September 30, 2012

War of the words, pens!

A pen is mightier than a sword, and that is where my imagination runs wild!!

I mean what if we can put 'pens' in place of swords in hands of all warriors of 'Mahabharata'?! Of course the act would have saved us from the loss of people and the loss of human emotions. Apart from that I am not  very sure of the heroic epic staying the heroic one and not turning into a weird one,may be!

If we start from the main hero's early days, non other than Krishna's childhood, he would have conquered all Rakshas with his verbal arguments (So true, he actually narrated the 'Geeta'!) Due the powerful wisdom all those devil creatures would have died. Basically it happens when spammers and annons die on blogs. They attack on a blogger by commenting rudely or in indecent ways and suddenly the whole blogger world will attack on him or her verbally and he would die on the blog sphere. If Krishan would have used 'Pen' or 'Words', we would have a phrase 'Baton ke bhoot lato se nahi manate!!' No wonder if with the Morpichha Krishna would have put a pen also!

I can see, baby Pandavas actually made sit in front of 'Draunacharya' and do some brain storming for the next blog post or the creative article. In that case Sahadeva and Nakul would have become a great critics too, if we consider their special natural skills. The warrior Arjun would have loved his 'Parkar' pen and would have mastered the 'Shabda Yuddha'! I must say, the way we worship the writing style of some bloggers or authors, Eklavya would have been inspired by the Guru and just because he should not write, Draunacharya would have asked for his thumb- with which he would have gripped the sword of words. I guess he could have tried writing by another hand? Ah, I missed a point, The Guru would have asked for two hands and not a thumb, who is going to write with a pen, if a laptop is there!!

As we know the 'Dhvandha Yuddha', where two heroes fight with each other and no one comes in between would have been so interesting.Both writers will argue verbally on a public forum and as per those rules, no one will take side of any one!! One can also link videos and photos just like people do in Face Book to stand on their views!

A team of editors would have played critics on the opposite team's  blogs and articles, just like these Apples and Samsungs fight. 'Sanjay' would have given some 'Mirchis' for the personal touch to the narration. The real 'Mahabharata' would have been the best epic combining all write ups by these team, showing all skills to attack with words!

But then I realized, what if with those words and those pens, the team members would have started killing each other. When words would have failed, emotions would have flown by killing each other with  nibs of those pens along with verbal talks. Just like Me and my brother used to do in childhood.(Yes, I had a wild-violent child hood sans situations where mom used to be closer to us!)

For me and my brother or the sets of siblings it is fine, for the great Mahabharata, I can not imagine lakhs of solders armed with pens and sharpening nibs in the battle field- ultimately pointing towards the enemy!!Shooting pens and words of course, to kill the foes of the creative writing and freedom of expressions!

War of the words!! War of the words and pens!!!

I better stop here!

PS: Okay, now I have no intention of making a structured post any more. I suck at the flow. The Queen of scattered emotions, I have become! :D

September 26, 2012

A piece of heart!

I guess I did not introduce you people to my project mates. Well, an Indian girl living with her parents in Singapore since a year,we will call her Miss IS and a Chinese lady, who has spent all her life till date in Singapore and thus you will know her as Mrs. CS. Yeah she is married and she is finishing her PhD in this term!! Tada!!

So yesterday three of us were having our snacks and discussing about tax percentage, loans and salaries over here.I hope you don't expect us to talk on world peace!We are graduating students, how come we wont talk about salaries :D

We started asking about her life style, home and culture (Oh yes it includes her love story too! Girls will be girls!!) She actually knows a bit about Indian culture and suddenly,

Mrs.CS: You people are so happy and wealthy. (She has not seen those new channels and media articles in which India is demonstrated as 'Dharavi' only!) 

This was a proud and loud moment for me and Ms. IS. We both had  bigggggg smiles on our faces.
She continued, "We work so hard, we manage to get a home loan with a tiny bit of interest rate but the home wont be our own for a long period of time."

Seeing question  marks on our faces she said in Singlish, "A home is on lease for 99 years. After that government will take it back or if in between if a project comes and a government wants, it can take away the house." We were speechless. We are from the land where a 'Home' is  the last thing to sell, when it comes a financial crisis. Of course those sentiments are common all over the world.

She added, "We have certain rules too about maintaining an HDB (a flat provided by government) and not altering them according to our wishes." Well, we have a wide range of options, right from aesthetic looks to internal design of a home, don't we?

We added, "In India we get homes in inheritance! The land is the best and auspicious handover from the above generations we get!!"

The discussion made me realize the value of 'Home' for all of us!It is a proud possession! Getting our own place, decorating it, celebrating each moment of our lives in it and well, passing on it as a 'Dharohar'! I guess that is all we want, right? 

In India there are chances we get a home as a family heritage. We live in it or not, we feel attached to the home we get from our parents. If we don't get one, we try to earn and get one just like other people in the world. Such homes are actually attached to us, because the home is not only a building made up of four walls, it has our sentiments and feelings attached to it. We are going to pass it on to our next generations after all! 

It is not going to be taken away at the end of 99th year. 

It is not just a piece of land, it is a piece of heart!

PS: I guess I am going to present some super messed up posts for some days. A structural crisis going on where a sentence doesn't follow by an appropriate sentence before. 'Bhavanao ko samaj lena'! :D

September 25, 2012

A promise

Today is the time to make a promise. A promise to my self.

Last night, rather I would say mid night, I realized what my body had to pay for the bad food habits and worst sleep schedules.I was sleepless, absolutely sleepless. This is happening since long. In Mumbai when I used to feel I am an insomniac, I never knew I would think- Sleeping at 12.30 is still healthy.I try from 1 pm to sleep, and end up sleeping not before 3pm.It is bad.I try meditation and Yoga right at night. I guess the body doesn't accept quick fixes.

I decided to promise  myself and publish on the blog so I don't feel lazy to keep. I want to capture my thoughts ,so when hopefully I go back to the shape and state of mind I want or totally go bonkers with my body and mind- I should know the moment when I really had a long period of brain storming on the issue.

  • It is not possible to sleep at 11 if you reach room at around 10.30 pm. One just can not. The lecture you have stored in the mind is still cultivating the think tank, you are bundled with all enthusiasm to share with buddies,'what had happened on the happening day of yours', and how can you even think about sleeping. So I decided on the number 'One'! After looking at all assignments I have to do, or all those Face Book and Linked updates needed for my professional soul, I Should hit the bed at 1. It is going to take time, as my body clock is going to refuse but I am going to try my best, be it Yoga or a cup of warm milk. I can not put breaks on my mind who thinks at super sonic speed- Any suggestions?
  • As I have again started my jogging session (So what it includes only 2 kms with small walking intervals!) and Yoga if needed. I promise myself to continue and increase the time and intensity. The insanely huge university of mine, which makes me walk a lot, I don't consider 'U(ni)! I wish a day would come when I will go back to India and refresh my dance, performing an Arangetram is still a dream though. I realize why all Bharatnatyam dancers are so fit and in proper shape- all classical dances of India are nothing but a series of Yogasanas, dance is the deadly combo of strength and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Food. Here comes the toughest part. The room where I live (A big rant and realization is going to come soon on the blog!) doesn't provide me with my own kitchen and so when it comes to food, I have to be happy with fruits, peanut butter, oats,canned beans, some more fruits and of course Masala dosa and Uththappa from near by 'Singaorean Dhaba' I call. At university canteen, I eat but those stuff I should avoid as it contains MSG, which can trigger migraine attacks. The home mad food has become a dream, though the dream is going to be true after 15th Oct as we are shifting.  Digress. So I was talking about the Food promice. I am going to eat every two hours- I never thought it will be so challenging. I will have to plan a day earlier what all I am going to eat. My food habits are main reasons for migraine attacks- That is what my observation says, apart from my mood. I can not try GM diets or any other diets, those models use to stay slim. I promise myself to have my share of protein, Carbohydrates and other vitamins- minerals as far as I can, daily. I really have to keep check on my food habits as from both, paternal and maternal sides have diabetes history, not even a single person has escaped from the wrath. I have to be careful and this is the right age!
I, Bubblegum, promise my blog-baby, that I am going to act according to above three promises.


September 23, 2012

An estranged Sunday!

It had started all on Saturday night-with my favorite now a days-headache. Now whenever I have such a kind of headaches I do some weird things. First sign was forgetting what I had done a day before. I mean how can I forget what I had done a day before. While talking to my buddy I realized I had no idea what all I had done a day before.(I know you are tired of reading those words-A day before. I did not do anything spectacular a day before!!)As usual while in sleep I sent messages to one of my friends , or say I actually blabbered a lot.Finally I guess I slept off, breaking the whole freaking one sided conversation.

The Sunday morning started with a migraine hangover, eventually I converted it into an awesome enthusiasm to see the movie -barfee. As no body gifted me an F1 super expensive ticket, I thought of just feeling the air in the area and come back after watching the movie. Of course I wanted to tell all my friends back home, my fabulous experience.In speeding up the daily routine, half grumpy and yet enthusiastic Bubblegum, that is me, forgot to charge her mobile.As I result I was not sure how am I going to pass time in the train for an hour.I was going to attend two grand events almost and was to return late, back home.

The first weird thing happened , when the dance deprived and then the fiction book deprived girl, decided to read a dictionary.What can we do if not listening to music and drain the mobile battery.I took my pocket dictionary with me and actually read it in the train. The old lady sitting behind me with other persons around me, whom I avoided, stared at me for quite a long time.They could not believe, an Indian girl who is suppose to be quite good in English (In comparison with other local races in Sinagpore) is actually involved in reading a dictionary. Well I did that. God knows why.I was not referring to the Singlish Dictionary after all.

The second weird thing, which others felt and was actually my act-staring at babies.Well not babies but strollers of those babies. We were suppose to do brain storming on product design for new parents, to help them managing toddlers. So when she had told me about a problem with an umbrella stroller, and as obviously I have no babies thus no knowledge about strollers , I decided to observe those pretty things. In the whole observing act, I guess the mommy of the little kid felt offended-'why didn't you have a look at my cute kid and you are still staring the stroller?'. I realized the whole silent dialogue after actually drawing the whole mechanism of the umbrella stroller in my mind. Yes I was super weird- for the mommy.

The weird saga continued, when we learnt that there are NO tickets available for the show we wanted to go for. Even after that show, two more were scheduled after a few hours, which were full. I mean, are you kidding me? Barfee in Singapore, going House full??!! The weird feeling of being on the formula 1 land, just a few kilometers away from the track., already made me dull.

Suddenly I found a shop, or say my friend suggested to check it out.
Things I observed made me realized, why things were weird!

I saw witch hates, witch robes, wounds, broom sticks and many such wizard stuff.

Yeah I had a feeling may be I am not a muggle. A big realization. Something similar had happened to Harry Potter before knowing about his wizard blood?

 Am I a witch? :O

If you are not thinking of kicking me-Read below notes.

PS: Yeah, I thought of making this post a bit dramatic, as I was just observing the strange and dull happenings on this Sunday.I was excited but could not afford to get upset with the dull atmosphere. Well, how about the Formula 1in Singapore and a phone call to Shane? It worked pretty well. Bingo. Sorry for the huge drama in the post :D Phew.

PS-2: Lazy friend SB, Better you ask Sebastien Vettle to book a ticket for me in the coming Japan F1. I am his lucky mascot after all!! I have proved it again!

September 20, 2012

From Singapore,with Love-3

I really did not get one better title, especially when I am in no mood to craft a story or a narration but just want to register my well being on the blog. Time is flying and I am tempted to capture my state of mind and some awesome moments of my life. There are some strange, painful and some awesome moments- why to wait!

  • It was just last night when I actually mentioned 'Blogging' in my to-do-list. Does that mean I am too busy? Well it means, I have spoiled my schedule in such a way that, when I want to blog- I cant focus.Some or the other university mails keep on peeping on my windows and my so called focused mind looses all the focus!!
  • The last to last post really made me relaxed, but the credit cant be given to it alone. Some of my buddies fought really hard with me, made me cry and well, my mind came back to the place! Ah, did I say the youngest of the gang-Bubblegum was pampered too, afterwards! :D
  • I had actually decided to remove my head from the rest of the body and hammer it properly so that it functions without migraine before two days. Well I guess the mind was so scared of the fantasy, it started working without headache in just two days! Though medicines make me feel crappy.
  • My one of the current roomies is leaving for India tomorrow and the fact is that none of us, including herself, are not feeling the excitement yet. May be the fact that she will not be staying with us after coming back is not being felt and she herself is not done with the packing yet!!! I am sure the empty place in the small unit is going to haunt the rest of us for a while.
  • 'Running behind free bees' is a new fashion in my University graduate students it seems. With all the bad luck I have, I was still able to get a part of chocolate my friend got, the kind friend!! Many of them also got mobile phones and jackets in some promotional events in this country!! I am happy with the bite of chocolate too!
  • The current fight of big giants- Apple and Samsung products may create the world war is what I predict. Dude really, none of you own those companies and most of you dont have all mobile phones to even pass the judgement- still you keep on blabbering and follow any of them blindly. Face book walls of most of you scare me to even have a look at them. We have some other issues too, something like 'Coal gate'!! Well I forgot, we Indians forget and forgive scandals pretty fast!
  • Time table of my finale semester exams are out and I can see myself struggling for studies after ages.I am still considering myself a little bit more lucky than those people who wanted to study further and could not. I guess I am going to use this opportunity to create a good career profile. 
  • I have stopped reading 'Barfi' reviews. The hero charms me like anything even his photograph can. Pity I am not able to watch the movie- well I keep on watching 'Jhalak dikhlaja' episode where he actually played some awesome spells to capture even my mom's heart! Well mom, like so many good heroes, don't make him your son!!Ah, by the way Happy Birthday to the most beautiful lady on this earth-Not Kareena-my Mom!
  • My frock buddy N should buy a new phone with all applications and GPRS activated in it today. As it happens to be her birthday too, I pray all my dreams about her come true. Now, you understand buddy, what do I mean :D ( Devil laugh!!!)
  • I never knew, Mumbai gang will become so dull without me! ( Complimenting myself?!) My bro buddies are really confused- one is searching a heroine for himself and creates mess every time! The other one who is eldest of the lot is still confused-which mobile to buy, in place of dating a girl!I might not get a 'Bhabhi' before they get a 'Jijaji'! :D
  • Now one more proof, Due to eating Panipuri for less numbers of times than we used to, Mr.Shane's immunity has been challenged by some viral attacks. Dude, when I will come to India, we will have three four plates daily to re-establish the whole immune system of yours, provided my usual bugging don't affect you :D
  • The next big thing coming is - hold on guys, my case study!! I meant in my whole life I have not remained in a  place for more than three hours (depends on the movie!), how am I suppose to go the library and for hours and days  read for the case study!? Ah,wait, I forgot I chose a topic which I wont get in Singaporean libraries, it will be online only. There is always an option of opening a 'New tab' for the blog-spot! 
  • Sheesh, one more post on Ranbir Kapoor on Facebook! Distractions are many but I should focus on blogging first, right? 
  • I am waiting for the weekend to come. Plans are many, there is a tie between F1 and Barfi, lets see who attracts me more! ( I can see Mr. Shane and Lazy buddy SB smiling, one for my no knowledge state in F1 and the other for my surprising curiosity for F1!).
  • Ah, by the way, 'Oye it is Friday!' Weekend is knocking knocking!! 
How have you been,all of you?? 

(I know, not a nice way to end the post!!!)

September 19, 2012

Dance deprivation!

A little girl of four used to copy Madhuri Dixit or Minakshi Sheshadari in front of the television,with all the charm and grace she could produce at that time.Be it 'Tandav' or 'Chane ke khet mein'!The first song performed by her was 'Tu shayar hai, mein teri shayari' as per her mom. Obviously her mom knew she should join the classical dance group some day. She did. The little girl Bubblegum, is still not happy about not performing Arangetram even after finishing the course, almost. In fact she never realized what she was going to miss before a few years. She wanted to be a free bird at that time and even she wonders till the moment, why did she feel so.

Those were the days, back to back dance performances on the stage.I worship the stage now. The feeling of dancing, those practice sessions after school hours, today also they make me feel high. Those Navaratri days and practicing till late night, having snacks , nimbu pani and again practice. Contemporary dance to raas-garba, Bharatnatyam to lavani- I guess I never realized what 'Dance' is for me at that time.I was blessed by great teachers after all, who took interest in small matters like, making us wear  'Panetar' or 'Bandhani', applying 'alto' or 'Mehandi', Using look alike probes in group dances apart from choreography.

Now I miss the stage, the adrenaline in my blood.In fact my hands and legs start dancing even while listening to those peppy or classical songs on my way to the near by MRT station. I actually feel bad about myself. I watch really a very few serials but yeah, dance shows are something different. Specially if Madhuri Dixit is the judge, even my mom never  miss an episode and asks me to watch the best of all, on Internet.

I was feeling dull since last some days due to various reasons.I got a way to elevate my mood. I started watching those amazing dance videos. You can not believe, one of my room mate actually says she can guess what I will be watching just by noting my expressions, read 'smiles'!! I am relieved I have got the new addiction but like any other addiction, this one is painful too.

I always knew I am missing something in my life since three four years. I miss 'Dancing'! My buddy Shane made me realize this for the first time, a few months back. He repeatedly asked me to join some new form of dancing- may be he sensed my 'thirakana'! My lazy friend SB actually told me in my own farewell party, ah. Bubblegum you remember all signature steps of popular songs so easily.I never dared to join the class again- for several 'Bahanas' like workload or travelling bla bla bla.

The limit was crossed by my mom's word ' Bubblegum, why don't you just restart dancing?, you are really good at it'! Mom it runs in the blood, I guess! She never ever told me with the voice she told me this time.

Frankly, a part of my heart did a suicide at that moment. Really.

I am a victim of dance deprivation!

I am not sure, when I am going to start, from where (zeroth level or minus one!)I am going to start, but I guess this post really makes my heart feel a little bit of full- talking about the killed part of the heart due to deprivation of dance.


September 17, 2012


Yes I was. Back to back Migraine attacks and the very old but finally recovering injury- I almost felt peeled off. The home sickness actually did not gripped me, I was in a different world all together and I am sure I did not want to be home. As I always say, I am blessed with some awesome buddies and a mind which can be distracted (what if with difficulty) by Ranbir Kapoor or Barfee reviews, or as little as a friend's mail. What if the mail contains good numbers of scolding sessions!! Have you ever heard of panning in the photography, where rest of the world is in action and you are paused!!? Well I experienced the same!

The bottle of Vicks actually gave up on me and I had to live on tablets to petrify migraine attacks, I must say Bubblegum my mind fought very well. It refused to get some more defects!

The peeling off session came to an end when My mom who actually got sentimental about me, yes, Bubblegum being her 'lovely still wise' (yes yes, wise!!) daughter who gifted her some awesome books she was planning to buy as birthday gifts!!Moms, well can sooth you after irritating you a lot with her your-friend-is-getting-engaged-what-about-you talks.Yeah she got all senti-venti and yours truly was highly elated  A rude daughter too I am, mom!! 

The warm up cricket match which we failed to win and so I say, we donated to Pakistan- talking about T20 matches in the lecture! We cant miss following, do we? Well, My brand new prof is still 'new' and I am sure he was focusing more on slides and less on our speechless comments about runs-overs left.

Some quick phone calls of my buddy Shane and a big leg pulling session of my bro buddy refreshes me to no beats- always!!It will be too much if I say they are my charms? Well I guess No. I must say, my senior who felt something is really wrong with me, called me and just like my friend VA, he got some cold answers. :D

Now as I can see, the whole post is going scattered-I wish I could actually reach where the scattered words cross the boundary of hopes of all readers and thus they actually start enjoying my blabbering special blog post,but. Period.

Abstract of the case study, I am undertaking,  is taking birth tonight!! (Hopefully!)

So better not to scatter marks and just the blog post!

Better to end the post?!! :D

I know you are relieved :D

September 16, 2012

To the Sunny Deol

Dear Sunny Deol,

Can you just come with your 'Dhai Kilo ka hath' and massage my head for some time.

My head ache can beat massages by those hands weighing a few grams!!


PS: I have written total seven posts today, period. Have deleted them too. :D

September 12, 2012

While I was not blogging..

  • I was watching Harry Potter movies back to back, for the first time in my life! First two parts were really awesome but then the Book-Sickness gripped me.Fourth part on wards negative vibes were not so tolerable so, I made a decent pose with the birthday witch hat and posted a photo on FaceBook. These Harry Potter Fans I tell you!
  • I was also, trying to study hard for a few hours, wrapped up my books/e books and again started watching movies on laptop. I guess I am watching movies on the laptop after ages!
  • I was really really talking with awesome enthusiasm on phone, ah, My Frock Buddy N was on the other end. Need less to stay I indulged into the awesome talk for some forty minutes?!
  • I was busy talking to Shana-Ah fighting with Shana , that we actually did not talk much. Secretly I wanted to share billion things which also includes how I am addicted to the Milo thing that I crave for,the moment I get up. Also, how I was ready to throw my iphone at him if he was here.Shane, Did I tell you this? :D
  • I was sleeping like a dog after 3pm and got up when even people in India would have reached office! Talking about my new body clock and the time difference!
  • I was Kiking  her, and I realized I just dont like anyone kiking me except her. She is the sole owner of my Kik messenger contacts.
  • I was busy in dressing up my knee for the every day walk. It is a pain I tell you. It scares me to the death now,to go for the jog on the concrete road with the open bruise. 
  • I was busy chatting over a cup of MILO with one of my roomies- The girl who can cry over a lost cricket match! Well I never felt so for the match against Newzies :D
  • I was busy in giving dull smiles to my room mates! They were doing the same. What else can you do after loosing an access card some where, sparkling some sea water in the mobile, loosing a floater (not the pair!) on the sea shore and last- In the tension, getting your leg trapped in the mayajal of cables in the room and making your hard disk fall at your feet!!? Well the Hard disk is not working too. What a mess! :/ Okay, before you people comment, I was not the one to create any of above problems. I am only a supported this time! God knows how?!
  • I was busy mailing a buddy of mine, who is so busy to shoot me a mail!! Well hope you got the hint dude!!! :/
  • I was busy thinking about myself. Period and Facebook. I kind of want to just delete my account-as I really feel like it. The only advantage of Face Book is, as of now ,it is the fastest way to communicate (Really) and I am scared some day it will kill my blog!!! 
  • I was busy judging the 'something' inside my soul, the 'Something' which is irritating me, pinching me, hurting me and I don't know the 'Something'! No I have not listened to the 'Something Something' song of the great Mickakckaka Singh!
  • I was just thinking of slapping the Chinese guy who forcefully sat beside me, though there was a gap of around 100 cms in between us, the smell -the vibes I got from him, I thought I was being petrified. Sheesh , too much of Harry Potter. Hold on, this guy, I must tell you has become a forced member of my team in a project. Where is Snape?
  • I was feeling connected to my Pune gang on Facebook, I still do- Feels like those days of innocence are back! Sometimes. Okay, I was not innocent, others were. The awesome thing is, we used to create wars out of every little issue in and around the atmosphere!
  • I was busy talking with my buddy Mr.Consolidation in the way I never did. I am sure he would be thinking, ah the girl has really grown up!! :D 

And while I was blogging,

I just had a thought- Will any one read this long lost blog post of mine till end? 


September 8, 2012


Yeah the title serves two goals for the blog post. First.Apart from roaming around places in Singapore, watching movies back to back on laptops and ah, jogging I do somethings like, attending lectures-finishing my assignments and studying-sometimes. Everyone back home tells me at least once in a few days, "Beta study also over there!" Well, I guess I am good at multitasking. Guys, I will manage!

Thought of celebrating Teacher's day in a different style this time. I remembered most of my mentors and teachers, I would like to introduce my profs at Singapore! (I hope they wont get this blog-link!)

Differences in culture, teaching method over here and even life styles,their dressing- Well I don't know any of them personally so well for sure, I have observed so many things about them, just kind of fun while learning?

Prof 1: She is extra cute, smart and well tiny-lean figured human being. She laughs in a manner which makes me remember those tele films promoting different weird product on tv at odd hours- Nazar Suraksha Kavach?! She is of course an inspiring personality for me, she builds an aura where you dive into the world of gadgets. She posses any damn gadget you have ever heard of. Ipads, Ipods and smart phones are nothing. Portable scanner, recorder, GPS system for trekkers, Kindle, Cameras of every kinds. and what not. She studies the interactive design of all of them and let us study for a while. Isn't it she awesome! Ah, Did I tell you I went gaga over her polka dot formal frock?! Man, you should check her wardrobe!!

Prof 2: Well, he is the one who tries to develop fundamentals of product development in our minds and ends up developing boredom after an hour. Not his fault, for the people who never dived into the corporate world and are fresh from under graduate colleges find the lecture irrelevant most of the times.For me, well I sit with my friend who was actually in a firm who supplies to my ex-company- and so most of the time we keep on relating those presentation slides to our work and end up having a cup of coffee in the break to calm our selves down. Well , the other prof who came to assist some of the subject lectures, kept sprinkling tranquilizers with his presentation and so not only us, students, he also started feeling sleepy. So, he gave three big breaks in three long hours. Nothing more to observe!I kept on sleeping too.

Prof 3: He is of the age of our grand father. The brilliant look, this old man definitely has more energy then us and of course he keeps himself updated with the ongoing technologies-methods in System management. Ah, he just don't know how to operate his laptop properly. I guess he is from the Einstein league-Master of one, Jack of none.He is proud of his achievements and of course he is also very proud of us- for studying under him-No really-My observation. A motivating personality and a great dreamer. If you mute the recording of the video of his lecture, you can actually feel as if he is doing some retro style disco. Talking about actions he puts in moves while explaining every single sentence. That is the only fun part- or else you have to try real hard to note his words. I bet each word gives you knowledge.

Prof 4: The most simple and may be the youngest of all male profs. He takes one second and a few mili seconds to speak each word of the sentence he wants to frame in English- But we manage. This gentle man comes, delivers the lecture and leaves like a breeze. The part in between is -'Decipher my speech' part-which is done by us. We are getting better day by day!

Prof 5: My favorite I guess. He looks like an elder brother of Jacky Chan! Serious? Yes, we actually searched many of Chan's photos on Google while sitting in his lecture and tried to figure out how many facial features are matching and well, the conclusion is right-He looks like Chan! I used stare him and note each of his expressions in a few lectures-Well now I have to pay attention to what he talks. The subject is quite interesting and he is making it easier for us.He makes us do over time in lectures but worth it!! At least I remember my child hood hero-Jacky Chan!! :D

Besides my Profs- I would like to take pride in announcing that after three damn years I managed to study well and complete my first ever assignment in Singapore.

Well five more in the queue!! :/

Time to un-blog? No I guess- I can steal the time to blog!! See you next time! :)

September 7, 2012

The marriage & The quarter life crisis!

There was a time when I used to have billion ideas to blog, now, I have but I don't blog. May be I have become choosy , I have become a bit conscious about the whole thing. Any way I decided to blog about some of my inner thoughts, Hope it doesn't turn up a 'Loud speaker- rebellion' post.The marriage and the already affecting quarter life crisis. Well for me the later one is the result of the first one. Sheesh.Serious.

I feel, at the age of 24, I am already suffering the quarter age crisis! No fun. Hundred relatives worrying about, 'Where will you get settled' and then a shocking question comes up., 'When?'! I don't blame them, my mom would have become one such relative for other girls elder to me some years ago! :D I am really really amazed at this match making hobby of aunties. Do these people take responsibilities if the marriage turns out to be an emotionally-sucking experience? My mom says, it never happens. I agree but is it true for today's world?

There was a time when all aunties around me including my mom used to ask me, do you like some one? Beta, tell us frankly. When I used to say, No, they used to feel proud- for no reasons!! Now they take it for granted that at the age of 24, there are no possibilities left for me to fall in love. Even if most of my friends feel I am smart enough to judge a guy, in fact my father thinks the same, my mom feels, I am still the small-little-innocent girl-which I was never. Any guy could have trapped me in the maya-jal!

I see many of my friends who are elder to me, struggling to find a match. Either they don't suit each other, or they don't like each other. Aunties take interest in families, but do they think if the frequency is matching or not for the guy and the girl, who are suppose to get married to each other? Well in my family, it is allowed to meet, chat and call a lot  before taking the decision. The first question comes into the mind is, do you behave naturally when you arrange such meetings or calls? I cant. I am afraid I would appear too simple and shy, or a total contrast- a cyclone- the guy might run away!

There is one more thing- I feel is correct regarding arranged marriage. Once you decide, once you know with whom you are going to live your whole life, you tend to find positive points in each other and then you adjust. Now that is the secret behind the arranged marriage. You know each other slowly-beauty of the relation. Though I remember one of my senior telling me, 'Even in the case of love marriages, you find new characteristics  of your partner each day!' Phew!! What am I suppose to think, what am I suppose to tell mom when she scares me with her dreams of my marriage!

For each girl, her marriage is a dream. Well not for me, any more.

The topic should be banned in family get together(S), :/

I have other topics like career, ambitions, chocolates, Mumbai and period. Panipuri.

Sounds fun at the age of 24?

September 4, 2012

The perfect Alarm!

I found one perfect alarm to wake up, early in the morning today.

Unfortunately (Luckily!!) it is temporary.

Of course you will get up due to very strong pinch of pain when your usual habit of rolling over the bed, exactly early in the morning, makes your hurt knee touch the wall!!

Ouch, it is the best alarm in the world! Set with the body clock!


September 1, 2012

Scattered Dynamism!

Some incidents do make you think over them, some make you laugh over them. Some make you cherish them all your life, if you remember. Thought of capturing them in text on the blog, Bubblegum Here you go!Starting off with those scattered tit bits of my life in Singapore.

  • We, three, actually peeped out the big window of our room to spot the girl in the pink and green saree in the hostel in Singapore! She had put on a Gajara too. Man, what a surprise. While both girls with me were admiring the Indian Saree culture, I was trying to figure how can some one wrap the saree so so perfect!!! Oh, the fourth one was sleeping :D
  • We, four, often fall into laughter pools induced by Poor Jokes. I guess I or she leads the crowd of four to swim in the same. Talking about smiles in life!
  • Mr.Consolidation, my friend in USA calls me and I try to piss him off with my so called attitude and he does the same sometimes. Period. 
  • Mr.Shana, well this guy along with my Bro-buddy out there in India, constantly keep me 'On the Go'! Apart from 'do this and do that', they also make sure if I am taking care of myself and poor guys, while doing such an auspicious task fall flat by my irritation!Talk about home sickness and assignments. 
  • I am not jogging properly since the day I have hurt my knee badly. I tried once but I was surrounded by my appointed Body Guard by one more roomie , to make sure that I control my emotions and don't start running.Apparently I was happy with walking.
  • I was wondering why people follow any good or bad leader in such a blind way? About Google Hang out of Narendra Modi.No one asked questions which should be asked, and a girl from Delhi asked about his diet. Really?
  • One of my profs looks like the elder brother of Jacky Chan. By god, I just focus on his gestures, I really have to struggle to listen to him- in terms of getting my brain right on the lecture topic.
  • Another prof of mine, is the best for the 'Santoor' ad in India. Inki twacha ko dekhake umar ka pata hi nahi chalata!! Really. Another awesome fact is she owns zillion gadgets and I think I have decided my ideal teacher now.
  • I am trying to implement a little bit of discipline in my life. Drinking proper amount of water, jogging or walking a lot lot, stretching-Yoga. Most important sleeping on time. Any ideas which make me sleep on time apart from working out heavily in day time?
  • Addicted to Norah Jones songs suddenly. You want a bad revenge ful girl, better listen to "Happy Pills" and a small, mellow-voice girl, just grab the 'Sunrise'!
  • I am completely jealous of my friends meeting up in Gurgaon for a month or two. I just don't want to see your photos on Face book. Wooosh Wooosh! Your Doda Barfi will be jinxed by me. Don't even dare to have them!
  • I really wish I will have something  beautiful to blog about,the next time I open this blog. I really really wish. I don't want to make the scattered boring post again :/
Sorry guys, but life is all about scattered dynamics- The another chapter you must add in to Physics of life!