January 31, 2012

Yadon ki baarat..

Disclaimer: A silly-stupid-senti long post!

My this Ahmedabad trip was rocking as I have blogged earlier and one of the reasons was digging out my cupboards and bags at my new home.

Bechari mein , who don't know where my stuff had been kept at my new lovely home. (Okay, a different story-I hate to not to go to my home where I spent 21 years of my life!) I had decided , beside all the preparations and enjoyments I will be searching for all my stuff at my new place, after 2 long years of shifting!

So , I opened my cupboard and the bag..

The T-shirt of the signature day-Third year of my college! I read every message and tag lines and was lolling. I was named Don,Mayawati of mech,Tomboyish mechie, mechanical queen,Dakurani and what not! It was all fun. I remembered all my friends,seniors and batch mates. Fun!

I found out the bread-board. It was a forced gift by my senior bhaiya to learn some electronics to work well in robotics. I think I never used it for more than 2 times, I couldn't do more on electronics front and ended up well in love with mechanism design and applications in Robotics! My actual love :) 'Bhai, I need to learn electronics, though I will outsource it, you are there :D'

My robocon ID card/badge. It is a proud possession. No words. Only ABU ROBOCON participants can understand what it means for me. It is my proud, it is my life and it defined my career and the angle I look at the world!

The broach, My fai from USA had gifted some 17 years back!! Woooho! I think I can still flaunt it. It is unique and royal. I remember my-tiny-self carrying it off during every functions for some years.I still love it.

The yadein box. A pink lovely box gifted by my masi,some 15 years back. I love the shade and the pop-up compartment in it. It is stylish and I always used to show it off with proud to my friends!What does it contain?? My friendship bands with names of friends on some of them, colourful strings, tiny kites I had got from some exhibition, a Christmas paper-socks as a party invitation by West-side (I loved the idea,and copied it sometimes I guess),small bells,erasers of different shapes including a brush and some fruits,2 attar ki small bottles! Ah, I used to collect so so so much. I still do, and sometimes my mom calls me a garbage collector :D

The best one-My travel diary. I had written only 3 pages. :D My mom-dad had given me a small diary to write during our trip to Kolkata, then Calcutta, way back in 1995. I used to hate it, as I always wanted to have fun with my cousins and not to waste time in writing. If I see now, I myself, write travelogues. :D The best feeling during this 'yadon ki baarat' was-reading my own tiny,'ok ok' types hand writings and the silly write-up, that too in Gujarati.The write up described metro station which had made me so so curious at that time.

My mom at once asked me not to carry them with me in Mumbai as she herself wants to preserve them now. I couldn't stop myself from clicking pictures.

It is sometimes good to welcome a 'yadon ki baarat'. It made me emotional,happy and proud!

PS: Have a look at the second picture! I found it funny!! :D Can somebody play "Yadon ki baarat nikali hai aaj"? I am in the same mood!

January 30, 2012

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai!

Its my rishta with Chocolates! Chill.

I think its all because of my parents, especially mom who also loves chocolates. Don't even underestimate the word 'Love'! In my family a chocolate bar or any chocolate flavoured food item is divided in 4 crispy parts. :D Till now. There are 4  kids now for chocolates at home :D

I don't remember how the 'rishta' started , but but Yeah I remember my mom bribing me a chocolate or a dairy milk if I finish my meal ,I remember myself demanding a dairy milk for any task or any prank given to finish by my buddies, seniors, cousins.

When my papa went out of country for the first time before some 10 years, I remember a small bag came to our place full of chocolates with him on his return. Bubblegum and her brother both were hugging Papa and the bag together! How silly! But that's called the 'rishta'!

The craze for dairy milk actually got converted into cravings for chocolate ice creams, milkshakes,chocolate kulfi,cakes and what not. I forgot any other flavour in the world. I felt heaven , pure love and passion you see! :D I still feel, only feel!

I started reading about chocolates and got to know black chocolate is good for heart,it makes your mood and it also make your face glow!! The rishta got stronger and stronger! Little less I knew the excess amount of attachment aggravated migraine attacks and body fat also! I still lived with 'I don't care' attitude.

I don't blame chocolates for my migraine or my plump cheeks. I really had to take a resolution this year to leave chocolate to control my carvings cravings-Tadap(??) and mood swings. I am doing it nice. I have found out a new passion, I still feel the same when I look at clicks of  chocolates and that I realized yesterday while going through my clicks :) 'No touching No touching..Only seeing Only seeing'. :D

So this one is to the below click-The rishta-Me andThe chocolate browny of Mochas!...In a form of  a Haiku,

Passion indulgence
are defined by you
Oh, chocolate
Wait for a year.

PS: A 'No chocolate year' will end up soon and ah, Don't judge the haiku, it was impromptu and kiddish :D

January 29, 2012

The freaky Funday-Sunday!

I call my this Sunday, a freaky fun day for several reasons!!!

After this mindset of mine,I think I needed a break. We (I cant go anywhere alone! I am a group person mostly!) made a plan of watching a play-Gujarati Play. As usual I can not stand myself spending a day without doing any 'kands'! So of course the Sunday had to be freaky-funday!

In the local train while calling my mom and a didi of mine, a station came and from the window I could see the name of the station 'Dadar', the train started slowly and I realised this was the station I had to get down at. :D So, finally with all my energy (Yeah, Boost is the secret!) I rushed to the door and got myself on the station safely, while recalling all science and physics lessons of Newton's third law and moment of inertia.:D
This stunt is not performed by any experts, it was a fluke and kindly don't try it at all! :D

After the excitement 1, as usual I reached a wrong place where my friend had to reach from the very opposite direction of the station , how honest he is, he actually purchased a next station ticket to control the next probable kand of getting trapped by a ticket checker!

A good incident also happened, The play was excellent. Yeah you guessed it right, it was a comedy play 'Ek bijane nadata rahie.' The second jhataka was waiting where a friend's friend thought I was married! What the hell!! I am surely not angry on the aunt, whom I met in my cousin's wedding who thought I am still young to get married now! :D She thought I am still a college going girl! I like it!:D

After having zillions of small laughter attacks thanks to the play , we left the auditorium. Like good boys and girls , when we saw a temple just opposite to the hall, we went inside and had darshan.  :D Little less I know, the darshan was the solution to my next kand.

Before leaving for our respective places, we thought of having some snacks. We took a taxi and again I was busy in calling a friend of mine.Enjoyed Gujarati snacks after a long (3 days?!) time and proudly announced that I am going to pay! The kand got disclosed,when I started taking out my wallet from the handbag! It was not there! Emotional attack, I was scared. My debit card, licence and what not was in my lovely wallet!This is the second time I had lost it!It was gone. *Sobbing mentally!*

We thought I left it in the taxi, the bill was paid,obviously not by me. I ran out and tried to find the same taxi,which was like searching something from the air ,(Hawa mein hath marna?!) My friend suggested we should go back to the auditorium and check. First thing I was thinking of blocking my debit card ,I was lost- remembering how lucky last time I was, when I got my purse back,3 years ago. I thought  better to go home and get my card blocked.An ummed jagi when, suddenly I realized, when I was praying in the temple only my mobile was in my hands! I had difficulty in praying hath jodke! Eureka. Hopes and dreams were made in my dil-dmag.

We walked all the way to the hall, nervous I was, I told my pal (How cool he is, bechara was consoling me all the way!) to check in the hall and I would check in the temple. I got a call in 2-3 minutes from him that the wallet is just with the hall-cleaners and they want to cross check the owner's identity. To cut it short the best kand of the day was over. Ah, not actually the best.

The best one happened, when I reached my place. I went to a shop to buy milk just nearby and one lafanga mawali tried harassing me, tried to be touchy types and on the third attempt I threw all frustration of the last kand on him with One Tight Slap!!! Which was followed by some pitai by a female, shopping in the shop. :D

So the freaky Sunday which was actually special. I learnt, not to talk on phone while travelling, be careful with my handbags and...Not to get scared if harassed by any damn mawali! Thank you :D

Ah, It was a freaky-funday! Absoultely! Kands nahi karoge to kya hoga! Ramayan bhi 'kands' se bani hai!

PS: Shane, thanks for the moral support :D

January 28, 2012

Mein hu khush rang heena...!

So my trip back home was lovely, I really loved the wedding. The story is a bit different over here as I was dead tired due to travelling and obviously busy with work in my cousin's wedding. Some how I managed to click pics and so presenting some of them!...

I recall the song "Mein hu...Khush rang heena" looking at the color of wet mehendi! Just love the smell!!

PS: I agree the last click doesn't contain Mehendi :D. The third click is of the bride, I dint have that patience and time to wait to finish and click. I had work you see! :D Sorry Mrs.PG!
PS 2: I just have placed some information intentionally if you can find it out :)

January 27, 2012

A feel

Life is beautiful. Yes, its a God gift and only The God will take it from us. It makes me feel disgusting when I hear some one did suicide or tried to kill herself/himself. He or She is coward if they can not face the bitter and sweet facts of life.

These people don't think of circumstances of the act they did or doing. Everyone even an orphan person is blessed with someone, let her/him be an unknown, who loves, who cares. The act of killing self is nothing but a crime. An act of killing your close ones emotionally , morally. In place of sympathy , I have developed heavy hatred and disgusted heart for them. Little less people know , I don't regret for the same. It disturbs me to such an extent that I just feel like screaming.It hurts.

Why don't we treat our lives to be the best thing happened to us? Why don't we just value it and value our relationships, which actually makes the life worth? Nothing in life is constant, with time it chooses its own pace and flow.We have to just flow with it. We may feel sad,happy,emotional,scared,angry,excited! But they are also the part of the package we have got with the gift 'Life'. We have to cherish and respect them all.

Why people play mask and hide themselves. Why do they change their identity to such an extent that they forget what they are and get into depression and try such acts. Why they have to bluff about what they are! Why to do things which let you down in front of your own people? If you do, why cant you have a heart and just rebuild the trust.

I am throwing all that what I have in my mind right now. But the truth is I don't feel like re-loving such persons and I am going to do what my heart says.

It says to just stay away, express and live what I create for my own life!

PS: Can some one play "The dynamite"? :) C'mmon!

January 26, 2012

The Dichotomy of Love!

I have spent my 21 years in Amdavad. I have a special attachment for Amdavad, just like the attachment of a child for a mother.The traffic jams, the super smooth (mostly) roads, kadi dhoop, the BRTS, everything. The first Monsoon showers, Makai-vada,Dal-vada and corns. The super hot and freaking summers and super chilled winters. I love and adore all what Amdavad gives us to dwell.Amdavad my first love.But then, I had to move. To make my own identity, to give a boost to my career.

The luck dragged me to my dream city Mumbai. Yes, I liked the city since my childhood. I always wanted to spend some years in Mumbai. I started loving the city and feel the Nasha. The lovely local trains, Dhoop-pasina, Misal to Kanda-poha. Kasa kay to kem cho! The whole city was mine. It made me independent.It made me what I am today. Gave me my closest buddies-my life. My karmabhoomi and yes, my heart skips a beat when I hear "Mumbai"!

Today, at 6 in the morning while coming back from railway station I was feeling the first love-The love for Amdavad. After 6 lovely days with my family and at my own Amdavad I was back. I was missing Amdavad so badly that , I just wanted to run back to the train. Suddenly I looked upon the road. The dusky-dark early morning, head lights were brighter and I could sense the speed of the life in Mumbai. Yeah My own Mumbai-Aamchi Mumbai. It was the dichotomy of love.

I couldn't decide, tears in my eyes are for which love-The dichotomy of love!

January 24, 2012

I'm home..!

Oh yeee! I am home! The most amazing Amdavad trip! 10/10! Why...

Janane ke lie padhiye is episode ki Vishesh Surkhiya!

  • The weather is just awesome, chilled and ekdum dhinchak. The perfect weather to sleep and cuddle in my blanket till late,officially! 
  • I love my Papa,waking me up in the morning with a mug of milk prepared by him! :) Even if I am awake, I don't get up to experience this privilege!
  • My all kiths and kins (If at all I can use this phrase!) in Amdavad and Cousin's wedding is the best occasion to meet them all!Together!
  • Okay, I have to digest my sister Ms.PR is now Mrs.PG! Today!
  • Well, I have got my identical cousin!!! Yes! My Fai's Daugher Ms.SR is my identical twin according to our relatives! People actually made mistakes while greeting us for a number of times! We both feel, the nature and the behavior is same (Ah, read Dadagiri) but such mistakes?! Though we both happily accept our new combine name, 'Twin cousins!"
  • Me and my Twin cousin (TC) danced like anything in the wedding-Garba function and we both were ready to dance for some more hours. :D
  • Me n my younger brother simply love to go for a drive! He drives,okay!?
  • I have enjoyed the most amazing dishes on this earth in cousin's wedding!
  • My another Bua MM is amazed at mine and my fua NM's passion(?) for photography as we always side her and say "Ek min ek min fai let me click!" :D She thinks,she was the target person!
  • The most amazing Vidai I witnessed! The bride and her mother-Stronger and trying to control their emotions, the bride doesn't want her father to cry. Her best friend who is going to get married in 20 days starts crying heavily seeing her going, best friend's mother starts crying, all aunties start crying and the finale round caught me and my TC. TC, I am there and actually I am elder to you..! :D
  • Back to home from wedding, I just recalled, I will be leaving for Mumbai tomorrow!
  • I am in a blank state of mind right now, I am happy to go back to Mumbai, Yes I miss Mumbai.But, I am going to miss all at home. Can Mumbai come to Ahmedabad? :/

January 19, 2012

I live for...

So, here are my 2 clicks, showing 2 extreme sides of myself :D Ah, and the third one is what I live. :) Actually I live for 3 of them! :D My passion , My habit and My life!

PS: This is just to console myself that I am trying to learn Photography! I shall always. Amen!

January 17, 2012

Passing the 'parcel'!

It is said that a new born baby gets her first 'Janamghuti' by her bua or any female person ,and some of that person's characteristics are transferred to the baby. One more belief is there, if a baby shows specific traits of a person, then it is said that 'woh vyakti ne sir pe hath ghumaya hoga!'

Now, in my case, my eldest bua had given me the 'Galthuthi' or 'Janamghuti' and I literally show her personality traits in my behavior since childhood. In fact, my other bua is also close to me and I also have inherent certain characteristic very precisely in me. They have passed the specific 'Parcel' of their personalities to me!

My cousin's daughter, who is said to be bubblegum-in-making has snatched the 'parcel' from me.She dances, she is chirpy , she is talkative and she is almost like me!She is moody too :D

I thought I think it was over. The baby Toofan (As I call her!) has got my parcel. The game is over.
Until, Last night.

I called up my office buddy, GLG 3! Who always used to scream and yell on me. "Oye Nauatanki" or "Nakhare nahi Bubblegum" "He ram meri maa, I don't know how your parents handled you" "Shant nahi beth sakti 2 min!?" and I used to irritate her to the core. She is like an elder sister cum buddy. The best, she has a lovely daughter of almost 23 months.The story comes on the track now.

I came to know the baby J,her daughter shows almost similar behavior,ditto like me, abhise!! I called GLG3 after some ages and we talked about the Baby J. The first thing she said, "Tu uske sir pe hath ghumake gai hai, woh masi pe gai hai bilkul." I was really glad, super glad to know that all my characteristics for which GLG 3 used to yell at me ,are shown by Baby J.

  • She is hyper active.
  • She is nautanki.
  • She doesn't sit at one place.
  • She dances when music in the air.
  • She shows attitude to boys other than her father :D
  • She has a huge collection of accessories.
I think I have passed the second 'parcel' too!! So, Mrs.GLG3, better try to praise me as all your statements are being registered in the parcel which your daughter has already got! :D

Have you ever passed the 'parcel'?

January 16, 2012

A bug

The actual nature and personality traits of bubblegum is bugged.

Bole to pakk gae hai.

So so many events coming up. Cousin's marriage to a very very good friend's marriage. Some hadse also came up in professional life.

The otherwise over extrovert personality doesn't like to be in a group of friends for more than 2 hours. The bubblegum cuddles up the blanket , takes a book from current stock she has and reads. The Internet freak girl doesn't open the laptop, doesn't process clicks she has taken. She doesn't like to eat. She is missing the music and still she is not listening to the same.

She is not missing home, she is not missing her lunch group. She is not missing anything.

She is missing Harry Potter Book-4. 'Harry Potter & The goblet of fire'!!

She will get the book soon and the 'soon' will come in 3 days,hopefully. The debugger book is awaited eagerly.

PS:The Harry Potter fever is on. Thank you very much!

January 15, 2012

The Marriage-Mania!

Okay , let me declare:Its not my wedding. (Refer: This !)

Its my cousin's wedding. Manlo Ghar ki Shadi hai! My sister is going to come just some days before the W-day from USA and wost of  all I am just done with my own shopping :D Her's is left!

I was dragged for shopping some days ago by my another cousin living in Mumbai and The trap was formed by mom and her. I was looted by her for my own shopping like anything! My bank account is crying for the balance now! :D

Every day I look at the mess of things I have collected beside my bed for the wedding. I need to pack all them up and leave for Ahmedabad in some  4 days. I am clueless how I am going to travel with so much of Saman!!! Hell! I cant compromise with a single thing. Sorry!

My mom calls everyday. My bua (The would-be-bride's mom!) gives me dhamakis for coming as soon as possible. :D To add , I have also blamed my mom for showing over enthusiasm for my dressing :D Which was ignored! :( No, no she is not going to make me meet any random or not-so-random guy  in the function! I hope so!

My cousin, yes the would be bride threatens me to reach Ahmedabad on her arrival by mails.

Did I mention, my very very very good friend and the office buddy is getting married just after a day after my cousin's wedding in Mumbai. Thank you very much for keeping the gap. I am saved by either of them :D

Personally, I am not mentally ready to flaunt in the marriage of my cousin. I have just shopped everything and for not getting ready mentally or show the enthusiasm- I have been blamed too! :D

I am seriously scared of 3 leaves I have to take for the wedding! 3 din mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai at office!

For the first time in my life , I am feeling a lil sad for leaving Mumbai for 6 days! Seems I have entered into the comfort zone now!

My worst fear: What I am going to react if some one (I suppose most of the public-Guests!) comments :'When are you getting married?' or 'Koi dhundha hai?'or 'Kya plan hai!'!!and The most scary one:'Ab next eri bari!!' I hope I wont be rude! :D

Last one: I don't know if I should be happy for  a few numbers of teenage(??) pimples I have got on my face or not. They look bad :( and Yeah that will keep me away from match-maker aunties for sometime at the wedding that's the reason I am thankful to all pimples on my face.Sometimes they are adorable! :D

PS: I am still not sure why I am showing no signs of getting mentally ready for the wedding. Or may be I am just not ready to digest that my only eldest cousin(Sister) is getting married! :(

January 13, 2012

A letter to The Boggart!

Dear Boggart,

Hope you are in a good 'Shape'!

I got introduced myself to you by the Harry Potter series. You were a new concept for me. I was not much affected.

Some days before when ‘Shana’ who actually made me read the series of Harry Potter, asked me something. I was blank , actually happy too. He asked ‘What will appear if the boggart closed in the cupboard get released  in front of you?!’ Now, for NHP people (No Harry Potter) I introduce you as ‘A shape-shifter that takes on the form of its intended victim's worst fear.’

I was blank. I kept on thinking for a few minutes. I realized ,I was not afraid of any one! No one! Yeyeyeye! Just that I get scared of circumstances and that’s it! May be a lizard or something? No! I think not the worst fear!

Eureka! I am a brave girl , I am a strong girl. I am a fighter! Thanks Boggart you made me realize the truth! I am much more confident , I was never before! I am really thankful to you!

Well, I would like to mention my buddy’s answer to his own question ‘Bubblegum-after some years weighing a lot many kilos than the current one!’! Lolz! True! Buddy , I can fight that too! J

So, Boggart , you are the person whose thoughts make me feel stronger and braver!

Be there always!Ah, I know you will have to come up in the shape of 'no-one' but the stronger 'me' will feel you!


January 12, 2012

Every day is my day!

I was walking to reach office with no music today, for a change. I was thinking on why my 'yesterday' was pathetic and to some extent irritating.

I reached office yesterday and nothing fell in the place at first go. I had to tackle urgent issues,by hook or by crook. I experienced the perfect world of miscommunication , rigidity and mismanagement. From the first moment I reached office to the moment I left office, I was fighting, thankfully with the moral support from my team-mate and some of my buddies.

While walking today, I smsed one of my best friends to wish me a good day. I suddenly felt I was travelling into my past. The flashback.

I was all alone when I got a transfer against my wish to Mumabi. Yes, true Mumbai was my dream city since childhood, I dint want to come for some reasons. I was fighting all alone , Suddenly loaded with the work I dint know anything about. The only silver line was my work profile. My personal life was about only me. My business trips were eating up my health. I was adding fuel in the fire by developing disturbed eating habit, read "Skipping meals habits".My hemoglobin went all time low. I had some blackouts too. Obviously I had started making my friends and I was blessed then with the closest pals of mine. But, till then it was a bad phase.

Some friends cheated on to me , Some bluffed. I used to run to my home-town and feel the warmth of home. My happy-go-lucky nature had been suppressed to limits. I had started loosing my own self.

I realized,that was The bad phase,which I had to fight and I did it successfully. The 'Yesterday' was not. It was just not favourable.What happened afterwards in the evening!?It was all fine. I enjoyed my walks, I enjoyed talking to my buddies on call, I enjoyed reading till late and slept off with the book in my hand!

I think the 'yesterday' was anytime better.

It is true. We feel our day is dull and get scared sometimes. I think I have got a way to be happy as my bad phase is over long ago and it wont dare to come back to this all time fighter Bubblegum!

Now, every day is my day!

PS: The post may look silly and stupid, but then its all about me and my thoughts! :) I am not going to let any day go dull, and that's a promise!

January 11, 2012

Har ek 'dost' zaroori hota hai!

Friends. The most convincing word after family for me. I think all are my friends. But, for me there are 2 kinds of friends.

1. Who are best of best friends and remain the best.
2.Who were best friends but eventually moved on, cheated on to me or dint like me.

I will talk about the later one first. Yes I call them 'friends'. I have a very few of them in my life.I have some friends who actually were of the first type of friends, went into the second category and again came back to first.There are some who never ever came back or I dint allow them to come back. I may sound rude but then I don't colour all with the same brush. Should I ? I don't want the answer as I know I am going to follow what my heart is going to ask me to do.

These 'friends' made me emotionally strong , They made me independent , They made me confident,They made me realize the value of being real 'me'. Albeit by mistake, because they ditched. I am thankful to them to make me what I am today and I am proud to be 'myself' today!

About the first category. They are the 'Sanjivani' of my life. They make me feel high all the time! Without alcohol of course. They have the power to make me smile, to pull my leg, to laugh with me like crazy. They are my partners in playing pranks, They are victims of my pranks. They don't make me confident , they have confidence in me, and that's what make them special.They encourage me to be independent. They tell me the truth and They are my life. I don't only love them , I live them.

Here is to all of them. My bro-buddies , My Lunch group buddies, My frock buddy N, My college friends Sid and N, My bhailog group and last but not least, Yes Shane you too!! Thanks for being my 'Life'!


January 10, 2012

Then and now!

At 10am , the school time!
Me & My bro: Byyye Mummmaa....... (Her response was compulsory by us, or else we wont step ahead!)
                        Byyyee Papa...............(If papa is not on the business trip, then it was a  compulsion too!)
                        Byyyee Maaaaa...........(She would be there to wave us till the gate!)
(My dadima, She was the person who would be behind us to leave on time, so it was never a compulsion, it was a habit..For us and for her!)

After some years:
My brother used to go early for exams. Even at 6'0 clock in the morning when he used to leave,
He would wake me up from deep sleep like a monster (Yeah, he had grown up very big then and now he looks like my elder brother monster!)
Brother: *Zor se hilate hue or pulling my blanket* Didi...I am leaving for exams!!
Me: *Feeling irritated and then realizing the fact!*All the best!!!!!!
(It was such made a compulsion made by him, he would never leave home before my wish!)

(Today's happy realization moment!)
Awaz from outside : "Byyyeee Mummma , byee Papa...Byeee Ashu........."..."Byyye Vedant...."

I was just wearing my shoes and leaving for office and I realized what I was missing.
There was no-one to say 'Good bye' to me!!
Even my brother is now habitual of the fact that I am not in Ahmedabad,but he calls me during exam-time!
I just pushed earplugs in my ears, Felt the song in the air and started walking!
The song was,

"Ankho mein sapne lie, Ghar se hum chal to die..Jane ye rahein ab le jaegi kahan...
Mitti ki khushbu aye, palakon mein ansu lae..Palako mein reh jaega yadon ka jahan..
Manzil nayi hai anjana hai carvan...Yadonka jane hoga kya........"

PS: On a positive note, I am not alone. I have my family always with me wherever I go and of course my closest buddies. Ah, and something I am indulging into,given by them, Have a look at them! My normal click!

January 9, 2012

A new Mantra!

After going through so so many photo blogs and some promises given to my close pals, I have decided to follow a new mantra 'Photo A day' inspired by her! Of course I wont post them every day but very often! May be the name of my blog will be a fact now! Hope I am going to rock in my not-so-new hobby! :) 

PS:Please tolerate kiddish photos. I am still a newbie! :)
PS-2: Shane , I am keeping my promise! Sort of?! :)

January 8, 2012

The Power is yours!

I loved The cartoon network channel and 'The captain Planet' character where the punch line of the hero was 'The power is yours!' zoooom!!! Shouldn't it be punch line of our life?

I am feeling ,yes it is and it should be.

I am a kind of 'Chocoholic' and a 'coffee-holic' person. I used to over indulge in both. The smell of both used to make me mad , though lately I had got a control over Chocolate craze but for coffee..!No! The worst scene-The coffee indulgence was creating havoc in my stomach! I decided to take the plunge and took a resolution on the new year eve, I started 'No chocolate-coffee movement'!!

Most of my friends and family members laughed on the resolution first. Some were very happy. My room-mate was sad as she wont get company now!! But.....I am doing pretty well!! :)

I am completely successful up till now. For some days the smell made me nervous but I took the daunting task! A day before yesterday, my room mate enjoyed the Sizzling browny in front of my eyes and I felt no urge to eat!The moment I realized 'The power is yours' punch line is the truth of life!

If you want to do something , you will do it! There should be no bahanas or arguments! By hook or by crook you will do it.

I am going to use my power for many things now. I have got the power!! :) I am going to sudharofy my sleeping pattern ,my eating habits. I am going to exercise and again Bubblegum is gonna beam with the shine of fitness! :) I am going to fulfill all my wishes related to hobbies. I have got the magic wand ;) (Yes, I have got the Harry Potter fever,Finally!)

I am going to do everything I want , with my will power!! What about you?? Because,

'The Power is yours!!'

PS: I am going to do all above things to keep myself fit and maintan my PJs below a certain level! :D

January 6, 2012

Why I love him!

He is my hero and he is my star!

He is proud to have me!

He is responsible for what I am today!

He never escapes from giving me time though he travels a lot! Never ever felt that he is not with me when he is on a business trip!

He is a patient listener when I keep on talking!!

He makes my morning milk-Bournvita!! He only has to give me to drink and that's a rule!!

He is the person who supported me like a rock when I thew myself into a class of only one girl-that's me!

He is always rigid about his ethics! Nobody can actually argue on his ethics! I have never seen him behaving or deciding something which is not in his ethic-books! He is my inspiration!!

He loves me a lot-Not on earth any one else loves me like that!!

And that's why I love him a lot!

He is my father, My papa! 

He is the person behind my freedom like this!

Happppppy birthday Pappppa!! :)

PS:Sorry Mumma! I love you too! But C'mmon He takes my side every time! :D

January 4, 2012


He was shouting on all camera men, He wanted a way out of the typical Mumbai ki bhid. He wanted to chase her and stop her!

He started pushing people away, yes, his persons were doing the same!

She was going , she was going with the guy. "May be a smarter chap , but She liked me!" he thought. She used to talk about him 24*7. She never missed a glance, she always stared him with proud lately.She knew he is an artist, he is the upcoming star.

"I was late, I should have talked to her sometime before." He shouted "Ouch"! He wanted to scream and say"You people, good for nothing. We have a life too! Go away!"

At last he reached the girl , he tried to snatch her hand from the guy. "The guy is tough to tackle",he murmured.

The girl gave him a khunnaswala look, said bluntly "You were just a crush , You are not suitable for a simple girl like me.You have to understand. I respect you only professionally."

A drop of tear came out of his eyes. He smiled and waved good bye.

I was smiling , rubbed off my eyes, The ego boosting dream! :)

Ah, The girl was 'Bubblegum' & The guy who cried was 'Ranbir Kapoor'! Silly me, I dint see who was holding my hand!! Damn!! :D
Yeah, Who cares! Ego already boosted :D

January 3, 2012

Songs to jog!!

There are some songs you just love to listen to while jogging, walking or even dancing and gymming!

All peppy and loud songs  motivate and keep you on the track. There are some songs ,say soupy songs (Ref: Why this Kolaveri di!) or sad songs which make you go slow and there are some songs which make you do garba! :P You have to just stay away from them, if you don't want to do above mentioned forms of walking or jogging :D

There are some khatarnak rocking songs too which makes you do double!

For the slow jog "Ya ya Coco jumbo" (Yes, my  Hollywood playlist is of the stone-age! :P)
For a faster one " Hawaa Haawa" from rockstar really works.
I loved the speed of walking on the tune of "Ooh la la" :D
The title track of "Dil bole haddippa" is best of all for jogging!

Now here is some odd (Read:Weired songs to jog) songs I tried on jogging , and I still try to maintain the same momentum as songs given above! For a music lover like me , its difficult to not to react on motions of the song I am listening too in a proper way! (It doesn't mean I cry or become Devdas while sad songs are played,Chill!)

"Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di" (It could have made me go 'Ganpati dance' while jogging but I focused!! I wanted the song and my rythem of jogging both!!)

"Hum ko ajkal hai intezar" of Madhuri Dixit!" (Oh common , at least one Madhuri number I need na!Imagine the tune, still I tried to jog and I jogged!!)

"The winner takes it all" of ABBA", Its almost like listening to some one's blabbering and jog!!(I just love the song though!)

"Haule haule ho jaega pyar chhaliya" ... what??! Yes I can jog on this too!

The worst of all "Baharo phool barsao mera mehboob aya hai"!! I jogged on this too!

"Hoshwalon ko khabar kya" from Sarforsh makes me jog, a jog with a lot of will power.

Any other weired song for jogging any one wanna throw on me to take up the challenge of jogging? :D

January 2, 2012

Yara.. silly silly!

A college friend of mine gave me big galis yesterday.

While chatting after ages!

He pinged me , I started screaming (Online screaming!) Which number of yours is working?I tried to call you on your birthday and all...

The wost part was , another friend of us Ni, whom I had called to take this ex-birthday-boys' latest number dint help me to!! Disgusting!! (Over expressed?) We are great college buddies!

The ex- birthday boy: Yaar give me your number!
Me: What?? You don't have my number?! (I wanted to tell him,'Dude I have only 2 numbers unlike 34739 of yours!)
The ex- birthday boy: Sorry yar, I have lost my mobile and so all numbers! Please give Ni's Number too!
Me: No.
The ex-birthday boy: Esa kya karti hai...(3)
Me: '9*********' Ni's number!
The ex- birthday boy:Yours?
Me:Take it from him. :P :P
The ex- birthday boy:'Nalayak.....'

Log out  :/ :D

This is called an 'attitude, Silly attitude'!!
This is for you , The ex- birthday boy and Ni!

January 1, 2012

Freeze it!

The last month of 2011 was of a great pleasure. I enjoyed the best moments of my life.

Last some days with my own buddies made me over joyed and not-so-emotional! I enjoyed them to the fullest and still doing the same.

A cheese cake with my gang of 4,  A chatterbox-dashing-smart friend of mine whom I met after months,2 most important buddies of my life, cool breeze , a sea shore and a walk to remember! Bliss..

Work pressure, getting bored, leaving office early and meeting  a sleepy (read: Very Sleepy!) friend of mine! :D Aha I don't let any one sleep in day time! :D

A nice movie with my best buddy , a cup of kulfi and shivering me! Oh I forgot to mention the laughter attack my buddy got when he saw me shivering! :D

A parcel from Papa with the most stylish shoes I can ever get and The best best 'Methichimet' to eat in winter by Mumma!!

A flop plan by me,some books,ice-creams,costa-coffee and 2 buddies!! Again the bliss!

I had so so many such wonderful small meets and moments I would love to live that I don't remember how will I mention them all!I must say I had also gone some downward sine-swings too but they were almost straightened by my buddies! :)

The feel of being together, being always there for each other,enjoying moments together-'God's greatest gift' to me!! :)

I just wanted to scream and tell everyone,
"Just Freeze it"!!
I want to dwell in the same freezed feelings!! Amen!

PS:My resolutions are going great even after some distractions offered by my buddies! :D