyone, never interfering in any one's business and no office politics around him. His all these virtues make you respect him, I respect him a lot.The small structure with the smile, walking slowly with his bad knee I guess, inspires me, every day.

The respect got multiplied on the day of Gudi-padwa, when he did the pooja.

As usual, the pooja was arranged like any other 'new years' of the country.Mumbai makes you feel the original Gudipadwa atmosphere.This Sir was called for the pooja, I think he wanted to do pooja this time, it was his last Gudipadwa pooja in the office after all.

He removed his shoes, I was busy with some other team-mates of mine, as usual commenting on something or the other thing of the celebration. He slowly, went towards the pooja-sthan, balancing his legs. I have always seen him like that with 'a knee problem'. Every one started  singing the stuti.

My eyes were observing people and the place. It was my first Gudipadwa in the office, I wanted to know all rit-rasams.I went blank when I saw his shoes. One of his shoes was having a dummy plastic leg- a leg starting from the sole to the knee. My heart skipped a bit.

I stared at the shoe and the dummy leg  for some two minutes, I stared at his leg. I was shocked. I realized he dint had the foot below the ankle and that's why he was taking time to remove the shoes and walked a bit unusually.

This person, who did his job smiling all the time, never ever cribbed, made me cry in my heart. He is leading his life. He is in the spirit, all time high. Do we have a bigger problem than this???

Do I  need to say how much I respect him now?

I will take it this way, thank God, his knees are perfectly fine. May be he also thinks the same and so he lives the life with that lovely, warm smile. Sir, if at all you get to read this, I respect and you inspire me, a lot!

March 22, 2012

I feel Kashmir.

Today its the new year-Gudi Padwa and Navreh. Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra,Karnataka & Andhrapradesh, Navreh in Kashmir. So, today when I started wishing all my friends from Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kashmir, I missed Kashmir.

It was 2007, I had a chance to be in Kashmir for some 10 days. I was with all my maternal relatives.

It was a pleasure and I was proud. I have seen Europe which includes the famous Switzerland and I must say, it is nothing in front of Kashmir.May be I have a soft corner in blood for Kashmir, but hey, If you haven't seen Kashmir, You have not seen the beauty.

The pleasant atmosphere, pink winter, snow and colourful flowers. Not to forget rivers with crystal clear water and the stone base,Lovely flower valleys.The pink, dry lovely faces of people, colourful dresses and the holy feel around mosques and temples. It was touchy and that's why for the first time I felt, what 2 countries are loosing by making Kashmir so full of blood.

I recall Roza, Yahan, Machis.Kashmir ki kalee and all those movies which actually failed to show the true Kashmir. What we see in these movies is just 10% of the real beauty.

I remember my friend Jhelam, from Kashmir, who met me in a summer workshop when I was almost 12.Hey girl, wherever you are I just love you and your name! Ah, I miss all those lovely talks we had about Kashmir and those badams you used to give in the workshop!I remember all very clearly.

Today, sitting in the air conditioned office, feeling as if I am in a jail, I vouch for the feel of Kashmir.

And thanks, Mom and Dad, for the Kashmir trip!! For making me realize what it feels to be in Kashmir.

I pray, the land may flourish with smell of flowers rather than the smell of Barood.

Cranky Conversations!

Bubblegum: Mom, I am not able to see my birth certificate, Is it at home?
Mom: No.. How can you be so careless? It was in your file. You know it is the most important document. How cann you miss it? Search again. *Some more statements making her feel guilty!*
Bubblegum: Ok (Feeling Guilty!)
After discussions on some other topics...
Bubblegum: Mom, Where is your birth certificate? You have never shown it to me! Is it in Bangla?!
Mom:Actually I dont have it!
*Blank for some 5-6 mintues*
Bubblegum: Yeah!


Papa: Give me your degree certificate, I want photocopies of the same. 
Bubblegum gives the document.
Papa: Give me your brother's certificate of 12th std, from the file.
Bubblegum gives the document.
Papa: See in the black folder, give my certificate too.
Bubblegum gives the document.
Papa stepples the bunch.
Bubblegum: You dint ask for mom's certificate!?
Papa: Your mom hasnt collected it from your mama's place till now! *Making a face!*
Bubblegum:Mom this year you celebrated your 25th wedding anneversary na??
Mom:Yeah! :D


Mom: Bubblegum , please see na beta, I am getting idiotic requests of young boys on my facebook. Just reject all request and confirm whom we know.
Bubblegum: Okay, Give me your password and id.
(Bubblegum has already told her mom , that she will not add her for obvious reasons!)
Mom opens the account.
Bubblegum: Mumma, why have you put my photo as the profile pic?
Mom: I love this picture!
Bubblegum: Mumma, in your folder 90% photos are mine!!! 
Mom: So?
Bubblegum: Just remove all of them and you wont get "fraandship requests" from young guys! Why have you kept my photos?
My brother: Bubblegum, your marketing!!
*Bubblegum furious and fast to move out of the room!*


Mom: Bubblegum we have to go to your bua's place in the evening so right now sleep and take rest.
Bubblegum: Okay, Arent you going to meet your friends of 'walking group'?
Mom:No, I need a change, they gossip a lot!!
*Bubblegum reading a book and mom doing some work*
Mom: Aree Bubblegum, open my facebook account, The XYZ daughter of PQR, see how she looks! She has pearced her ears and all. Arre, see ABC's photos , today's generation has no sense what to publish and what not. Ah, dont forget KLM's photos, she is looking so smart now!
Bubblegum: Are you sure, you dont like gossips?? :D


Bubblegum: Mom, why different birth years in your documents?
Mom:Age doesnt matter, birthdates do!
*Bubblegum is thinking "I know from where I have got the 'attitude problem'!*
Mom: See 21st September babies are all pretty and smart.
Bubblegum: Apart from frock buddy N and you, who shares your birthday that you are making a generalized statement?!
Mom: Kareena Kapoor!
*Rolling eyes!*

March 20, 2012

Sapnose bhare naina..

I got to listen to the song "Sapanose bhare Naina" from the film "Luck by chance" on Mtv Coke studio. It was on YouTube and I listened to the song billions of times. The more I listened the more I got into the rhythm and the meaning. A beautifully written song and sung as well.

I love the beginning part of the song.

Bagiya Bagiya Balak Bhage,Tettli Phir Bhi Haath Na Lage
Is Pagle Ko Kaun Bataye,Dhoond Raha Jo Tu Jag Mein 
Koi Jo Paaye To,Maan Mein Hi Paaye
[Sapno Se Bhare Naina,To Neend Hai Na Chaina] 

Aise Dagar Koi Agar Jo Apnaye
Har Raah Ke Woh Anat Pe Raste Hi Paaye
Dhoop Ka Rasta Jo Pair Jalaye
Mod To Aaye Chaaau Na Aaye
Raahi Jo Chalta Hai Chalta Hi Jaaye
Koi Nahi Hai Jo Kahin Use Samjhaye.. Sapanose Bhare Naina..To nind hai na chaina..

Loosely translated,

The kid is running from garden to garden,He is not able to catch the bird (he is trying to catch).
Who is going to make the silly kid understand,what he is trying to catch,
even if he will get, he will not be satisfied..
[Eyes are full of such dreams, there is no sleep and there is no comfort!]
If someone is following such a path,
At the end of such every path, he will get one more path to travel,
It is the path full of extreme sunlight and it burns the traveller's feet,
The travel will always keep on travel,
Nobody is there to make him understand..
[Eyes are full of such dreams, there is no sleep and there is no comfort!] 

Such a beautiful and meaningful song. Dreams, they are fire, they are sparks. They are the the essence of life,but if we choose wrong dreams, if we fill our souls with such dreams, they wont be sparks. They might make us go no where. They will make life dull and null. They will just make us travel on the path which will never end. The life will not be an enjoyment,it will be full of stress only. There will be no satisfaction, the life which is a journey wont be a journey. It will just become a load.

Just like the stupid kid, trying to catch the bird. He is trying so hard, but he doesn't know when he will catch the bird, he wont be so happy. The bird will be in a cage or a trap. It wont be cheerful. The kid will never be satisfied by its behavior. He will get the bird, his goal but no happiness.

What we need to learn is to select dreams which will drive our lives. We should know the limit if they are materialistic. Dreams can be money,status,persons anything in the world, but dreams are better if they give inner peace of mind and satisfaction during the journey itself. The journey which will have an end and smiles.

Dreams. Such an important element of life. It can be the slow poison or the Elixir!

That uneasy feeling..

That very uneasy feel. Like,you are missing something, You are missing your own people. You were on vacation and now you are back, you are struggling to get into the routine. Your soul is no where around you, because something is weired.

You are trying to see beautiful things around you, you feel good, albeit for a moment. The introspection starts and again you feel something is missing.

You are looking forward to 'some' moments, the moment of achievement, the moment of spark. You know its coming but you feel uneasy.

Your life has been dynamic since a week and still you feel things are static. You have to cultivate patience. The way ahead is full of challenges, and you are bound to take them. That's what you want.

The feeling doesn't have name, it has got a little bit of uneasiness in it.You are happy, you are not sad. The feeling is a bug and you have to debug.

I just had a thought and I decided to have my own cup of 'Blog'vita!!

I am feeling better!!:) It helps really!!

March 19, 2012

Home it is!

There are tiny small things make you feel special at home, every time you visit. Small gestures which you never ever notice daily, but when you leave your home, your town,you do.

It generally happens, when I am fit and fine (& sometimes even when I am not!), I tend to become so hyper active about things I have to do when at home. I end up doing minimum things and taking rest at home :D
Both ways have their own value though :D

So when I visited home this time after like months, I dint make any plans as I was already doing hakchhi hakchhi...Yes the day I stepped on the Ahmedabad platform I was sure I am going to take rest at home, I was badly infected by the sardi-khansi bacterias!

I decided to note small things which matters to me at home & Blog about them. I decided to make sudden plans and follow, provided my health is well.

So highlights of my home-trip:

  • My Papa never forgets to buy me a musk-melon or say 'sakarteti' when I am at home. Only me and my Papa love the fruit at home. So Bubblegum always has the pleasure to enjoy the thanda thanda cool cool fruit with her papa!
  • Menu is decided by me, and if I don't give wishes regarding the same, my Mom picks dishes.It goes without saying that, all dishes would be from my favourite!
  • I am also asked zillion times if I am eating properly, taking my medicines properly.
  • It is fun to see how parents have become fitness freaks, having green tea two times a day and all. I suppose that's a learning for me! 
  • Talking to mom over a cup of milk about 'The Ahmedabad world' is fun! Specially talks which irritates me due to my age now,-whose who got married to whose who stuffs!
  • The family get together we had was an awesome experience! The videos of my cousin's wedding were just awesome-especially the 'Garba Function' one. The persons like my Papa and Fua who never ever moved their feet for dance were trying hard to escape and forced to dance. The dance was just worth watching- I think One can guess how entertaining it can be!! 
  • The impromptu visit by my frock buddy N and 'The bubblegum & Frock Buddy N talks' was as usual kicked off, with usual laughter attacks and infoteinment!!
  • I got the ready made cups of milks twice in a day and that's the pleasure.Especially when given by Papa !It matters the most!:D
  • Expressions of my Fua and my IC(Identical Cousin) when I reminded them about my resolution-2012, Yes I am still on no coffee-no chocolate one! They both were stunned and still they are!! Ah, My mom is so much proud and my papa-"Huh, what is the need!" 
  • The most amazing moments I felt for myself-when I take special note of any events occurred during my stay at home to blog or to share with my best buddies out there! I feel hyper!! :D
  • When I am sick at home, I feel like I am wasting my time!
  • The 'watching TV' activity has a proper schedule in the plan, when I am at home, TV is luxury at home!
  • I can find the peppy rocky Hollywood tracks to simple soothing sufi songs from my Brother's I-Pod and The pure classical songs and Sugam sangeen songs from my Papa's I-pod. Dual fun!
  • I can get non-stop supplies of 'Amla'!! 
  • I am asked hundred times if I need money, Ah now a days I am asked to buy a new mobile also!:D
  • I have realized I am not ready to have a separate room of my own,still. My new home has a separate room for me and I refuse to use it except at nights to sleep on my bed. I practically dwell either in the drawing room,kitchen,gallery or mom-dad's room, but not my room!
  • I still remember the feel, when my frock buddy discovered a fan in the biiiig balcony, and I dint know that! The new home where I have not lived for straight seven days! I am surprised, now I am attached to the same place too.
  • I avoid the old-home visits due to some invisible reasons-I also don't know. May be I cant see my old home without any soul. 
  • I am simply amazed with my papa's patience for gardening. His often business trips outside the town never come in between. Yes,last month finally he managed to grow roses in the hot-sandy weather of Ahmedabad!!
  • I loved the tweets and chirps of birds the Geologist uncle has kept in his balcony, just above ours!It feels like the fresh, village-mornings everyday.
There are so many things I wanted to write about. But, I guess the returned-Amdavadi soul is happy to be in Mumbai-Better to focus on Mumbaiyaa happiness too now!! 

Time to be A mumbaikar?:)

March 14, 2012

My point on commitment

There are two seasons in a year.One is, when you can hear all about marriages, commitments and engagements. Okay, I wrote in a different order all together. You feel everyone around you is busy in loosing his/her bachelorhood. Then there is another season, when you get to hear about breakups and heart breaks. Some due to situations, some due to mismatching of those poor candidates or 'just like that' breakups.Ah, like "Adhik maas" or an extra month in Hindu calendar, there is one more season, in which each week is balanced by news of engagement or commitment with news of breakups too. (Not the same case han!!!) So, right now the third season, an extra season is going on.

I seriously feel  bad for the people who actually have to go through breakups and heart breaks just because they couldn't choose the suitable partner or the just got confused about her/him.Though its never late. I feel these people should be brave enough to accept and let the partner go and move on with life. Things happening around me, made me think about what type of commitment I believe in.

Commitment shouldn't be a curse. That's the basic rule.When you choose a partner, you should choose as he is or as she is. No expectations should be there to change him or her. The biggest mistakes made in commitment is changing the originality-individuality of yourself. That's a cheating with yourself. Neither One should loose the individuality nor one should pressurize other to do the same. If one is suppressed to accept the sudden 'wanted' change, the commitment will suffocate him/her. The commitment will become a curse. That's the violation of the basic rule.

Individuality now doesn't mean-Being stubborn about self. One has to change-but the change should be natural, should come from within, it should come with happiness of the person. It wont affect one's individuality. It is called growing matured with the person you are. It will only increase feelings and comfort. There you are on the right path then.

Be the buddy: Now this is 'my point, on commitment. Purely mine and it is fine if one doesn't agree. I feel, life partners should be buddies first. The comfort level plays an important role in the commitment. The level of comfort determines the level of happiness. If you are comfortable, you feel more for the person. Fun is the most important part of commitment, life should be full of fun.Fun doesn't always mean party time, every time. Fun is the feeling of enjoyment. Enjoy the life and fun is there. Fun is where your buddies are! Buddies can be friends, family and of course main, one's life partner.

Opposite doesn't attract every time. I seriously don't believe in such a stupid rule. Life partners can not be opposite totally. There will be a link between them something like their thinking, their behavior, their hobbies. There should be something common. In fact the rule of Synchronicity, plays in commitment."When you are committed truly,you try to find your own self in your life partner, so will he/she do.You become similar slowly."In fact I have read in a book by Osho,the rule can also make a husband-wife duo look similar after some years of the marriage.The rule needs a payload but to kick off.

 Once you feel, the kismat connection is there,the rule plays a role. The similarity in both partners actually triggers the rule,ignites the rule. If 2 persons are completely opposite, by nature or by culture, the rule fails. It is the end. So, I feel in commitment spending time together, knowing each other, knowing the common zone is more than important. Life becomes easy-fun as you have got a list of happening things, you can enjoy together. So you feel you both are buddies, more fun, more comfort and the stronger commitment.

I know these things can be ideal. There are micro level things which should be taken care of. What matters the most is,the definition,

"A commitment should be the way to look forward to enjoy the game of life together without loosing individuality!"

March 13, 2012

For that someone.

Dear Someone,
I really don't know your name. Sometimes I feel like asking you the same and talk to you more than what we do.

I meet you everyday while going to my office-department or while going back home. We have exactly opposite direction to follow and so we meet. We have also met in your department and have done the same thing we always do.

We smile at each other with all the warmth we have. We say "Hi" or "Bye". Accidentally when some days ago, I had to come to your department (Generally we don't need to come!), It was urgent, Only 2-3 persons were there due to the half day. You smiled the same day, without even asking questions, you helped me out. It was not your job I suppose. You still did that for me. I could say only "Thank you".

It pinched me. I should have talked to you more. I should have taken a look at your name on your desk at least. I am planning to meet you soon.

If at all you come to know about my blog ,mam, I really want to thank you. For all your smiles in the morning, "Good byes" in the evenings and the help. Your simplicity gives me a kick to smile for the whole day. I know simplicity and an urge to smile is totally irrelevant, but that's the speciality of your smile and your personality.

Mam,You are a charm!!:)

Your fan,

March 12, 2012

Then and now!-2

Yeah after the part-1 presenting part-2!


Radio On, Bubblegum and her mom both were doing something something in the kitchen.

The song "Tere bina zindagi se koi shikava to nahi" on air.

In 2 minutes, Bubblegum could see tears falling on the platform of the kitchen, Yeah her mom was crying.

Bubblegum shocked and asked, "Mom What happened?!", She knew her mom cried as the song reminds her mom of her Nanaji (Mom's father) and the city Kolkata, where her mom spent first 21 years of the life.Bubblegum found her mom ,over sensitive and she is crying on silly things.

Bubblegum's mom realized what Bubblegum is thinking.

Bubblegum's mom: "Beta, you wont understand the pain right now. You are neither of that age nor in the situation."

Bubblegum relaxes once the song is over and manages to make her mom smile.


While revisiting different folders of the "Music" Part of the disk in the laptop, Bubblegum is feeling good.

She clicks on one of the favourite song written by an author when he left Amdavad to settle down in the United States Of America. She admired and still admires the skilled voice of the singer.

The song starts and Bubblegum is again doing something something in the kitchen, albeit alone.

"Nadi ni ret ma ramatu nagar male na male,
Fari aa drashya smrutipat upar male na male,
Bhari lyo shwas ma eni sugandh no dariyo,
fari e mati ni bhini mehek male na male..."

Loosely translated,

"May be we will never be able to own this city playing in the sand of the river,
We might wont get this scene captured in the memory lane,
Fill your breath with the sea of smell (of the city),
We might not get the wet smell of the sand of this city."

The whole song actually made Bubblegum burst into tears, a lot more than her mom.

Bubblegum wanted to call her mom and tell, "Mom I understand your emotions now!" :/

March 11, 2012

What thrilled me!

I come to know about my  the special self when I get thrilled for the reasons people might feel dull or null. I pity them as they cant judge my inner happiness, when they don't understand those reasons for which I get thrilled. Sometimes Cheap thrills too. Shee :D

Yesterday, which was suppose to be the most interesting Sunday after like ages with my Bro-buddy. Yeah  he was back in the city! I got to spend some 6-7 hours with him and it includes eating yummy Puranpoli made by Aunty, perfect Daal by Uncle!! Ah, I told Uncle, I will send my husband to him to learn how to make such tasty daal once I will get married :D Lol! Ah, Digress.

So, it was about the factor thrilling me. What thrilled me was- Cupboards full of books at his place!!They always thrill me. Yes.. I guess there were  many more which I dint see. Those old and new books kept side by side in the glass cupboards! I feel a childhood full of books (not text-books!) actually makes a strong foundation of one's personality.

I felt nostalgic too. I have almost a mini Library at home and I get attached to books so much that I don't give them to any one!! I have all kids -books of my childhood days still with me! I am finding a kid who is as passionate as me , when I will get one I will handover them to him/her.Coming to the point, Those cupboards-Ah, I can spend my savings for books- I call them investment for my brain!Books thrilled me! They will always.

Well, I also know some persons who actually feel null seeing so so many books and for them I am a weirdo. For some they understand my passion and feel good about it.For me, those books inside the cupboard with shiny glass doors were a cause of goosebumps.I should thank my Grandfather, Grandmother (Both Dadi and Nani!) and my mom for the wonderful piles of books I have at home. Name it and I will have it kindda.

I was mesmerised, really. At once I decided to build a small-at-home library in future, with a special designed cupboards for books.

They thrill me to no limits.

March 9, 2012

Randomness Visited

After reaching "My moment", I am feeling like noting some random things about me. May be after some years I may feel they are the sweet silly stupid things about me and get a chance to smile :)
  • I have scary hair. I have the jungle on my head and so I have been named 'Jatadhari' by her. I remember my brother getting angry due to my hair-frizzy hair slapping his face when I used to drive my activa and he used to sit beside me. He was not 18 you see, I cant allow him to drive!So about this hair. I had done a weired haircut when I was in the finale year of college and which turned out to be a gorgeous haircut for only 3 days and after that some people asked if I had met with an accident :D I looked like a female little version of Satya Sai baba. No offence. I still look the same when I wash my hair :D
  • I don't keep a song on pause. I feel the song gets hurt if I do so. :D I have to and have to listen to the song albeit while enjoying the same :D
  • I have the weired habit of wearing my jacket even in the summer , okay hold on, in the office. Specially if I am in my super boss's cabin, its almost Antarctica there :D
  • I chew as many candies I can when I sit in the flight. I don't show but I get pathetically pissed off by the head ache induced by the change in altitude. The person sitting beside me thinks I am a bhukhkhad of the highest order.
  • I think, when my friends came to know that I have left coffee and chocolate, almost 80% of them uttered , " What? Weired!!!!" :D They thought I was joking!
  • When I open the Google Chrome, I have to open "The Times of India", "Gmail","Facebook" and ofcourse "Blogspot"!! Even if I dont work on any of them and just check my bank balance!
  • I drink milk, and now I don't add any sugar or honey. Ha, I add cornflakes but I have started feeling I am loosing my sweet tooth day by day, its weired but I have started hating all sweet dishes except cheesecakes and Kulfis :D
  • Milk and cornflakes can replace my lunch, breakfast and dinner, my life :D
  • I get weired dreams of being in Disneyland, drinking coconut water in a daru ki bottle and yes, cheesecakes :D
  • I am a movie freak, a passionate reader. I easily compromise my sleep for both of them. Ah, actually every day when I try to follow any of my passion- which is generally reading while feeling sleepy I end up either talking irrelevant talks, worst smsing irrelevant things. :D
  • I just feel good when I dance and I just feel good when people go crazy listening my Pathetic Jokes: D
  • I just feel good-awesome when I blog.
 And That's what exactly I am feeling!! :)

March 8, 2012

My moment!

Yeah, we all get that moment. The damn moment when we come to know what really we want, what matters to us, what doesn't. What is really very important, and what is not. What should affect us and what shouldn't. I call the moment-'My moment'.

In our life we actually feel the 'My moment' at some point of time. It just makes us realize our life and its value. I must refer the film 'If only', that 'my moment' after the dream the actor had, actually made him realize in the whole world, what is his mission-the mission to live. Yeah the 'my moment' can be a result of our dreams or may be almost experiencing the so called last moment of the life.

I experienced the 'my moment'. Thanks to the pilot and the 'Spice Jet'! I was on my way (??) back to Mumbai,in the flight, reading a book, feeling the sunset outside the window in the flight. A sudden run of the flight and a jerk, okay I ignored. Sometimes it happens. I was brave. My book actually helped me to divert my mind from the headache due to the changing altitude and the shaking flight. One more moment, I was almost there to the 'my moment', the flight suddenly entered the turbulence. There were no announcements. The guy sitting behind was blabbering something and I was just wondering if I have to sing "Jo hona hai so hona hai' for him. I was scared too idiot!

'My moment' dint come, thanks to the guy. I was all brave and I dint want to think negative,but I was to feel the 'my moment'.

The pilot thankfully announced the landing in 5 mintues. and zhooooom, it started going down the very moment. The flight was shaking like a government interstate bus. Even frequent flyers were scared. I could see all white-washed faces. I knew I wont die, but what if I ?

Suddenly a spark was ignited in my mind. I actually thought of calling people who matter to me the most, if the situation goes out of control. I decided to switch on my mobile and call my own people. Silly,I could have died before that, but I wanted to tell all of them how much I love them. I actually thought of calling some of them.

In those 5 minutes , I actually realized who are important and expressing love was of the only importance. I really dint want to die, and I decided to tell all of them how much I loved them once I go back to the normal routine.

'My moment' told me, express all feelings, love all who matter the most to you-your life. The rest is just a game- a game of life.

I thanked the 'My moment'.

PS:Its a senti-silly stupid post but the moment was worth living! I realized how I am blessed with all those persons in my life. Well, some hours after 'my moment' made me go through an emotional turmoil too.

March 1, 2012

Fears of Flight!

I think ornithopters are best, when it comes to flying high in the sky.Even sky diving would be awesome.

But, if I have to take a flight! I have some fears, right from getting bored to god knows how many.

It starts with the time of the flight. If it is early in the morning, I have to get up very very early in the morning and reach the airport early(I used only one 'early') in the morning. The phenomena graduates with getting myself bored up at the airport-and finally the crossword or bookstores come to my rescue.

It is  a problem too, when I get into reading so much that I sometimes end up making crew members scream and call me :D

The most dangerous part starts from the moment I enter inside the plane, welcomed by fake smiles of crew members. Okay, I agree I smile back too :D

I start pushing my bag in the above compartment trying to figure out kinds neighbours I will be having. I pray if  a kid/kids is/are nearby so I can really pass the fear-phenomena. A book also helps, but if I am not sleepy.Damn, I cant sleep in flight if given the middle seat!The take off time really triggers ear-pain and then head ache which is followed by yuck smell of bimaro ka khana in the flight.

The painful flight duration ends with one more attack of ear-pain and headache. If luck is not on myside, the pilot also tries to scare me and make me recall all flight-crash movies by doing forceful aerobatics! :D Yeah they are scary if  I am alone, if I have a companion I might be the brave one and console the samnewala :D

The waiting period to get the luggage always has a silver line of leaving the airport afterwards. And, if it is Delhi and my bro-brothers are there..The whole phenomena-Fears of flight is worth!! :)

I think I can tolerate this time also!! Here I come Delhi!! We will have a blast (On both professional and personal front!) for a few days! :)

PS:Yes you both, bro-buddies-Better make plans, I will be tired after the really daunting professional task and you might have to pamper me. :D Bhaio doda barfi bhi taiyar rakhna! :D Kitne fears ko face karke aa rai hu :D