June 29, 2012

Taking charge of!

Now this friend of mine, who is expert in showing Shanpatti to me (That is why I call him 'Shana'), gone bonkers a few days ago after getting lost in the 'Mumbai ki bhid' with the mobile switched off. Dont even dare to ask "What happened"! You will get a grilling answer! (Words can grill too!) Being a manager in "Vendor development" department of an OEM, I started looking for the 'Root cause'! I discussed all solutions of the cause with my bro-buddy and his 'Good' friend.

The root cause: Mobile battery! Nah, it is not defective any more, The mobile was lost as I mentioned and so the new battery of smart phone is all rolling in the right place. The new battery has a condition, it has to be charged like any other battery and which is not accepted by Shane :D In simple language, he forgets to charge his mobile and so every three days we have to trace the otherwise a 'Vibrant' personality.Well, today when I post this, I must appreciate his efforts in charging his battery properly since a few days.

Solutions: Keeping mobile charged. In case of my dear buddy it doesn't work. So Ms.Bubblegum and Mr.Bro-buddy started a brain storming session for the solution while Shane was wandering in the 'pahodi ki vadiya' in Switzerland. We came up some crazy and innovative ideas which are still not invented. Sheesh. But we follow Einstein Quote! Imagination is powerful!

  1. We can design a mobile, which connects to the wi-fi as soon as it enters the office and the battery gets charged up automatically by wi-fi. I know the innovative idea is a crazy one logically , but all you geeks, can you make it possible to help my friend? :D
  2. A mobile, which when put in the pocket of the trousers gets connected to the fixture with the charging point. So as and when Shana puts mobile in the pocket, the charging will start and as most of the time, his mobile resides in the pocket, it will never get discharged! 
  3. A renewable energy source-Solar Panel. I suggested to stick the solar panel at the back of the mobile and it will contain the self-charger inside the mobile only. As the silicon used in the panel are so sensitive, they will keep the phone charged up for the whole day!  :D
  4. We also thought of investing some awesomely huge (if that makes sense!) money in the research of 'Telepathy' systems to get rid of the whole 'Charging' problem. Bambu not available so no one will be able to play bansuri! (Na rahega baans na bajegi bansuri!) Sheesh.
  5. The last and almost 80% solution of the problem, is to give a challenge to Shana on charging his battery. The not-so-short tempered angry young man can do anything to win the challenge or promise. If at all he promises. Be it, not talking on phone at all with any one when he is on his way to his home, far away and the battery meter is showing only 5% left and thus win the challenge for one more day :/
With these amazing five solutions , I can say we have worked hard on your problem dude. (I am sure he doesn't name this thing as a a 'problem'!) VA is also helpful though she tries to pester you with some taunts and warnings which work sometimes! :D

Conclusion: The above five solutions are actually not made by sane people but then , some day these insane people are going to shine. As 'Insane' people end up inventing things!!! 

 "Insane inside, Innovation outside"! Ting ting tiding!

I guess, we are taking charge if "Invention"! Specially for you Shane! :)

PS: There is no 'PS' today, if at all you are still reading this crazy post of mine ;)

June 27, 2012


I was so much positive about my resignation. Of course I knew it will be painful to leave the comfort zone and my office-buddies, seniors who love me just like a daughter! (I am not exaggerating!) But, I was pretty sure about how I will leave the company-My first company & how I will gracefully leave and go for my studies to achieve my dreams.

I will meet every one, every one. Right from the security officers, senior management, office boys to my buddies. I will be happy in my farewell and bid good bye with positive vibes. I will party with my gang-who is no more in my company. I will walk on the wet sand on the beach in the awesome rain with my best buddies. I will craft all memories and place them in my heart happily and leave.

I will do this and that. I will handle my own farewell. Don't think I am mad! :D I have organized quite a few farewell parties of my best of best buddies. I always thought, I will organize my own and set a new trend!Lol. Anyway I always knew there will a very small group who will be interested in attending the same as most of the people love me (of my generation!) has changed the job. I am really confused for the buddy-who had promised he wont move out before I leave the company and he has kept the promise. Frankly, dude please move out. I should have asked you to do so. Sheesh.

Frankly I am not feeling like doing anything I had thought of. I enjoy my mini get-together with my gang members who are scattered in different cities now and come to meet me. Anything else no? I don't want farewell, I don't want to meet any one now. I feel like just walking away silently. Because the pain of leaving this amazing world is killing me to the core. More than that, some friends who actually are hurting me or have hurt me but I never realized, are making me cry everyday. Yes I cry everyday. I can hear the heart break everyday. I am not hurt by a single person but quite a few and I never realized they were masks!

Then I think of buddies who are everything for me. The bunch of people who can do anything for me. Anything. They constantly try to keep me high-which is my normal state. They try to crack silly jokes and worst than me sometimes.One of them wants me to cry hear only so that, I dont cry when I fly down to S'pore, I am over with the senti-part. I don't have words for you guys. I cant express a tiny bit of my heart for you all. Some relations are forever.

I am floating between these two extreme feelings and with this state of mind I am trying to struggle to tune into the new change.

What do you do when your eyes are eager to see a different world, holding back your heart in the hand and suddenly the picture is blurred. 

Blurred by the fog,fears or tears?

June 25, 2012

The space

Disclaimer: Semi fiction!! :)

She was holding the door of the cupboard. Clothes were kept properly and a part of the cupboard was messed up. A box full of her accessories was lying in front of her eyes. Earings, anklets,lockets,watches and what not. She loved them all. The box was her treasure. Her hands automatically moved towards the box and she opened it.

She could feel the purple earings she had put on her last birthday, people loved it. Beside the pair, there was a multi-colored pair too-how can she forget, it was her buy with the best friend. They both had bought the same pair. Anklets just lying beside were adorable and she thought she was just pure lucky to get the pretty bunch as a gift from her buddies. The bracelet given by her aunt and the pair of earings purchased by her mom, to wear with the pretty pink frock on her fourth  birthday- Twenty years almost-made her smile! 

Her hand was just splitting up all her accessories into groups.The whole act was controlled by her subconscious mind. Her mind along with the heart was wandering in the past-the past at her home town and other cities she love.Her family, friends, gifts, birthdays everything came up one by one. The picture in her mind blurred, with tears. Suddenly she found one white bits-shell necklace. Tears disappeared and the eyes got wider and red.

It is the time she thought. She picked it up, the one time lovely white necklace which she couldn't wear even once. She held a part of it tight and walked towards the dustbin.

She threw it off, with the calm mind got back to the cupboard.

She realized , she had just shift deleted a file from her memory.

Re-booting,she did a few months back worked again and everything was same and smooth, with a little bit more space to craft memories!

June 24, 2012

Time to shoot!

Here is the time to shoot bullets again. Stop, don't rush, I am just shooting bullets on my blog. I don't have anything concrete to write but today, I am going to blog just to clear the clutter from my mind. I don't need a conclusion or a solution. I need space, space where I can feel and breathe the way I want, alone.Now don't stare, I cant be so serious.It can be funny too!

  • Counting my days in Mumbai. Calls for a different blog-post what I am feeling. I think I can not express at all. Some cities steal your heart away. I cant stay without my heart, someday I will be back,Mumbai. Amen.
  • Buddies. Life is incomplete without them. I am just so bloody emotional. Even a thought of frenetically calling up my buddies from S'pore to just listen to them, kills me to death. I shall handle. :/
  • Shopping. It has become a biggest threat of my life. My mom-dad are on the trip to US of A. But, it does not solve the situation. My mom uses skype and whatsapp as mediums to give me reminders what all I have to shop on my own, Forced shopping. :/
  • My weekend was good, it was all fun. Shopping,movie,lunch,coffee,cheesecake! Ah, I can not forget to mention Shane's mobile! The mobile decided to disappear on its own and he (forced?)P bought the new phone,My personal favourite "Xperia U"! The Sunday was special to. My bro buddy, one of my gang members-old buddy, Cubicle partner Z, we all met outside office and that too in town! Had a great time together, includes awesome fresh lime sodas, tasty dinner and Saumf. Sheesh. We, while chatting, almost finished the 'Mukhvas' on the table. 
  • Today, I had my last presentation in my office. Mixed feelings, I controlled pretty well. 
  • I have to pack my stuff, which needs a big bag and the bag is still in the shop. Any one help? :D
  • I am really pissed of with some of the back stabbers I met in this company. Every time I see any of them, I feel as if some lizards are crawling on my body. I am serious.
  • I really need to wear the ipod and jog!!!!
  • I feel horrible when I realize I am going to be salary less and my buying power will be just like our 'Rupee'! I can hear the song from several pretty things in the shop - "Mujhe kya bechega rupaiya"!
  • I desperately need an i-phone. Very specific. I know. :D Any one?
  • I practiced making 'Anagrams'! It was fun I tell you. Funny Anagrams can make you laugh for hours!
  • I am blogging because I really want that 'medium' to talk out what is going on inside me. Yet I am failing. 
  • For the first time in my life, I want to freeze the time. 

June 20, 2012

Bubblegum's baby turns one!

Ah, na na I have not become a kunwari mata!!! (Hold on you buddies who are ready to shoot ghise pite dialouges, "Kahan mooh kala karke aai, kalmui" or "Tumne humein kahinka nahi chhoda!!"!Hold!)

Bubblegum will explain! It is her baby's birthday. The baby-crafted by her, painted with emotions by her, the witness of her life, witness of the change of personality she went through. Ah, she is so grateful to her own baby-who made her what She is. Her baby gave her all the time to introspect, get a conclusion or the solution.Basically she spent some time almost everyday with her baby and so she came to know about her inner self too and with the same pure soul she nurtured the baby.

Her baby is so smart and cute that she only led Bubblegum to a world, where Bubblegum expressed all her feelings. Baby makes her feel home. Baby and Bubblegum love being together.

Bubblegum is so much addicted being with her baby everyday that if she misses even a day, Bubblegum's buddy feel 'something must be wrong'!

It is baby's first birthday-The first birthday of Bubblegum's blog!!!!! Love you Baby! (Stop grinning, Shane)

*Taking a breath*

Coming out of the dramatic mode:

A one year journey and so many changes in me, my personality, my skills. My blog has become a medium to radiate what my soul has stored for so many years. The habit has given a boost to the 'Being matured process' in me and simultaneously it helped me to revive 'the child' in me when needed!.My blog has motivated me to indulge in fun,calmness and it teaches me to enjoy every time,even whenI write a sad post too! My photography improved a little bit, my creativity improved too.My language and of course, the angle of seeing  life.

Whenever I feel something, I see something, I talk something, I read or hear something, I think if that 'Something' is' bloggable' or not!It is a different world when you start looking things from this point of view. Generally it leads me to find the the smallest 'Happiness' in my day and make a bigger deal of it.From this idiotic post (Even this) to today's post, I am feeling grown up.

A few months ago,I was in  a meeting, after chatting on "What kind of a guy I want" with Shane, I suddenly realized something and pinged him on whatsapp straight from the meeting.

I types, "Ah, The guy should accept me with my baby!!"

He replied, "?????" and then I disclosed my relation with my blog, It is my baby!

Ah, I Wrote some insane blog-posts, some introspective blog posts and some stupid nonsense blogposts too. The blog is to me, I am to my blog.

The man who started the spark in my mind-Thank you.He is my dear Bro-buddy ,who motivated me so much to start a blog. Heere ki parakh!!Then Shane, who actually keeps me get going with life-Motivates me to do 'All good things' I want to do, and sometimes for bad things also. He is the person who comments almost on all my post either on the blog or in any other way. I just love those comments. My frock buddy N, who silently reads my blog posts and face to face comments when we meet. (Frock buddies are taken for granted here in our lives!) My lazy buddy SB, whose regular conversations also motivates me. PS thinks, I am crazy and I think he thinks this for each post of mine. :D My senior, (Priyal Shah) has 'dedicated a few minutes from his super busy schedule to read my blog'! Dude I am flattered!! :D 

There are so many commentators, who keeps on commenting, encouraging me, making me think more and enjoy more. All these bloggers or commentators inspire me to no bits. There are some silent inspirations too-Bloggers whose blogs are so awesome that I read them like a bible-Geeta-Quran .(A separate post on this some day!) 

I owe my baby-my life and my-soul to you all.

With this (Before my baby feels neglected)

"Happpppy birth day Bubblegum's Baby!!!!"

Titbitsandclicks!!! :)

June 19, 2012

The Scan!

Note: The draft was written a few days  back, I don't know why I dint post it. I think I am still in the same condition but with a little bit of positive attitude .As whatever happens, happens for good!I am leaving for good!Read at your own risk!

The cup of coffee is on the desk, I am quietly looking on the screen of the laptop in the hope somebody will ping me and ask me how I am. I know some bodies will ping me first, once they will be free. I try to pick the cup of coffee and find there is no coffee left. I put it back and then something happens and I throw it in the dust bin just kept under my desk. I remember my cubicle partner who left the company hates to keep cups of coffee on the desk.I don't like those empty cups on the desk  now.

Just beside the desk, I am seeing a box- full of parts of different projects which I have developed.I can smell them.Ah, I got the ping from my Nashik lazy buddy SB, and he is happy about the change in menu in the canteen today. Food, the last thing to miss about the office. But as we say, a super nice human being when becomes a boss, the subordinate dislikes him/her, same goes for food. A normal human being will dislike the canteen food, even though some dishes from canteen are too tasty to miss. I remember those packets of peanuts we keep on desk after lunch and much while doing work. 

I am looking beside my laptop screen now. I can see the Blue bottle of Cubicle partner Z (Its a show piece now!) and my mug -now full of pens which don't work! The biggest show is begged by my softboard and little craft-papers painted by me, A lottery ticket-which let me down and I never won!,two smileys by my seniors, extension numbers-sheet placed on the board and a calendar.

I have a name plate on my desk which never had my name, I removed my name from it long ago.People used to find me and bug me-You see the people whom I deal with! I know its bad but did it make difference? No. I am easily traceable. Where ever you can find a group of people or high pitch volumes clashing with each other-I am there.

Ah, and I got some official mails, but what to reply.I need to discuss with my boss. Or may be I am not sure I want to decide or not. I can see a college of mine, sitting behind my desk.She is blushing and typing a text message may be.

I look beside my cubicle. I can see a group of people-My 'Chhavani' I call. The 'Milan' of 3 cubicles beside mine. It includes my generation people-by mind. They are the source of constant inspiration-to have fun in work life! I am smiling , see!

I am not able to digest, this is going to be for only a few days. I will never be able to come to this desk and feel the same afterwards. Ah, My bro buddy pinged me on whatsapp. I think he has some sort of sensors-whenever Bubblegum-his sister is lost, he comes to know and pings me. Same goes for Shana-my another best buddy.He can sense the temperature of my mind with other parameters of the tiny craft by god-My brain.

I am avoiding to answer  today. I am constantly looking at the screen of the mobile now.

Ah, I think I should have another cup of coffee now. But it is bad if taken too much.No.

Today, I need it but. I am going to take another cup of coffee now and drink there only. 

To avoid the feeling of leaving this cocoon.

I guess I should save this and post it on my blog someday, albeit if I feel.

Does it look like a scan report of my mind, right now?

June 17, 2012

The Weekand-A lot to tell!

Ah, I dint spell the title wrong. It was indeed a 'Wee'kand'!'! Bubblegum dint do a mess this weekend?Then something is wrong. My bro buddy feels odd and tells me if I dint come up with a Kand to tell, "Yeh tufan ke pehle ka sannatta hai, tu kuch bada karnewali hai!" and here is Shane, who calls up the moment I ping him and say "Again a Kand!" with all enthusiasm, :/

Well, guys I dint let you down. I had a blast on this 'weekand'!!! :D

So, Lets start from the first 'Popat' of the weekend. After a good night's- not so tight sleep, My maid decided to do the good start of the weekand. Nah, She dint do anything, she had decided to quiet! (Mom I can understand you now!) Now, a bachelors' room, one can imagine, it takes an age to clean it! So I decided to be a good girl of the day and wash the gallery too with all rooms of our place.

I applied the liquid shop on the floor all over with a small bucket of water. And, here came the 'Popat', for the first time in my life, the society water tank showed 'No water' level and I was left with only soap on the floor and no water. Phew. I tried to look at the positive point, "I dint started cleaning the rooms" and was happy!

Now, the second 'Kand' was in making when I was whatspping with my buddy SB, Obviously we were talking on a topic which even I dont remember but I was sad. (The credit goes to all my buddies who are not in Mumbai and thus I am left alone! Shane & Bro buddy are you listening to me?!!) So, I was talking to SB about the dukh ka boza on my delicate shoulders and decided to have a cup of coffe (Ooops, I started the coffee thanks to My frock buddy N and constant pestering by my dearest Papa) in CCD, alone.

I started walking down the lane to the cafe with an umbrella in my hand and whatsapp in another hand. It was beautiful and energizing. All energy got sucked when I realized, 1.I had forgotten my wallet, so I have to go back to the room or else I wont be able to pay. 2. My key of the flat was in the wallet and so now I cant enter my flat. Sheesh. By god's grace and my owner's laziness and misunderstanding, I got an extra key from my neighbor and thus one more kand of the day was over. I thought it was last! But No!

At 12 in the night, Bubblegum was working on her laptop apart from chatting and she messaged her childhood friend Mr.Consolidation (Real Meaning man!) in USA to call her up. Now once the phone rang, I thought of switching on the lamp near the small passage and walk-while-I talk. Phewww arey, yeah the lamp got short (I don't know why, a theory and history says, I am electronically charged-A shocking material?) and with that the electricity of the whole flat was lost. In five minutes I was sweating and searching for the MCB board of the flat.My buddy on call tried to guide me from USA! :D

I found one MCB board just above the basin and with all the possible insulators I can find in my room in the dark (Like comb, slipper, compass box) I tried to place the stick of MCB (Or whatever you call!) and I did it but the electricity dint come back! It was a dummy old board. Sheesh.

I decided to go down and ask the watchman to help,who was relaxing on his chair. He told me he has the key of the meter room where all the MCB boards of the colonie are there and I have to find the one on my own. Well, I entered with the mobile 'On' and I was shocked to see all the MCB boards of the colonie but not mine! Some of the boards were not labelled at all. Finally running the logic in my mind, I searched for the one tripped and found only one from the hundreds of all. Worked out and finally could breathe in the air of my room with the fan on! Of course I had to tell these things to my buddies (Again, you, Shane and Bro-buddy, you were not availabe!), and thanks to migration of PS and Mr.Consolidate to USA, I could throw my frustration by talking nonstop. Of course, PS was amused with my capacity to talk continuously like any other day. Sheesh.

Do you think it was the end of the Weekand??? Nah!! The sunday had to be a special day na. To remove the 'What the crap!' feeling out from my mind, and with the constant motivation by SB, I decided to format my laptop. Like my mom says, it used to be my hobby when I was using XP on my pc. Now with a new laptop two years back with windows 7, I never had to format till it said no to install Itunes again some months back. So, to give life to my ipod I was forced to format-The nostalgic feeling. This time I was pretty sure, with the original DVD and Windows 7,things will be smoother. I dont want to again go for technical things to  harass you (If at all you are stiil reading!) but the theory dint work. I formatted and reinstalled the OS, with SB on call.

Only thing dint work was, it dint had graphics,ethernet and Wifi drivers. In simple language I couldnt connect my laptop to internet even by LAN cable, forget Wi-fi and ofcourse with a stone age-Fonts look! I couldnt resist and in the beautiful rain-with a pendrive,umbrella and the wallet (not to forget) I went all the way to cyber cafe-Registered, downloaded all drivers and came back. Again, ethernet driver worked-other drivers dint. Some how the nerdy-geeky-me managed and thus the second last kand of the week was over-5 hours duration-not bad!

Now, I had already messed up with my looks by stepping in mud-puddles and ofcourse the only umbrella never works in Mumbai rains! I decided to take bath-Hmmm and so the weekand finished with the first 'Popat' reappearing. There was no water in the tank! Again some hours of wait.

Mom I am sorry , I couldnt bath again and so created the mess again in the house( She will be happy to think- I am in Mumbai and not at home!).I am happy to tell you I cleaned all things again in the night when taps of my flat again poured water , felt like Ganges flowing from mountains haaa! :D (Exaggeration I know!)

Now let me tell you, at 11 In the night, I realized the last and one more Kand of the weekand! :D

My water purifier has stopped working now. Damn.

Wish the 'Weekand' is over!

I never felt so good in the Monday-Mornings. Really.

June 14, 2012

A link to dreams!

The girl suddenly opened her eyes. She realized she was asleep reading a book. A book given by her one of the best buddies. Her mobile was lying just near her pillow and the 'Beep' sound had done the act of waking up Ms. sleepy.

She opened the mail-inbox which was showing some new unread mails. She noticed a mail from a new id, her heart beats were racing high.

She opened a formal mail, read and took a deep breathe, she thought may be she can just open the link. A link which was actually linked to her dreams,future, passion and ambitions.

The click on the link & she typed the password,logged in. A blink of an eye and she was almost at the gate of her dreams.

She could not believe, she was about to jump with the joy and she got confused, is it a dream?

She opened the address book of her mobile and dialed to call her best buddy, who was too sleepy and still picked her call. She described what she saw online and the sleepy voice said "Awesome, I knew it".

She thought, the 'Dream' has really become a fact and subconsciously she called up her dad.

By the time she had goosebumps, she told her father about the mail.

"Admission offered" were those two words, she was waiting for, since months.

She talked with her parents, who were so proud of her as always. She dialed her bro-buddy and the Ms.MBA aka GLG-1 and was thrilled to no end.She decided to call all her buddies who prayed and supported her in the tough times.

Yeah, the girl got an admission where she wanted to. She is on the way to get the 'Master of Science" in a prestigious university in Singapore.

The girls felt touched, thrilled and emotional, all together.

The girls is Bubblegum.


PS: That is why this happened and an upcoming roller coaster rides to be witnessed by the blog!

June 13, 2012

Nostalgia and Fun in Nashik!

Disclaimer: A scattered and silly post ahead, read at your own risk!

So finally I had my last trip to Nashik. Yeah why, needs a different blog-post altogether!

I had joined my first ever and current company in Nashik, we had an amazing induction program for hundreds of GETs and one of them was obviously Bubblegum. Nashik has witnessed the change in me and so my friends have-who are still in Nashik.

The chirpy, stupid, emotional, hyperactive, immature Bubblegum to Equally chirpy, stupid, hyperactive and little less emotional and immature Bubblegum-Ah, the journey was brilliant. Ifs and buts can be discussed with whats and hows in a different post. I wanted to dedicate a blog-post to my last visit to Nashik in my job-tenure.

The company bus journey, the actual bumpy ride-I was asleep the same way I always do, this time too. I felt a little bit emotional about the whole journey. Only a little bit.

I have some amazing bunch of friends there. I owe my insane Nashik trips to them. I generally travel all the way to Nashik to attend a meeting-ah, Goosebumps, how other departments hate us-the teen tigade, sab kuch bigade kinds of. :) Three of us actually spoil the serious atmosphere of the meeting.

I will never forget those laughter attacks, geeky discussions with my geek buddy SB, chats with one of the most caring juniors I have,Leg pulling sessions with our own 'Qureshi'! A senior girl from Nashik who from the very first day guided me and made me learn the practical ways to handle corporate seniors and how to actually care for friends with so much of emotions. Ms. RM, I owe my Nashik tenure to you too, always! You actually made my dream come true-Ah, of wearing a saree and a nath in your marriage!

The last trip was same, but with one agenda in my mind-meeting all all and all people I have worked with. All of them have been so much encouraging! Of course those fantastic four buddies had planned a bash!

We had some stupid talks in CCD and clicked some amazing emotions of all of us. I don't remember a single sane topic we discussed! The trip needs to be labelled 'a complete stupid fun' and I am sure we all need one for a change!! :) How can I forget the cute gift and the those amazing messages on the farewell card. I loved those silly dance steps we did (Ah, I did!?) and stupid laughs over any damn topic! Fun Fun all the way.

In late night chats, I suddenly realized from those hundred people who joined the company with me, these three batch mates- who actually supported me during thick and thin are my life in Nashik and this amazingly beautiful city in Monsoon will appear so so dull without them! I realized the amount of trust we have put in each other. I realized how my juniors adores me. Hey SZ, I am really glad we could meet on your last day!

I realized suddenly, I wont be able to feel too much emotional and cry like I did in past when got a transfer in Mumbai.

Because, I have realized we are friends forever!

Thanks Nashik for all the love from those amazing buddies and for all the lessons you made me learnt!

PS: Guys and girls of Nashik, Dont even think you have got rid of me. Remember those three words, you always tell me, "Tu hi hai" :D

June 10, 2012

The Rain of Luck!

Today's Morning was unusual. I peeped outside the large but good for nothing window of my room.My window doesn't let me feel its existence until peep out really. The breeze, humidity I felt was awesome and the moment I smell a little bit of wet sand (I feel, My home town has awesome and terrific mitti ki khushboo, Mumbai is more on concrete side, a little bit more.), it started raining. The very favorite slow, rhythmic rain-Yeah you can call it romantic!

I immediately thought of going out.  I wanted to feel the rain but of course with an umbrella to help mom not to take tension about my health. I thought of enjoying with all my buddies and family.

My bro-buddy was asking me to come home as he has come again! The blast had started already!
Shana was with me, pulling my leg and diving high in the air!
Mummy was a bit worried and was asking me to take medicines properly, I asked her to enjoy the moment!
My race freak and buddy SB was a bit busy, rushing to office.
My GLG-1 friend was busy in exam preparation and asking bro-buddy to make a plan to roam around today.
My Frock buddy N was planning and predicting with whom I should go out with.
My bro-buddy-2 was showing off his new suit on Facebook. :D
My papa was busy in the preparation of his next biz trip.
My younger bro was asking me to talk to my Identical Cousin, she is in USA as of now.He was singing too!
My senior VP was asking me to talk to him before taking the XYZ decision.
My CPZ senior was discussing about how he misses office.
My childhood school friend Mr. consolidation (Really your name!)was seeing me going nuts!
PS was discussing about Breakfast and other topics we always discuss.

I think I dint miss any of my buddy or family members-I had all of them with me.

I had my mobile with me with their recordings and messages .

They make my world, every time I want to feel at ease. Every time.

I am feeling lucky!

 Ah, its the rain of Luck!

June 7, 2012

(Protein)Bar Bar dekho!

Like I said, my multiple health silly problems always make my mom and dad creative! :D

My dad is a passionate cook! He doesn't cook everyday, he hates making normal boring food. He cooks dishes you wouldn't have heard before, if heard you wouldn't dare to taste. My poor mom and bro whose taste is totally different always have to praise his adventurous cooking acts.

When it comes to healthy food, my dad is a champ. So this time he decided I should go for some awesome wholesome food. Now he is a dearest person in the world who thinks I am not at all on plum-fatty side :D Though I fought with him and me,mom and dad decided on a recipe to make the protein bar-sugar less, as most of the protein powders and bars have sugar in it. I call the dish-Desi chikki protein bar! :D

PS: My mom dad both have blood sugar problem and still dad wants sugar all the time! :/

Bubblegum and dad made those bars under the guidance of mom. The recipe is a jugad recipe so, you can also make some changes logically, according to your taste.

6 Tablespoons Peanut butter
4 Tablespoons Honey (You can add more if you feel)
2 Tablespoons cocoa powder (Optional)
3 cups Mueslie Bagrry-No sugar added
2 cups oats (Depends on your taste)
3 Tablespoons crushed almonds or other crushed dry fruits
Whey Protein powder or 2 table spoon curd.

Now let us start. Take a pan, pour honey and peanut butter. Mix them well with a wooden spatula till you get running consistency. Keep the flame low for the whole cooking session.

Once you achieve proper running consistency of the liquid mix, add all other above mentioned raw material (Yeah I am working in an OEM!) in the pan and mix well with the spatula.

If you are going to add curd in place of whey protein powder, add after other raw materials. As the why protein powder contains sugar and not easily available in India, Papa decided to add curd. Now it is an optional thing, as he wanted to make bars rich in protein we dint skip. He told us, curd is the best natural whey protein.

Once you get the thick mixture, keep stirring it for a minute on the same low flame.

Take the pan off the stove. Now take a bake dish or a normal Indian thali, make a think film of butter or oil and dab the mixture into the dish. The mixture will be wet solid so you have to give pressure to fill it in the dish.

Let the mixture cool down for half and hour.

And now cut small bars with a knife and take out those awesome protein bars!! :)
(The way we cut, shakkarpara or chikki in India)

Here is a photo taken by yours truly, when Papa was cutting the cake Protein Bars.

Ah, Mom and my bro loved these bars for a change ;) I take the whole credit though.

One should not preserve them in the refrigerators, rather keep them in a jar outside at normal temperature.
One bar will be sufficient for one time hunger pack! These are great as after or before workout sessions snakcs, after shopping snacks. One can take as a meal also, may be in breakfast.

So, Bar bar dekho mat .. Hog!!! :)

June 4, 2012

Cocktail,at home!

I know, a few of my buddies will stare at the post and might abuse me for going 'underground' at home. (No, I am not living in the room, under ground room of  'Private Drive' like Mr.Harry Potter!, bad joke!)

Some friends and bro-buddies were surprised, worried and shocked when I couldn't connect with many of them due to several reasons at home. I couldn't keep my Mumbai phone on,I am most of the time sleeping at home, down with cold, fever, back pain and some amazing silly health problems. Now dudes, not to worry as I am totally fine and the weather changes are held responsible for the same. Okay, I have been blamed too! I guess all around me, are freaked out out due to my lunatic behavior induced by headache and cold. I decided to give them a break, and blog so for some time so I wont be in their way to daily chores for some time. :D

I decided to blog today, whatever I can, without thinking, when my best buddy mailed me, he misses my blog-posts (Flattered!). A few of my childhood buddies also dropped me an sms,if I was fine as I was out of reach and was not blogging! They also threaten me to kill me the 'Kahani' way. (Okay, I am exaggerating!) I thought I can blog about my vacation at home a bit and get rid of all those comments! 

I thought of blogging out some incidents and then re-thinking happened.I decided to blog a 'Cocktail'! I know you may feel I am 'an alcohol' person,No I am not. When I am normal, I am high.That is the common belief about Bubblegum in the whole world, so I named it a 'Cock tail' post. The 'Contrast' of CT scan and cough syrups I drink since childhood are the only alcoholic drinks I take. Sheesh!

So, here I make the cocktail of my thoughts at home!!!! (I know the introduction of the post was as long as the post itself! I cant wait to just flush out my feelings at once! You may get bored and stop reading now!)

  • The moment I got down the train I felt, back at home. Okay, its my home town. There was something weird this time. I was curious, I was amazed at the change in my city.Today, it is developing at an exponential rate and I am not able to digest. Don't know why?! My parents like rest of the city folks are happy. In fact, it has been ranked  as 'The best place to live' by Times of India Survey. I have mixed feelings. I am relaxed because some of my buddies feel the same who are now studying or doing jobs in other cities of the world. The old charm is missing. Thanks, PS (Don't freak out at this name!) for the confirmation. I am feeling good if not lucky!
  • I was already suffering from back pain and in just a day's time I am caught by cold, headache, mouth ulcers and fever. Again a blood test and the normal conclusion-My immunity has resigned and I should stop junk food. Now my Doc.M mama has a theory.He says, in Mumbai, I don't complain or ignore the pain as I don't have home and parents, my body also understands. So when Bubblegum is at home, the body knows it is going to be pampered and so shows Nakhara. I freaked out at the theory. So when in the morning when Mom mentioned the same, I went lunatic with tears and kept mum for fifteen minutes. (Every minute counts okay!) It was over, when papa came and had to give me medicine as I had fever. After days, I felt nice to be grabbed by fever!
  • I couldn't connect with so many friends who took the pain to call me and take my appointment. Sorry dudes and babes. I will get back to each of you soon! (After this line, I wont get their calls it seems!)
  • I am still not allowed to roam around much. Apart from my walks inside home (We have a big drawing, dining room, living room and a balcony connected!) and virtual dance over rocky songs,I am not doing any work out. Sheesh. 
  • I watched 'Satyamev Jayate' on Sunday. I am a big fan of the team. I had an awesome discussion with my eldest bua and fufa who are doctors (Refer episode-4) and they accepted the malpractices in the profession. They feel bad about it too. They are above sixty and when they put their thoughts, boy, one can see the aura of experience in the talk. Ah, as usual I had a fight with Doc.M mama who felt offended a bit.The fight actually ended up with a glass of water and medicine handed over to me by him.He could see the fever running up and he was scared of the fumes coming out of my head!The mama-bhanji rishta is awesome na? Ah, I forgot to mention about the 'Honour killing' episode of Satyamev Jayate. I loved the song and I hate all those buckets of tears by me and my mom (Who watched the show for some fifteen minutes only) and of course laughter attacks my brother got seeing us crying like anything. Sheesh.
  • I went to my old home where a part of my Papa's home office is still alive. How much I hate to see my home like that. My dadi's favourite jhula, the wooden stair case, my study table and cup-boards where all my college text books are kept. The small library kind of corner is still there, struggling to breathe. My papa is planning to shift it to our new place. I guess, I will come home often then! I opened the cupboard and was feeling so good seeing all those books bought by my grand parents years and years ago, by my parents for me (My brother dint even touch them, he is a geek!)and some came as gifts. Those childhood stories,mom's thriller collection and spiritual books of my dadi, they gave me goosebumps. A big part of my childhood sleeps in the warmth of those pages. I was speechless. 
  • I had a plan of formatting my laptop in this vacation is now postponed due to unstable mind of Ms.Bubblegum. She had a thought of installing Linux also, which was labelled as 'one more sick thought' by mom. She doesn't forget that I have formatted my papa's old laptop which was given to me for my Robotics work, seventeen times. She feels bad for that laptop.
  • I am planning to visit Cross word too if allowed, as I am done with the awesome thriller 'The testament' by Sam Bourne. It helped me to take rest for hours at home. I recommend the book to all my book warm wizards and witches. I think the time has come to re-explore my old home library.
  • I went to the nearby super market on the first day of my vacation with my parents. The Star Bazar has been respected for the quality and the kind of services they give since long in the city. I was amazed to see the number of brands for each product they have. You name it and they have it. Some brands of shampoos, chocolates and other stuffs which I was not able to find in Kandivali-Borivali I could get them here. I was impressed. What made the visit memorable was a couple. A couple was just next to us in the line of billing. They were 'Koshish' couple. They were deaf and mute, the language was 'Sign language' and what impressed me was, the gesture of 'Thanks' when I helped them to move inside the big lift, smiles they had on their faces, the warmth I could feel and the love for each other without any Public display of affection. Love will show you everything. True.
  • I had a goal of the day in my mind. A goal to harass all my blog-readers with my loooooong blog-post. So if you are still reading I really thank you from the bottom of my heart which is placed just beside my cough filled lungs. Uhooo uhooo. (Ah, Did I mention, I watched 'Hum apake hai kaun'?)
Whats up with you guys and girls?? (I still feel some of you are still reading my post!!)