August 31, 2011

My dil goes hmmmmmmmm............

  • For  number of nail polish collections we have done...
  • For the new fridge in my new place :P
  • For all my natak drama and new participants!!! :)
  • For all my coffee cups - some of them are not going to last long.. Friends are moving!
  • For all my makke walks -Walking while getting wet in rain and eating corns!
  • For all upcoming marriages of my friends where i will get an opportunity to meet all!
  • For all my Office-buddies who actually give up on me and pamper me :P
  • For all my School friends who know me more than myself!!
  • For all my college friends - Who still remember me as a member on 'wall of fame'! :P
  • For all mom-made food :)
  • For Papa's pampering and ,Brothers bothering'...
  • For my lovely shovely 'bagvati'..
  • For my handsome camera :)
Well ... There are so many wonderful things around me ,so sadness doesn't touch me..

August 29, 2011

P A N I P U R I....

P- possible to have in 100s...
A-Arrange for the same please..
N- No need to share ok?!!?
I- I want thats it!!
P-Pudine ka pani...yummmmy
U- U will be killed if you want to live..... please supply panipuri :P
R-Roz roz khana bhi acha lagta hai!! :P
I-I will say goodbye here and go to have them if you cant bring :P


PS: For my room mate ;)

August 28, 2011

The Wind of Change........

I am going through a change of life....

Nah nah, i am not changing my status from single to committed or married :P

Change of accommodation , Change.. I am feeling to live with lively people!!... Friends i can count on..

Change in food as we will be setting up our own kitchen :)

Change when I open my eyes in the morning and find the new place :)

Change in the air when i will have my cup of coffee , sitting in the biiiig balcony....

Trying to grow a balcony garden... !! I want it madly!!

Change is painful but this one is 'needed' and 'Lively'!!!

Looking forward to all good things to happen now :) God bless us!! :)

Disclaimer : One can find this post silly and pointless but then I loved to express it like this only!! :P

August 27, 2011

Finale destination's depressinnggg effects!!!

I took a decision of watching a movie with friends one fine day...

The movie was : Finale Destination -5... ( I had seen the first one but this was in 3D)..

  • I saw movie without goggles for more than one hour!!
  • I saw 'aju baju' to avoid  certain scary and super scary scenes!!!
  • I waited like anything for the movie to get over!
  • I was getting scarred to cross a road!
  • The fan .. I preferred to switch it off while sleeping :P
  • When I switched on the iron i recalled all prayers i know! :P
  • I am afraid of knives!!
  • I would really like to kill my friend who asked us to watch the movie for fun!! Huh!

Void in life....

Void in life,
Is necessary sometimes...

To know 'me' better,
And be a great creator...

Learning to take along,
Love and life will become strong...

Breath new fresh air,
Dream with the same flair...

Trust my God to give me omens...
Any how loneliness is the part of the game!...

August 26, 2011

Aaasman pe............

Yeah I loved being on AASMAN....


I loved talking to my close close friends on 'SKYPE'....   (SKY PE!!)

:) :)

Igatpuri impresses…….

Igatpuri itself means a heaven!!!.... Take a look at the link:

·         Loved the green city!! But  I should thank weather the most for it!!! Anyhow its better than Mumbai!
·         Liked old British structures! They were looking very classy with nature’s green carpet on compound walls!
·         Loved lakes and peaks of mountains with fog!
·         Loved the small church and the railway track almost parallel to the city outskirts..
·         The club I stayed had Badminton court and that goes for a ‘super like’!
·         The evening and morning chattering of ducks in the club was awesome J
·         The single TV room was much of an attraction! Somehow I loved the idea of watching TV together with all team-mates!
·         The adventurous graveyard trip was followed by fun and fear sessions mocked by my team mates on me :P
·         Enjoyed watching colorful insects in green grass!!!
·         Enjoyed long walks at night in the club..
·         Loved the weather which actually aggravated my cold on the first day of the stay.

I would definitely like to visit Igatpuri on weekends .. Provided I should have my gang of friends!!! Hare k friend zaroori hota hai J

August 25, 2011

Kidding?? :)

I really really love to play with kids!!... What I feel is ... They are much much better than us!

  • Taking decisions!!! -- so quick they are at... :)
  • They don't re-think!!! That keeps their tiny minds at peace!
  • They easily divert their minds!! :) :)
  • They give 100% to any problems and fight for it ;)
  • Their innocent smiles can actually melt a stoned heart!!! :)
  • Writing!!! They write anything and that makes you smile anytime!
  • They treat cheating as a sin!! :P (In terms of games!)
  • They can actually demand 'Chocolates'! :)
Life is fun for kids!! :) and for elders... 'Kidding!!!!....' !!!!!!! :P

August 24, 2011

Training treats....

Well I was out of town for a training programme at Igatpuri.... and.....

  • I learnt a lot about how a manager should work and where do I stand!
  • I played badminton like crazy!! super like!
  • I enjoyed the foggy beauty of Igatpuri.. Beautiful structures built by Britishers ..Some of them have become  haunted places! Walls are covered with lush green 'Parda vel'!
  • We actually visited a haunted place at night!!! :P
  • Clicked so many pics !!! :)
  • Made new friends :)
  • I really loved the relaxing atmosphere of the club sans my cold :(
  • I got plenty of time to introspect which I misused by doing worrying about work and life! :(
  • I met 2 of my old friends and that counts for a 'duper like'!
  • I wrote a lot lot in a diary and then I crushed pages into the dustbin as it was all BAKWAS! :p
  • I missed my Mumbai friends a lot! and I wanted to tell them all what I was enjoying!!!
  • I missed my music , my office buddies , My coffee and specially walks! Though the later one i enjoyed as a small trek in igatpuri :)
  • I am thinking of going to ' A medication camp'!!! Dont know why!!! :)
  • I really loved to talk to our mentor!!
  • I missed morning radio tunes I am addicted to!!!
  • I felt I could have been a TV reporter... Suddenly i felt so!!! :)
Very soon I am going to upload Igatpuri Photos!!! :)  Cheers!! :)

August 21, 2011

Points i noted-21.08.2011

  • My will power is too much concrete to puncture once it is actually 'Will power'!
  • I really really miss Gujarati Shravan mas celebrations.. 'Nag panchami, Randhan Chhat ,Shitala satam'.. As i have nothing to do with them much, due to my lucky 'Single' status but i miss 'Kuler' and 'Talvat' made by my grand ma and mumma... :( 
  • I have become an inspiration for kids of my cousins in terms of Gundagardi :P
  • I have started taking up my responsibility as i am shifting my 'dwelling' with 2 girls younger to me! FYI: My roomie was 2 years elder to me and so she was more of  'didi' types :)
  • I have realized that I can carry any hideous coloured nail polish!
  • I am missing my badminton so much that I dreamt of the game thrice!
  • I am desperately waiting for 'Ganapati'.. I really really want to go to Lal baugh cha raja this time again!
  • I am also waiting for Navaratri but seems I am going to miss it in Ahmedabad :(
  • Facebook is awesome in terms of 'Like' click!! I simply love the feature!
  • I really need to update my knowledge of gadgets and upcoming technology...!!!!
  • I simply love to cook provided I should have mood.. and Mood comes when i cant cook!! :(

August 18, 2011

Music...Which genre do you like?

People have tendency to ask what kind of music I like and I actually go blank!!

Except metal i love them all provided i am in a mood for that specific genre.

1. Rocky peppy dance songs! - Dhinkchika types... Or 4 baje gae lekin party abhi baki hai!
2.Melodious romantic songs!- mera pehla pehla pyar , pehala nasha pehla khumar types!
3.Old songs (Kishore Kumar-Asha-Lata songs)- 'Piya to' types to 'Mera kuch saaman'
4. Sufi songs-'allah ke bande' to 'maula mere' types..
5.Classical-Semi classical songs with fusion may be-'Payaliya' to 'mora piya mose' to 'madhuban mein radhika nachere!' Includes 'Laga chunari mein daag' types also..
6.Regional songs- Lavani , Gujarati sugam sangeet to garba!! (Don't ask me to name!I cant do injustice to any of my favourites!!)
7.Qawallis- 'Pal do pal ka sath humara' types!
8.Bhajan and chants : 'He ram ' to 'Himalaya chants'
9.Hollywood-'Nothings gonna change my love for you' to 'Tonights gonna be good night' types...
10.Jingles : all cadbury jingles to titan watch ads :)
11.Instrumental: Though not much into it but i certainly listen to Sitar! Specially if played by Papa. :)

I love them all..Which one do you like?. and I wont be surprised if i have 2-3 more types after i publish this post!! :)

PS:Wait for some days I will be coming up with detailed choices of each genre from my side ;)

Meri awaaaaaaaaz hi pehchan hai.....

Name ghum jaega...Chehara yeh badal jaega....
Meri awaz hi pehchan hai...... Agar yad rahe....

I Hate this song!!! :(
When I catch cold and my voice is not the actual one! :(

I object the song!!! :P

August 17, 2011

Points i noted....

  • I really believe now that i am a born reader and i read too fast!
  • I have realized i enjoy Novels specially, historic novels the most!!
  • I enjoy clicking pics and i will really love to use PHOTO SHOP now!
  • I feel catching cold is more dangerous than any other most danger thing in the world!
  • I sleep too much now a days!
  • I am a real coffee lover! To add : My doc friend said, 2-3 cups a day is ok! :P
  • I wish Navaratri comes early and I end up in Ahmedabad as soon as possible!
  • 1st class AC in Indian railways are better than Air India Flights...Far more better!
  • I have also realized that i have so many hobbies and no time to indulge in all of them! :P
  • I am a real gadget freak sans Mobiles!! I cant type in touch pad!
  • I still think why i need a blanket  in mumbai - 365 days! :P
  • I have started loving silk sarees from my heart! I am jealous of my mom and Bua's saree collection!
  • I feel i can work great on marketing side some day!
  • I feel good if i blog ! :)
  • I miss my close friends in mumbai :(
  • I really need a salary hike! :P
  • I really need to work hard on getting things i deserve at professional level!
  • I have started hating rains!
  • I really really want to go for a Himalayan trek with friends :)

August 16, 2011

Ahmedabad........Apanu Amdavad!

Well, after a long time I felt I should write something about my home-town AHMEDABAD…

Well, obviously I won’t be writing about Modi and development stuff!! But it will be personal J

·         I came from Kalupur railway station to the most posh area of the city in an auto driven by a Muslim guy without any tension at 5 am. The area we passed through was first muslim and then hindu dominant areas.
·         After years I could enjoy Ahmedabad non-stop rains!
·         After months I heard my favorite RJ on Mirchi..
·         I visited malls and shops like I had seen in south Mumbai!
·         I am scared it will become another Mumbai in some time in terms of traffic.
·         After years I found my city green!
·         As usual I stared my school from one gate to the another gate with a spark in my eyes! I have spent 2+12 years there!
·         I enjoyed the famous Dalvada and makai in Ahmedabad rains!
·         Ahmedabad means Amdavad to me and that implies my sweet home!
·         My sweet home is where my Mumma is ..and so where Puranpoli is J
·         I met my childhood friends ..friends since 20 years!! Not 1 or 2… They are 20 to 25!!
·         Ahmedabad means shopping!!! But this time holidays somewhat ruined my hobby!
·         Ahmedabad means Navaratri!! People are charging up from Aug only!!! Just wow!
·         Felt connected to Gujarati Sugam sangeet once again!
·         For the first time I went to CCD in ahmedabad!! ( There are some 15-20 outlets in the city but somehow never visited!)
·         Purchased Gujarati novels (Thriller!) and read it to. (Thanks to my Dadi I never had to purchase classic Gujarati literature! )
·         I had the privilege to listen to Sitar played by PAPA! I slept off somehow while listening!!

August 9, 2011

The finale show...

Silent rejections..
Any suggestions???
Life needs corrections..
Go for progressions..
No need to degrade life..
Have to move on & achieve skies..
I will stand tall..
Let anyone fall..
I am the best I know!
And I will lead the finale show!.........

August 8, 2011


Wanted to click the picture of my state of mind today,

But it came blank!

Oh majhi re.....

Oh majhi re...apna kinara....dariya ki dhara hai.........

I Simply love the song by Kishore Kumar.... A click tribute to the song!!!


August 6, 2011


Rejection teaches me patience..
Love teaches me patience...
Goal teaches me patience..
Life teaches me patience..
Break teaches me patienece..
Distance teaches me patience

Hell!! I will become a patient of patience :P