December 31, 2016

Resolutions 2017

Last year I had successfully converted two plus one (which I did not put on the blog for some reasons- DIYs, it appeared in my tiny brain in April)  out of four resolutions into 'some' results. I can say drawing timelines and plans to my goals pour some wonder potion of discipline in the hectic schedule I have. Blogging about them keeps my Buri Niyat of forgetting them in check.

So,here is to every one who still believes in planning the day, months and the year. Who believes in resolutions but with a practical mind set. Who believes in putting all of them on a piece of paper or in the excel sheet and track them with enough flexibility to adjust to the vulnerabilities in life. (Ooof.. How convenient I sound)

Patience/Anger Management
When I say I am not the one who has a lot of patience, it is an understatement. I may have patience while working on any kind of an issue on the office-front but in my personal life I'm far from it. In 2016 there were some instances where I just ignored on going things on which I wanted to react and not respond- it worked that time but later on the anger erupted and it went all worst from bad-in my mind. That is not being patient- and it drills down to my poor anger management. I was not really impatient like this when I was growing up. I have picked this not-do-good trait some where in 2010-2011. Needless to say, it creates a lot of disturbance unnecessarily.

The strategy is to really keep my mind (And mouth) in hibernation mode when I want to react. To think about the situation when I would have gone mad on the situation or the person and ended up with a disastrous outcome, rather than harping on my sentiments on temporary basis. 'Volcano eruptions' should not occur at all. This would be the tough nut to crack.

I'd lost some weight and inches last to last year but the 2016 was not a very progressive year for my fitness. I managed to start running and yoga but frequency of  my migraine and allergic bouts increased and also, my calendar got really tight. I do not believe in finding excuses because if I want to do something -'I manage to get it any way' as my parents say,so this year I have to be really disciplined.

I do not want to make random resolutions but I've not figured out in Mumbai if gym is the best option or running would do just fine with the ever increasing level of pollution in the morning. I shall add a measurable goal in this post once I find that right work out for me.

Apart from work out, I need to stop eating junk. Last four months I have been eating a lot of fast food or snacks which I never used to touch. Partly it is because lack of time to plan out healthy snack options which are home cooked too-specially during office time. Partly it is my own mind which needs a temporary high through the binge. I would eventually eat healthy home-cooked food if I can control my mind. 

In this era of distraction,multi tasking is no more a boon. The monkey mind ends up focusing on nothing than those 117 tasks pending with 25 tabs open in your laptop browser. Not to forget the chat going on in a few Whastapp group. Ah..Mess. This is an involvement issue and it has also crept in our personal lives as well. 

When you are with your friends for coffee, it is okay to not to look at the mobile phones. When you are reading a blog, it is okay if you close your gmail or even work mail. When you are working on an excel sheet, just shut that damn chrome. When you are taking dinner with your family, how many of us can actually be there 100%? Aren't we always into something X while doing Y? 

I believe our personal relationships affect a lot because of this. In the era of FaceBook and Whastapp, we forget that long mails or letters have much more warm attached to them than those tiny tid bids.Spending time with your family (which includes both sets of parents, relatives you like and friend you pick!) can really strengthen the bond and makes life less stressful if not warm. 

So the 2017 should come with better involvement in whatever I do. As small as folding sheets to ironing clothes to spending time with loved ones to training subordinates. Involvement with single mind. No multitasking unless I'm finishing daily chores. (My mom does it the best!) 

What do you guys think about resolutions? I do believe that measurable ones are better to track but behavioral goals are something which I need to work on at this point of time. Presuming it would make my 'to do' side of the life easier too.

December 28, 2016

The year it was, 2016!

Time for the annual performance review, like I always do.

January: I attended my very close friend aka the Singapore flat mate's wedding in Banglore! The most enjoyable wedding I've ever attended. It was a also a mini reunion of us, pseudo Singaporeans! I also became a bit bored with wedding shopping going on around me thanks to cousins getting married in Jan-Feb. I almost hated dressing up for Indian wedding and hence I enjoyed the easy peasy gown-flaunting-activity in the Banglore wedding I talked about. Any how, I had to attend the three days long wedding in Ahmedabad with a lot of heart burn. (Shh..) I secretly wished for a speed breaker in life.

February: The Abdullah was quite upset with Shadis Begaanas were doing suddenly. Though this month I suddenly started developing interest in Sarees! Also on one fine day refreshed myself by attending (super) early morning Parveen Sulatana concert near Taj!

March: Became a sciatica patient with a lot of body stiffness.  But one fine day, I got a call from dad that my mom is ill and has been hospitalized for the treatment of Kidney Infection. I had to fly in his absence and mom's diabetic almost killed me with critical state her heath went through. Thanks to so so many people's blessings and prayers mom recovered and smiles were back on our faces!Ah,by the way my sciatica disappeared through this shock therapy.

April: April came with a royal entry on the blog with the customary A to Z posts! The birthday month this time was spent alone without Mr.ISB and not to forget 'Birthday Blues' I experienced. Anyway, I managed to sail through the birthday with the help of some hand written mails as gifts.

May: Some retrospection happened! Decided to balm my heart burnt created by the fire of long distant relationship, through Art. This decision,I never knew would be the best gift to myself this year going forward. Started with my old set of watercolor set- to make this card for one of my mentors/dushman. Paid remembrance to my late Fai.

June: This month brought the best possible memories of 2016! I flew to Denmark where the Husband was already on a business deputation. The blog post on my Scandanavian trip never happened but we enjoyed our Wedding Anniversary  way 'two much'  while my mind also weaved (And blogged) some guidelines for ones who are interested in visiting Europe.

July: I revisited Singapore memories. Monsoon kicked off in Mumbai! Decoding self happened too.

August: Visited Ahmedabad finally and enjoyed a lot too- festive season , August comes with after all. Became Masi this year. Met my frock buddy N (finally) after her wedding. Did a bit of husband worshiping  HERE. Also this month, I could start the Buzzfeed type of a post series called Chai time Chichat!

September: One of the most difficult month for me as a non fanatic secular person. This month started the fasting of family members and relatives which also meant a lot of real and mental stress for me apart from a lot of work on personal and professional front. I also discovered the cold brew coffee this month along with Mr.ISB at a SoBo cafe house. This month was spent alone as Mr.ISB was busy in Denmark managing marine engines (With a home-break of ten days  in between his stay)- Needless to say,not a month to remember. Well well, not really. I channelized my energy to paint two Ganpatis to gift them to both mothers! I also went through a reality check for myself.

October: Finally wrote something about my grandmother which I had planned ages ago. Met my best friend's daughter and hand fun playing with her. Started a big DIY project - got cushion covers stitched from scrap silk, refurbished a Chor Bazar table lamp and re-organized decor in the room. Diwali preparation this year sans Mr.ISB was not that bad.

November: Finally my DIY decor and Rangolis were flaunted in the month of November. Even less visitors visited home this year- something very weird about festivals in Mumbai. This month also became a plant mom and reunited with West Side - which is one of my favorite brand chain in India.

December: A vacation at home happened. Sunshine smiled when our Uncle Aunty from USA visited us. This month after June,became a highlight that way. Real Chai time chit chat happened for a week I would say. Once they left- the vacuum added the ongoing frustration of not being able to balance inner peace and outer atmosphere. In a way, I realized that my struggle to adjust in a new family- however easy it may seem it is still to happen. Even after two years. No heart burns for others, it drills a hole in my heart though. Anyway time passed and then Mr.ISB's birthday arrived- we could spend some time together. Looks like I am back in the good mood again!

How was your 2016?????? Bumpy and enjoyable like me?


December 25, 2016

The Sunday #5

Now when I'm back with the Sunday post, lets assume this month would be really rich in experiences just like how this year was.

Friday night which was suppose to end with a big fight between two worriers (yours truly and the husband) of the family, ended up on a good note as Saturday was Mr.ISB's birthday and I launched my surprise before fifteen minutes to suppress the 'Maun Vrat' coming in. Not being cheesy,but this potter head's happiness on seeing 'Hogwarts Acceptance Letter' (DIYed by yours truly) made the irritation in me vanished in no time.

(My husband becomes a twelve years old kid on seeing anything linked to Harry Potter even now. I had picked his 'Wish' of getting a personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter a month back!)

I had taken an off on Saturday hence after ages we could relax. We both agreed to rest for the whole day with my mobile phone constantly ringing as Mr.ISB had conveniently changed his number one more time and people could not connect to him!

A movie, a dinner and some shopping made the day really sweet.

Sunday was a cleaning day in a way. We de-fragmented our room. We dry cleaned every fabric in use. I did the re-decor and started with my budding window garden. Some after noon siesta, tea,a plum cake, Veg spaghetti and some smiles! :)

That is how my Sunday was. Scattered thoughts in the post but may be this can revive this blog.

December 21, 2016

Chai Time Chitchat #6

So many things have happened and are happening that, weaving them in one single story line would be a sin. We need to talk about it. 

  • Chai time is not same as last week. I miss adarakh wali chai and chatting. The loneliness even when I am always surrounded by people is weird. Something I have been suffering from since last four five days. Hopefully, they would improve.
  • Work front is very very Hectic. We do got a breather yesterday which made us realize how tired we are. Suddenly the neck spasm and back spasm became intolerable. Migraine of course don't like them hogging lime light. I am not blaming myself- every one in the team is feeling fatigue. Work continues. May be it is the best way to stay sane.
  • I am dying for my friends to come to Mumbai. May be I've passed the age where I can make best friends and hence I seriously want Frock buddy N at least to magically land here as soon as possible. 
  • I need a solo trip- a bag pack one that too. Or may be with friends. 
  • I'm seriously thinking of deleting my blog for some reasons. Unknown ones. I like being alone now and ranting online wont do any good. 
  • I do miss going to 
May be life would be better spent over wines, Yoga, DIYs and beautiful clothes. Looks like I'm into nothing! 


December 13, 2016

Happy Hours

Happy high in fact. The most talked about (by me to myself!) trip of Mr.ISB's (Read: All mine!) Kaka and Kaki happened last week. Their arrival at home, made me reach this feeling of 'Happy High' after so so many months,. That too when everything else on the work front was/is not going good.

Our go to drink was tea. To be precise,the super spiced up tea I have ever enjoyed at home. So for a change, me and Dad-in-Law had a company and hence 'Jahan Char yar mile waha party ho jaye' and 'Chai time Chitchat' happened so many times. Our 'No Tea' drinker Mr.ISB and 'Mild tea' drinker SIL - MIL were left alone to enjoy their taste without any debate while brewing tea for the first time!

Then were the long walks. Early morning ones and evening ones. I've mentioned many times on the blog that walks give the best platform to bond with some one,for me. The Bond made up of discussions about Trump, architecture, travelling, ever increasing religious fanaticism, Old Mumbai Charm and what not. Walks in Matunga any way need to have 'Filter coffee' as an integral part of the plan and we did not miss 'Coffee with Khandan' too! Our impromptu visits to south Indian cafes while shopping-talking were much more fun than I could imagine. The family dinners in South Mumbai and at home, became cherries (?) on the cake.

Talk about wisdom I gained last week. I could freely talk about my inhibitions and fears. I could easily open up about constraints I am not comfortable with, to some extend. In return, I got insights, which I would like to pen down some where for the times I would be struggling with myself. So much of composure and so much of warmth and so much brilliance- can be found rarely in any one.

I never had my own Kaka and Kaki (My father does not have a brother or even a cousin for that matter,amidst the 'Fauj' of 'Buas'!) but not even in my mind I would have such a brilliant and warm pair of Kaka Kaki, which I now I have!!

December 9, 2016

Sunshine and all that

I got up really early, after more than a month!
I had piping hot tea just after getting up and had the real 'Chai time chit chat' with my folks.
I felt really really alive with positive vibrations.
Went for a very satisfying morning walk and a south Indian breakfast.
Talked talked and talked making my Uncle and Aunt from US of A.

A lot of Sunshine I was showered with
Almost like a dream after dream!


It just felt little cold last night
Eating oranges but not wearing sweaters
Dry rough lips but no one to force to apply Ghee
Linens on the bed but no heavy blankets to go under
I think I miss my Ahmedabad in the winter a bit more than ever


Sarcasm, I have started liking you
Don't dirty your hands but still kill
Laugh from all your heart
and yet say things aloud