October 28, 2012

Busting myths!

I used to believe  many 'real' things about myself and the atmosphere around me.The last week went quite cool and different as we shifted to my new hostel, I summed up all those moments I have spent here and I realized I have busted some of those beliefs myths about myself.

The first ever realization was about my sleep. Yeah the insomniac me finally gave up and I really can sleep for six hours at almost one go now. Be it the effect of 'the almost homely' new place or the self made (or room mate made) food. I had almost had thought of going to a doctor,certifying myself an insomniac- Well the myth is a myth now!

The second and the winning realization is-Yes I can live without net , contrary to my belief -' I cant live without oxygen , water and Internet'! Apart from the 'Viber' and some 'Assignments' I did not miss the net. In fact we (Four girls) enjoyed the week pretty well. Cooking different dishes, making our unit a home, cleaning-unpacking and shopping for our new 'home'! We chatted a lot, we shared knowledge a lot. In fact we invited some of our seniors and our ex-room mate (Shuh, we miss this girl the most from our old hostel days) ah, truly we had a blast! Adarakh wali chai every now and then , Haldi wala dudh twice a day, fulaka and dishes from different parts of India- Isn't it a bliss? By the way, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai along with my roomie made our cold-y weekend an awesome one. We enjoyed a lot more than sitting on the net and doing nothing.

Then it came - the cooking part. A person can not be more anxious than me to make fulakas. I meant the whole homesick feeling and mood swings were out of my life the moment I started cooking and eating home made food and fulakas. I was amazed I can cook with such a grace!I never ever knew that this day would come! * Too much I know!*

The awesome 'myth busting' (I call it) was about celebrating Navaratri! The feeling of being a girl from Gujarat, listening to all the fun people having back home and not being able to do Garba sucks like anything. Above all the dancer inside me was shocked when I stepped inside one of the very few Garba events of Singapore. I guess nobody can remove the 'dancer's soul' from me. I enjoyed each moment, I was on the field which was followed by some blisters in my feet as I danced bare feet on the concrete ground (That is what we do at home!) and the heavy (a real heavy) cold- But the fun is always above such painful moments!

I think we always create some blocks inside our minds which are nothing but the thoughts of caged life inside a comfort zone, as and when the circumstances come , either we decide to let the life come out of such cages or we just painfully let them harass us all our lives. Sometimes such mind blocks or myths about ourselves bust themselves. Most of the times they create happiness inside us.

Just like in my case they did! Busting myths about myself really fetched me a full bucket of happy times at our unit home.

October 22, 2012

Time to say Good bye, East.

Note: This was written two days back while shifting from one hostel to another. I am having a lot of fun but this is what I exactly felt while packing the stuff. As we don't have net for some days at the new place, I could not post it. A rant in a way but still important to register on the blog!

Singapore has two sides just like any other city in India- East and West. East is awesome and she stays there! Now the problem is I am living in the outskirts of Singapore, some where near (or far for me?) Nanyang Technical University, which is 'The west' part of Singapore. The twist is, even this 'West' part of Singapore has two sides like each area of Mumbai has. East and obviously West. Again the same story , East is awesome. Where I live. I am shifting to the 'west of the west' of Singapore :/

Only three months in 'East of West', I am already in love with it. As they call Singapore, 'The city in the garden' of course ,my area is beautiful.It has one lovely feature, if not loveliest (if it makes sense!),"Canal drive"! There is a canal from the famous lake, flowing just beside my hostel. The beautiful pathway beside it,yeah the same place where I used to jog 'regularly'.I pass through the way daily to reach the MRT station.I have made some amazing friends over here, right from snails to reptiles,yeah they meet me every night when I come back from the University. I have to walk on this canal-path every day and I realized the canal is almost like the rugged shoulder of an awesome buddy, witnessing my highs and lows.

It has witnessed my first ever walk (beside the huge college campus) with Papa in Singapore, where he gave me tips on how I should avoid this path if it gets late; Yeah the first sight of the path was scary for me, partially because  it was a new country; partially because it contains all kinds of insects/animals. It has witnessed my pain when Papa left Singapore and the whole canal drive seemed to stare at the girl sobbing silently. It has witnessed my awesome talks with my buddies on the phone and also those laughter attacks me and my roomies suffered while passing by. It has seen me bubbling with my itunes and smiling at those stary-scary people walking jogging on the path..Yeah people here are different- They are always serious and jogging!

Apart from this canal drive, the near by 'Shop and Save' is going to miss us for sure. But hey what about our room? Yeah I never mentioned but it was a pain in starting. Four girls in the single hall or say a room, isn't it a pain? No, it saved us from the depression due to Homesickness!One girl is insomniac (Yeah that is me!) and one is my full time partner (who just shifted on the actual 'east' of Singaproe!) cum Milo mate cum study maniac and serial maniac!We both have the same college time so, other two girls became my part time partners on week days.From part timers, one is a disciplined good girl and the second one is almost a 'younger' version of myself! The real fun used to be at eleven at night , when we all will call their parents-relatives-friends and the whole unit will represent the real India in Indian dialects!We had our shares of cribbing together. Ah, but we made fun of those issues too, by naming the 'one level down water filter' our 'Panghat'! Yeah we used to go together to fetch the bottle of water and no body tumbled down!We made fun of our common washrooms in the lobby by naming our 'going to bath' session "a war where you wont have an option to come back and retry again if you forget anything!' (Yeah it is confusing!) The Photo shows why I loved the place, the entrance said You are out of The school zone so stop studying! ;)

We don't have a kitchen and the pantry is two floors down.We have no washrooms inside the unit and it was really odd for all of us who have never lived in a hostel. We successfully remained 'Happy'.But the time is over.We had booked this new hostel a month back- we always used to count days to shift- but now I feel sad.

I am going to miss those moments of fun, MILO at night, joking on those cultural shocks we had to witness, the whole "khana banao ceremony" to "pushing each other to take bath!". We are (Sans my full timer friend) going to have the same fun but not at the same place-with the same 'sannaatta' as we used to call our hostel.

It is so amazing the way I get attached to each thing, virtual or real around me. The amazing thing hurts though. ( Now I think I never want to 'settle down'! There is no fun to live in the single city for years! Talking about positive feelings!)

Still, for my Good health and wealth I have to move!

Time to say 'Good Bye, East'! I am going to miss you!

October 16, 2012

How I wish..

How I wish when I sleep, I slip into warm blanket back home;I reach the stage where my mind stays numb and the heart over whelms. Those tears of joy are being preserved by the comfortable pillow I have hugged and I don't realize when the world offered me my life again-Back home.

How I wish when I talk to my mom; I can touch her by just extending my hand through a curtain of 'Distance'.I can see those plans she made for us, taking shape.I enjoy the cup of coffee, over flowing with the love, Mom beside me, laughing over my 'I am scared to death' looks while watching Crime patrol-Back home. 

How I wish when I write to dad, he calls me from the door of my room by my 'new' nick name.I look back and say 'Ten more minutes Papa, I am coming, you start'; This time I wish I don't take the long ten minutes and run to him for the much awaited dinner we are going have. Ah,Papa has cooked some weird salad with some odd dressing- Back home.

How I wish when I ping my brother on 'Whatsapp', I disturb my huge younger sibling; I snatch his blanket to give him a shock and try to shake him again so that he might open his eyes. He threatens me not to disturb him as now he is no more a young brother but a huge, six feet two inches tall guy and he might hurt me in the act of stop me harassing him-Back home.

How I wish, My frock buddy N comes to pick me on her new Activa. The Activa gets punctured and I stare her for a moment and we start laughing on our usual fate. We park the vehicle and go to the nearby 'Havmore' or 'Honest' parlor to have our most favorite 'Chhole' or 'Masala pav'-Back home.

How I wish when I call my best buddy Shane, I try to push him inside the pathway or on the road while walking together on the dark still lovely street of Mumbai, unintentionally. He stops and let me go-I stop my blabbering and note the guy has been harassed again by your truly; I make a face, we both laugh and the journey continues-Back home. 

How I wish when I talk to my Bro Buddy (The elder one), I find his friend from another branch talking to him and it is already lunch hour. I try to scare him by silent threats. He ignores and finishes his so called discussions and try to find reasons for the delay to avoid my wrath. Yeah I am so hungry in the office-Back home.

How I wish when we group chat, We try to pull each other's legs. Of course the Girl will always get my support and so this time my bro buddy 2 is the target.He gets irritated by my jokes and pranks; he throws the pillow or the cup whatever is there in the hand and Yeah it hurts me bad-I don't mind.- Back home.

How I wish- I blog nice stories and experiences from home.
They don't start with 'How I wish' any more-Back home.

October 15, 2012

The Krishna Key!

Thanks to Blog adda , we actually had the privilege to smell the pages of a book, aha that too a novel! Yeah for a student, just shifted to Singapore, it is the biggest Gift ever. Specially when apart from a few books of my course, I can only do is to dream about fiction and remember my treasure full of books.

So as I had promised , here is the Review of the book 'Krishna Key'!

If you are a Dan Brown fan and you manage to indulge yourself in the novel ,you might get some surprises with some shocks. Yes it resembles to the Dan Brown novels, sometimes to Harry Potter world too!The maths at some point of time irritates you but if you manage to delete the whole mind set and continue to read, Indian readers are going to experience heaven.A History class makes a kick start and it finishes with a bit of dramatic yet abrupt end,you might get thousands of surprises in the journey.

Are you interested in History? Are you interested in Science? Are you interested in Mathematics? Are you interested in Religions? Are you a hard core Hindu, Muslim, Christian or even Jewish? Are you a person who doesn't believe in castes and creeds? Are you a fiction lover? Are you into Genetics, Archaeology, Nuclear science, Travelling, Geography or even Spy stories?If any of the answer is into a big 'YES', this book is worth reading! At least one and I am sure you might start reading it again in a few days!

The story flows effortlessly from the modern India- with politics, under world Gundas, corruption ,amazing achievements to the Vedic times,War of Mahabharata, structures of Somnath and Dwarika to Mughal times of Shah Jahan. The common link is 'The Krishna'! Yes in the first read you might feel odd about the whole story linked with Krishna and the narration of the Mahabharata separately with each chapter.Hold on, after reading, the churning in the mind will make it relevant , to the point. Yes the yet to come eleventh Avtar of Krishna is back and he himself makes us travel to the whole new mythological world! He is after 'something' which is going to change the world! But does that 'something' exist?Why so many people are behind that 'something'? Will that 'something' end up going in the wrong hands? Does that 'something' unfold the hidden truths of Vedic Civilization? Forget the question, is he really the eleventh Avtar of Lord Vishnu?Is he a serial killer wearing the mask of Kalki? But why?

The amount of research the author has put into the story line is splendid and I must not ruin the fun of those readers who are yet to start the book.

The combination of Classic Mythological Fiction with a little bit of drama in Indian Fashion , this book makes me feel , Why we kids were not taught History by such authors or researchers? If we can really make them teachers , kids wont ever hate the 'History' as a subject in the school!

I would like to add some points which stunned me to goose bumps!They might attract readers to the book.
  • Mohammad Ghazani was the decedent of Lord Krishna!
  • The Dwarika was built at the end point of River Sarasvati and yes, the civilization should be truly called 'Sarasvati Civilization'.Yes, the river Sarasvati is the center of all activities in Mahabharata.
  • Why the whole world is stunned by the beauty of Mount Kailash? A hidden and unknown source of Nuclear energy! 
  • The Islam, The Hindu and The Christian -These religions are nothing but the age old Vedic civilization.
  • Last but not the list, Yeah Lord Krishna -Gopal, Ranchhodray is no more only a mythic hero! He was there, leading the Sarasvati Civilization at its best! Not a myth but a fact!
So bang on the Book and tell me how did you find it. I am sure with some boring silly part , you might say "Not bad, worth reading 'twice'" as my roomie says! :)

PS: I did not want to give the story line at all, even did not want to name the characters.I am not good at reviews. Though I can develop the skill, unusually I started feeling like blogging more than ever. When I started writing this review, I started generating millions of ideas, well, I suppressed them and tried my hands on review. With the promise of a better one next time, I give the book 3.5 Bubbles in the Bubblegum's world! Tada!

October 10, 2012

'Pav' bhar zindagi ki 'Chah'!

So while getting mad due to the mice and other animals already roaring in my stomach (Mice roar when you are damn hungry okay?!), I pinged my senior if he is free to visit the new 'Komalas' stall inside our campus.For people back home, 'Komalas' is a very famous Indian food chain in Singapore.

The ever ready battery aka my senior came from a far far world, to accompany me for the lunch at 3pm. Yeah normal human beings don't eat so late, we are students. I never knew I am going to achieve a spiritual peak during meditation in the stall. No, it was not a yoga camp in place of the food stall. Hold on.

When I lift the tray after ordering the food, it all started. I was in the world of Pavbhaji and Masala chah/Masala tea. The smell of Indian spices actually made me go in the different world, I suspect it was a short visit to heaven. I kept on meditating in the same air and started hogging till I finished each particle of the prepared food.

If I am allowed to exaggerate, The Shah Jahan would have cut his hands so that the cook cant prepare food and Masala tea for anyone else!! :D

When I finished the meditation after a few minutes of completing the last drop of the Masala tea, I guess I discovered a new type of meditation. A meditation which makes you attached more towards the materialistic world. Where materialistic world consists of only Moh Maya for such food dishes and tea in Singapore, forever.

The song 'Sau gram Zidagi' which I love only for the rhythm and not for lyrics made sense to me today, as I was already possessing,

'Pav' bhar zindagi ki 'Chah'!

PS: The every ready senior, who wanted an interesting blog post on the experience, 'Dude sorry but I can only write in the dramatic/PJish way! :D But when you said, 'Har kharab mood ko mast karneki dawa, Fursat ka luft uthaneki dawa, Masala chai Masala chai, aaj hi azmaye apne nazdiki Komalas pe', I wanted to give you billion Mirchis!

October 7, 2012

From Singapore, with love-4

It was not possible to tie 'what is going on' in a single unit and thus I decided to wrap it in a bundle and send it to India. The life has become dynamic, to the extent, I have to actually apply the 'will' force to balance and not to tumble down by the speed it possess.

  • It was a week of recess, which was used by yours truly in roaming around here and there in Singapore or in a better way 'exploring' Singapore. Visited a distant relative of mine, who just shifted to Singapore a few months ago, though I was scared of being bored as I have met them only once in my life before this visit, it went pretty well. They let me speak you see, I can go on and on!! Of course two visits to Didi and playing with Xena was on the top list and it was just warm and full of fun!When she calls me 'Ma(mi)si', I just want to scream at top of my voice and jump just like her!! Ah, the biggest achievement, I feel is when she identifies me as 'Masi'! Smart Girl!! :)
  • I am coming up with a review for Krishna Key , and a very special thanks to Blog Adda! I mean, none of us knew , the disappointment shown on the FaceBook page of Blogadda would be taken so seriously and first time Books would be sent to Singapore for the review!! Before I post a review, guys if you can buy, get the book and lock your self in a room if you are interested in the history, religion, science, mathematics and what not!
  • I had lost my mind in between several times. Frustration caused by unknown reasons, guilty for my health, anger for the world are understatements for that state of mind. A session of scoldings and a few hours alone-made my mind come back to the original - Take it easy dude- state of mind.
  • Studies. A big time challenge for me. I simply skip the theory part and try to relate it to my work experience which makes me deduct the 40% of my syllabus, that is bad! I guess I should be more disciplined. 
  • I have been labelled as 'Inarguable' by a few persons in the world and it makes me numb. Yes I am rigid on what I have selected from many, Yes I appreciate the innovation, Yes I am open to critique but dude, I am not YOU. I have a different opinion.Just because you are the MAJORITY bunch of people, it doesn't prove you are 'Right'! (No, Shane it is not for you!)
  • The biggest event of the week was my 'Universal Studio' trip. The fun, the excitement, The adrenaline rush, The cuteness of the place, The thrilling feel of the fast pace, I guess I am going to cherish my moments in the roller coaster of the Universal Studio, when I decided not to miss any of the rides in the fear. I faced, I conquered. I saw the world from the coaster turning around with open eyes, thrice!
  • I am looking forward to coming three four months. My life is going to take the twist, and it can be a disaster or a boon. It is inevitable. Ah, The India trip awaiting this December following a series of threatening activities which include Exams too.
  • If you are thinking of closing the tab and ditching the post right now, wait. Now close the tab as the blog post is going to end here with no closer statement today! :D

October 4, 2012

Just like that!

Sometimes we just have to digest what we are offered in present and carry on. Well it does not mean I am going to just possibly rest and stop redefining my goals. I decided to take a break and let my heart and mind decide where I am good at and where all I should fight and when.

I decided to indulge in some of the activities I love!! Thought of sharing same with you people!!

1. TED!

The most inspiring initiative I have ever seen in my life, Search subjects from the link and you will get one for you. Creativity to commercialization , Inspiration to Realization, Age old wisdom to enthusiasm of youngsters, You get everything on TED.

I thought of giving some awesome links, you people can enjoy too!!! I feel they are solutions to my confusions! Creativity , Emotions  and corporate life!

Hope you enjoy and dig out more videos!! Before sleeping I dont forget to listen to atleast one TED talk!


While the blurred state of mind in Bubblegum took the ugly shape and chilled out in a day, I managed to click some shots!! Have a look! I guess the 'Clicks' part of my blog has to be reinvented!!!

I think, I should restart those shooting sessions again!!

3. Dance Dance Dance!! :)

Just Like that!

PS: The whole post is 'Just like that'!! :)

October 2, 2012

A dream world!

So when it suddenly came to my mind, I have several routes to reach my happiness in professional life, I was dumb stuck. The problem of 'have done too many things' and being an 'extrovert to mostly everything offered' is you might enjoy everything around you and when some one asks you, "What is your passion", It strikes you that "dude you are a gone case, you love everything!!"

Right from reading,blogging, presentations, dancing, photography to adoptions to technical things and hard core passion for engineering graphics,interest in automobile and aerospace industry, irk me now. Some where the matured 'Myself' in me says I should take up 'something' very much in focused way and one part of my brain which is hyper says,"You can do everything, update for everything!" There is also a new thought coming up in my mind, "Try something really new"! All these thought processes occur at the same time and disturb me to the core.

When I see people, leaving the corporate world and getting into the passion, they craved all life, I feel as if I have thrown myself into a valley where there are flowers every where but they are wild flowers, not worth smelling once.I even thought if I love the world where I was working a few months back, yes I love the automobile industry! But then as my friend Shana asked me, what do you love the most about your work at that time, I realized may be I had to change the route! I have some creative and technical job ahead of me, some are a mixed version of both and they are the biggest ever deals people can get, but am I even capable of working in those great companies?

Hopefully the blurred picture is searching for a brush, which will clean the dirt and fog on the glass of the frame. It is waiting for the glossy finish and some bright colors.

There are hundred questions in my mind, what I feel is only 'Me' and people who know me can help me out.
Am I creative or not? Am I technically sound or not? Is dance my life? Wont it be too late to start dancing again? Am I into techno-creativity more? Am I a good product designer? What am I?Am I going to find an entirely new field?

May be a dream world of mine is blank, with a few persons still standing beside me in it. It can not be colorless.

A dream world is screaming for colors.