January 20, 2014

Things did not kill me!

Some wise guy has said it,'That thing which does not kill you makes you stronger.' This wise guy must be having hiccups today, as some knowledge I obtained in last few days make me feel the same and I would like to re-quote it today with the self- validation.

After a series of trips to some special cities and some not so special cities back to back since months, I had thought I might collapse with the fatigue these trips can create in my body. I was wrong. I am still alive and kicking travelling. I have full two months time table in my mind with certain potential additions to come. At the end of the each trip, I would think of cancelling all trips left and then my helplessness, some times hope recreate the spirit in me to travel one more time.

As I had written before, even shifting did not kill me. It made me realize things in life. Nothing is permanent in the life of a bachelor (PS: I avoid commenting about the life after wedding!) I have to be organized each time without resources like cupboards and utensils. Period.

My boss. I always think of bosses as that weird creature who calls you at the desk exactly the moment you want to leave office. Bosses can kill the subordinate virtually and morally. Well, he did not. He is not yet in that mood. He is nice, caring. He tries to mentor me well. He is considerate so far. I make mistakes, I am new to the system and he supports me as a good leader. Touch wood and God bless him.

There is one more thing I would love to add in the list. Gym. After a day it did not kill me but while I am writing this, after one full hour of working out - cardiovascular exercise  and machines. I might reconsider my statement or get killed.


January 14, 2014

blabbering post

Here I am, finally using my own Wifi for the first time in Pune from my home. Where I stay, it becomes home, right? I am relieved even after a very very long day at office and some not so successful tasks I had planned. I had decided, once I feel the way I am, right now, I will try to blog about things happened in some last few days with me, or I did things which are worth mentioning. Or may be not? Well, let me blabber.

We ( Me and my room mate) shifted to the opposite end of the city, as our office also got relocated. The fun we had and the pressure of packing we experienced was one of its kind from my all shifting experiences. We went to super market to borrow corrugated boxes, we packed things in bed sheets too, we actually scrapped 35 kg of scrap from the old home before giving keys back to the owner. We managed to run for about 700 mt of the road patch to call 'Raddi wale bhaiya', who also made us meet the 'Tempo wale bhaiya' for shifting. The blog would be dull if I dont mention the laughter attacks we had while travelling in the open tempo along with our luggage which include mattress, bags, potkas and boxes. The 'Tempo wale bhaiya' was also requested to click a picture of both of us before we got down from the cargo. Yeah we are that crazy.

My 'pawan' foot steps made sure the malfunctioning of the LCD TV and the Wifi router. We slipped into depression as soon as we realized that apart from the flat and the colony every thing around is just a concrete jungle in making. There is no thing such as public transportation including Auto rickshaws. I fell ill and shockingly cried over the call with my mom which is unusual.

All said and done, I am ( and my room mate too) peace with the situation. Things are moving ahead slowly but on a positive direction.

Every day I am coming closer to my wedding date - That is what my mother says. Honestly during week days I dont even feel it. I am sure I would have more stories to tell about my new home, new office and new days as a would be bride.

I think, my room mate is ready with the awesome ginger tea for me. Good bye!! :)

PS: Feeling amazing after the verbal text diarrhea I just had.

January 9, 2014

Trapped by weird memories.

It happens. I told me self. I was a little uncomfortable with what was going on in my mind. I would not say anger or pain was say, it was just the pure discomfort.

Nostalgia does not give you sweet pain always. It brings weird feelings which are not known. It makes you think if what all decisions you made, if they were so right why did you even suffer? Why did you even fall into it. Why did not you moved on faster? Why did you controlled in a natural manner. Why everything went on like a black box for you?

Last four years of my life has gone through Tsunami. Waves of changes with waves of emotions. I learnt all things in life which was never there in my mind before. Never. I also got the best at the end. I am glad I am attending some sort of certainty some where slowly, touch wood.

More I open the laptop and the blank screen of blog spot, more I think. More I feel trapped in a jaw formulated by my own mind and density. I work subconsciously, I make mistakes, I focus and after a period of time again feel the grip of the same pain less and yet weird jaw.

Today, if I want to work, pack for shifting tomorrow, I need to get out of this. Just move back to my present. The past is offering me nothing, not even tears, anger or pain. Nothing. I was on the verge of deleting them forever and it all came back in my memory. Unfair.

Will some one carefully pull out of this today?? 

Stories to tell!!

I have to blog this! Talking to Mr.ISB, any time boost my desire to blog. This time it happened too.

As I am preparing myself to shift to one more place, in the opposite end of the city, where my office is also relocating, I realized this is almost 'twelfth' shifting in last four years for me. Yes let me kill.

1. Ahmedabad to Nashik
2. Nashik to Pune
3. Pune to Nashik
4. Nashik to office accommodation Mumbai
5. Office Accommodation to Mumbai place-1
6. Mumbai place-1 to Mumbai place 2
7.Mumbai place 2 to Mumbai place 3
8. Mumbai place 3 to Mumbai place 4
9.Mumbai place 4 to Singapore (Not considering ten days temporary shifting back home!)
10.Singapore hostel 1 to Hostel 2
11. Hostel 2 to back home Ahmedabad
12. Ahmedabad to Pune place 1
13. Place 1 Pune to Place 2

If you are still reading on my count, it is over, as of now. I believe this has to be my last shifting before my wedding.

So while telling ( or counting on my own!) this count to Mr.ISB I realized, I have become a champion in packing- relocating. For bachelors especially. My dad calls me a cat, who changes her home every now and then. Well, Mr. ISB asked me to keep track on my skills and counts to tell stories of my shifting to our children.

Yes. Stories to tell. To our children. I think I need a big, interesting vacation to get over the fact that I might really tell them boring stories of my shifting out of anything in the world!!

Oh yes, stories of vacations should be added too. Includes packing. Right, Mr. ISB?

January 7, 2014

The story of the lost stuff.

I am not the one who forgets where I keep what and then turn the house upside down to hunt. I am not the one who loves throwing important stuff, if not everything down on the bed or table or a cup board. Yet it happened. I lost three important things of my life within three days.

1. ATM Debit card
2. My favourite eyeliner
3. My tata photon dongle

My three life lines and I dread thinking about life without them. In three of the cases I was too lucky to have things back. The debit card got lost and till this moment I have no clue how it went some where walking by itself from my wallet and some Mr.XYZ according to the bank customer care called and blocked it. Of course there was no monetary loss, I am getting a new one back today.

In case of eyeliner I am not sure how I got the same back from my would be in laws place, it actually traveled to Mumbai on its own. Also note, this eye liner is the only one which my eyes do not refuse to carry for close to two hours. Which is a pretty long period for my weird shaped eyes.

The tata photon! Honestly I did not misplaced it. I just forgot that I had given it to a friend of mine. I literally turned my room into a store room by emptying all possible closets on my bed to get that one card at 12 in the night. Luckily I messaged the very same friend regarding how tensed I am and Voila, he told me I had given the dongle to him a day back.

I am not sure if it is the sign of aging or I am being the 'messy one' due to Sangat ka asar!!! Yes, Mr.ISB I am pointing you.

January 2, 2014


This is going to be something really serious. About resolutions. New year resolutions. Like the last year, my this year is going to be super dynamic both on personal and professional fronts. Like many other females the whole change is likely to affect my health (in terms of waist size and  immunity!) as any way my fitness score might hold the first rank from the last bench. What I want is to buck up, hold on to myself and improve my stamina, improve the way I feel, I want to change my fitness scale to the positive side.

The year 2014, is the year  I have to focus on health, fitness and well, figure. Priorities.

The gym , the dance or Yoga, anything I can work on. Walking is always a part of my life so I am not counting it in. The wedding, the job and responsibilities coming soon with this year. The fun, the excitement and nervousness attached with this year have to be managed with the fit body and peaceful soul. I am noting down some resolutions to keep the resolution to the point.

Get on the dance floor:
Dancing is never tiresome for me. It gives me fresh energy. Ask me to jog for even twenty minutes, I wont be able to do it even for more than five minutes. Ask me to dance, I can do it for hours. Proof: Navratri days! I want to feel the endorphin levels by dance regularly. If I am dull, if I have my own space, dance is the first thing which can rescue me. May be last too.

Gymie Gymie:
Now this is super tricky. Months of procrastination and I am again at the point where I see no option but to join gym. This or that, arguments come, situations make it impossible to even try working out in a gym. 2014 will be the year where I am going to face all fears and problems to join a decent gym!

Cook, the healthy food: 
Cooking is an art and when your heart does the art, not only you, all those guinea pigs get blessed. Being on my own, in a house with friends definitely gives you no risk guinea pigs aka room mates but it also gives you reasons to feel lazy to cook. Otherwise I manage to cook , I want to make it a usual thing. Even when I have to get up at 6. Yes. Baking, of course is on break due unavailability of the oven.

I guess three point resolution, not a too big a deal, right? How big is your deal??