October 31, 2011

Kerala Chronicles-I

The dream came true and the D-Day arrived!! Ooops I started my Kerala trip with the early morning call of Easy cab driver at 4!!! Armed with all my luggage to the airport! Met parents and was happppppy happppy !!!! 2 hours flight time spent nicely by chattering with Mumma Papa and Brother plus sleeping!

Trichi :As the name says 'Kerala' aka 'Land of coconuts' , I got the feeling as soon as I stepped out of the plane in Trichi!A Short runway, small city airport ,Humidity and the light lovely smell of coconuts, I was in love!!!

With the name- plate of dad with the expected wrong spelling of all of us, we were greeted by the driver!! Our companion ,guide and Uncle -Rajendra! The first word he said was 'Kem cho'!! (What?!!!!) I said 'Ennekyu manasilayla!' The only Malayalam Sentence I know! :P

We entered  backwaters at our feet at Poovar island resort! Palm trees,wild fruits and flowers floating on the surface of clean water! We placed our baggage in the boat and witnessed the concept of backwater and what does it mean to be in 'God's own country'!! Blessed!!!!

The resort was just speechless, Floating rooms and the horizon at sunset!!!Just wow!! Be it Flowers decoration or lush green trees ,wooden boats or healthy food with unhealthy dessert!!! :) I was in double love! The evening boat ride all in the back waters was refreshing!!

While travelling by road I had realized the market of Tata Ace, Mahindra pick up,Logan, Majors,Thar and Nano was very strong! (Sorry being from an OEM makes you like this!). I also realized Silk sarees of Kerala is something I will really miss if I wont buy!!! Everywhere boards of sarees showing different patterns were making me mad! Above all I realized a fat hero called Mohanlal is a super star here!

Kovalm beach was very calm unlike what I thought of! I witnessed traditional fishing by a gang of fishermen! The sound coming from the net made me think it was a big fish- bigger than whale! They were hundreds of small fishes!!! The climate with light showers were cooling us like anything!

Kanyakumari :The second day was planned one day trip to Kanyakumari-The end of India,Where Swami Vivekanand got the brahma gyan or Where Mata Parwati remained unmarried for some more days (So we call it 'Kanyakumari'), Sangam of Indian Ocean,Bay of Bangla and The Arabic sea!

The kumbh ka mela types lines were something I can forgive after seeing the mesmorizing beauty of 3 shades of blue getting into one ocean, Fast moving clouds,Patterns made by water and clouds on land!! Triple love!

The next day Allepy tour was something I was not able to wait for!!! Coming soon the part-II!!


PS:  The camera was making me hyper ! Showers were coming in between my passion but some how I managed!!

PS-2: Life is coming in the original shade now! Coming up shadis are a concern now! Missing my buddies today!!!

October 30, 2011

Post-Vacation blues!!

The moment I stepped outside the Mumbai Airport, The post vacation blues appeared!!!..

Yes! After the awesome Kerala trip I am back to 'Aamchi Mumbai'!! The god's own country is holding me back and one side of me is happy after getting back to my city-2! :)

The usual randomness started in my life... :P

  • I jumped out of the grill of the airport arrival lobby to grab the auto-opportunity! To my horror My camera bag slipped from my hand and my heart beat skipped!!!! 
  • Unpacking of my bag was the longest job I did-That's what I felt at the moment-oops Minutes!
  • The watchman greeted me saying 'Madam diwali ka chanda baki hai!!'!!!
  • I realized I need to recharge the photon plug in or else I will go blank without net!
  • I wanted to sleep but I dint!! 
  • I had a talk with almost all friends I can and felt okay after the first attack of mumma-papa sickness!
  • I wanted to blog blog at any cost and so I am doing it! I missed blogging!
  • I am still in love -The silk saree I got from Cochin! -Some day baby I will use you! :)
  • I am in love with 2 songs again -'Sheher mein-Rock star' and 'Rythem divine'!
  • I went to CCD all alone to remember my good-old coffee buddies after a NO TEA- COFFEE week!
  • I am again dreaming of Sony Neo V!! Dreams come true! Hold on!
  • 5 friends getting married,My masi coming after years to Ahmedabad and One friend's engagement & probability of cousin's marriage--->I am getting mad!! Hell! I am the youngest of all! :)
  • From Monday-Office again!! Well not to worry! Gonna meet all my 'baki bache' buddies of office! 
Monday Here I come!! Show me the pink side not the blue one! :)

PS: Yeah yeah coming soon-Kerala trip titbits....with clicks!!!

October 21, 2011

Happppppy Diwali- A Click by me! :)

Clicked by my new DSLR! :) Happy Diwali!! I have photoshopped it as I mentioned here!

October 20, 2011

'Random' bullets about randomness in life!!

I am again back to pavilion on bulleting on the blog!!! wah wah !! But I feel there is no other way which can perfectly describe my feelings  random feelings about life!!! Here I shoot...

  • I am super^n (n=infinite) excited for my trip to Kerala & spending full 7 days with Family!!
  • I feel so good about the festive season in the air! When We walk back from office in the late evening all I can see is people buying gifts,diya,colours for rangoli and what not!!! Bliss!!!
  • I spent an hour taking a good click to make a greeting and to mail it to all!! I think mailing is the best way to avoid paper!! This year I wont be able to make hand made cards :(  Frock buddy N!
  • I am yet to finish my shopping and other work for which mom keeps on bugging :P and I sigh!
  • I am towards double PhD on mobiles- read Android mobiles! Still man I cant win over my brothers!!
  • Photography will be on focus for some days!! (My brother at Delhi? I need your help!)
  • I am scared how I am going to be without Internet for 7 days! (Ah I remember! My father will be with all his gadget army!!I need not worry!) But I feel I wont use it for 7 days!! I wish!
  • My frankness is increasing day by day ! The level scares some of my friends! :P
  • My Pagalpan for masti has crossed the limit and it is scaring all on the floor! :P
  • The news of earthquake in Gujarat at 11 in the night scared me a bit!! Though I feel all Gujaratis can do PhD on what to do and what not to do at this time! :P Relax Bubblegum!
  • I am hooked on to the song 'Love will show you everything' :P Double hooked on 'Senorita'! Still!
  • I feel I should start learning a language and yes ,again playing 'Sudoku'! I miss it!
  • I am really scared of tanning, I might get during my trip!!! :P :P (Yeah a bit girlish fear!)
  • I am super excited and a bit nervous on SPA thingie of Kerala!! A fear Factor!
  • I am missing decorating my home with Rangoli and Diyas!! Mom never ever needed to look at the same! It was in my custody!!!
  • Buying a pair of jeans is the next fear I might add into the list!
  • I am a big time lurker for all techno-holic videos!!
  • I am into ragging of one of my juniors in the office and he is one of the gang of 3 persons younger to me! Still He doesn't listen to me!
  • I am still waiting for a call from my Bhai at Pune!! (He doesn't talk to me at all!!! huh!!) He doesn't about know my blog! Ahem!
  • Oh I just recalled.. I am going to Kerala!!! Yuuppppppy!!!!Yuppppy!!

October 19, 2011

Walks To Remember..

I was always a fan of this activity ie. walking.My mother and a lot many friends think I walk like a kid/a young guy or bla bla!! My mother used to make me walk by keeping books on my head so that I can get the charm! I was a bharatnatyam dancer but the effect dint come into anything except my dance, my expressions (read: Heavy expressions), walking when I wear high heels!Other wise I look like a jumping jack going on the road :P

I remember in an induction programme in a traditional round I had to walk on the ramp! The trainer had toughed times to make me walk in a model kindda grace! The grace came but the walk was not 'latak matak' at all!! Though as it was 'choli' of Gujarat, people loved it in a traditional way!! :P Yeyeyeye!!

But then why do I remember walks?? I had several walks ..Infinite walks.. I would like to recall all of them!
  • Walks with mumma! Once I started going to the college I had many holidays and in vacations I used to go with mom for walking.We used to chat a lot and that's where exactly the mother-daughter relation turned into a friendly relation! :)
  • Walks with my frock buddy N! These walks were only and strictly 'funny' episodes and kands we did!! We used to roll on the road while walking as we would be constantly laughing!!
  • Walks from my Pune office to home with my Gujju-Mallu friends!! Not to forget my friend MJ (Yeah the nick name by yours truly!)..Whom I gifted 'Amul Chhash' on his birthday!!! We used to chat about our first job and worst experiences ever then! :P
  • Walks inside my company plants in 'kadi dhoop'!! I don't remember these episodes okay? :p
  • Walks from my office to accommodations in last 9-10 months! Every day 3-4 people will make a group, who will be living nearby!! We had such an influence that one or 2 friends of us who had to in another direction were forced to accompany us and then sit in CCD with me!( I think I made those rules!!!)..
  • Walks after lunch in the company!! Yes I love this type! Again some 4-5 people (Not to forget they were many before! Those includes my office-leaving-gang-members!) would take a walk in the company campus!! The sessions were/are either knowledge sharing sessions (Be it Company news,OEMs,Stock market, real estate or latest technology) or Leg-pulling sessions!!! We don't have many members left, but we try hard to continue this tradition! (Are you listening Delhi friends??)
  • After dinner sessions were also made sometimes! Those will be very personal sessions! All love stories and tragedies happening in lives would be shared!!But but Me with 2-3 friends broke the chain and started leg-pulling sessions here also!  :P These were followed by Baskin Robbins ice creams or local kulfis!!
  • Walks meant for exercise followed by jogging!! :/ Though I have started enjoying them as well :) Thanks to my lovely I-pod!
Most of walks are now only in memories and I love to cherish them! Yes, we do have some walks in our pockets and I am sure will create some more!!! :)

Are you also having  such walks to remember??

Happy realization!!

I have discovered and realized that,

  • I enjoy my own company a lot!
  • I want to indulge in every possible fun giving tasks be it singing , dancing, roaming around,jogging to face-booking! I want to do it all and after office its not possible , so I become hyper active!!!!
  • I need to build up my stamina to fulfill all my wishes above :P
  • I really really need to take a break and meet my parents  :(  but :)  I am going to meet them soon!
  • I am enjoying my life so much being busy and sometimes being alone! I used to feel bad when most of my gang-members left for better opportunities!! I have learnt to enjoy my own company! :) Thanks guys/gals! Yeah it doesn't mean I will stop harassing you or stop asking you all to come back!! :/
  • Thanks to my 2 room-mates who are younger to me, I have started a feeling of being an elder sister but sometimes I end up being almost like them!! :P
  • I enjoy wherever I stay now , after being the victim of changing cities/accommodations every 4 months! Be it Ahmedabad,Nashik,Pune or Mumbai :)
  • I love the simple and soothing life style of small cities to rocking Metro cities , though I feel metro cities will be suitable to my dreams like going an extra mile with my career and 'roam-around' habits!
  • I blog for myself and I love and just LOVE to blog! Howzz that!? :P
  • I am moving towards doing a PhD in smart phones!!! :P
  • I am lazy enough not to pamper my self!! I need to take care!
  • I NEED to learn how to cross the road on my own!!!! :( :/
  • I want to love and like green tea!!! Any ideas to improve taste?!I want green tea bags to make 'tasty green tea'!!! :P 
  • I am missing my balcony garden! It seems my Papa's hobby of having gardens at home is jumping again and again in my mind!!!
  • Diwali preparations in our area has started and The 'missing home' feeling is very strong as I love to do Rangolis (Different on each day!), preparing Diyas, decorating home!!! Next year may be!
  • The most exciting thing is leaving for Kerala !!!! :P :P  Super like to it!
  • I should get rid of the habit of randomly shooting bullets in every post!! Shuh!! : /
  • I have become my own fan the way I am enjoying life!!!(I am listening to one my friends to land from the cloud 9 and be in limits!! :P ) Kidding!!! :)

October 18, 2011

A confession, A compliment and A kismat connection!

No!! I am not going to review the fulltoo boring and slow movie!! :) Be happy for that!

I am just going to speak out my dil about 'Kismat connection' I have in my life..

I am very much into friendships which are generated naturally , we don't keep in touch every week or day and still when we talk , we feel as if we have known each other for the whole of our lives!

Yesterday I pinged a senior (Didi) of mine! We met first in the reunion programme of our school! 'The world is small' feeling came when I got to know that she is my college friend's sister! We were participating in the programme of the huge and royal get together of my age old school!

I still remember as a kid just passed out of the school I was highly influenced by her personality! The charm and the smile! Just like any teenager's craze while practise-sessions only I added her on my Orkut/Facebook.Moreover I loved the way she was singing in the programme! That was my favourite song too!

For I suppose 3-4 months I showed all my close ones...Her marriage photos her college photos! It was my basic practise to see her photos and dream that I would like to look the same in my marriage!I would be the same smart personality as she is having! I must say she is so smart and graceful that I just used to close my eyes and try to copy her !! :P

Time changed. I was off the facebook/orkut fundae! First  job and became busy!

Time again changed! I came back on facebook! Exactly after 1.5 years! I opened the account and suddenly saw her in my friend's profile! Added and some one line talks! I was again in the same era! I checked up all her photos! (Didi I am accepting the fact today that yess!! You still inspire me with the grace you carry yourself!). Whenever I called up her brother (My friend) I asked about her! What is she doing etc! :)

Last night when I was online! I saw her online too!! Bassss.... I pinged her! The same grace and the same elderly inspiration she can give it to me! .. We chatted for a long time I suppose! I felt I know her since ages and I bet she was also feeling the same! I told her all how I am/was influenced by her!! :) Obviously I was so so so so happy telling her all day-dreams of mine!! May be I was out of the 'Bachpana era'!

I truly felt the 'Kismat Connection' between us! I hope if she is reading this I owe the smile and the grace (Up to whatever level I am carrying!) to you DIDI :)

Do you have such Kismat connections?? Go and Compliment them!! Confess! I bet it will make you happy like anything! The life is to enjoy and I bet you will enjoy those moments!

October 16, 2011

Delhi ke do deen :)

I was really thinking about my habit of shooting random bullets in most of the write-ups! I am very much used to the same pattern, but this time sorrrry! I have to shoot them again! I have enjoyed my Delhi-Faridabad-Guragaon trip  with my work so so much...! :) so cheers!

  • When I was reaching the Mumbai Airport I felt so tired and felt as if I am going to sleep in the flight.I was not sure how will I survive without sleeping on Delhi airport!! But but.. The passengers surrounding me kept me busy in observing different culture and life styles in a tired mood. The moment I came out of the flight on Delhi airport....I was on cloud 9! Yes I am a big fan of Delhi ka Awesome Mausam! I was charged up! I could feel the spirit!! May be it was a psychological change! But it was a change!
  • The traffic was as bad as Mumbai but I was really into listening peppy songs on my ipod and watching BMWs,Mercs and Audis!!
  • The Panchsheel area can be scary at night but thanks to my office-mates waiting for me at the guest house fulfilled my dream of walking in 'Andheri Galiya' of Panchsheel at 11 in the night and having an ice cream too!! :)
  • While reaching out our suppose to be work place at Faridabad we visited Lotus temple! We were the first 2 persons to have a chance to sit in the amazingly peaceful 'Prarthana Gruh' and got to know some wonderful facts about Lotus temple and Bahai Samuday.
  • Faridabad was as bad as any industrial area combined with a residential area. Roads were of not at all good:P But working there was awesome! :) 4-5 Hours were spent without getting tired! As I know fun after work is approaching faster! :)
  • Faridabad to Gurgaon was just 45 mins by car thanks to the driver! :) Met some 2-3 friends and 2 Dadas of mine and felt tooooo goood! Yes they are from my leaving gang ex-office mates! :)
  • Gurgaon is nothing but a chain of shopping malls. The festive mood of Karva Chauth was awesome! Beautiful ladies with cute mehandis and traditional wears with fusion were rocking! We celebrated one of our friends birthday, had food and enjoyed! :) I was just busy in either chattering or observing the spirit!! It was not scary for me thannks to all my friends :)
  • The Delhi Metro made us reach Hauj Khas in just 20 mins from Gurgaon!!!! It was a wonderful experience with Metro! The kind of international level they have developed is speechless! P.R.O.U.D!
  • Again Panchsheel with a compulsory walk and an ice cream!!! :)  Happy souls! :)
  • The Sunday!!! Roaming around and shopping at Sarojini Nagar is something I will cherish and of course will be remembered as I spent some good bucks on it ;) The style and the charm with attitude!Inspired!! :)
  • The Delhi Haat! A must visit place for all foodies and handicraft lovers! From Rajsathani, Marathi,Punjabi to authentic Bangla food apart from Punjabi food!! It includes food from Manipur,Ladakh and Lakshadweep too!!! :) Handicrafts were a bit expensive but I would love to buy them all any time!! :) We indulged in Rabadi,Kachouri,Sweet potatoes to Kulfi :)
  • The packs of Doda Barfi were Visas for me and my team-mate to enter Mumbai!! We had to rush :)
  • We again roamed around in the airport though my legs were not allowing me and my Dil was still telling me..'Hey you are still in Delhi!! You should explore!!!' Ahem! As you know I follow my heart! :P
I wish I can be in Delhi every year!! Every month.. to get my self charged up!! Thanks to My ex-office mates and my 2 brothers!!! I LOVED the feel of Delhi!!! :)


October 12, 2011

The golden 'Bermuda' Triangle trip

  • So Finally the nightmare (Or a dream!) came true when I had the privilege to be in 3 cities in a single day! Yes..Breakfast in Mumbai , Lunch at Nashik and Dinner at Pune!! It begged some good numbers of likes on facebook as well!! Well that's a good part of the story.. The bad one is : I have nearly lost my voice due to fatigue! In the morning I speak like a pig screaming for food!!  :/ By night it will be fine..And again... :( I call it a Bermuda triangle!
  • I enjoyed my journey from Mumbai to Nashik giving a tribute  to The famous Jagjit Singh! I would like to dedicate a post to him! I heard all all Ghazals and songs by him in my I-pod!
  • I realized how the Nashik - Pune highway affects your mental state!
  • I also realized I cant cross highway junctions and some roads full of traffic on my own! :/
  • Met my very gooood gooodie friends from good old days :)
  • I realized its a bliss getting wet in rains!!
  • A cup of hot coffee in CCD with best of friends will make you feel less tired! It works!
  • After 4+6=10 hours journey again my travelling thrill started the next day! From city area to Industrial area 1hour+1 hours=2 hours! and In the evening back to Mumbai in 6 hours!! The total is 10+12=22 hours travelling in 48 hours!! hmmmmmmm...
  • I realized my geographical knowledge is freakingly bad!! I can see my papa's face in anger! :P
  • I again got wet on second day of the trip and dint feel blessed! Ahem!
  • I hate hate hate Mumbai traffic!! I repeat!
  • I was harassed by 3 very genuine personalities in my life without my fault!! :/
  • While reaching home I was again planning the trip a day after!! Hmmm Dilli ab door nahi :) Here I come .... :)

October 9, 2011

What I want from India..

No no! I am not going to lecture you all what I can do for India or what India can do for us ! Its a different need! I am always amazed at the diversity we have as a single nation and we can use the best of all regions and bring out colours to our life! (Oho..That's a poetic try!! Kids can use in essays!! :p)

Here is the list of things I would love to have on some days from different regions of India!So all my friends from all regions ,you can help me out ;)

  • Nath (Marathi style nose ring!!) But hey the wish is over yesterday!! Thanks buddy!
  • Patola saree from Patan (I guess I should ask it from my whomsoever would be husband singing the perfect Gujarati folk ..'Patan thi patola mongha lavjo'!! Ahem!! Its the kind of saree which is hand made kind of and it costs (The real one!) from 20k (Lower range) to 5-6 Lacs!!! Yesss!! I think better let this wish be a dream ;)
  • Doda Barfi from Delhi!! (Are you listening to me??!! )
  • Earings (stone wale) from Jaipur!! Awesome one!! I love them!!
  • Golden saree (less white) from Kerala. But I guess for sarees better let it be a wish!! :P
  • Shell ear rings from Kerala or Goa.
  • An awesome fur sweater or jacket from Ladakh!
  • Regional dress of Ladakh! Yes the same Kareena had put on in 3 Idiots and Jab we met!
  • Navvari (9 vaar) saree from Pune! But one condition is there! It should be stitched!! :P
  • Coffee of Coorg!!!
  • Patiyala from Chandigardh!! :)
  • Strawberries from Mahabaleshwar!! Not from Mapro guys!
  • Idiyappam from south!!(I am still confused from where it is!)
  • Rabadi from Mount Abu!(Believe me Guys its awesome!)
  • Dhup chhaun Kanchivaram saree from Chennai :)
  • Raagi Halwa from Manglore!
  • Kalkattti kurte! Something for my brothers and guy friends! Some day!
  • Khadi kurta and cotton hand woven Sarees from Ahmedabad! (Now don't stare at the city! I have got them!! :P )
  • Apart from things I would like to have a folk songs/ regional music of all regions! Love to listen to different music... :)
The list is not the finale list! Whever I visit a city, everytime I fall in love for the city for things' not-so-famous'which are still specialities of the city! So the list is never ending but worth buying (Conditions apply!). It makes me feel good about our mulitcultured INDIA :)

October 7, 2011

Facing the fear.....

There are some fears (or some silly fearsome features) which freaks me out.Some days back I was going through some company stuffs and got focused to 'Face the fear' lines many times.

I would definitely love to fight against the fear.The real point is to face them.Most of the time we create scary images and don't face them , we don't try,we just panic!We just get tensed! I decided to at least make a list (If at all I can remember all, but there is always a next time!) and face the titles at least! :P May be I will get motivated to reduce the list one by one and conquer them all!! :) :)

  • Swimming!!!I do have hydro-phobia kind of a thing! I am scarred of swimming pools and sea-shores! I love water-mud puddles though! Above all I am not ready to tan my already not-so glowing skin!! (Any idea to overcome?! :P)..I would really love to swim someday!! (I know swimming is the best exercise!! )
  • I am scared of playing football! Call it my inability to get into the groove or my fear of failing in the game as a girl or getting some one who makes me feel good about myself and makes me learn!! Ahem! But some day man...someday I will hit kick the ball!
  • Hair-treatments and spas!! I just see people pampering themselves and feel happy!! No....Actually I am scared of both!! Straightening to spa...I will decide-think-rethink and drop the plan.
  • I cant see friends leaving places where I dwell!! Yeah a number of resignations from my buddies is a 'Sajhish' to let me face the fear of being alone! I guess I would manage it pretty well and delete the point from this list!! :)
I need to be stronger :)

PS:I have just mentioned fears which can add value to my personality intensely if I overcome. Baki I have a longer list for fears like fear of facing Dogs,mice,crossing roads sometimes,even watching someone scratching walls (what?!?!yess!!)!!

October 6, 2011

Before this year ends...

Its the October starting..In Jan before taking a new resolution lets recheck whats left!! Though generally my life revolves 180 degree from Jan to the year end so.. I make resolutions as and when needed--Please don't ask me the out come!!  : /

There are certain things/plans/passion I want to indulge in before this year end! They can make me full of life..Read satisfactorily lived life... :) Lets check it out!

  • Visiting Kerala!! (Thanks to Papa I don't need to plan it out!! :) )
  • Reading some 9-10 books left in my list!! Okay I think I can do it!! :)
  • Refreshing my Bharatnatyam a bit! May be 2-3 weeks before a year end!
  • Muziiiiiiic...Want to make a proper era wise collection now! I do have some 10-20 GB collection!!!
  • Want to make a stand-kind-of-a-thingie to place my huge huge collection of ear rings and bracelets!
  • Taking care of my fitness !! Really!!! I need stamina to fight also! (Don't ask me about details! :P )
  • Harassing all all my best friends of  office (Who are no more floor-mates :P ) to the core that they come back!! :/
  • Blogging blogging and blogging!! Donno why I love it!
  • Playing badminton regularly now! (Where is the court man! I have to search!!)
  • One more time : All you office-leaving-gang-members!! I will not 'baksh' you!! Okay?? :P

October 3, 2011

Points i noted....4th oct!

  • 3 Friends who have resigned cant take their papers back!! yeah It was what I wanted from them! Ahem!!! (I know I am a selfish friend!!!) I gave up!
  • I want them back at any cost!
  • I just realized what you want in life will never stay with you forever! You have to find new goals!
  • I am over with my surprise giving plans!! I am running out of ideas as well!
  • I have started hating coffee a bit!! (Good going bubbles!! :P )
  • I am simply getting afraid of the saree day at office!! For the whole day?!?! Bachaaoooo!
  • I am going to Keral Keral Keral!! (Not 3 times! Just that I am super excited!)
  • Super dooper stressful project coming up-Being alone without best buddies in office! I am all armed with whatsapp and mails! :P
  • I am going to keep cool at office! :P New resolution!
  • I am  leaving 'Rakhadpatti/bhatakana' era and entering into a reading spree! :P
  • I have realized that auto/bus/cars/train makes me sleep within minutes if I am tried :P
  • I hope to blog about my office gang very soon!! Something!! :)

October 2, 2011

'Mumbai thi Gadi avi re'-Navratri @ Mumbai

Amdavadi Navaratri was something I was missing but hey I got the feel of the festival right here in Mumbai!! There were differences in the way people celebrate here but with a gang -going for garba is something I enjoyed the most!! Back to back 3 days of Garba is something I have not done for last 3-4 years!! Ahem!!

  • Mumbai's Navaratri is all about 'Phalguni Pathak'! People go mad! In Ahmedabad I think more craze is there for 'Shyamal Shaumil Munshi' or 'Sanjay Oza'! But Phalguni style is different than what we love in Ahmedabad!! Positive point is I loved Mumbai styles too!
  • I gotta learn Mumabi Garba action!! (They call here is mumbai dodhiyu which is different than Amdavadi)..
  • I was shocked to see when some people dint let dance a person who cant pick easily. Learning word is not there if you want to join a group and enjoy! I guess in Ahmedabad only 'masti' is important  and guys with left feet also dance :)
  • Girls came in jeans and kediyu , salwar kamiz! It was something surprising!
  • I loved the way people over here spend thousands of bucks for garba nights :P
  • On personal front I was confident enough to carry Chaniya choli when none of girls in group were in chaniya choli!! wooow!! :P Ask how many girls were there!! :P :P
  • I loved to teach my non gujarati friends basics of Garba!! And boy I am good at it!! :)
  • The most surprising thing was The garba night starts at 7 or 8 pm and ends at 10 pm!! (I hate it!) We start at 10.30 in Ahmedabad!! :P phew!
With so many likes and dislikes I still went for 3 days back to back! Got tired like hell! I may again go for garba for other days also ;) If I would have the same loveliest group! :)