February 29, 2016

The Sunday #2

Which extended till Monday Morning.. :) Okay, let me start from the beginning of this weekend.

Of course, the last wedding of the season was to be attended and I am glad it happened because it served as a platform to meet my Bro Buddies as I call them. One imported himself from Delhi and the other from Goa. It sounds exotic but the reception was too tiny a period to meet them. While the Bro buddy-2 from Goa got himself rid of us the very night while the other promised to meet again. Like really meeting meeting, if you understand the sentiment.

The Sunday started with a comfortable late morning and a get together at relative's place. Mr.ISB's cousin and family are fun people to hang out with and which made the Sunday noon really bright. I have my own cousins but as the only elder sister I have, has decided to be in US of A forever and so I hardly have any one from my side to look up to for guidance or even for the help which my kiddo cousins can not provide. This cousin of Mr.ISB along with her husband give us high goals for our personal and professional lives anyway. They are the ones whom we do not meet or talk to every day, but are a call away.

With our failed attempts to meet Bro-Buddy in the evening, we decided to meet up some other friends in Bandra and thank God, I tagged along. Yes, there is a story behind this statement.I have got this uncanny feeling of not having my own friends in the city now a days which really rips my heart apart every time I see people of my age roaming around in their own groups comfortably without trying to get into an already formed groups consciously - even when these groups are brilliant in gelling up. My old Mumbai friends are now working in other cities just like my Pune buddies and Singapore buddies. My Amdavadi friends are either in Ahmedabad or in USA, Frock Buddy N is in Delhi- the situation gives me new type of crisis in my 'almost' thirties - Making new best friends. This Sunday I fought with this depressing feeling and joined Mr.ISB's school friends who try their best to make me comfortable. I knew once I would meet them I won't feel awkward as I have already met them for numbers of times and have enjoyed a lot too, but damn that feeling of not having my own friends in the city continues to kill me.

So, to please myself with the antidote of the feeling I mentioned,  I did a selfish thing. I asked Mr.ISB to not to join us - Me and Bro-buddy 1 who had promised me to meet on Monday Morning which made my Sunday a bit longer. Mr.ISB being supportive and understanding like always asked me to go ahead, so that I can get into the illusion of meeting my own friends in the town. Mr.ISB and this Bro Buddy of mine are very good friends before I met any of them! I am feeling guilty about the whole set up now!! *Sobbing*  Oh I digressed. So Monday morning started early with an awesome south Indian breakfast with Bro-Buddy 1 and a chit chat session of two hours. (Amazed, how I can actually take time out in the morning to do what I want to do! :D )

If I conclude,my weekend was high on social life. May be, this is how I can enjoy my life in Mumbai which otherwise is way too hectic to meet people!

How was your Sunday??

February 21, 2016

The Sunday #1

I absolutely don't want to waste my Sundays, especially now when I have working Saturdays. Phew. Week days are too hectic to fulfill elaborated dreams I weave :D Which makes my Sundays precious.

So I came up with this idea of starting 'The Sunday series, so as to keep myself in check. Yes, I should not waste my Sunday. I would like to do all those gazillion things I want to do in life, on Sundays.

So this weekend, I watched Neerja. The story line was so powerful and the real life story of Neerja Bhanot was so inspiring that I conveniently ignored Sonam Kapoor who looks fabulous when keeps her mouth shut. Okay, she was not so bad but the director was too smart to mold her in such a fashion that when she talks, it would be Neerja talking. I think I liked the movie, but will not watch it again. Shabana Azmi was as graceful as ever.

Our Sunday evening was spent in the musical atmosphere created by Ayaan and Amaan. For the introduction if one needs, they are sons of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and their identity is 'Sarod'. Raag Yaman Kalyan and strings they played created, made my evening. The Jugalbandhi of Tabla with Sarod was brilliantly crafted for our ears. I have never seen Sarod in my life, when I saw those fingers stringing the tune, I felt bad for our traditional instruments like Sarod and Santoor. I hope young people like Aman Ayan can keep them alive...

And otherwise my weekend was in Suits. The Suits. One of the very best series I have ever watched on any TV Channel. No technically, online. The character of  Harvey and Jessica impressed me so much that I refused to shut it off till my brain stopped registering due to my sleepy state of mind late in the night.. May be I should write a post on this series. Some day.

How was your Sunday?

February 15, 2016

The Spiritual Morning

No, I have not become the Sharanarthi of any Adhyatmik Babas. We just chose to celebrate the Valentine's day being Spiritual. Just kidding.

Neither of us, Me or Mr.ISB are enthusiastic about Valentine's day. So, when my FIL came up with this idea of going to the 'The Spiritual Morning with Begum Parveen Sulatana' organised by 'Pancham Nishadh', we decided to consider it. (What Valentine's day?) Now, the only problem was the timing. Going to The Gateway of India at 5.30 in the morning would be a task on Sunday, for every deep sleeper in the family. Surprisingly I also was not convinced as, my hectic schedule (even on Saturday) makes me crave for that late-morning-sleep on Sundays. Some how Mr.ISB had declared his will before sleeping. He was hell bent on going to the program. Phew. (Yes, marriage changes people. I was denying to go to a musical morning and the Bollywood music fan but not classical music enthusiastic - Mr.ISB had made up his mind to not to miss it!)

So early in the morning when your husband wakes you up for around three four times (Or did I imagine things?) you have no option but to get up. I did the same, and glad I did.

What I witnessed was a gorgeous morning with musical notes in the air.

Thanks to Begum Sultana's Raag Ahir Bhairav. (and the Breakfast in Colaba!, and ah Mr.ISB)

February 8, 2016

aPOINTment # 11

A lot to catch up guys.

Finally the last wedding of the season happened and with that I loaded my laundry bag with those seven sarees and dresses to be dry cleaned. What a relief. I love social gatherings but they always come with travelling, piled up tasks at office, no breaks in between functions and what not. I seriously want no one to get married in next four months.

The Sunday ended well with a gathering at my mentor/director/dushman's place with all other team mates and their spouses (if there!). A seven months old toddler, two five years old kids, yummy food,lots of leg pulling happened. After an age I felt as if I have got a friend circle here in the city, whom I can approach any time. It was a good change. I secretly wanted Mr.ISB to enjoy this group of mine as well.Hopefully he did.

I have been struggling to go for a walk/run in the morning with some trouble in sleeping. I do not feel fresh when get up. I feel as if my mind needs to be de-cluttered. Either the fatigue of being the part of weddings in the family has grown within me or I need a real peace of mind to accommodate my calmer self and others. Not being comfortable in my own skin makes me super rebellious - I also fail to manage my radiating fire. Bubblegum, you need to be happy with yourself.

Work at office has been piling up like crazy. We lack the sense of urgency due to some slogging we are making. We need to be energized and create the fire. Only if words could change the scene.I am foreseeing long work hours soon. Very soon. I am geared up for the same. I have been on leaves like never before and now is the time to show the spirit! ("Only if words could change the scene!" :D )

I need to rearrange our bedroom. If not aesthetically classy, it needs to be totally functional. A place to keep laundry clothes. Some drawers to keep bags/medicines/gadgets/random things. I want to make it home where we live and just don't come to sleep/take bath. I want to associate memories with the room and a home with the room. If the sentence makes sense.

I have started disliking Mumbai for the lack of space, like never before but that does not mean I do not love the city any more. Only if in future, I can build a classy cozy but simple and not so expensive but still comfortable home with two parking plots on my own. Well, who knows.

I have lost my interest in cooking. It died some time back when I shifted to Mumbai but I was just ignoring its death. Time to move on. May be to revive it?

How are you guys? Any one still reading my post? :)

February 3, 2016

Wedding blues - Not mine but mine

Yes, I am no more a newly wedded bride and that means I was responsible for my cousin's wedding preparations and management to some extent at Ahmedabad. Elder sister and all that. Crazy four days with all (Not all actually - we missed you masi and hate you Canada for this!)  my super enthusiastic mischievous masis and other relatives have drained me out but not so much that I can not blog about it.

  • I am one more time disappointed with myself getting painted by weird beauty artists. I look my best without any foundations and eye shadows. I have got to digest it and fight to preserve the right to flaunt myself without make up. My masis who were all too lazy to get dressed up on their own (They are too beautiful to apply make up on - every one of them!) opted for beauty artist's services and pushed me to get ready with them. It was a clear blunder but some how I managed to enjoy myself. No body can take (Read: Paint on) my spirit to enjoy!
  • I realized my figure has gone through a lot of changes after my wedding.I have managed to not to put on but at the same time my body has lost fat from weird places - not uniformly at all. That phenomenon made  me wear weirdly fitted dresses in all functions. No, I had no time to alter them before - unknown reasons. Do not ask me why.
  • I loved Mr.ISB gelling up with my family. I was/am in love with the world we all have made at Ahmedabad. I do miss my maiden family all the time here in Mumbai and dream of spending time with them along with Mr.ISB as a part of the family when miss them.
  • My youngest masi who has given me 'I can slip while walking any time , any where' characteristics as inheritance, managed to fall/slip thrice and yours truly lost to her in the score. 3-2 it was. :D
  • My cousin who got married almost looked like my mirror image in all her wedding outfits. No doubts raised in the observation by any one.
  • Some how dancing part was not as intense as my wedding Sangeet but it was not dull as well. Two hours long performances on the stage did bore me but there were people who loved it very much. My dad, brother and Mr.ISB also enjoyed photographing us so that nobody pushes them to dance :D They managed to try every single dish made in the name of quality control before any one. That is how they killed time.
  • I was super happy that gifts chose by me was loved and LOVED by the bride. How well I know her even when we are not too close. Blood thing?
  • Reception was in Rajkot and so we traveled for eight hours to attend  three hours long function. Only for my cousin. It was not worth the energy otherwise. 
  • I realized I look better without make up and I would like to reiterate it to myself for thousand times in the coming year. 
  • I have lost my appetite for now, after seeing huge spreads in all the functions. Typically Bubblegum. 
  • I am so dead tired now and can not imagine myself attending one more Sangeet and Wedding tomorrow. Which is any way going to happen. I hate weddings. Sad I know. 
  • I want to get back to the normal life.
Wedding blues. Not mine but mine.