November 30, 2011

Recipe of the year!


A charged laptop-1
Internet connection-1
Net banking/Credit card/Debit card -According to the taste.
An alarm clock-Optional

  1. Get up at 7.45am using Alarm clock if you prefer. For me, it started at 7am! :/
  2. Open your laptop and boot it up.
  3. Check your Internet connection.
  4. Open the browser and IRCTC site.
  5. Log in and check the 'Tatkal' quota.
  6. Click the 'book' button , in hopes that the booking will start.
  7. You may get messages like "Booking permissible after 8am". But keep on trying.
  8. You may indulge in smsing your best buddies to keep yourself calm!
  9. At 8, again log in.(Patience required!)The site will be a target of thousands of people.
  10. Call your experienced friends who can console you that you will be logged in soon!
  11. You will get the desired page with 'Seats available' message.
  12. Book through net banking or any cards you have!
  13. Call best buddies that after 2 months finally you are going home!!

Khushi Khushi Khushi!! 100% Pure! No gum added!! I AM GOING HOME!!

November 29, 2011

Moments I enjoyed-The flying visit to Nashik :)

  • I enjoyed the very early morning walk in the company campus as I had to take our company bus at 5.45am and Ahoy!! Mumbai in fog is something I loved!!!
  • The horrible bus journey to Nashik was also a part of fun-time pass. Favourites on  my play list and the window seat gave  me some comfirt.
  • The excitement to be in the company campus at Nashik to meet my office-mates made me tumble twice! :P The marriage of a friend was the biggest excitement though!
  • An urge to wear a maharashtian nose ring was fulfilled :)
  • The grand welcome smileys I got in the Nashik office were adorable. Chatted a lot with all buddies out there and obviously chocolates were given by some sirs to their 'laadali' chhoti don! :)
  • I enjoyed the lunch with juniors! Yes, a junior guy cooked for me!! :) It was awesome with my favourite chocolate fantasy!! :)
  • The stay at one of my seniors place was awesome! Taiyar hona for all functions and having tea and chitchatting- I enjoyed!!
  • All those veering bike ride with saree I had put on thanks to all buddies! :P
  • The biggest reason to enjoy was- I used my DSLR fully to click and store good memories!! :)
  • The continuous support given by all buddies out side Nashik was something I would always expect! Samaj gae? :)
  • The return journey and andheri galiyon mein chalana-- Memorable with one more twisting and tumbling in Mumbai!: )
PS: Oh did I congratulate my friend for her wedding?? "Congratulations dear!!" and yes! My camera is missing you! :) You are the most supporting buddy I have got when I was in Nashik. You rock :)

November 27, 2011

Killing a judge!!

One of my friends after months called me up!The guy's surname is 'Nyayadhish'. We were chit chatting in our usual matter. He was my team-mate previously, we were talking about our memories related to work-place and other gossips. He always knew about my fertile mind who always crops good 'PJs'! ('Good' depends from person to person though!) We were laughing over some silly issues and suddenly I felt and so I said...

"If true to you surname , you would have become your judge, then what would have happened?!"

Listening to the new twist in the conversation..


"Any one who would have come to you for justice , you would have beaten him up!!!

"Pagal hai kya..Why would I ?!!"

"Because when 'Nyay' -'aa'---'Dhhiiishhhhhhh'!!!"


*Laughing on my side of the phone and may be thunking his head on the other side of the phone!*

November 25, 2011

Game(s) bana dali...

Being the eldest child amongst all cousins (of my generations!Not ones who are elder to me by some 10-15 years!) I have some sound memories of games I played, rest of my cousins were followers! I am talking about some silly and extremely silly games! All of them are related with my FB [Frock buddy N!,who is my neighbour, best buddy and guide (??!!?!?) and more of like an elder sister now :)]

A very very common game for any girl. Some how what we played was different. I had a lot lot many utensils to play with and some toys were with my frock buddy N. In summer vacations when her parents will be off to their offices , her grand mother will be sleeping, we would start playing! First we would be dealing and distributing toys. We will make our homes under the huge dining table. I still remember from my two dolls one was barbie and the neck was broken from the mould. My dear Papa who dint know about aesthetic importance, had joined both the part with a brown cello tape.We used to plan a drama that the barbie doll was murdered and we were the spies! (Thanks to some spy serials like Byomkesh Bakshi!)

I still remember on of the 'bhaiyas' of neighbourhood, of FB's age (2 years elder to me!) used to ask for the role and we used to make him 'palatu kutta' tying dupatta around his neck once!! :/ Sorry bhaiya!

I dream of Genie.
The normal game, locally called '9 Khana'! Where we have to draw 3*3 square with all partition lines. In first round without touching boundaries,we have to walk in a certain pattern. Then skipping one square, 2 squares,jumping, with one leg etc.patterns were developed. Every round will throw some candidates out of the game. Final round was the crop from our mind's kheti. We used to love the serial 'I dream of genie' and love the way Genie will say with action and expressions! (Winking her eye!)We have to do the same (Note: Exact!) while walking in the pattern! Silly?No.....Extremely silly now and serious invention of a new game at that time!!

I am ashamed why did we call the game by this name! It was just a 'picture'! We call them films! :/
The difference was it was played while eating kachchaa aam on the big tank of our colony and score was decided while drawing on the tank with chalks!! I hope people reading over here can understand our emotions if not my write up! :P

Mara -mari
This was our own 'eureka' game! We have to draw a circle on the road, tie our hands keeping them at back side and try to push each other out of  the circle with the force of the body!! Hell, now my mom would be knowing why I used be so  dirty after 'play time'! Half of the dirt will be removed at FB's place and rest at mine! So my mom knows only 'the half truth'!The name was not decided! I have named it today only! FB, do you remember the actual name??

There were so so many small games we actually made and played but I guess these are very much clean and sharp in my memories! They were so silly that I pray people can get them while reading the post!

Till then , thinking of one more game to play with, what say FB? :P

Did you make any silly games in bachpan??? :)

November 24, 2011

Extended independence on My Father's day!

Your truly is in college finale year. The full fledged engagement of a cousin is going on.
*Gossiping Gossiping going on*
1 Girl is standing in the corner and wondering what to do! (Gossiping with aunties is the last option!)
Suddenly meets a group of cousins and the session of dancing is going on! Masti in the air!!

Scene: (After  2 days!)
Papa picks the ringing phone : " Hello"
" Hi, this is so and so, My son is so and so, we loved your daughter. My son liked her. If possible..."
" She is too young mister."
"We are ready to wait for 2 years!"
"No, please don't go for so young girls and please leave my daughter!"

Mumma worried about my father's Blood pressure and also about daughter's future!
"Don't talk to all like this. This is the first match we have got!"
"My daughter is very young , let them be first! I don't care!"

Me *Grinning at mom with victory dance in my mind!*


After 2 years of the previous scene:

In Kerala, Nov,2011 :

Mom: "The guy is very good , ekdum open minded , family is chilled out and based in the metro city."
Papa : "No, she needs time."
Mom:"The guy is 3 years elder to her ,means well settled and matured also!"
Papa:"She is also matured enough, give her sometime please!"
Mom: "But, your sister has only approved him , he is the best for her!"
Papa:"She is still young , lets close the issue!"

Me *Grinning at mom with victory dance in my mind!*
SMS conversation with Papa:

Me: "Papa, Save me from aunties!!! Don't handover me to anyone so soon!"
Papa: "Beta , don't take tension , I have pulled brakes! It was difficult to stop your mom's supersonic-get my daughter -married-mission! But, I was successful, now enjoy life for at least 1.5 years!

*Grinning and again a victory dance!*

Papa ho jab sath , to darneki kouno nahi baaat!!!

I am celebrating my independence day with Father's day today!!! :P

PS: Many many happy returns of the day didi!!! :)

November 23, 2011

A girl...

Its about the tallest girl, I have ever met. She is the real charm! I still remember , guys used to feel odd to talk to her due to her height! :) She became my room-mate for some days in Pune , she remained my good friend and now she is my room-mate and of course the best of best friends! :) Oh I forgot to mention , She is my junior! :)

She is talkative like me, She is an expert in leg pulling like me. She can sidhofy any tedha medha guy. She can handle anyone who is drunk and she can always make anyone see tarein zameen par! She is a lot like me and she is sometimes a bit more matured than me!

She likes to scream at me, when I become conscious about my looks,she hates if I don't have my food.She supports me even sometimes without no mood to pull any one's leg! Obviously our third roomie (whom we call Maa Annapurna due to her amazing culinary skills!) becomes bakara!oopss bakari!

She puts her best in cooking and dancing and ahoy I am her fan for both! No, no seriously! She can do any stupid thingie to any over matured thingie that make me feel inferior being her senior! She supports me through thick and thin...Youtube is our favourite website , we can watch numbers of videos of Madhuri,Sridevi or any dancing diva. Aah, its not that we share the same passion! I will focus on dance and she will be focusing on costume-designs! :P She makes the rocking and ultra awesome tea she makes! It can make me keep awake for a number of days eksath!

She wants me to get committed/engaged/married as soon as possible. As last option can not be obtained so soon, she tries for another two! She praises me, in front of her doctor who is from my caste, in hopes that the doctor uncle would be having a son! :P

The crux of the story is I am not able to grasp that after 5 days, she is going to be Mrs from Ms. God bless the man! :P

I try not to take interest in any of marriage-shopping , I tried to discourage myself to be in the amazing marriage aura at my place. I hate to help her to pack her bags.

I can not imagine myself , I wont be waiting for her to leave for office. I can not imagine I wont be encouraged by her to dance everyday , every moment. I am going to miss her singing..The best she can sing is a song from Delhi Belly. I am going to miss her scoldings for my not-so-updated dressing sense. She grins when I play some very old songs, I will miss those looks.

Girl, I want to tell you something...

"Kuch bhi ho jae...I AM YOUR SENIOR!" :) :)

I wish , you.. (If at all you read this!) CONGRATULATIONS for the marriage in advance! I warn her would be..and now our very good friend (with god's grace, he is the most matured person on this earth!).."Keep her happy all her life, or else ghar pe halla bol denge :) "! That can happen in any case though!

Chal ab..thoda senti--for her--> You know I don't cry infront younger ones but that doesn't mean I am not going to miss you! I am not able imagine the void we would feel, I don't want anyone to take your place at our place!

Over and out!

November 22, 2011

Bubbling Bollywood-music!

When my team-mate pinged on the communicator, saying he is getting bored in the meeting and asked me if any song I want! For a moment, I went blank! I know him well , and I knew getting any data from him is next to impossible and we share the same intrest when it comes to music, I took the opportunity fatttakse!

I asked for some very new songs if he has , as per our interest we started floating towards old Bollywood, The era of Kishore Kumar , Asha Bhonsle , Lata Mangeshkar to Mohhd. Rafi! Bingo, it clicked with,

Pukarata chala gaya,
Gali gali bahar ki,
Bas ek chhaon zulf ki,
Ek nigah pyar ki....!

It was the first spark of the day! I was getting into an obsession!

The second spark came in the evening ,when I had a fight with one of my friends , and we decided not to be on talking terms and started playing Antakshari instead! Almost same kind of songs we loved , so it was obvious that we would again float into the same Kishore Kumar and Rafi era...Boy..We were discussing Manna Dey to!

"Laga chunari mein daag chhupau kaise" to "Yahooooo" ! I remembered "Taron mein sajake apne suraj se, dekho dharati chali milane!"...Thanks Shane for recalling -"Tum jo mil gae to.."

Those 2 sparks were enough to go home and open my "Ever green songs" folder and listen to them for the rest of the day! I was heeding on  " Bhawaren ki ghunjan hai mera dil" to  "Hothon mein esi baat"..

The best was " Baharon fool barsao,Mera mehboob aya hai..."

Eventually I ended up indulging in  the folder "Ghazal" on my laptop and ahoy....

"Ankhon se door na ho, dil se utar jaega,
Vakhta ka kya hai,Guzarta hai guzar jaega;
Itna Mayus na ho, Ilwate gum se,
tu kabhi khud ko dekhega to bhi dar jaega"-By Lata Mangeshkar.

"Rat bhi, nind bhi kahani bhi, hay kya chiz hai javani bhi,
dil to sholose karti hai sailab, Zindagi bhi aag bhi pani bhi."-By Chitra Singh!

I was stunned by her melodious voice!

The bubbled out Bolly-old time , made me thing the current scene of Bollywood music, where we sing,

"Wanna be my chhammakchallo...o..o???"

Where is THE REAL STUFF boss??

Humse hai muqabala!

In the famous battle of pulling each other's leg seriously! After settling the score for 1-1 , I warned the friend of mine..

(First victory was mine and the second game was snatched away from me.)

" I will sharpen my skills and come back to you, I would win , I bet!"

Me *Thinking*, Now the reply would be, "I will also sharpen my leg pulling skills and give you a proper fight!"

I got an answer!!

"I will let you win!"

Feeling like thunking my head!!!! *Muqabala barabari ka hai dost!! I will come back to you on this!*

November 21, 2011

Shooting bullets..

Now one of my friends told me so so many times in 2 days that I have become violent! So here are bullets of my life....Dhishkau...
  • My roomie is getting married this week, I have realized finally! It makes me feel sad and I know there is a change going to come in our lives!
  • I feel terrible when the same roomie shows amazing maturity! (read, she behaves as if she is the gyani baba of the place!)
  • For the first time I am feeling OK and much much better and confident after most of my office buddies left my current company!
  • Some more resignations on the way, my gut feelings are strong!
  • I have got the ,sava sher' , who can pull my leg like hell... But but, I am going to sharpen my skills and mukabala barabari ka rahega! Reply: I will let you win!! :( I cant even answer now!! :/
  • I am really feeling jealous of some of my friends who play badminton regularly!Gosh, frock buddy N, I miss you!
  • I have started drinking water, yes yes, I am trying hard to take care of myself.
  • I want to update my I-pod as it is still in the era of 'Aaja nachle' and 'Jab we met'! Kambakht, I-tunes and Windows 7 ne dhokha de dia dossst!!!
  • I am eager to watch 'Chhoti si baat'! Oye shane sun raha hai? 
  • My bro-buddy (Delhi fame) has promised me something , I am waiting for the new year! :)
  • My roomie's nephew stays at our place sometime, and just today we heard she called me by my name!! What a feeling!!! :)
  • I really loved when my brother smsed me the title track of our favourite cartoon, Scooby Dooby Doo...!! 
  • My niece who just visited my home-town, threw my cat into a bucket of water and now in the dustbin!!! I know it was just a small teddy!! Ahem! Her last sleep!

November 20, 2011

The Senior on Saturday & A Sunday with Shana!

Apart from my heavy and really heavy headaches and shopping blues , I met a number of juniors on Saturday! Ahoy, I felt so coool! I am the senior now!! Common! Its fun! The great irony is some of them are elder to me!!!!The lovely group has some of my very very best friends! They are cool, They are awesome, The are fun and yes...One of them is a great cook!!! :) I am now a matured senior mam of all!(No laugh, okay!?)

The fun part of Sunday started with my quest with the ticket checker on Dadar station, It took bloody 10 minutes to get over him!(Most of the time was spent in finding punched tickets from my bag!)...After one trial of getting on the train with my friend , we actually had to take a cab and went to the hall to see the natak 'Kanji Vs Kanji'!Now let me introduce to this friend of mine ,and I (& now you all will) call him 'Shana'!

The cab reached, Shana told me to purchase tickets of the show and he was to give cash to the cab-driver. I went inside the gate , where I got to know its not the gate of the main hall and I have to go through a lane beside the place. I thought I would tell him to finish the payment of cab and come,I looked back where the cab was parked. I was shocked there was NO ONE standing there, not even a cab! I checked up the ground if any case Shana had gone made and started playing cricket with kids! The same moment I realized while struggling to take the train on the railway station I had given my mobile to him!!!Now I had no ways of calling him..I don't remember any mobile numbers these days! (My stupid mind didn't realize, I could have called on my own number!) I still had courage to go the ticket window and purchase tickets. I finished the booking stuff and walked over observing and thinking what can be done!..Suddenly I noticed 'Shana' searching me after some 15 minutes!! I was relaxed, blank,confused!He was laughing! He had asked cab driver to go to police station when demanded double amount!!Here I was lost and ek ajnabi area mein.... :P :P  We laughed a lot on this,but actually I was about to cry as I had already cooked up a story of kidnapping of  The 'SHANA'!

As we had some hours to spend in south Mumbai,before the show starts , we went to 'Moshe' , Where we had the most delicious Blueberry cheese cake ,Geoey chocolate cake, Pasta!!Yummiest ever food I had since ages!!! Over eating made us walk a loooooong in anjan and not at all andheri galiyan of South Mumbai.I as usual kept on chattering, forgetting about my ill health and had superb time :)

The hall was already half full when we reached , I was feeling home! Gujarati language in pure form was attracting me inside! The natak itself needs a separate post on this blog! R.E.S.P.E.C.T with 10/10 star for direction, dialouges to acting!It made us laugh like anything and made us emotional at the same time!

The post-natak session was fun with 'Rustam' ice creams of marine drive!! Shana made me roam around the actual beauty of Mumbai! :) Churchgate to Dadar in the train was spent sleeping by yours truly! God bless Shana for the whole day blabbering and then sudden silence by me!

I am not able to digest that I slept so peacefully after my being' officially insomniac!' As, I had the time of my life!! Shane ki shanpatti worked!!! :)

PS: I missed Shana's expressions when he tried to find me by dialing my mobile number and found his name displayed as 'Shana' on my mobile which was with him actually!

November 18, 2011

Meet my music-mate!

Pooh- Name toh suna hi hoga!! :)

I dont share him with anyone! Ahem!!!

November 17, 2011

Tag-di lifestyle!?

I was tagged!! Guess what it is my first ever tag!! (I know its funny! 100 posts over and not a single tag?!)

I here by take this opportunity to post something about my life style! But doston, I like to shoot one arrow to hit 2 targets! (ek teer se do nishan??!) I will door karofy all shikayats about myself...Aaai shapath , I will try hard!! ;)

So my current life-style:
  • I am maha irregular for my meals, I generally tend to forget my dinner! 
  • I have a habit of skipping breakfasts! Now blame my room-mates and me , we are always late! 
  • One good factor is I just love fast walking & Jogging , dancing and badminton! The bad thing is ,I struggle to stick to my routine for walking and jogging!
  • I love to pamper myself ,be it a new haircut or even taking rest and doing nothing,but I just don't do anything due to my hyper active nature!!! I cant sit at a place for a longer period of time unless you give me a good book in my hands!!
  • I am particular about my daily dose of milk and I have also won the khitab of 'Amul baby'from my friends! I am so proud that , I am making my bones stronger!
  • I am not at all good at sleeping , sometimes I call my self insomniac and the other day I will sleep well!The only problem is I actually look like a vampire when I don't sleep and I get irritated by everyone around  me!
  • I love green veggies a lot! (Thanks to my Papa!) So, no escapism from salads! To add shine to gold (Something like 'sone pe suhaga?!), I don't like fried food including stuffed puffs,samosas!
  • I just love fruits, but I have to be active enough to go to buy fresh fruits and enjoy!
  • I am not a drinker! The good thing is 'I don't take hard drinks' and the bad one is-I don't drink water properly. I forget!
  • I am a coffee-lover! I need to reduce my coffee intake!
So, when I was tagged , I knew, I will realize how badly I need a life-style make over!

November 16, 2011

'Katti'yan karu?!!

Yeah the fever of 'Rockstar' is still high and I am repeatedly indulging in some songs.Those includes 'Katiyan karun' also..

A spark in my firtile mind:

I can use the song to finish my this mission and blackmail emotionally!!

What say??.... :D

'Katti'yaan karu?????

PS:Dont come and sing 'Batti-ya karu' , Hope nobody is a tubelight over here!! :D

November 15, 2011

A victim of resignations!

A sudden change in life comes when you switch to a new job! A new boss, a new organization ,new team mates and a new canteen?!! (Food changes okay?!) You have to struggle to adjust.May be discovering some surprises and shocks would be painful too.

I am not joining any new company! I am not!Still , I am feeling the pain-I am the victim of resignations of my office-buddies (Read-best buddies!)..

I am being the 'ulta' victim of resignations of my office!I do have a separate gang now which has left this office in a short span of 2-3 months (Mass resignation?!) , leaving the youngest member (yours truly!) in the office!!!

I know I know , I am a brave girl , a very strong girl and can manage miracles (Thats what you all are going to say!) ..But, I am not able to manage the 'sannata' jo chhaya hua hai doston!!

The 'Sanatta' ...
  • While having lunch (Other team-mates are kind enough to tolerate me , but where are you people?!)
  • While having numbers of coffee breaks,just to discuss any damn topic!
  • No hang outs after office-time, be it a movie or a walk back to our respective accommodations together!
  • Those CCD pass times! (I have been again a bit lucky this time , I do have some people who meet me the same way!)
  • Your desks haunt me! Specially if some new unknown people have taken it over!
  • Laptops of you people, from which I used to shoot mails by your official Ids and we would be making a chain of hundreds of mails!
  • Phone calls if I am late even by a few minutes from my usual (Dont laugh!) time to punch in!
  • Walks we used to enjoy in the plant after lunch! We still do the same, enjoy but you all are not there!
  • All those pranks..I can not play everytime on everyone! (I still do!)
  • I still have people who appreciate if I blabber most of the time and cant keep mum!
Dont you people even think that I would stop doing all these things! I will ,as I enjoy (I am lucky to have some new friends/ some old friends who take care of me, now a lot like you!) and may be I recall you people and just make up my mind....

"I will make you people come back to me again , in the same city we will be"!

Yanna rascalla...Mind it!!


I have a habit of mailing very regularly to my dear and near ones on daily basis, specially if I blog or write something , first thing I do is to expect comments from some people!

One of my brothers  (Who is a very very very sensible writer ,not like me!) wrote me back..Here is the chain of 2 mails!
To: 'One of the bhais'
Subject::A letter to an addiction-Bubblegum

Address: Café coffee day,Mumbai

Dear Chocolate fantasy,

I just want to request you, not to attract me too much with your delicious smell and taste. Every time I see your photo in menu card I tend to feel like indulging in you. I have got warnings from several people not to be with you much. Please stop being so so good. I really really can’t stop being with you if I see you or smell you. Please don’t follow me in my dreams and thoughts. Please.

From:'One of the bhais'
Subject:'RE: A letter to an addiction-Bubblegum'

Dear Café Coffee day

I understand, u are trying to flirt with my Sister!
It is good to be a friend but please don’t cross your limits.

She can have you once in a week.
The love between you too will be limited to smiles (i.e less chocolate) and shake hands(i.e less icecream).

So, please try to keep her happy with your delightful presence.

Bubblegum, I understand your love for Chocolate fantasy….have it once a week!
Rest I have complained to Café coffee day..It wont indulge with you anymore!

Well wisher!


My expressions : Priceless!!!

November 13, 2011

I smiled :)


  • A college friend , living outside India for studies pinged me on whatsapp and asked " Should I add rise first or 'other stuffs' in oil while cooking Pulao?! Actually it was a rofl moment!!
  • A friend of mine after ages pinged me on chat and after 5 minutes 'Arre you are still the same!!Ditto!'!
  • My room-mate (who had gone to her didi's place on Sunday) replied me 'Kabhi nahi' on my question, 'When are you coming back yaar!' but after a few seconds 'Kidding yaar..In sometime!'!
  • One of your roomie asks you 'Aaaj dinner mein kya khilayegi?' and suddenly seeing her studying your interest for cooking ignites!
  • You are scared of your mom's enthusiasm of searching guys for you and your father smses 'Dont worry , I am there to pull brakes!'
  • You are mesmerized by the song 'O re piya' from Aja Nachle and find that , even after years your postures are perfect and feel you can again start up dancing!
  • You are again super confused what to buy 'A new I-pod' or 'A new mobile' when you are hooked on to music so tightly!
  • A friend of yours , smses you back after your late night message - 'You will get dark circles and now-a-days good guys don't like girls with dark circles!'
  • The same friend calls you back when out of frustration you sms ('I want to scream') to hear,how you scream!
  • A brother of yours is selected in an expedition in Himalayas getting over other hundreds of entries!
  • Your friends wish you  'Happy Children's day' and you freak out at them..and after 5 minutes... :)
How many smiley moments you had recently??!!! :) I had plenty!! :)

November 12, 2011

Really rocked??-Rockstar!

So after a waiting period of so many days,I got the chance to see the movie on the second day! I must say the movie is not for 'aam janata'. I would like to be neutral (being a fan of Ranbir Kapoor) and judge.

Turn offs of the movie:
  •  Nargis is not so beautiful- my personal choice and when she speaks you can gauge the charm! Totally unwanted actress chosen! She only has good figure, that's it. One can see hard work put in the dance as some postures were very much perfect and some were really very very weak.
  • The second half is maha-boring though Ranbir and Rehman try to pull you again musically and acting wise if at all you are into it.
  • Direction is very poor in second half.
  • Story has been stretched unnecessarily.
  • The end is abrupt, though you have to be clever to digest the end-which 99% wont be able to.
Turn ons of the movie:
  • Acting of Ranbir Kapoor is mind blowing! R.E.S.P.E.C.T not only C.R.U.S.H!
  • One of the greatest creations of A.R.Rehman. Kun faya Kun , Sheher mein with Sada haq, Nadan parindey take the game but what really touched my heart was Jugalbandhi of Shehnai and Guitar!
  • The role of 'Khatara bhai' by Kumud Mishra is impressive.
  • Costumes and choreography, both are too too good!
  • The way Ranbir acts while singing higher notes is something I never imagined he would be doing so nicely. His body language in the starting and then at the end ,shows his acting skills.
  • Beautiful cities -Kashmir and Prague!!!
  • Delhi takes the charm again ,be it market scenes , wide roads , old city area, pink cold weather and sweaters put on by all actors!
This is a very short review, though if you are at all into music and a bit on artistic side (know what is acting and enjoy it too!)the movie is fully paisa vasool! Though 95% public with me dint like, I would again say the movie is not for aam janata!!! I love it for Rs..Ranbir and Rehman! 

So go and watch it.." Sada haq aithe rakh!"

November 11, 2011

I want them back!

There are some characteristics in our lives which are gradually taken over by the hectic schedule, we develop with life. They also move on! Though we always loved them , we were better with them , we don't look back and try to regain! Even if we look back it seems impossible to regain. Do we actually try our best??May be no?

I call them a part of 'I want them back' list. These virtues/skills make you feel full and they make you feel 'you'! I realized ,when my father last time met ,told me in usual talks 'I have kept 3 walls of our new home just simple like that! You need to create something out of it haaa!'. May be a part of my 'I want them back' list!

So here is the ' I want them back' list of Bubblegum :)

  • Painting cartoons and sticking them on the wall! I still love them.
  • Reading more and more English, Gujarati Novels.(I still do, but not like before!)
  • Bharatnatyam or contemporary dance I would like to refresh! (Seems impossible?!)
  • Making albums of photos clicked by my father! I suppose I need to do it for myself now!May be I would get motivated to learn more on photography!
  • Arranging songs-database perfectly by my mood-playlist and not by films!! Cool na?
  • Arranging/making greeting cards, oneliners on my Papa's desk and now I can do it myself! Did I even care for it?
  • Arranging my collection (Read-huge) of earings, bracelets properly! I am still in searching of the perfect management thingie for it!
  • Watching all all and all Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies on holidays! ( I know this one seems odd in the list but these movies either teach you something  or makes you happy!)
  • Collecting lyrics of songs I love! I can not sing without understanding lyrics!!! :(
  • Making hand made cards for all friends on birthdays and Diwalis.
Here by, I vow to regain as many things as I can from this list soon! Very soon!

Where is your 'I want them back' list!??? I am sure you have one!

PS: Oh boy, this is my 100th post!
PS-II: Today is the birthday of my 2 friends, and 1 of them dint pick my call!Hey I am not going to call you back! I know what were you doing! :P

November 10, 2011

Hooked on by..

I am going gaga over the new song 'Sheher mein hu mein tere' by Rockstar -composed by A.R.Rehman.

I was introduced to the song by my brother while I was leaving for Kerala using his (Ooops Papa's) I-pod. I listend to it 10 times in the flight and whole 7 days journey was sheer pleasure with the song!(Song or???Ranbir???)

Basically I am a great great fan of  Ranbir ,Rehman and Mohit --Apna singer!

(My crush over Ranbir is talk of the town in our office!, less they know, I get over crushes very fast!)

The creativity with which the song is composed is just too good to praise!

When Mohit sings first --Sheher mein hu mein tere.... *I directly land in to the dream land with goosebumps*

Did you notice Ranbir throwing the line 'Tu thik se sun nahi raha hai yaar' in the song!??????
The voice kills me.......!
*I am splashed in to the dream land-II!*
*Flattering my eye lashes!*

By the end of the song I dive 1000*n (n=infinite) times into dreamland , total -2-3 zillion!!!

Guys lets make the plan to watch the movie...! Back to the song...... Bbbye!! :)

PS: The movie has got 4 starts and I dont give a damn about it! I am not going to share youtube link also!Possesive you see!

November 9, 2011

Robocon Rendezvous!

The ABU ROBOCON is a very very (read 3 more times!) prestigious competition worldwide. All domestic competitions in my college tenure used to be in MIT,Pune! Coming from a government college , we used to be in a 'Bhikhari' state all the time, but it became the best part to learn zillion things and also to have fun!

I found out about this competition in the first year. All seniors used to tell , its difficult to become the team member of the same! I used to think of a big shot Robcon team of our college. I don't remember precisely from where I became the core team member of it and became the only girl and the youngest team member (for 2 years!) but I certainly love the fun and learning  I could get. When it came to work it was fun with frustrations to perform! At the same time I was the most pampered member of all Bhaiyas in the team! :)

  • Making presentations for sponsorships. Going to companies and present/getting kicked out too!
  • Asking for helps at different industrial shades and garages!
  • We had a budget of the amount , which was the cost of rival team's (Talking about only one team, the winner team) single motor!! :P
  • Visiting chor-bazars to buy motors and other parts to build robos in our (read-low) budget!
  • Working for the whole day from 8 in the morning  to 11 at night(for me).
  • The bihari watchman chacha outside our lab , who had so much proud that a girl is working inside ,safely under his surveillance!! Actually I should thank all Bhiayas who actually came to drop me! Of course my parents who let me cultivate my passion!
  • My fights with dad! Yes he was the active (or not so) guide of the team being a part of automation industry!
  • The fun and laughter attacks when Robo structures and electronics relationship doesn't  go hand in hand!
  • Making a dummy field (We used to make only 1/4th of the actual field due to lack of space.) for days!
  • Programming which I never did only tried to destroy!!!
  • Dummy fights with spanners , hammers and saws! Yeah I was in the guy's world!
  • Singing songs while making structures to maintain momentum and keep eyes open!
  • Waking up guys (who used to stay all night at lab) in the morning at 9! I used to come from home at 8 and let them go home and get freshen up!
  • My efforts to learn embeded C! Ooops I still cant deal with it!
  • Electronic guys and the mechie guys/gal -fights always!
  • Holding big robo structures in hand , going to the garage on the bike for welding and re-welding!
  • My hat trick of slipping from my Activa in a day's time, with 2 destroyed jeans and bandages all over hands and legs!
  • The frustrations when line sensors used to fail and we always get kicked out of competition!
  • At the MIT, eating maggies for 5 days,shooting videos apart from working crazy! It was so much fun! I can write a different post for 'on the board' robocon incidents!
  • The drilling machine I used to love! For maintaining the weight ,we had to drill a lot in dead beams  and it was entirely done by me! I was so proud! :P
  • Our fights with gripper mechanisms of robots which used to work when not needed and malfunction when needed :P
  • Fights for T-shirts ,caps of ROBOCON ..Ooops they were mock fights to have fun!
  • Mac-D at Kothrud , our last day dinner venue for years! After our elimination , the frustrated 'us'; used to have fun at Mac-D!
There are many many and many more memories related to ROBOCON, It has been the main reason for the passion I have for my core mechanical engineering. Little I knew , It would drive me to my first job, so so many best buddies , my rocking life and what I am today!

November 8, 2011

Out of control curve of excitements!

You feel the Sine curve of excitement has started getting you on nerves!

Obviously...What do you feel when..

You and your roomie will shut the main door of your flat and the key is inside, in the morning at 9.. !
You both will be happy, that your another room mate has the key and she will come by 9!
You check your bag, just by chance if you get the keys, for 100 times in the office!
You get to have a cup of coffee with a friend for 3 hours while waiting for your roomie to come!
When 3 of you reach home and found that lock is now old and it is refusing to open up even with the key!
Your neighbour-1 is not at home with whom you share common balcony! Just a shutter in between!
Another neighbour has the key of neighbour-1's place , you can open their home but cant find the key of that damn shutter!
You call up the key-broker/breaker (hehehe!! I call them that!) at 11, he breaks the lock in 5 minutes!
You just had a cup of coffee and you are so hungry that you just gulp the whole glass of milk!
While having it , you fight with your brother on the call ,out of frustration for age old things! and say sorry too!

1 day-So many excitements ---Just made you pray at night 'Ab boring banado bawajee is raat ko!'! :)

November 7, 2011

Discovering 'me'!

I had been struggling in some confusions since some days. Should our work be the passion? If yes can it be something what we enjoy? If yes than should it be related to our best of best hobbies???

I have spent enough time with myself to ponder over the issue. My hobbies are in plenty ,and I enjoy each of them at the right time. Does that mean I would be picking any of them as my profession!? Am I the real 'me' for that??

I love communicating with people at the same time I hate taking follow ups and co-ordination all the time. I love music and dance! I love photography! (Okay I know I am a toddler!) I love to write for my own-self and what not! Can I take up any of the them as my profession instead of being jack of all and master of none?

The answer came to me was 'NO'! The decision is very personal! Current work I am doing in the core technical field is what I enjoy as my work and my profession. My hobbies are paths I can re-discover myself when I am fighting to prove myself professionally. They fire my zest for life! I can not convert them in to something like workload! At the same time being out of the core technical field and playing with my dreams is something I would hate to! I have found myself , craving for core technical knowledge updations once in a while.

So the real 'me' comes out when my profession and my hobbies would be different and I would value them the most in my life! Enjoy both!

Over and out of confusions! Ahem!

November 6, 2011

'Ghar ghar' ki kahani..

I have never ever moved out of a city till my placement in the company, I am serving right now! But man, after that I have changed so so so many 'ghars' that I have always been the victim of home-sickness once in a while with no homely feeling at that place, getting attached to the new place and again leaving the same!. Luckily I am happy to be settled in my latest accommodation-hopefully!

The first locational change was from home to Nashik where our induction was held. Just in 20 days after settling down I was thrown to Pune! ...Again I started enjoying but hey..I had a pretty long way to go! I was transferred in another organization ( Good Luck!) and I had given the preference -Nashik!

So 3 months with full of travelling  and practically very less days spent at Nashik , It was decided I will be in Mumbai by Senior bosses!! Coool! The first year of job and 3 locational changes , I was okay in the company accommodation!!!

The completion of first year followed by confirmation I had to leave the place and moved to sharing based place with 2 elder didis serving in the same company more or less! A pretty good house-First time felt as if I am owning the place and the room! Enjoyed a lot and just 5 months I had to shift to a friend of mine, living alone with a severe back problem! The transfer changed my life totally! May be I was becoming more and more matured!?

3months sharing and as the lease was getting over, one more pretty house was in my account! The shifting was tiring but thanks to my buddies it was cool and I was superbly managing my own things! Again some learnings of my life with some more maturity!!! 3 months and my friend got transferred to another city , with the bag of good and bad experiences and a fresh mind I headed to a pretty well house with 2 juniors which turned out to be very good buddies and I must say obedient juniors of me, as the eldest of them!! For the first time I was the eldest one ..not the pampered and youngest one!

Now I am fully settled and handling my professional life very well, I feel at HOME! yess!! Finally!

One of my 2 room-mates now getting married and I don't have to shift but.. I AM FEELING THE BLUE!.Ghar se jaane ka dukh..!! :(

I hope for me yeh 'Ghar ghar ki kahani' will not have more than 2 twists! I have already scored 8!

PS: We also changed our home where I was born last year to the new amazing place in Ahmedabad! The Actual score is 10!

November 5, 2011

Points I noted-05.11.2011

Yeah Today I cant write on any damn subject and still I want to blog... So it simply means I will throw random bullets...Catch them if you can!!!

  • My heart is saying something about my skills and job..My mind is saying something else and third..People are saying something else too...Where to go??? Should I follow my heart as I always do?My job is my life!!! What to do!!
  • I dint pull any one's leg today!! :/
  • I have postponed the whole mobile buying programme! 
  • Now the good part: I had kulfi and chocolate biscuits too!!! :)
  • I am missing my buddies( who are not in the city) like anything now a days.Guys, I missed CCD celebrations also because of you! Damn!
  • My eyes starts burning every 2 hours and I don't have any infection!! May be I am too strong to cry and my tears are not cleaning them properly now a days :P
  • I am even not writing the Kerala chronicles-III!!Okay I will, don't worry! Coming soon!
  • I am waiting for 'Rockstart'!! Ranbir...Mein aa rahi hoooooon!! :)
  • My histrionic behavior makes people think I am an actress working in some serials..!! :P
  • I wish to have a cup of coffee with my brother who can travel with the speed of light(hahaha) and land over  here!!! Listening to me...???
  • I want to buy the mobile but...!! 
PS: I have made the plan to harass one of my good friends-Hint: College friends! Here I call.. :P

November 4, 2011

Siblings raivalry.....

Scene: Me- Singing ekdum jhatak vatak songs while listening them on my laptop! (Yeah once in a while I enjoy songs like 'Tu chiz badi hai masst mast' , 'Churake dil mera goriya chal', 'Chehera kya dekhate ho,dil mein utarkar dekho na'!) This was ,but a special one from a group of a bit new songs! As always started gungunana (not exactly) with expressions...

Me: Papa ki pari hu mein...O O O O...........

.........Come on all darling daughters of darling fathers........

My brother quietly listening to me and doing his work...

Me: Papa ki pari hu mein...O O O O...........


Me: Papa ki pari hu mein...O O O O...........


Me: Papa ki pari hu mein...O O O O...........

My brother (Instead of asking me to stop and let him work!) :' Mummy ka 'Para' hu mein.'......

Me *Thunking my head on the wall*

Sons will be sons! Daughters will be daughters! and........Younger brothers will be younger brothers!!!

November 3, 2011

Kerala chronicles-II

The Allepy was something so much surprising for us as we thought nothing can be more beautiful than Kanyakumari sea! I was so very much wrong!!!


My resort ie. Lemon tree was fabulous!!! The swimming pool at the level of backwaters, outstanding view directly from our window..Floating lush green grass and flowers..Fog and sometimes showers!!Travelling of 4 hours was not at all boring! Music in the ears and fresh green frames all around!!! Not at all boring and tiring! The climate was refreshing too! I have some friends from Allepy and I was feeling so jealous!! Sunflowers on land side was celebrating diwali I think :) The looked gorgeous!

We also saw a road which was having sea waters on one side and back waters on the other! The width was less then even 12 feets!

Munnar and Theckady:
The next day, a trip to Munnar was a bumpy ride with motion sickness for me! It was a shock as I am used to this ghat wala travelling! But this Ghat was 'ghato ka baap' and mother of all 'beauty'! Clouds were passing by! Fog was not letting us see anything beside sometimes! Tea gardens were chill thrill for eyes! Hundreds of types of flowers and bird-'blessed by God' place!

The sterling resort was on a hill and we were thrilled by the awesome Diwali celebration by them! Fireworks to dinner to mithai-Perfect! It was our new year and hundreds of Gujaratis celebrated so beautifully!One day tour to Theckady was waiting for us the next day!

3 hours of journey to Periyar wild life century was finished early by driver uncle! The first wild animal we found was red faced monkeys!!! They snatched a pack of food from my hands and I couldn't even scream! They were in plenty! We had to walk for some 15 minutes to take the boat! Yes! We have to see all what we can from the boat!! God gifts of plenty of different birds , flowers, tigers,elephants, deers are given to Periyar region! We spotted almost 8 elephants including one baby elephant! We could also see many many deers,Kingfisher birds in plenty! Clouds were passing from the upper deck! Heaven!

While returning to Munnar , we went to a spice garden. We got to know about Peppers (Black, white and green), Ardusi, Ilayachi , bananas, clove,Jayphal, turmeric,vanilla to insulin herbs! The cutest small flowers of ilayachi was a bliss for our eyes! We bought some herbs also! I must say they are very very costly! The garden was so dense that we couldn't move properly to click photos also!Have a look at Elayachi flowers!

The third day at Munnar was for rest and a bit of roaming around!! Coming soon in part-III! Rest of the Munnar and Chochin chronicles!!


PS: I am finding it difficult which photo to post and which not to post! May come up with a photo blog! :)

PS-2: I have plenty of things to write which will not be posted in chronicles! You may find 2 posts a day!! Ahem!!! I can blog for the whole day as of now!

November 2, 2011

The Delay!

Yeah I am ready to explain why delay is there from my side for Kerala Chronicles-II! As you know I am majboor with 12th science habit of writing to the point style, again I am there with random reasons of THE DELAY!

  • Internet connection! It is such a pain with Tata photon! Tough to upload photos in the blog and I end up doing blunders every time!!! :/ The biggest guilty is The Internet!
  • My lazy nature to install an airtel broadband connection!
  • Travelling phobia has attacked me! I don't want to travel for some unknown reasons for some days and unintentionally I have missed a meeting at Nashik! :/ I am helpless!! The phobia keeps me busy mentally and I actually get irritated --->so the reason -1 again appears and the loops starts!
  • I should buy an extra cupboard for me..The mess on the bed and sofas refuse me to sit and blog with patience!So photoupdation and blogging is impossible! We 3 girls have hell lot of things which we can call 'A collection'!
  • A mouse!Yeah a mouse was seen in our room! I am not able to focus :/
  • I am missing some of my buddies and I am not missing some of my people! I am confused on which point I should ponder over! Phew!
  • 2 close friends getting married on 2 consecutive days in 2 cities! One north one in Maharashtra! I am feeling the Dharamsankat!! God please help me or worst: Please let me get married on that day!(No..Just a dialogue!) My half of the day passes in dharamsankat-worries!
  • I am really worried about my lazy nature to go and shop for upcoming 4-5 marriages! I am tired of shopping done by others also! I dont want to shop for some months now!! Again worries-No photo blog!
  • My laptop is having some amazing problems with my i-pod and my Photon! I am fighting! :/
Above all reasons can be taken as 'Bahanas' okay! I promise to write the second part in 2 dayz! :)

PS: I need to go to CCD! It has been ages it seems!CCD and Friends! OEMs at Delhi and Pune will always get cursed for some reasons by me! Ahem!

November 1, 2011

Lucky Me..

So here I decided to write something before publishing my Kerala Chronicles-II!

I have decided to make a list of things/persons I have which makes me lucky! I remember a friend of mine who used to do some blunder , saved or even not saved then telling  us 'See How lucky I am!' Cool na?

  • My Laptop (Though it fails to install i-Tunes!) , It keeps me in touch with all my folks.
  • My room mates! I am blessed totally! One is getting married! :/
  • My buddies to be precise office buddies! (Yeah even buddies who are no more in my office also included!) All of them are elder to me , ready to take me out of any problems made by me! We are in touch as always :)
  • My Camera!! Love you dude! (Camera is not a code name for any one! It means the camera!)
  • Oat meal and corn-flakes! Life without them is nothing but a hungry me! :/
  • My office, My company-Who gave me bestest of buddies, freedom to have coffee as many times I want , Chains of mails among us-buddies,Number of birthday/farewell celebrations and what not!
  • Dairymilk silks and other (read any) chocolates which can alter my mood!! (Hint?)
  • Facebooks-It makes me chatter all the time!!
  • Office communicator!!!- I am speechless!!
  • My travelling job-Makes me discover new places!! I love it!
  • My office canteen: which gives me confidence that I can cook better at times and Home food is the best! :/
  • The road to my place from office-Makes me walk and keep up the observing nature of mine on top!
  • Some of my best friends who sacrificed themselves and taught me what I want in my life,When will I be happy,What is something called 'Self respect' and above all I made them learn how to keep mum!

Last but not least! The  Blog!! It creates the real 'Me' when I am lost! :)