June 24, 2015


The dreading P word. Disgusting and embarrassing ? For most of the girls in India. I am going to talk about it today.

How do you feel when you are bleeding as if some one is sucking your energy out? Half or more females on this earth feels a juggernaut scratching and crushing the inner liner of the most strong organ in the human-female body. Uterus. The lining is being destroyed and soon she would be having new eggs. It also means the body is healthy, fit and fertile. This same body has the capacity of giving a birth to the child. But hey, all these glitters are not gold for you. You are IMPURE when you bleed. That means you are in 'Periods'. Do not even ask me from where this word took birth.

We females bleed. Every month. That is Nature's call. The bleeding is a sign of being 'impure' and not 'healthy'.

Impure? Yeah, we are. When in 'Periods'. That is what the 'world' says. That means..

  • We can not take food and water from the common vessels. Somebody has to keep both of them aside for us, in separate utensils. Also let the world know that you are menstruating even when you want them to mind their own business. No folks, this tradition does not have a logic. If we can work  in the office on those days, we can take our food on our own. We do not need rest now, we do have maids now. If we need to take the rest, we would crash on our bed and sleep.
  • We can not sleep on cotton sheets, only synthetic stuff we can use. Right, Stains? They can paint themselves on Nylon too.If you are so worried about hygiene , wash the sheet every single day. For god's sake - it is the blood of a human body and not the shit.
  • We can not go to the temple. God would get impure.Well, Your god can be weak. Mine is not. Goddess whom you worship for education and wealth menstruates too. She should. Some people have an argument that due to hormonal imbalances females carry negative energy during those days which can affect other people. Well, teenagers should be banned too. Why don't we start going for hormonal tests before entering any temple! In fact a rapist can visit the temple, not the menstruating lady.
  • The female who do not follow these touch-me-not rituals has one reason to feel guilty. No one from your house can visit temple as you have already made them 'impure'. *Clap*
  • We can not even chant 'Mantras' and 'Stavans', the impurity flies to the divine God. Yeah.
  • We can not look at Achar and Papad , they would get burnt by the so called laser rays from our eyes. Wow. I  am sure they are not healthy to relish even on normal days but it does not mean we carry such beliefs.
There are many many more 'rituals' to observe in periods. Either people follow it blindly or they follow due to pressure. Many girls keep it to themselves and others believe in the 'venom' like blood of their own body. 

I wonder why do we pray our mothers? Why do we pray 'Devis'? Why do we let a toddler have her mother's milk? Even when she is menstruating? 

Why a father lets her daughter follow these demeaning rituals. Why does a mother compel her lovely child to go through these touch-me-not traditions. 

We know how the human body works. We know we have been told these traditions have some logic but we are not being told that they do no hold any logic in this era. We have been brain washed. 

The truth is when we are menstruating we should take rest, if we feel so. We should do light work out if comfortable. We should eat and drink healthy stuff. We should check on our water in take. We should be clean enough to not to catch the infection. We should tell the world about the state of body cycle if comfortable and if we feel weird we should not. It is not anybody's business.

It is nobody's business. 

June 20, 2015

aPOINTment #5

Long time?!!? I bet. I was dying to type but then some planned and some unplanned situations surfaced out which made me lazy and busy both! Here I am again to blurt out some points!

  • Pondicherry trip on our first wedding anniversary! First already!! I can not believe the time flew so fast, and in such a fashion that I am comfortable enough to take the whole situation as a decade old relationship. There has to be a separate post about our trip which was an amalgamation of food, fun, walk and beach! Mr.ISB has to be thanked enough! 
  • I am stressed for some reasons which I do not want to blog about. Ahmedabad induces stress in me, as I am not there with my family. Even after six years - I have been living out, my heart sinks with nervousness whenever something goes even 0.1% wrong. I have been asked by every one to stop taking so much of stress. I am not sure if I would learn the way in next hundred years.
  • Rains. Mumbai Monsoon showed up , with a real wild swag. All areas lower than sea level in the city were clogged, but thanks to the alert-messages many many people did not leave for offices - did not get trapped. Humanity was resurfaced if at all it was lost. Every one helped every one and among cribbing sessions by media, there were people who appreciated efforts taken by officials. We were house arrested in a way but managed to do puddle (Huge and small) walking and semi swimming with hot filter coffee and Vada pav. No office and home made it an awesome day! How can I forget the Antakshari we played with my in laws.
  • I am back in the office with a LOT of work to do thanks to my past three trips to Ahmedabad, Pune and Pondicherry which is going to cancel out my next planned Goa trip with females of our family. *Cry*
  • I have been travelling to many industrial estates of Mumbai and New Bombay. I am in love with the city all over again. Local trains and people, specially. 
  • I miss Ahmedabad when it rains.There is no smell of Dalvada made in Amdavadi style,With a lot of spice, a bit of garlic, onions and Green chilies! Mumbai, you are missing something. 
  • The only thing I hate about rains is missing my jogging sessions. I hate gyms so I have re-started yoga which has not reached to the level I want to. Slowly. 
How was your last week? :)

June 2, 2015

aPOINTment #4

No more explanations for putting out points directly on the blog. It was a hectic weekend with always hectic yet awesome weekdays. Not a better way to show all of my thoughts accumulated in the tiny heart.

  • First thing first. I missed my jogging and walking morning session. Really. I love the way it makes my body a bit healthier every time. Touchwood.
  • The weekend with The Husband, Mr.ISB was good after travelling in the AC bus for four hours. How I hate these buses. Watching a movie, walk dates, nonstop chattering and do-whatever-you-want-to life style - best gifts Mr.ISB can gift! Intellectual , knowledge worthy chatting keeps the spark alive - How Geeky I know! 
  • The night after which I left Pune for Mumbai was horrible with night mares and getting up every damn hour was tiring. So much that even today people keep on asking why I am not feeling good. Sleeping peacefully is such an important thing! My two days at office is also tiring - in a fashion which confuses every one. I wanted to work and tick the to-do-list but the headache never allowed. Hoping for the best day tomorrow. 
  • Discussions of religions are so sensitive. I am really not sure if I feel attached to ANY religion alive on this earth. 
  • Restrictions and Religions are synonyms. Some day I would love to see getting myself liberated from both of them. No, I am not being forced by anyone to follow any single thing. Just saying.
  • Why are we not so sensitive about our country in the similar way? Why religion is not after the country? Can we see next generation kids wishing 'Jai Hind' in place of 'Jai random religion' sort of 'Naras'? May be it can unite us. Well, not in this birth. Oh by the way, I dont want Moksh, by taking birth again as an animal in this beautiful world is worth it.
  • I miss cooking. I do not feel like cooking due to hectic schedules and other limitations. May be that is back to being 'Me'!
  • I have a big pending shopping list and no time. These are must shopping items filtered from eight things to five. The lazy bums refused to walk over to the shop even when I had time in the weekend. 
  • I love writing mails.People whom I love write/wrote to me. How I love reading those mails again.
How was your weekend? Do you suffer from one topic turmoils?