December 28, 2017

The year it was, 2017!

Now I need to blog about two versions for this year. It is a bit of injustice to put stark contrasts in one single post but the lazy hyper me (another contrast) wishes to put it on a single post.

It is difficult to describe month by month like I always do this year, because I am in a fuzzy state of mind- the last quarter of the year was just too fast to digest things while the first three quarters were more like a combination of struggle and stagnancy (Contrast, I tell you!) while growing as a person and also as a couple.

Vacations. Well, I have to mention a friend's wedding at Delhi which I really really enjoyed. Now, every one knows my love for winters. Beside one vomit episode thanks to food I had stuffed myself with and a bit of frustration caused by poor management in the office- I was smitten by Delhi weddings! Another vacation happened in Kerala and honestly, we did nothing. While that was the most relaxing part, it could not serve the purpose of exploring a new place ,but relaxed atmosphere was something which really helped me to understand myself better. A trip to our Kuldevi's temple before a month was fun, clubbed with shopping hopping at home in Ahmedabad. I wish for one BIIIG and one small vacation next year some how.

On my personal projects, my garden is now a budding every day thing. I lost a couple of plants in October heat, only to revive them this month. Beside that episode, it was a real prosperous year. With the numbers of wine bottles in my window garden shows really a high point of plants. Khi Khi.
While I missed creating even a small card for Mr.ISB's birthday thanks to wedding preparations at home, I managed to whip up two Ganpati Frames this year, along with one rangoli and two cards for other family members. While I am on top of one of my dream (or the start of dream) project, if I finish it beautifully it would get a mention on the blog for sure.

A real low point came some where in the middle of the year when twenty two people died on a staircase of the Railway Station in Mumbai, just because of discipline issues. This is the staircase I use daily to reach office and I missed the accident by half and hour. Anxiety of falling sick a few days ago, with very high temperature while making an effort to even dial some one to help me could not subside as well. For almost more than a month, these memories kept on appearing in front of me. Darker times were created by my own mind. Juggling fears, office work and home did not help me much but some how time heals everything. The saying is no more a cliche for me. I won't say that fears won't come back, but I am aware that that shall pass too.

Fitness. While nothing can be more important than this. I did not put on for sure this year, apart from one or two times I crossed self imposed limits- just to fall back in place. While I still struggle to maintain my fruits and vegetable intake, water in take is something I need to work upon. I have also started clubbing walking and staircase climbing etc in my daily life. I think, I am in love with the french way of staying fit.

Career. One big and One small incident happened where I messed up the situation but I learnt from it. We are at a stage where we are facing sever ramping up issues. Needless to say, managing 30 people across India apart from my regular team was more than challenging, it is challenging even now but some where in between frustration I have begin to grow as a boss!! Khi Khi.

Majority of the chunk of this year was spent in setting up, planning and preparing for my SIL's wedding. The last part is now at the most intense stage. Shopping for clothes, ornaments, gifts, luggage and what not is being done and well, I would conclude this post by quoting my inner feelings for my parents, now when I am experiencing the intensity of managing a wedding as a daughter in law.

How the hell did you guys manage three days of wedding, accommodation for guests, meals, bridal shopping (the only thing where I contributed) and also a journey to Mumbai for the reception- on your own? The only person whose help was taken was my Brother.

How did you do it, Mom Dad???

December 7, 2017

Inside Out

That day I was tired. Understatement. I wanted to just collapse in the office but the saner me said, my juniors would follow me then. So, I reached home and directly banged into our room to change to my super comfortable night dress which consists husband's over sized Tee and Pajama (Pajama is mine, of course!)

By mistake, I switched on the night lamp. My fatigued self asked me to ditch the efforts to go back to the correct switch and straight away change. Now in that dim light- what I did was my sheer laziness to check the status of clothes.

I wore the T-shirt inside out.

Lets not get into where all I wondered in this attire but when Mr.ISB pointed it out to me, I cringed and refused to correct my mistake. Instead I just went straight to the bed.

And... Then, Mr.ISB appeared in front of my eyes,

"Look, I am giving you a company.  I am wearing the T- shirt inside out too!"

I smiled and snored away to glory with this amazing feeling.

*In side out in love*

Khi Khi!

December 4, 2017

Oh, Holidays

So a couple of months back, both of us with my in-laws and Sister-in-law designed this multi-directional trip to several places together. As we have a wedding in the family, we had to do a short pilgrimage and a small post-wedding (our wedding) ritual in a couple of small towns in Gujarat apart from visitng Mr.ISB' maternal family in MIL's home town. Now, I am not a very temple loving person and I was also stretching at office - hence was not really enthusiastic about this trip. (There was a silver lining called Ahmedabad at the end which kept me motivated!)

But, let me tell you- as soon as we boarded the train to this small town called Bhavnagar from Mumbai - I was as excited like a kid,eager to enjoy train travelling. I am not sure how many years ago I traveled such long distances with the family, taking over the entire compartment and eating home made food, just to do time pass. My usual Ahmedabad-Mumbai train journeys are nothing but a bedding to sleep over night. Ah!

Anyway, visiting my MIL's home and tales she has been telling so far , was nothing but enjoyment. Not to forget, apart from a few calls from office I was completely off work. 

We then moved from Bhavnagar to our Kuldevi temple which is actually a Shiva temple in the interior area called Thapa Dungar. I am agnostic to religions but if there is any temple which I found to be not interfering with any one's financial status, clothes, rituals or even nature- it has to be this. A small family managed oldish stone temple with no noise but chirping of birds, managed to give a lot of peace. Something I never get from visiting temples unlike most of the people in my family. Oh, and this decor lover loved the french style bougainvillea on the gate of the temple.

Who wants flower decoration made by man when the nature decorates the temple with creepers!

No marbles, No Gold plated pillars or gates- temples can be simple too!

Shiva Linga which the priest gladly let us click. The white Potali has our wedding card in it and well, no luxuriously made statues here!
After soaking ourselves in the peaceful atmosphere, we moved to a town called Palitana where we stayed over night and visited two Jain temples situated at the foot of the main hill. Again, these temples were made from stone and had a lot of history attached to it. Their age old aura sadly was too crowded to feel and too ritualistic to dwell into but as a first time visitor I really enjoyed. Not to forget Bhel and curd we hogged on to after we were done with temple visits.

Now, it was the time for me to reunite with my parents. After a journey of four hours we all reached home in Ahmedabad. A comfortable evening at home and time spent together by both families would be nice to remember forever. 

Needless to say, next day we shopped shopped and shopped. Once my in laws, husband and SIL left, I repeated the shopping part, apart from spending time with my brother and parents in every possible way. Ah, not to forget time spent with Frock buddy N (if I could write another post about it!) and with two swings in our balcony which is my favorite place at home.

Obviously, when it was time to leave, I felt as if I am transitioning to a different world. I think, I am suffering from hangover. 

Anyone for coffee? 


November 6, 2017

Chai Time Chitchat #12

Now, this November there would be a lot of  Halchal in my daily schedule.

Fortunately and Unfortunately timing of my work ramping up with one of the most important projects is clashing with family-wedding preparation phase at home. I do not want to even imagine how I might struggle to keep up both the stuff alive but I have decided to let it flow on its on.

Then there is this severe neck pain resurfacing back and the stagnancy I have hit in my fitness drive. I have to confess, I am failing to work out every morning but I try to be active all day long. So much that at the end of the day my legs cry. Literally.

Also, a trip back home is shaping up with our Chheda Chhedi (Don't ask, this ritual is generally done after the wedding in my husband's family where the Sister In law unties the wedding knot in the temple and then is gifted the same bridal saree/dupatta given by the in laws to the bride. Don't ask why.) ritual in another town. This time, I swear, I am dying to go home to meet my family and frock buddy N. Really I am. I am not a person who craves to this extent to visit home. People change!

With the shopping spree which kicked off a bit late for the Sister In law, who is getting married next year, I have to decide on my own outfits. The task is daunting because, now I am not the bride so my mother can not ask me to say 'yes' to whatever is given by in laws (or any one for that matter) and sadly, my taste is very understated if you compare it with my MIL and SIL's taste. Luckily, my husband has a very very elegant taste in clothes for me. Hence, this time I might be braving the expectations by others.

There is another pressure of looking young. Not that I am worried, but it kind of irks me out when people throw related statements, even when they do not mean to create the pressure. I am of the same age as my SIL, who is petite and like most of the petite people she has a baby look even at thirty. I am far from being petite. I have the average height of an Indian woman (not tall!) and a well built plump figure with high cheek bones. I would not look younger than my age ever. I look like exactly of my age if not old. So when I announce, I want to wear a saree- the next statement is always, how a saree makes me look not-so-young. These statements only rekindles my love for sarees but some where at the back of the mind - I struggle with myself. As much as I love elegance, I believe in aging gracefully. I am not sure how to answer such statements which compel me to try to look young. (I am sure, petite people like my SIL struggle with body shaming too!)

I am not sure if this soon to be thirty body is creating havoc or I am just into a difficult state of mind, where I crave to talk to my own people. Possibly like minded ones. Every day I manage to snatch time to spend from husband's (and mine) schedule but hello, is there any body else? Anybody else I can crib about multifaceted war I am braving? Or it is not a war, but a phase?

Whatever it is.  I am going to sail through.

November 2, 2017

Not So Saree State of Mind

I love dressing up for Indian weddings. Now don't get me wrong, nobody can do it without shopping clothes worth flaunting. My general expectation is that a virtual weaver should come to me, discuss designs with the 'slender' me, get all of them made in two three days and then I am all ready to rock and roll. Obviously, every single data point (How engineerish!) is a pure work of fiction. Because, as much as I love browsing elegant clothes, I dread going to actual shopping and decide on a single outfit.

So now when there is a big wedding coming up in the family , my mommy is over enthusiastic (and nervous) about my future attires. (How hopeful, I bought the simplest costume to wear in my own wedding. I never stopped loving understated elegant clothes but that calls for another post. Basically I hate shopping 98% of times) While fed up of discussions about what to use with my 7 kg Lehenga (In the song 'Ghoomar', Deepika could dance in 30 kg lehenga!?) I got from my in-laws as a gift and in which function I should wear that yet to weave elegant saree I have not bought..

Me: (Typing in full speed) How did I decide so fast on which wedding saree to wear, How did you survive with my such an attitude, Mom?

Mumma: I was not worried about your shopping phobia back then,  I was thankful in you deciding on getting married only

Well I always knew, I could have been taking no stand to get married at all, if Mr.ISB never entered the picture.

Now mommy dearest knows too.


October 23, 2017

Diwali 2017

Generally a month before Diwali is when I start getting adrenaline rush in my system for the festivities. Right from hunting for that gorgeous designs for two Rangolis I make with traditional powder colors. (Isn't it sad to see quick fix ready made-studded Rangolis now?) to searching for ways to add new bright colored fabric to make the house look alive, I plan it all. This Diwali it was different.

I did not realize that Diwali is close, till the conversation with mom who reminded me to apply 'Gheru' in a day. Yes, a day before 'Vag Baras'. It was not only a sad realization, it was also shattering as Diwali is one of my most favorite festivals. I would blame it on the work. After working for twelve hours a day, I think it is humanly impossible to prepare for Diwali. Though after the 'realization' event, I took the case in my hand. Buying snacks and sweets to gift to relatives, preparing Diyas, Taking out Rangoli colors from attics, buying new colors (at 8.30 pm, no less!) and a pair of new clothes for myself- I tried to do it all.

Well, a grave mistake but a happy one. I was dead tired by the day Diwali arrived- does not mean I missed visiting 7-8 relatives in two days (I don't get leaves any way!) I would have preferred a happier and relaxing Diwali but who gets it all. 

Creating two really rough Rangolis (So 'rough' that somebody in the building ruined the same in flat two hours!) and one elaborated Rangoli for the main two days of Diwali, Flaunting my grandmother's dull cream Banarasi with new shiny black brocade blouse in the office, Creating tiny Rangolis in office, feeling really fancy in the understated maroon and purple colored Patola of my mom, wearing heavy silver Jhumkhas and spending busy hours with Mr.ISB. I think I geared up pretty well.

I just wish for a calmer Diwali next year where I don't have to brave my fatigue to fulfill my wishes to enjoy festivities.

How was your Diwali? Ah, Happy Belated Diwali !!

Would you like to see my Rangoli??

October 5, 2017

Screen Show

Bubblegum excitingly showing a video of a very classy home to Mr.ISB, on YouTube.

(Bubblegum is a very decor loving lady here. She likes to keep on changing decor of her home, using different DIY ideas and what not.)

Mr.ISB (with a bit of hesitance):  I think I have already seen it.

(Mr.ISB is not exactly a decor loving guy (more of a movie loving guy) here. Well, he is agnostic to atmosphere around him. He is unknowingly a minimalist person in his mind - A bedroom should have a comfortable bed. In real life, it depends how many cables he can ignore around him.)

Bubblegum assures that it is the first time, she is showing this video to him. And the video starts..

It starts with a warm, bright and sunny drawing room and a spare room. Bubblegum is busy devouring the beauty and Mr.ISB likes it, but not sure about how he should express the same. And then, it is now bedroom- that they are showing.

A bed room with a very cool bed, a sunny corner with a rock chair to read on, a book shelf and a classy dressing table. Bubblegum is immersed in the dream world and Mr.ISB shows the excitement, suddenly.

Mr.ISB: Oh look, there is a television in the bedroom. That is the best part of the entire decor video.

Bubblegum rolling her eyes in clockwise and  anti-clockwise directions, one after another.

No, Bubblegum is still not with the idea of having a seperate television in any other room than the drawing room. Does it even matter in the era of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, anyway?

September 12, 2017

Chai time chitchat #11

Isn't it little too long I wrote anything? I knew this in fact, on each passing day but either it was my week long illness, post recovery or nothingness in a hectic 'some what happening' life, which eventually resulted in absenteeism on the blog.

Let me start with the viral infection I was down with. After reaching a very very high temperature, I was given very very high power antibiotics which in turn gave me (I am tempted to write 'very very') weakness and bad stomach for weeks. It was a disaster and it took me around four five days, only to digest that even I, who was always a stronger (My daddy is the strongest otherwise, followed by my brother which leaves me and mom..well..) person in my family during illness, can also get affected. And how. Anyway, I am fine now. Doing decent.

In other news, Mr.ISB flew to Copenhagen which means I would be relaying on digital communication to know whereabouts of the introvert guy. Phew. I won't say I am going to miss him like nobody's business, because in comparison with last year's four months pilgrimage of his highness' - ten twelve days seem easy. Also, I have plans to paint a bit, which is easier in his absence thanks to my anxiety of getting my art supplies spoiled due to his unintentional stormy presence in the room.

Work. Now, work front is getting difficult day by day, thanks to every one in the team falling sick one by one, due to different sickness. As much difficult  the job is getting, I am becoming more disciplined about using my time I am in office, efficiently. Hopefully, I would stick to the regime. 

I'm in search of a few activities which let me be in a state of flow. May be painting, dancing, music or reading.May be, I should pick the ones which are constant in giving out moments of joy. (Books and films are making me too sentimental now a days- looks like I am becoming my mom! Oh my God, no!) How do we find out , what we really want?

About walking. I love walking. With my husband. With my friends. With my uncle and aunt from US of A. I feel, I remember all of them more when I walk over a street, while observing bright colorful fruits and vegetable stalls, cars passing by, people chit chatting with vendors, buildings standing tall since ages. I like being in a well of memories or may be something which has never happened. 

How are you guys doing?

August 18, 2017


If you are thinking this W.O.W stands for some random funny abbreviation then yes, you are right. It stands for Wrath Of WhatsApp.

Let me start from zero. When WhatsApp took birth I was already out of college and hence the 'teenager's new addiction' theory did not play well on me but you can say- it was fun to connect (Free Free Free), though my brother was already into the high school age which meant my mom cribbed to me many times about his 'All the time on WhatsApp' attitude towards relatives/guests put up at home. (I can not blame my brother, he is an introvert and general Indian relatives are not!)

After more than half a decade, WhatsApp has penetrated in India. It has reached places where basic electricity was scarce. Call it a development or the great Indirect marketing strategy, things have started to change in a big way. Our maids are on WhatsApp, Our milkmen and care takers are using it. We can place orders on it to our Sabjiwalas. But the wide spread usage has come with its own negativity in our social life. We have started being socially aloof in real life, with more connectivity in the virtual world. Well, that is not what I am going crib about today.

I am talking about rumors and mindless messages sent on WhatsApp by mommies, daddies and every person who forgets to think logically.

"UNESCO declared Indian National Anthem as the best Anthem in the world", now why an organization would do that. People knowing the significance of the Anthem in the world would doubt this message for sure. Many people do too, but how can you not spread this lie further when it takes a second to forward the message. For free.

"HIV virus got into the Coca Cola plant last week." This with a video, is the panic button for mommies who hate their kids drinking cold drinks. Don't get me wrong here, being a health freak I dislike fuzzy drinks but please not in the name of this so called awareness spreading drive. I guess the video is getting circulated since two years now.

"Swine Flu can be cured by eating some spices mixed with Ghee and Oil. No medicines needed." Or "Some lady in USA cured her cancer by reciting a Mantra of 'choose your religion' everyday". Wow, it has become so easy to fool people in the name of the religion or culture.

To my dismay such messages can reach to many people together, through WhatsApp groups. I do not exactly despise being social on WhatsApp, I dread being a part of any social not-so-like-minded groups. These groups mindlessly forward anything they get on WhatsApp, without thinking about the truthfulness/sources of the message or even the reputation being done on the group. Worst, they believe it to be true most of the time and make others' life hell too. Good old forwards of jokes are no more in the market now. Sad.

While, majority of my work related conversations happen on WhatsApp I dream of a world where I do not have to open the Application. Some people can not only do that but can absolutely get rid of it. My brother and my husband are very sorted personalities- One has exited the group without the slightest fear of missing out anything and the other behaves as if he does not exist on WhatsApp.

About me?

Well, I am still a victim of this wrath of WhatsApp and choose to listen to mindless-logic-less-advises on it. The only peace I have got is, I listen to most of these advises/news and throw them out of the window or the chat box.

And.. Never forward it to anyone.

July 30, 2017

The Sunday #6

Pre-Rakhi Sunday it was. Not technically but almost. Sigh. (For an Amdavadi, celebrating festivals only on weekends is more than a torture. I meant, Sundays are for relaxation when festivals arrive on weekdays. But well..)

Only when I was happy about upcoming festive seasons, I caught cold. When I say cold, it is a mixture of mucus in tones and sneezing in millions. Gross and painful both. The silver lining? Mr.ISB's cousin S with her kid coming to our place for Rakhi and the lunch. Needless to say, it was everything fun. I was tired due to flu but could manage cooking up a storm with the help of a cook and MIL. (Such days remind me that how dependent I am on my MIL when it comes to daily chores and thankful too!)

Our little nephew does not have sisters and this poor little yours truly does not have any brothers in the town. So, I pitched in and tied him a Rakhi. His smile and the tiny wrist flaunting bigger Rakhi than his face was cuter than he ever was to me.

Pre-Lunch session was more like a chattering session between us - females and it appeared that the pending task of buying matching fabric for some amazing sarees I have, can be ticked off today if I jump in the car with cousin S who was also ticking of her cloth shopping tasks that day. I was tired and sleepy but this was not a moment to miss. Also, we all were free for the day after a long long time, hence we both left for some festive shopping while our Brother-in-law M , Mr.ISB and the kiddo took rest before meeting post shopping session. That too for the dinner. Yay!

The Nakshatras helped us and we both could select some really gorgeous fabric while talking about everything 'Girly' and 'Work-ish' under the sun. It felt amazing to have a like minded person to whom you can always look up to and talking with. It was also a gentle reminder that after my Sister-In-Law's wedding a cousin living close by would be anyway there.

The dinner was North Indian (Guys' choice) and delicious. It took some time for us to realize that the food was surprisingly lighter on our stomach, which is unlikely for Punjabi cuisine. I did not want the day to end even when I was dead tired. Of course, after bath I collapse on the bed just to get up next morning at 6 am.

A tiring but a happy Sunday.

How was yours? 

July 23, 2017

Chai time chitchat #10

Believe me, I want to change the title. It has been ages I had Adarakhwali Chai and for some reasons I have realized, I enjoy it more with certain sets of like minded people. With others, I do have Chai but it is merely a mechanical routine which calms my mind.

Life is floating, if this makes any sense. It becomes a rocky surfing experience and in a few days I would be sailing slowly.

My office work is again a combination of severe work load and chilled out moments. I am afraid of this comfort zone I have got into. May be it is a time to get something more for my career plan before I reach a point of no return. Talking about my office life, a lot has changed this year. Projects, staff, challenges with new recruits, a sense of being more responsible & at the same time, feeling the heart break while handling over the responsibility in the name of the work delegation. Phew.

Monsoons are here and believe me, I crave for filter coffee all the time. I don't think I can ever get fed up of monsoons. Ask an Amdavadi in Mumbai, we can never get enough of it. Can we?

I've started some craft projects which I must say are going good even when some of them resembles projects given to primary school students. But, I love them and I have realized that, it is the only thing which counts. Dancing and craft is more like talking to myself, pampering myself and enjoying. Close to Spa for me. (I can see raised eyebrows here!)

We watched 'Dunkirk' last weekend, and for a world war two junkie I loved the movie. I should give credits to the cinematography and the background score, both were out of this world.

I binge watched all the episodes of 'Rizzoli and Isles'; I could see myself and my frock buddy N in both the lead characters. ( Mathematically none of us resemble any of the characters in totality. It is more like 'Bubblegum+ frock buddy N= Rizzoli + Isles) I do not remember getting a better combination of crime thrillers with just a pinch of chick flick.

I am eagerly waiting for upcoming festivities and the wedding in the family. Okay, the second part would come with a lot of hard work but hey, where would be the fun otherwise.

How have you been guys?

July 2, 2017

To Do Nothing in Kerala

It is very very weird that since months, the frequency of posts on my blog has decreased but then amidst the hectic schedule and my totally messed up state of mind ( I was tired of 'schedule', needed a break) created a big 'creative' block to even do random chatting on the blog! I decided to take a break from the craving of writing something forcefully as well. How awesome such desperate breaks can be- is something this blog post is all about, now that I am back from experiencing it. The break where...

We did nothing.

I, along with Mr.ISB and my SIL had decided a couple of months back to take a week long vacation where the sun would be kinder and so would be the place. Believe me, in April we were struggling to decide on a place even out side India, where we can go for a week. (Europe is my favorite destination but, for a week I barely can breath in, forget feel the place!) When we zeroed down on Kerala, I was sure of the resort and greenery as I had visited the place with my parents, but I was not really enthusiastic about the vacation. One, we planned to do nothing in the name of site seeing- I was okay with it but I was scared that my hyper-self would get bored. Two, secretly I wanted to explore a new country. Little less I knew, I did not need a new place to explore or too many things to do on this vacation. I needed to do nothing!

I kid you not. From the moment we checked in the room - three of us, till last moment kept ourselves busy in doing what we needed. Reading, watching movies, walking, eating, jogging, exploring plants around our cottages, indulging into Spa, playing board games etc. The brother sister duo swam a lot and slept off a lot. (While I read and enjoyed my cup of coffee enjoying drizzling rains!) And not even once we felt bored. I have to give enough credits to the Club Mahindra Resort Poovar, where every single three was pleasant and beautiful. (If somebody from Club Mahindra is reading this - do let me know from where I can get that cane chair and the stool on which I perpetually spent all my mornings and afternoons!)

My hyper-self was unbelievably calm as I had nothing at all do- no mundane stuff like cleaning the room or worrying about the next meal. I slept off every day for perfect seven to eight hours and how. I realized 20% of my stress before the trip was the irritation of not getting enough rest- mentally. Now,I was content. In fact I was worried that the vacation is ending too soon and I would show heavy withdrawal symptoms, but this trip surprised me again at the end of it.

I was all in to work. I enthusiastically and smoothly entered into the hectic work flow.

I am not sure how did that happen but I would recommend this kind of a don't-go-out-of-the-resort vacation once in atleast two years.

For now, you might want to look at the gorgeous place where I almost attained Niravana. (Green Nirava I would say)

Such walkways are witness to my hour long walks and lust for greens

While the brother sister duo swam, I enjoyed my coffee here
Post morning walk moments
The Hammock we all loved
Early morning reading sessions - Do not Disturb please!

June 14, 2017

The Joy Ride

Last night, like a true Pativrata Naari I was waiting for Mr.ISB to reach home so that I can dig into my dinner. Mumbai monsoons are no fun at night if it decides to be wild, hence I was worried. He had told me he is leaving the office before two hours, he was not picking the call and I was hungry (I like to have at least one meal together daily)- well, not in that order but every thing put together was making me anxious.

And the door bell rang. From the front cover door- I could see him with a wheel in his hand.

My mind just dived back in the last weekend, when we had gone to a sports show room called Decathlon where I was eyeing on a sports bike but was in doubts if I want to buy one or not. I was not sure if I should invest into it but nonetheless,  I was freaking (happily) out at the site of sports bikes displayed there, remembering my childhood. Now, lets be honest - I did not even said that to Mr.ISB. I kept it to myself.

And here he was lifting a disassembled sports bike as an Anniversary gift! (Which we assembled together after dinner, Any one noting down relationship goals?)

To the pun lover husband I wanted to say, "Don't I  take you for a ride anyway!"


Happy Third Wedding Anniversary, Buddy!!! Let's continue to be the weirdest couple (disliking PDAs, ditching luxurious holidays and Gold- Diamonds, loving walking dates and blah blah) 

May the craziness stays forever. 

June 4, 2017

Wonder, woman

So, last week I read some where about this movie and casually messaged Mr.ISB that we should watch it. Little did I know, he would really decide on watching it the very next weekend and I would have to over come my inertia, collect myself and move towards the theater at 10.30 in the night. I also did not know that I would love the movie (unlike many who did not) and how!

It was kind of a revelation that how small boys (also big ones!) get endorphin charged up when they watch super hero movies. I believe some where they get inspired or connect that 'want to be powerful/brave/strong' selves with those heroes. I felt the same. Just like a small girl, I was all in to even pose like wonder woman.

May be the adult 'me' would say that it was not the character I fell in love with, it was the real actress Gal Gadot who managed to pull the role with some special Chutzpa. We, of course immediately went online to read about her and believe me, the real Gal Gadot is even more inspiring. This multi talented personality has aced up a beauty pageant (Ms.Israel, I am sure is no joke), army training, being a physical trainer to soldiers, modelling, and several sports. Apart from these skills she is quite unique in her own ways like- flaunting flats on the red carpet where actresses wear heals as tall as their own height, bringing up having two kids while never messing around with her career and so on.

So, the next day morning while I was having my glass of milk and Mr.ISB was working on his precious laptop I asked him a million dollar question, knowing he really likes such powerful personalities and not  damsels in distress.

"How does it feel to marry a wonder woman?"

I smiled but it quickly got converted into rolling eyes.

"Let the wonder woman come out of you!", Mr.ISB had a ready answer.

Well, then.

May 18, 2017

A Pseudo Movie Buff's Review : Bahuballi 2

I'm no more a movie buff. I have to really fight with my inertia to go to a theater or get influenced by Ranbir Kapoor's appearance (in that movie) to watch the movie in the theater. (Yes, the situation became as complex as the previous statement when I got married to Mr.ISB who can watch even dubbed movies like Indra The Tiger and also remember the story while enjoying it)  So, when I had two options this weekend- Meri Pyari Bindu & Bahuballi 2, We both decided on Bahuballi 2. Because, we like Indian Mythology and Indian Epic. Also, we felt the first Bahuballi was not bad, in fact engineers that we are, we always thought Graphics team had done wonders to bring India from supremely sad graphics of CID to Bahuballi....And hence, Bahuballi 2 Happened.

  • The first thing you would notice is how elegant and gorgeous Anushka Shetty looks as Devsena. The detailing of the character- written as well as played by her, is brilliant. From her costumes to her expressions, we could feel her innocence, sympathetic behavior, blushing face, wartime bravery, self respect and elegance. I can not forget mentioning beautiful silk sarees and appropriate drapes for the age, she has been playing by- war times in Navvari, princess days in Lehenga Choli, Bride/Queen days in Sarees. Designs of her ornaments is going to create another era for pearl loving people- and no guys, I am not talking about boring single pearl strings (which look fabulous on chiffon and western gowns, by the way) but heavy- artfully conceptualized and skillfully set pearl Necklaces, Mathapatti, Ear-rings with Ser as we call in Gujarati. 
  • Character of Devsena is something I can only get inspired by, even when I felt she was quite reactive to insults, which could have dealt with patience. But, hey every person with (over) self-respect sensitivities would react in such a manner. What was more interesting was her independence- Her unwillingness to go with Bahuballi as a slave even when she loved him, she stood for herself without waiting for her husband to support her or to speak on her behalf. No blame games, No emotional torture on her husband who was leaving to save Katappa when she was preparing to give birth to the baby. Gracefully forgiving the mother-in-law and patience to wait for the son who was expected to save her - without loosing her aggression. Enchanting traits, for me at least. 
  • Prabhas was crush-worthy. No kidding, he is now second after Ranbir Kapoor in my crush list. Shy he seems to be in real life, I can not digest he played this role of Bahubali with such effectiveness. His expressions to action sequence, Body language to innocence - every single thing just blew me off. Such sharp features with masculine look generally is rare in India. (If I am allowed to talk about Bahubali One- I can not get over him in the first song sung by Kailash Khair - Kaun hai woh) His dream sequence (or sort of) song in the boat with Anshuka was beautiful too. Also, note nobody can look better in Sik Dhoti.
  • Graphics team has done commendable job. Fort and port of Mahishmati looked magnificent. Some action sequences looked funny but I had to remind myself that this is not a Bollywood movie and I quickly forgave all of them. Okay, I could not control myself when soldiers used coconut treats to catapult themselves in the drum style formation to climb the fort- I meant science just jumped million years ahead! Did any one remember Shivaji's troop climbing fort using monitor lizards at this point of tine in the movie?
  • Who knew Ramya can look so so graceful as Shivgami? Her Body language and pitch- I thought even when her role in the second film was not that great, her screen presence hogged other actors' presence. She is one of the actresses who has aged for the good.
  • Bhallal Dev looked handsome, huge and every bit like a villain. His character was derived from Duryodhan's role in Mahabharata and he did justice to the same. 
  • Oh, I forgot to mention the choreographed archery action by Devsena and Bahubali. I skipped a beat while watching the scene. I read some where that six months, they have spent in learning archery and hoarse riding. 
  • Did any one notice how average Devsena's Bhabhi looked in the beginning. (A very small role but nobody can hide from my eyesight!) But, when I saw her dancing in the boring song 'Kanha So Ja Zara' I was blown away- what posture, what grace! How can you give only half a minute to such a dancer to perform? Lyrics of the song were hilarious , how can you mention the bull hitting a man in the song being sung for Kanha
  • More than who killed Bahuballi, I was interested in knowing how was Mahendra Bahubali saved? I meant, hats off to the concept in which the dead human body in one posture floated on the water holding a new born child above the water level. Dr.Salukhen from CID only can answer. 
  • To be honest, even after watching hilarious, dull and boring scenes and a predictable story line I can call this movie a one time must watch in the theater. because of the lead actors and graphics. Being a mythology lover, I could not have missed this. 

May 11, 2017

Milky 'Bar'

I could not trust my ears. The doctor who said my Hemoglobin should be good in the morning, looked worried and told me, I need to take care of myself. (I am scared of only one thing in life, which is Diabetes. My genes, apart from giving me good features and some sharp skills, can be eager to gift me Diabetes too!Luckily I'm fine) I forced myself to smile.

I took the report in my hands and checked parameters for which I was tested for, after a long long period of throbbing shoulder and neck pain with no recovery at all.

-Hemoglobin was three points lower than the supreme number of 14, I usually maintain
-White Blood Cells specifically had touched the lower limit.
-Vitamin D 3 was half than the minimum requirement.

I was shocked. My misconception of 'I am always healthy' had busted. I called my Uncle who is also an orthopedic surgeon, asked me to just change the diet and stop every other work out I was doing except walking. He also suggested to eat 28394 numbers of vegetables and fruits apart from two big mugs of milk every single day. While he sounded calm, his daughter (my cousin) living on opposite side of the globe, messaged me immediately in two hours (In my family, breaking news spread at supersonic speed, you see) with a lot of disappointment in every word she typed. I am not even imagining. She blamed me that I have lost the neck of taking care of myself. She blamed that I am trying too hard to loose weight which is working in a way but is creating a havoc in my system. My family and of course Mr.ISB, needless to say were equally worried.

Now when I am recovering with the help of physiotherapist and the improved diet, I decided to look back to see where I was wrong.

No, I was not careless about my health intentionally. I was just too careful about maintaining (And reducing) my weight. Vegetable intake had reduced to half from what I always use to eat. I had cut the portion for my six-meals-a-day-diet but had also maintain the tendency of killing my hunger if I would be busy. I was practicing Yoga but with such low Vitamin D3 levels, I had just made myself vulnerable to injuries in addition to working on laptop for hours together with incorrect posture. I had clearly ignored the stress I was going through on daily basis and the need to get de-stressed. I had also ignored my disturbed sleep and rapidly decreasing stamina.

I could not digest that the so called careful-dieter can make such mistakes.

So when I digested the results, I also started making small changes in my diet to start with . I started drinking a glass of milk before leaving for office and a glass before going to bed, slightly flavored with Thandai or Gulkand.

... And it is addictive. Specially at night. I know now, why some people can not sleep before indulging into their peg of rum or whisky.

While I get high on my milk and feel 'Talli'.

*I can see some of my old friends blabbering about Bubblegum being the Amul girl always*

May 3, 2017

Z for Zapped

It was an alarm for me. This A to Z blogathon and the stress along with failure to write real stuff.

Seriously. When April started, I gave myself a few offs as well in the beginning , so that the initial block would melt,which would result into creamy blog posts. Instead, I faced issues every day- Taking out time to think, to write, read and post, became stress to the extend that I also considered stopping blogging at one point of time- some how I managed to convince myself to write anything stupid than deactivating this don't-know-how-many-years' habit of blogging. In fact some of the posts were too stupid for me to even click that 'Post' button but I posted.

The root cause of this stress and failure is nothing but hectic life I have created by myself. Personal and Professional. While I am not going to put the entire blame on myself, I would say- I could have tried managing the busy life in a better fashion. Sister-in-law's Shagun function and rituals-meetings associated with it, a birthday trip, absence of maids and cooks, heat, my neck injury, frustration of not being able to do anything apart from daily jobs, very very very hectic office hours - I can blame it all on these situations. But when I look back and see, I see those tiny spots of silver linings - memories I made on those events, satisfaction in helping and managing functions, spending time with my family. I took stress to create moments worth being happy about in future.

Then, there is also a different thought process in my mind. Will these situations ever be easier in the future?

I would always be ambitious. I would always want to do everything. I love taking responsibilities because that is what I have been taught to. And life with age would always follow Entropy - which would always increase (Hello, Geeks!)

This realization is sad, but I have to take it with a pinch of salt, learn from it and move on. I have to get better in managing my time, remove negativity and focus on create happy moments every day. Only if I can manage to say No. Or, Delegate work to people around.

So that, I can blog peacefully. To my heart's content.  

Y for Year (That has been so far)

I thought rather than again hunting for a word starting from Y, I would rather make use of this blog post from Y, to write about how this year treated me (or otherwise) so far. It can also be a timely reminder to make use of my time properly and reach goals I have set for myself.

I have been a bit slow on DIY side this year but still managed to make use of my still developing green thumb.

I have managed to remain active. Regular walks along with the same kept me in shape but health-wise I am not really doing good. Loss of Lordossis was detected in my spine some time back which disappeared after the treatment but only for a couple of weeks. While I have started taking physiotherapy classes and other precautions. fitness should be given more priority this year.

The lucky year for our family as the Sister-In-Law got engaged and we are looking forward to add one more wise person (because crazy quota is over) in the group of siblings!

Work wise, I am clearly shaping up my career further with inhuman work hours being spent in office. We are slowly scaling up hence, it is going to be a painful but hopefully a fruitful year.

We have started our favorite walking dates again and nothing on this earth can be more indulging than chattering every minute while Mr.ISB nods like always.

How this year has been so far for you guys??


May 2, 2017

X for Xīn

After hunting from a word starting from X, I cheated on Google and browsed some lovely blogs who were also participating in this Blogathon. Needless to say, I went back to the memories of Singapore where I had made some futile efforts to learn Chinese. As they say, knowledge never fails- This small cute word for 'Heart' or 'Feelings' appeared in my brain from no where. And no better time then this to write about what I love or heart. (There was a trend when every one flaunted t-shirts with I<3 NY and I never could get one. Now, I might not even want to wear such a slogan on my shirt but I still love how we pronouns the slogan - I heart NY) So, lets see at this very point of time, what my heart loves!

-Some good sleep.

-A cup of my type of tea.

-A shoulder & Neck Massage.

-Some peppy music to dance on.

-A ticked off to-do list.

-A stylish pair of ballerina.

- A gorgeous cotton dress.

- A vacation

- A plate full of Panipuri

- A book to read on for hours

April 28, 2017

W for Window of Opportunity

I left home town way back in 2009 and from that year what I missed the most- well, not my family (Where would they go escaping from the harassment they have produced!) but our garden.

My dad has a green thumb and has developed a lush green garden in the barren compound of my old home. And let me tell you, hardly any plants would flourish in that land but with many experiments he learnt that we could manage growing Neem, Tulsi, Bougainvillea, Champa (Don't know the English Name), Juhi and Papaya. Mogras were short lived but being the loveliest of all, we kept on re-growing them. One of the most special memories of Ahmedabad Summers was watering the entire garden and plants in the compound with a huge hose pipe and also watering each other. Exactly where me and my brother would start having problems with each other...err and the water hose which we managed to break every year. When I left home for the job, in six months my family also shifted to a better home- say, huge, comfortable and what not. But, I did not like it in the first place because it was a flat, hence no garden. (I love my home now and it is one of the best I have ever lived in!) I was mistaken at that time because my father whipped out a fresh bright balcony garden (without even a touch of classiness but only with plants) in no time. So, coming back home for holidays was the most greenest time of my life again like my childhood days.

I craved for a few plants while I was single and was working/studying in other cities. Only Nashik and Singapore were friendly enough to have a few of plants in my room or even see greenery around me. Rest of those 12 places I have been relocated to, made me just yawn at their dull atmosphere.

When in 2015,we moved back to Mumbai, where my in-laws stayed (now we do too!) I kind of conceptualized a small green space in my mind. It took efforts and time to figure out where I can get that place and how I would manage to keep plants alive. (I haven't really developed a green thumb but some day!) Our own bedroom which was in the flat next to where my in-laws live (we are planning to join them by breaking the common wall some day :D ) had one very weird problem. The flat was bought just before our wedding and was never utilized by the previous owner. Hence, it magically managed to attract dirt and dust within four hours of the cleaning session. It took almost a year for that old ancient dusty atmosphere to go and then room turned into a warm space to live, with two human beings (one interested and one not-so-interested in decor) and their craziness. Now, only some more life was left to make it fresher and I took the plunge to start developing a garden window sill in the room, this year.

I started with two cute yellow pots and pink cute flower plants gifted by a friend. It gave me confidence and I got a Tulsi plant which flourished like nobody's business. I used old pots kept in the antique to grow more Tulsis using the seeds of the previous plant - and oh boy, it almost made a jungle inside the pot. Then, it was the turn of trying out Mogara. I will let pictures speak, how they turned out to be.

On my birthday. Mr.ISB gifted some classy decor pieces bought from Copenhagen which are now permanently placed in our garden along with the wine bottles my FIL arranged for my decor DIYs.

I promise the above photo does not do the justice to the actual window.

..And, I am sure I would nurture plenty of more plants in coming monsoon.


V for Vow

Some time back,

Mr.ISB: "Why are you asking me? Have I ever said No to you for anything."

Bubblegum *whisper*:  "Oh Vow!"

We should always remember Saat feres. If you are lucky enough then Chaar feres

April 27, 2017

U is for Us

I'm organized (than my mom, if she is reading this) , He is a mess
I'm a combination of 70% emotions and 30% logic,  He is 99.99% logic.
I need to talk to live, He just lives and avoids talking.
I run my mind like a processor, He knows when to take a break.
I am a morning person, He prefers not being one.
I am a tea person (and a filter coffee person), He hates tea.
I hate fried snacks, He loves them.
I have limited patience for tolerating any movie, He is a movie buff.
I love dancing, He does not mind dancing but hardly can.
I hate swimming, he can spend hours in the pool.
I tend to love and hate things/persons/situations in extremes , He is neutral.
I love walking with great speed, He walks in the garden even when he is not in the garden.
I keep my toothbrush in the holder every single day, he likes his tooth brush rolling on the basin slab.
I use only my hairbrush. He uses mine unintentionally.
I sleep while watching movies , He likes observing me passing off.
I can not sit in one place for more than an hour, He can spend hours together on the same sofa.
I believe in reaching before time, He likes to chase the time.
I like to know about everything in the world, He loves to imply logic on everything


We love books.
We like history.
We love walking dates ( compromising with speed of course)
We do not really believe in extremes when it comes to religions.
We are gender neutral (He is more than me)
We like travelling.
We do not like to complicate relationships.
We like eating local cuisine wherever we go.
We like being friends.


April 25, 2017

T for Thai Message

On our office group, while discussing about out latest Asset Management assignment (Do not ask me details, I blog to take a break! :D)

"These guys are tagging random guest houses some where in Rajasthan in place of tagging assets of the factory.", I wrote to people while checking the report from the system.

"Let them do, I've highlighted this but they do not care, it seems"- Messaged one of my directors

After five minutes:

"The person who is tagging seems to be from a very basic background." I wrote again

"Yeah, they have hired local person from the same town, why?"

"They have tagged an asset called - Thai Press Dumbbell'- must be a gym room in the guest house"

"Hhahuahuahuahuahuahahhauhauhauhuaha", Our finance director replied from no where.

"Hehehehe"- Our ex-IT guy replied from some where, suddenly. Yes, he is still in our group till he finishes our Infrastructure project.

"I think the guy wanted to go to Thailand for some reasons but landed up in the gym.", I typed back

" Thigh press can hardly replace Thai Press, though", our ex-IT person added. (We trust you for such a comment, Mr. Ex-IT)


S for Serials

I'm big time into cribbing about the quality of television-serials in India and how. I can comment on and on, on any episode and turn the thrill of 'Nagin' into a no brain comedy episode. I have done the same with many Bollywood movies and not to forget, with passion. 

But, there is a difference between stupid serials and movies. Movies have fixed period associated with them and serials are aired either on the daily basis or every weekend. (Where are those serials for which we would wait for an entire week?) So, while we used to convert those horrific television moments into comedy sessions Torrents would download some fabulous Hollywood movies or US/Europe based television series or movies. Once torrents was banned, we cried silently. 

And then Netflix started in India, we immediately subscribed to it and now, major population of Indian Young Generation is on Netflix,leaving sad television serials on their fate. Netflix has been disrupting the entertainment industry like never before.

So, when we were discussing about the Netflix India going great in last six months in terms of content availability, our Tech-guy was asked,

"What kind of an App Netflix is?"

Now only an IT person working in this area can answer this type of a question. Not even me, being a mechanical engineer would have the answer but how can we keep quiet. 

I decided to pun-cture the serious discussion and replied.

"Serial Killer"

April 23, 2017

R for Rhyme

I generally try to create these April posts, a day before. But,as I am lagging by two characters I really wanted to post one this Sunday, to come back to track. After the Q post, I was trying to hunt for the topic for R. Needless to say, I was struggling.

Our Sunday was a bit too hectic without reason and sleeplessness since two days, had almost locked my mind, which generally needs a little knock every now and then in such situations. So, when I asked Mr. ISB for the suggestion, he asked me to create a small post with rhyming words. When I asked for some clarity, he came up with the idea of making a limerick.

So, here it is for you- Mr.ISB

Husband wants a limerick made by yours truly
Rather I would want a blog post, lovely
Tiredness in eyes and mind
Can not really construct and shine
Even then, a limerick for you, said  Bubblegum coyly


What do you expect after a really tiring day?

Q for Question

So, it is one of the silly game I love to play during people's farewell. Why farewell, I do not know but I guess it has become a part of Farewell parties I manage to throw. (I have a record of managing farewell parties by the way. Sad but true)

The game is called 'Ask me Anything' and we have a set of questions which are mandatory to ask. But wait, we hardly go beyond the first question because in Mumbai, people hardly can go beyond first question and the discussion with laughter attacked followed by it with ar... Drinks. So, the game name needs to be changed from 'Ask Me Anything' to may be 'That Question'.

And.. the question is 'What would you have become in life, if you do not have to consider situations, skill set or influence under which you took up the profession'. The help hint is to look through your childhood. Let me tell you, people wanted to or want to become something very different from what they are doing today. Sometimes totally contrasting to the personality he/she is wearing in life currently. This question literally opens up the inner self and real dreams of the person. Even when we all know that wish might not come true, it is good to share over a drink. Of course, the rule is not to laugh on any one's dream.

Let me tell you some amazing answers from amazing personalities.

My director who is an expert in operations, product development  etc etc, whom I look up to all the time and is a workaholic of the highest order, would want to become a sports person!!! 

My ex- technical chief who was also an ex-consultant in one of the big fours who is also a coder and now a budding start up founder would want to become a singer!! (He can not even hum a song right now!)

Our another finance chief and co-founder would be a cricket player. He did not think about this even for a second.

Our cute little graphics guy would want to do something in theaters! 

An intern we have currently working with us (and makes me look little less immature than what I am) would like to become a celebrity - still weaving dreams, it looks like. 

And do you want to know what I would like to do?

Design everything. Basically, become a product designer.

 A long way to go to become a real designer but.. that is pretty much what I do in the office, apart from other 123 types of work I do.

Should I consider myself lucky or smart enough to lock the dream land.

April 21, 2017

P for Parallel Universe

I dwell in one all the time. For the people who do not know the actual meaning of Parallel Universe, I just have to tell you it is simple - Concurrent times you are living in, which does not exist. I like to take a dive in this parallel universe all the time, especially when the reality is different than what you are going through. Obviously, I do it to calm myself down and to prepare for the acceptance of the faith. I find all the positive points about being in the real world, and come back. But won't it be fun if I can be transparent to at least blog about a few incidents I lived in Parallel Universe?

Real world: I do not like Engagement Rings, especially when it is costly.
Parallel Universe: I love a big diamond ring. 
Defense Mechanism: Blood diamonds. All diamonds are bad, also no resale value.
Back to Real World: I do not like Engagement Rings at all.

Real World: I am not too finicky about food.
Parallel Universe: I love eating as per my whims and fancy. I love food. 
Defense Mechanism: It is tedious and mean to make your own dish. Lets be ideal.
Back to Real World: I am not foodie. I can eat whatever comes on my plate.

Real World: Work satisfaction is every thing.
Parallel Universe: I need money too! Why am I not growing enough in the career.
Defense Mechanism: I love doing what I am doing right now and it is decently comfortable.
Back to Real World: Work satisfaction is very very important. Money can not give it all the time.

Real World: I really really do not like to be skinny.
Parallel Universe: Size zero is the thing, come on.
Defense Mechanism: You look sick when you get too thin.
Back to the Real World: Lets be fit, let that be my goal. 

Do you get 'Ping Ponged' by your mind like this, ever?

April 20, 2017

O for Occupational Hazards

In the team of five permanent team members and a few floating employees on contract, nobody would have suspected occupational hazard involved in the work I do. (Of course, in my previous two companies there were many hazards involved and to protect ourselves, we were given protective layers, shoes , eye wear etc, but we had to use them once in a while thanks to the white collar job I was involved in)

When I joined then-my-new-job, I felt little too dull (relaxed too!) as I suspected no hazards in my profile, even when the first year involved a lot of scouting of manufacturers of our products. What I realized in last two years, (even after studying Ergonomics I acted ignorant) that any occupation comes with a bag of hazards and one must take precautions before he/she gets affected negatively. Let me talk about hazards involved in my new startup- air conditioned office, which I am trying to protect myself from.

Loss of Lordosis & Scitica 
I agree, they are heavy terms for common men, but believe me they are not too unknown as it is said, in today's laptop era, 70% of employees of the world suffer from light to heavy spine/neck/neurological problems, thanks to laptops we work on. Rather, postures we make while we work for hours together. (Do not ask me how, but even after taking a break every 20 minutes, I ended up injuring my neck- it took heavy muscle relaxants,sleepless nights & six days work from home to recover a bit from it) Most of the people do not understand that upper edge of the laptop screen should be parallel to the eye site, arms while typing should be perpendicular to the body and every 40 minutes of working one must take a small break from laptop. A few know these basic ergonomics and many of them know but do not care to change. People, this is very very painful and you must check your posture.

Water, water
Air conditioned atmosphere generally hide your thirst. Believe me, there were days when I won't have a drop of water as I won't feel thirsty at all. While lower temperature might de-hydrate you, replenishing water in your body is absolutely essential. I won't go into technicalities but fluid retention is another thing if you ignore dehydration. Please put a reminder and drink sufficient water. Or face the dehydration or water retention. Period.

Snack- Pack
If you have put on weight after changing a job, there are high chances that you are snacking on junk and processed food, apart from not doing enough physical activity. ("Kam jam gaya hai", said Pados wali Aunty?) Too much of work and no time to have proper meals on time, generally create evil hunger pangs. Accept it guys, increasing intake of coffee - tea and eating biscuits, muffins, packaged Nashtas - we have done it all, at least once in our career. Pack small lunch-boxes,as many as you want but home cooked food or dairy products. Stay away from Sugar and processed stuff. I am having trouble following this as it requires heavy planning but I would get there soon.

Eyes Eyes Baby
I have seen more than nine people who had to wear eye wears or went through sever eye dryness, thanks to the screens we keep on staring at. It is no more a wear-a-protective-eye wear- problem. Eyes also need rest and with increasing usage of gadgets- they get it only when one sleeps properly.We can do as little as keeping eyes well rested and avoid putting any Kajal on every day basis. Girls, I know I am talking about you.

If not entirely we can eliminate all the problems we face in today's age and era, to reduce such occupational hazards but we Indians are quite Jugadu , hence can definitely take a middle path and improve the situation.

Like designing your own laptop desk from corrugated boxes with a separate pair of  keyboard and mouse.

The way I did.

Have you thought about occupational hazards you are unknowingly exposed to?

April 19, 2017

N for Ninja

Believe me, till my nephew came up with a story where a character or a series of characters were called 'Ninja' I really thought it was  a Japanese version of our Desi Name 'Neerja' but I was wrong. Ninja is basically, in modern times,a word used for a person who excels in a particular skill or an activity. I'm not sure if I can affix my name with 'Ninja' but can definitely list out skills I have picked up or developing currently with great success to be called Ninja!

I know I know, focused mindset is back in trend but I believe multi tasking is inevitable. I identified this skill set in me, when our cousin pointed out to me. This skill came to me by two sub-routes. First - Blood, thanks to my mom. Second: Brought up, thanks to my mom. I do things similar to my mom now- which is basically not wasting time when two three stages of different tasks can be combined to save time. Cutting vegetables while the gravy is made, or  calculating bottleneck in the manufacturing process at a vendor's place. I think I have pretty much tried (and still trying) to multi task decently. I guess,I should write a blog post on this.

May be more than Ninja- the correct word is Punctuality Nazi for me. But well.. As my mom says my blood is purely of my dad's family & my face has come from  my mother's family. She indirectly thinks, I am as irritating as my dad when it comes to reaching on time before time. When we do not reach/start earlier than the actual time- we get anxious or lets say, uncomfortable also irritated.I am such a Hitler in this case that most of my friends keep buffer while conveying meeting time to me.

Time Management:
Self proclaimed Ninja as I know many people who are amazing at this but I would not steal this credit for me. Time management in a time of mess is what I do the best and this was told to me by my directors in my annual appraisal. *Slow clap* I hate to waste time, hence my day starts with micro detailing of tasks I need to finish. I would plan the order and combination of each tasks in such a way that I wont sit idle while the next hour I would just go mad with the pressure of work. Multi tasking can be counted as the result of this skill set of mine.

Now, many of you would think these are not really skills to be called Ninjas but believe me, if you can develop such skills - every skill can be mastered.

There is one skill which I am zero at and can call myself an 'Anti-Ninja' (If such a word exists).


Lets keep it for another blog post.

April 18, 2017

M for Mash up

Sadly, I am lagging by two posts in the A to Z blogathon but I am not regretting as I was a bit high on the cocktail called 'Mashup of home trip, birthday, family, cousin and friends'. Nothing happened like what I had thought of - I was not nervous about entering 30s, I was not nervous about how my birthday would be spent, Mr.ISB's presence obviously calmed me down organically but what was the most amazing part? People did not poke my inner self about approaching 30s or did not make me conscious about my birthday in general.

My birthday started with my in-laws wishing me a few hours before my birthday as we were leaving for the airport, to fly to my home town. It was so good to see my dad-in-law select the darkest chocolate available to feed me as 'the sweet dish'- he only knows my love for bitter chocolate I swear. The clock ticked at home, with a cake brought by my brother, with parents and Mr.ISB around. It was a simple cake cutting session with complex chocolate facial which happened even after threatening my husband and my brother - phew. I dedicate my upcoming pimples to them!

This time a weird thing happened. I did not receive any calls at 12 in the night. I was never a call-at-night-to-wish person so I was only happy to realize it - may be this is how the aging works. The very next day, a few phone calls and many many messages, a good continental lunch with family and an awesome afternoon siesta helped me to just let the day pass like a breeze. We had a small get together at my cousin's place and as usual it went by with laughter attacks or giggles with a lot of Panipuris. I was content and did not realize at all when the birthday arrived and flew by. I am still not sure, how it got over so fast.

But,the trip was not over and so was the birthday. My paternal cousin who is my name sake if you consider her nick name, dropped by and we had fun times with her. My ex-Singapore-roomie finally decided to drop by and met Mr.ISB for the first time. It was fun to see them trying to gang up against me but well, not that easy! *Khi Khi*   My best friend with her daughter (and a gift for me!) also dropped by and I can not explain how much we loved to have our cute little niece at home.

It looks like the amalgamation of family, friends, cousins and of course home town made me happy. It would have been fun if my in laws and frock buddy N could have joined in. Next time!?


Special thanks to Mr.ISB for making this home town trip happen. 

April 14, 2017

L for Leisure

Not having to meet any one
Not having to worry about work
Not having to worry about house work
Not having to worry about tomorrow

Plenty of time
Cool Breeze
Topics to discuss
A couple of books
A camera to click
People to observe
Good coffee to drink
Pastas to devour
Mountains to see
No worries

That is my idea of leisure and I need that break.

May be a in a month or two.


April 13, 2017

K for Kismat

Kismat or destiny. I have started believing in it.

2014: It was my 'shagun', and a very personal affair between too families. There was no celebration or stress about anything. But.....

We forgot to click our photo as a couple in the event.

...We still laugh about it. How can we all forget to click to-be-married couple's photo.

2017: My sister-in-law got engaged today. A day before, we again remembered our mistake and decided that this time we should at least pose together to get a nice photo. Our home function after all!

Well, we again forgot to click a photo together.


Chalo, this time the newest couple in the family got clicked :)
Mr.ISB, some improvement after all!

April 12, 2017

J for Jodi

While coming back late at night, we all were inside the lift to reach home.

*Seeing me, tapping my feet on the floor*

Every one got confused and dad jokingly said, "Oh my god, Bubblegum is laat maroing Mr.ISB!" 

Sister-in-law: Dad, chill. She is trying to disrupt my thought process while I was staring at the floor!                          Nobody can beat our understanding. 

Every one else just smiled. As I nodded in affirmation!


My SIL was lost in thoughts looking nervous like any other girl, while her engagement was getting fixed an hour back.

Yes, she is getting engaged!!!!

...and I did not want her to get stressed. Breaking her chain of thought was necessary.

I'm not sure what my life would have been without her. The chemistry we share is 'Oh so precious' for me.  We are inseparable. We eat together, talk together, laugh together, cook together (And take an age to get food ready, because we have something to discuss always!), attend functions together.

As much happy and excited I'm for her, there is a strong sense of sadness deep inside me. The fear of being at home alone, without her is scary but...

As she rightly says,

We are each others' sister from another mother, we would manage anyway!


Time to celebrate!!

April 11, 2017

I for Impressions

I had collected a few wine bottles from my Dad-In-Law's friends to do 'something' about them and convert them into classy decor items but as time flew, my inertia just got stronger and they kept on making my window sill garden a bit more interesting without much ado.

Till I grabbed Primer from the shop from the market from where I pass every single day, I did not even developed the idea of what I was suppose to do with a couple of acrylic colors and an empty wine bottle. When finally the Primer arrived- I stretched my day to give a decently thick coat of primer on the bottle and waited till it got cured for 48 hours. 

After curing I coated the bottle with bright orange color without any thinking, just to witness how the paint behaves with the glass covered with Primer. The second coat happened on the third day and then today morning, I took the boring looking orange bottle and decided it to make it a bit happening.

I took the ear bud from the jar and dumped the edge into cute yellow color. Impressions in the shape of flowers I could make, made it fresh and human. (Read: Imperfect) Because, hey I could not hold the bud steadily but who cares. 

This is how it turned up.

What do you guys think about it?

April 10, 2017

H for Home plans

- To have a few more plants in my window sill to call it a window garden. A couple of them with hangers and a couple of them in bright colors.

- To paint wine bottles I have kept since ages, just in the hope to get started some day

- To paint a couple of small canvases for our drawing room. The idea is generated by the creative mind of my mother-in-law and now I need to deliver orders of small canvas paintings to both mothers. Phew. Only if they understand, my laziness is making me procrastinate like never before.

- To grow one Tulsi plant in the drawing room if fellow homies are comfortable.

- To get a magnetic board for the huge magnetic souvenir collection we have collectively created

- To get some fake flowers for the classiest ever wooden flower vase my MIL has picked up

-  To get a full size mirror in place of the bulky dressing table we have in our room. Compromising on storage space, for the sake of minimalism we both love

Not many but hectic schedule makes it impossible to even finish one! I wish in a month or two I can work on atleast one or two of them.


April 7, 2017

G for Grounded

So, Mr.ISB is back from his bi-monthly business pilgrimage to Copenhagen.

And so when he said he had hogged on to Pav Bhaji on the airport before hiring a cab for home, I was not surprised. It is a part of his 'pilgrimage' and he won't miss it. In fact, if I had bet on some money on it, today I would have earned out of gambling with my mother-in-law who kept on worrying about his early morning breakfast- before he hits the bed to sooth his jet-lagged-mind.

He has a very very peculiar way of sorting this 'Arrival' day. Which starts from devouring Indian food on the airport and ends in the evening after a long period of sleep. In between, as soon as he is done with unpacking stuff he has bought for all of us and flinging his clothes in all the directions (and yelling at me for collecting them for a wash- because he wants to do his stuff on his own - may be after a month?) he would glue his butt (and body) to the sofa/bed and won't budge till evening with a small break for lunch if mom insists.

Though we let him do this without any comments when he returns from his trips - he always gets verbal diarrhea from me, my MIL and my SIL on the other days regarding his habit of sticking to one place for the longest period possible.  (Not that he cares one bit) Before sitting he would have a bottle of water, those n numbers of cables/chargers he would need if he is working/watching movies on ipad, books, mobile phone, a jar of something edible around him. Hence he becomes a part of his self-sustainable ecology. Which used to be an irritant for me all the time.

After almost years of staying together, I have stopped getting bothered by it. I have discovered my own mechanism of being too busy to care about it - named, talking to MIL & SIL laughing over this habit and organizing the mess till it is upto my-OCD-satifying-level.

I anyway can not complain about his this habit now, because I wanted that one quality desperately in my life partner.

The virtue of being  Grounded.

Just that Mr.ISB took it too literally and seriously. 

F for Food Favourites

There are two types of foodies in the world.

1. Who are amazing risk takers and can taste any weird dish without even thinking for a micro second
2. Who are not at all a risk taker and floats in the same boat while they enjoy the ride

I am the second type of a foodie but do change my food preferences once in a while. Like once or twice in a decade. So you can safely call me the foodie who does not want to try new food!

I generally like to dwell into these four dishes and devour as if there is no other day left in my life.

Yogurt: No, Curd I have almost every day but if you are talking about some luxurious food favourties - it has to be Strawberry Yogurt. My Europe trip or a visit to the nearby Amul Parlour can not happen without gulping a pack, ever.

Dark Chocolates: Over a period of time my tolerance for over sweetness has decreased drastically and to be frank it has gone to zero. Apart from a couple of Indian sweets and fruits , I hate anything sweet which includes tea and coffee. So naturally my taste for dark chocolate has developed to the extent that I can comfortably swallow and enjoy 80% dark chocolates as well. The best part about dark chocolate? - You can not binge on it.

Pasta: To dismay of both mothers, I love Pasta. (And come one Pasta are made up of Semolina and not Maida, generally) Be it creamier pasta with a lot of gravy and no vegetables (No, I need my veggies but chalata hai) or truly Italian pasta with a lot of veggies, a little bit of gravy. I do not really need it to be cheesy like we get in India but I do not complain either. Pasta is my comfort food. Anytime.

Thai food: There is a sense of unique satisfaction I feel, when I devour Thai Food. Perfect mixture of coconut milk, veggies and rice. A good portion of Vitamins, Antioxidants , Carb and of course Fat in coconut which reduced GI. I am yet to find an authentic Thai restaurant in Mumbai but yummy is the world for Thai Food I had in Singapore.

What kind of a foodie you are?!!?

April 5, 2017

E for Emoticons

Emoticons had sorted my 'no expressions' in messaging problem way back in 2008 with java short codes in Yahoo messangers. My sonic typing speed increased to super sonic with it and my emotions were also take care of. When 'WhatsApp' era started and integrated themselves with Emoji and short codes, the teenager in me was more than pleased. I started using them extensively - even after the java short codes were disintegrated later on.

So much that smileys I used had become my identity. People could predict how would I construct a message. If I analyse each emoticon I was addicted to (before and after standard java short code era), showed my (rising from negative) level of maturity and composure.

2010: I was freshly out of college, I used below smiley a lot. Talk about maturity. Also, it came with a java standard short code, exactly like Yahoo Messenger and this one had the easiest code ':p'.

2013: I did not show my tongue (Also, short codes on my then-new mobile stopped working). Rather I started grinning at the end of every sentence I typed. It is actually grimacing, but this smiley is used to show 'Battisi' than anything else in India.

2014: I got married and I realized 'happy tears' are a thing. Kidding. I started laughing so much that my tear glands went berserk, on every comment I made.

2016: I became too matured to handle my emotions and rather hanged myself upside down at the drop of the hat.

If you are thinking, I am becoming more and matured with age, do not stop reading.

2017: I am yet not into a new emoticon with decreasing use of Whatsapp but I have started using texts and mails without entering Emoticons because it takes 1.3 seconds to insert one without using java short code.Which I guess is a good change but believe me, there is an issue with it.

I realized it only when my mom asked referring to my text to her.

What does ':P' mean?

Looks like I'm going back to 2010 in the era of java short code and Yahoo Messenger, subconsciously. And my mom is not able to understand the dilemma of an engineer who knows Java short codes.

And of her daughter who refuses to grow up.