February 16, 2015

In the peaceful chaos

Everything is fast and a mess. There is still the F word - Flow. Surroundings are changing with great speed, yours truly is in a kind of zone where time seems to be frozen yet the relativity plays the role. Life goes on.

If I look beyond my visits to several industrial areas with no charm around, a lot of motion sickness which fails to make me puke and yet haunts me- I am trying to find my pace. My control over super boring work has been a sine wave like it was in last four months, now I feel good about it. Seeing people in the same boat, discussing how to get out of it - keeps our spirit alive.

In this chaos I tried my hands on food dishes - Right from awesome Banana bread to Home made Granola, Paneer Lababdar to Gajar ka halwa, Ragi based hot chocolate to Super tangy tomato bhaat. I need a different post to express my emotions when I smell the aroma , feel the flavor of what is there on the stove. May be in the Oven! The Kitchen is where I zone out, just like those books in Kindle.

Kindle has been my best friend after Mr.ISB so far. Close to two months I have got this gift and I guess I am already done with books over a dozen. I am glued to my favorite topic - World war 2 stories, specially extermination camps, psychology of Nazis. A lot of retrospection, a lot many tears.

Then there is something called Shopping, which I really don't like much. Most of the days I struggle to get something which I really love. I sometimes have to drag myself to the store and hunt in a way which would make me stay away from shopping for months together. Yeah, I was never the girl who shops till she drops.

We are planning a trip to Jaipur and Sariska wild life century. This would be totally an unplanned trip as per my standards. I do not want to raise the bar of my expectations, hence going forward to this no-plans-trip. The only thing I am looking forward to is a change.

From the peaceful chaos.