November 27, 2013

Randomness prevails!

I am sure people who read my blog knows that randomness flows through my blood. If I come up with random points on the blog, either I am too busy in too many things or I am locked in a usual rhythm of life.This time I have a flavor of both. In fact I am going to put any idiotic stupid or even intelligent thought of mine , coming in my mind. in this post. Let me start.

  • Uncertainty about houses to shift is in my destiny since 2009 , right from the day I stepped out of my city to make my career. I changed seven places in Mumbai and inter city transfers were four. In a year I shifted two times in Singapore alone. In Pune, I had two roofs before I shifted to this lovely place. I am seeing two more shifting in next six months. I pity myself. Attachment with places is a different problem but shifting and reloading a place to make it your own is emotionally, monetarily and physically trying. In fact convincing everyone for a single place is challenging if specially you are a girl's gang. About room mates, well I need a separate post. As of now in a month's time, we need to fix a place and I am not able to decide on a roof or roof-mates!
  • Cold. I have developed some allergies from some food or cold or something related to Pune air.Which holds my throat and scratches it some much that without cold medicine I refuse to sleep. Sneezing is less but soar throat or leaking nose exactly dont support. Hope to adjust to this new city even now. 
  • Money. I am such a poor soul managing the cash flow. I am stating this before getting one full salary in my account. Still. I am not able to control my daily expenditure. No, luxury is not what I want. May be expenses have gone high. The biggest problem is to save something for my wedding expenses, as little a few thousands which is impossible in this city after paying hefty money to auto people. Rent and food again need a huge amount of money. Hope I might find a way to earn some extra money by just blogging :D I know readers are laughing. No, I am not going to monetize this blog.
  • People around me. I loving all of them. I never knew I will adjust with them so quickly. Of course I miss my friends and family. I miss Mr.ISB but then hey, that is life is all about. Wait till you get them!
  • I have to solve the biggest problem for a life. How to keep awake when you are on cold medicine or you are messed up with a boring task. The coffee and tea provided by our dear office boy is sweeter than the sugar. When I go home ginger tea is the first thing I make. I am sure I will find a way to get rid of either sleepy mood in the office or the cold medicine. 
  • I am slowly giving up on my reading, dancing and music. Blogging is still on to some extent. I am really sad for this but then I hardly find time to actually get into, if I find I run out of resources. Speakers , songs or books. Nothing can actually attract me now as they used to.
  • Weekends. Since four weekends I am travelling. This weekend I am travelling to Ahmedabad and I wish next two weekends I get to relax. I am torturing myself now by travelling too much. 
  • No post now I can wrap up without talking about my wedding. Plans are being laid out and I am clueless how to involve. Of course when people talk about shopping I have something to say but their over whelming approach scares me to death. I wish I can just elope and appear on the wedding day.

November 18, 2013

The cold play

I have been dealing with a weird kind of cold. It strikes in the morning with some ten fifteen minutes sneezing session or it strikes after four in the evening. In between it comes only if it has mood otherwise I am completely fine. It again strikes when I want to sleep and makes me go mad with all other symptoms like nose leaking, nose blockage, soar throat and body ache. If it is cold and hectic in the day time it is garnished by head ache as well.

Yesterday the cold decided to catch me tight. It had started giving hints a day before but I was too busy to grab those hints as yours truly was being pampered by in laws in another city. I realized that the cold is getting serious about me when I was travelling back to Pune. Well the next day, when I entered office people started looking at me with sympathy in  eyes.I felt bad for my in laws who were worried and a friend of mine in fact ask me if things were right.

I settled on my desk and the sound of stopping the leakage off my nose, that is my hard work to not to look shabby with liquid coming out of nostrils in public started. The cotton napkin and my nose had moments of friction for the whole day, to the extent that some people approved occurrence of maroon blush ( guys, it is a kind of make up tool to show pinky cheeks. That is what I know!) on my nose in place of my cheeks. For an hour I was not sure if both my nostrils are breathing or I am a living medical miracle.

To discuss an issue when I went to my manager, he became conscious if he is being harsh on me! He asked me to take rest. I am sure he had self doubts about relationship management with subordinates. He offered two three days off as well.

When I felt temperature of my body increasing, not because of my looks but due to the cold I decided to take the half day off. Coming back home was so much relaxing that I gulped snacks given by the would be mom, drank hot water and went to sleep for a number of hours.

The after evening hours spent in being nostalgic about my cold cough sessions in Singapore and how my room mate used to put efforts to save my lungs/nose from cold attacks. When I slept off, proving the theory of cold medicines induce sleep wrong by sleeping at 2, I did not know cold would play the peek-a-boo again next morning.

Here, I am, without any sneezing-coughing-nose leaking (only with body ache) waiting for the cold session to start by working at home. Come on, cold. Come face to face.Lets fight it off.

November 12, 2013

Love and ramblings!

This is clearly the day when with choked nose I push myself to get up from the couch I was asleep. I had a horribly weird dream and I can not say if it was a nightmare or not. I am getting too many night mares now a days, god knows why. Ginger tea is the way to get ready for the day. I suddenly realize how one of my flatmates used to hate my tea which hypothetically (in reality too) had more ginger than the milk. I like it that way. I put very little sugar free in it and just let the strong smell enter and touch my soul. Yeah, I try to be poetic every now and then. A few people I can see are raising their eyebrows to say if I am in love. I am in Love.

With myself. I am trying to pamper myself to restart healthy life style again. I love the Pune Winter like crazy. A cotton jacket in the morning and a little woolly jacket in the evening do the trick. Instead of my cheeks my nose becomes red in the early morning and night. I am not sure how pink cheeks are trademarks of winter.

I am in love with my bottle of Vicks. No really. Without it I would have got suffocated and might get murdered by the same red nose. I am sure God has blessed me by chocking my nose/leaking my nose only in the morning or in the night. I clearly don't want my office neighbors to smell Vicks all the time.

 I am in love with my office. Which is sadly shifting in a month or two. Temporary crush I suppose. I love my desk, I love the way I have to go to my neighbor as the dustbin resides in between is pulled to his side. I am sure he must be doing small scale business of Kabadi in those few minutes he get free.

I am in love with the calendar. Which in a way makes me guilty by not being able to attend two best friends wedding and above the birthday of my fiancee. Of course there will be ways to compensate for.Not really.

I am in love with my nervousness which tags along in all possible forms like headaches and irritation. I believe I am the only would be bride of the world who is not enthusiastic about the wedding. Before any one thinks, I am pushed into the relationship, I should clarify that I am all in to go for the court marriage and have a gala trip to some amazing places in the world. Well, fantasies prevail.

I am in love with the new silver anklets I purchased from the very first half salary I got. No, not because I love them. I do but the reason is weird. I read some where that silver anklets do help in keeping organs of lower body healthy. I am not sure but validating the same. Unless I decided to spare my colleagues from light music it gives in the every step I take.I am sure there will be a way to take off those tiny ghunghrus my anklets have at the end.

 Last but the most important point of this post is , I am in love with my would be life partner. None of us are fans of mushy conversations, in fact the bond is like the best friends so I am sure the previous statement is too bold to appear in public. Mr. ISB hold on to your breath and move one!! *Wink*, Just in case you read!

November 10, 2013

New new!

New home.

Home is where the heart is. This new place gave me a sudden rush of positive energy. The new flat mate is also chirpy and that makes it more special.

New job

People are good, work is good. I am loaded and job hours are stretched till I faint as soon as I touch my bed but then that is the part which will grow my career. I am all happy.

New friends

I meet so many people every day and make friends. Almost daily one new person I meet. I love making friends and so this phase is adding up many many good friends in my friends-list for sure.

New phase

My wedding is coming closer every day. Do not ask me date, I am not sure but a few months away. Wedding blues hitting high and rituals with relatives making me crazy before they can even enter in my life. I need to take it in a bit different way, with enthusiasm and happiness. Yeah I am the would be bride who is yet not too enthusiastic to shop and get ready in some super cool saloons. Not pink only blue in the mind.

New me

Yeah I am changing slowly. I am being a little more sentimental fool. Something which is being laughed on every day but hey, I will reach that saturation point and go back to the super care free me after wedding okay?

PS: I dont have wifi at home as of now. Thanks to my new roomie I am using her net and feeling as if I came back to myself after ages!

November 1, 2013

13 is not bad!

So so many people feel thirteen is an unlucky number. My rational side feels this is a foolish thought. We can not hold a 'Number'? responsible for something unwanted happening in life. While a rebellious side of me always feel, why 13? The one part of me discovered the otherwise, we celebrate Dhanteras! Yeah, 13 is lucky this time?!

I know this post started with some silly stupid ideologies of mine but right now here in this room , alone, in now not so new city Pune, I am free to be myself. After a lined up calls from my mom, my would be mom (in law), my sister (in law who is capable of letting me break all laws!) and of course Mr.ISB. Long distance blues always show off on your phone bills, isnt it?

This new home (at least for two months) is nice, gives me some positive vibes even when I am not sure of flatmates. I am not so lucky to have my Singapore flatmates again here, but I just can pray I can feel them at least 10% here. I am yet to organize everything in my room and situation demands the delay of some ten days for the same, I have already started planning about buying new mugs and photo frames! May be this is the feeling I always carry whenever I shift, sadly, never entirely made myself happy with application.

As tomorrow I am leaving for home, I am not at all homesick this Diwali like I was last time. I am sure my Singapore room mates might miss the actual shining of the festival but hey, I am going to send some pictures of India to make them jealous! *Yeah rolling eyes*

This Dhanteras, I did not do any pooja but I am sure tomorrow I am going to be into festive mood. I pray to god, that my mom's dream of making me wearing Saree this diwali gets accomplished in a beautiful way. Otherwise a chubby girl might get converted into a wrapped jumping cylinder.

I know I should just publish the blog-post and run away.