December 31, 2011

M(a)ess resolution!! -2012

I actually wanted to list down some resolutions I wanna make for the next year, I had a talk with myself which was almost a mess...Here I am noting down, just see what happens when Bubblegum talks to Bubblegum for the new year resolution.....

"You need to focus on career!!"

"You need to prove yourself at office! You have to live in the profile you have been given!"

"Just have a look at yourself! Stamina ki game baja dali hai!Do something!"

"Photography and dancing?!!Common start again!"

"What resolutions!! Jaanede!! Kuch nahi hoga!!"

"Kya time pass kar rahi hai!! You just focus on cousin's wedding preparations!"

"Forget about resolutions , you need to live the last day first and no plans till this moment!!"

"Bubblegum, your health!! Take up something!!"

"For god's sake , the music on the central speaker is pathetic, somebody change it!!"

"Charakha chalati maaaaaa............Stop it....You need to take up something!!"

"Omg, book a ticket to Amdavad, how will you go to cousin's wedding!!"

"Resolutions baby resolutions!!!"

After  a lot of brain-storming, I came up with some resolutions to be taken by me!!
  1. I will to focus on my career!
  2. I will focus on my health! I will drink water properly , I will walk/jog/dance regularly.
  3. I am not going to have chocolates & coffee now!! Yess!! I need an approval from Mumma yet! :D
  4. I will control my mood swings :D
With some super-disciplined resolutions I will pamper myself a bit with following activities, I am lazy for them!
  1. I am going to buy an I-Pod or a smart phone!! :)
  2. I am going to make a new collection of earings and anklets, wont misplace any of them!
  3. A fish pedicure?!! I am scared!! Phewww!! :D
  4. I am going to read , read and read!!!
"  Hai kisime itna dum jo le sake itni sari kasam!! " :P

Bubblegum is gonna be strong enough to take up the m(a)ess resolution this time!! :)

December 29, 2011


Disclaimer: The post is not structured properly, please thoda dimag lagana padega! :D

The year 2011 , I call it a year of Bubbling 'gum' out and 'bring the blog in' year!

I kept on summing up the total number of friends. Sometimes lost touch with a few of them and again get myself re-united too!I added some lovely people in my life who became my life and will always be my life! I also kicked some of them out :P

A year when I became a little matured and little less fool, learnt the corporate culture also learnt that I should not try to judge people as I don't know how to do it! :P As an obedient sister I am dependent on him now! He is in the city..Yeyeyeyeye!!!Oh I digressed!

I started blogging , I started reading blogs like crazy! I dint know how to write, now I know how to write for myself! It changed my life , my way of thinking and it is still doing.

The 'blog' was the gift I gave to myself this year and  I am so proud that I write and feel good! Its my baby after all! :) There were and there are terrible typos and sometimes failed/fail at the grammar part . Some friends motivated me to improve and they still do! Though I feel , its okay to improve but I will blog for myself only!

An hyper active person like me once started loosing her charm, forgetting her passions and hobbies,aha but then  I was blessed with god-gifts. I must say one of them was my blog. It changed the angle through which I saw this world. I started enjoying each moment of my life and tried to blog about the best of them. The starting of the year which was neutral and the mid-year was depressing but the blogging experience actually brought back the same spark in my life, which was always there in me! I became myself!!!

I have the blogging addiction in my resume now! I miss blogging if I am busy and miss a day!Some friends mail me,ping me or call me if I don't blog for a single day "Where is your new post" or "Your blog is feeling neglected!"

Each moment something special happens and I feel "Blog to banata hai boss!!!" :)

Yes, I am emotionally attached to my baby, my blog! It is not my weakness, it is my strength!!

for me,

Tan ki shakti Mann ki shakti...."Blogvita"!!!

Did u have your Blogvita this year?!! :)

PS: Shana is forcing me to take a new year resolution " I wont crack PJs now"! Shane this and this  was nothing! I will be in full form next year! Shanpatti on Bubblegum will  blast your mind! Mind it! :)
Aha, I forgot to wish!

Wish you all a very very very happy new year and a wonderful year ahead!!!Love the life!!

December 28, 2011

Bubblegum's Blanket!

Dear Blanket,

Long time haa??? Obviously years!!! I know you are at my place, some where in Ahmedabad! How are you?! You know what I saw you in my dreams!

I remember you, cuddling me up when I was a kid, giving me warmth and make me sleep. I used to and I still love you, the electric blue with yellow cartoons all over. I can feel the soft,cozy feeling you used to give.I don't have very specific memory of yours but I remember the feeling and how you look exactly. I had refused to give you to my brother also!You were eye catchy and adorable.

You were strong enough to protect me against  the cold-wave prevailed in Ahmedabad  at that time. I used to hug you, hide inside and I bet I still find the same feeling from each and every blanket I get!

I had dreamt of you several times now. I don't know why but I want you back,you have become old and you are too small for me. I just wanted to ask you, I want the same feeling..Can you please grow up a bit???

Yours always,

December 27, 2011

Possessively Passionate!

I am! I have some passions and I am very very very possessive about them! They are non-living creatures (For others!) but if they are lost or misused by somebody else , I freak out at anyone in front of me , be him the Prime Minister of India!!!They are my life! Don't even dare to call them non-living things!

The passion of collecting earings, anklets and bracelets!! I love to make a huge collection! They should be unique, they should be royal,cute or fullto fancy! I love them all. If they are misused or lost I become so so so much upset! I think till today all my room-mates, friends,cousins have used at least one of them and mostly people get the matching pair of earings from my collection! I proudly ask them to wear and flaunt!! I Love them! But..ha..They should be back in the bag! Haa...I have become upset with myself also if I misplace even a single pair!

I love them!! I prefer all in originals. At home we almost have a library collection! I can not see anyone using them roughly. I cant even think of loosing even a single book! I give them to my plenty of bookish friends, I become a bit possessive if they loose it! The story ends when I buy a new one if my first copy is lost! :) I love to cover them if they are old ,I think this skill has come to me from Papa, who only put covers on books and doesn't even open almost any of them! :P

I love collecting mugs. I keep my pencils,pens to combs,kajals etc in different mugs.I am a coffee fan,so I just love to collect them! My favourite is CCD-Mug gifted by my ultra cool bro Kaks :) I just don't get tired of seeing different mugs with new designs and quotes!! :) I am planning one more for my office desk!! :)

I just love love love my I-pod (Which is not working) and Mobile (Which is living like it is doing upkar on me!) Both are right now in ICU and can expire at any point of time. I am going to be possessive and passionate for both when I will buy my new love(s)!! :)

Leh deke Right now I am having only one super dashing,super stylish watch gifted by my brothers.I am very very very passionate about it. I am very sure nobody is going to ask me to share it with any one!! :P I am a classy-watch-lover! I am definitely going to improve on numbers!! Sahi time ki deri hai!! :)

lately I have become passionate about hand bags and clutchers. I love classy-stylish handbags. The story is yet to begin. I am not much into collecting them as of now. But but but, I have a collection of bright coloured bags which I don't flaunt during office-days! I think my future will ask me for a different cupboard for the newly bugged passion.

I love shoes.Read 'sports shoes'. :) Most comfortable and dashing thing in my life! :) Again not a big collection. A new pair is waiting at home as a gift to me though!! :) Fancy sandals and high heels are also in for me , but The Jumping soul (Shane thanks for the word!) is not so much into them, but I love to flaunt them in parties!! :)

The above list contains many many things but these are best parts of my life!! I share (sans the watch!) with any friend of mine but I am equally possessive about them! They are passion of my life!! :)

They are the part of real 'me'!! :)

PS: A Seriously girliee post!! Not bad the tomboyish bubblegum, not at all!! :) I am not the 'Kolaveri di' Gujarati version-girl! :P Ahem!

December 26, 2011

The Winter!

I realized now at the end of December that in Mumbai ,now I can have a feel of winter!!!

I woke up very very very late today , as soon as I removed my blanket I realized "The winter is here finally"!!Now the winter in Mumbai is a luxurious feeling! Being an 'Amdavadi' I really miss the feel! Obviously the winter in Amdavad is not as strong as it is in Delhi, but its an adorable feeling!! :) Last year in Mumbai when the temperature dropped down beyond the Mumbaiya limit, I know some Mumbaikars had panicked and discussed only about the 'Global Warming' for the next ten days! :P

I miss Amdavad today , as I know now what I am missing!!! Sherani khoon chakh gai hai!! :(

I miss my Ma's (Dadima)  Ghee dena, to put it on my chopped lips! I miss methipak, Adadiya (I hate this food but my brother loves it all!!), Rai wale mirch-carrots, Baingan ka bharatha and Ponk (I cant translate this!!)..

I miss the feeling of watching TV together at night , probably all award ceremonies,eating plum cakes and I used to be all in jackets and woolen socks!!( I love the warm feeling and Cold comes to me easily!!)

I miss eating Aamla everyday in numbers! I miss chewing lawang with my frock buddy N!

I miss shivering in cold and Papa would come and put blankets on me! Ah, when he used to tie my scarf and I used to open it up as I used to hate it and partly I wanted him to tie it again with the same love! :) Childhood and Bachpana!!

I miss drinking garam-garam badaam milk! I think the only thing I can make over here in Mumbai! :P

I miss 'turmeric' the special one. It is called 'Amba haldar' in Gujarati! I used to hate them but later on developed the taste and now I miss the taste!!

Watching Yashraj heroines dancing in chiffon sarees in snowfalls, ah, I want to do it once!! ;)

The ad I recall when I shiver is," Thandi thandi thandi...Havayen thandi shirt mein ghusaiti gudgudi karti...Mummy Mummy Hankchhiii Hankchhi.....!!" The Vicks ad!!

I just realized , I am not able to recall any specific song on winter from any films!! :( Only snow fall scenes and may be one liners from the whole song!! :( Yeah I can not forget  my Kashmir trip some years ago...

From the film 'Yahaan' and for the love for Kashmir and Jimmy Shergil..Of course for 'Hath ka sekna' on Kagadi! :)

Aau to Subah jau to mera name saba likhna,
burf pade to burf pe mera name dua likhana..
Zara zara aag vaag pas rehti hai..
zara zara kagade ki aanch rehti hai..

December 25, 2011

Present and Past-2 Perfect days!

So two very happy events this and this were due on 24th Dec!! :)

It started with wishing all birthday babies and yes, full proofing all shocking gift ideas for them!! :) A dear friend of mine , the sweet girl who met me in the Volvo while coming back from Nashik many months ago, was born today and I wish her a belated Birthday on the blog!!! You are the best dear!! :)

Wishing Shana required a lot many efforts as the location and the availability of resources were constraints!! I think I did pretty well dude :) ;)

The Christmas celebration was ultra cool in the office, yours truly was the official photographer and a winner of a game! Thank you!! :P Spent my late evening having Paratha, Chhash and some books with the book-warm friend aka the birthday boy! :) Happpppy birthday to you!!! :) :) 

The best part was , He (Yeyeyeye!!!) was coming with my other ultra cool brother!! :) Me and the ultra cool brother aka Kaks tied up and arranged a surprise birthday celebration for My dada and The book warm friend!! :) Bingo it worked!! But the flop show was---> We had to cut the plum cake!! :P 

The most enjoyable day-1 got over in the auto sleeping like a log!! :P :P

The very second day, I was to have a blast too!! Reaching dada's place is always a Bhool Bhulaiya for me!!:P Yes firse kho gai!! Ah, Actually any other rasta sans the road to my office makes me feel that I am playing a maze!! :p

The road to get-together venue was special, having dada beside me and my childhood friend Praks on the call :) Long time Praks!! Loved the chat!!

The get-together was decided in The Main Land China with all all my bichhade hue and current office buddies!! What a great feeling of having the original office buddies together!

The food 10/10
Photos 10/10
Massssti 10/10
Nostalgia 10/10

Ah, how can I forget ,my dada was sitting opposite to me and my girl lunch group -1 aka my bestie aka my almost an elder sister beside me!! :) Pleasure!!! :) Miss you all a lot!! Kaks, we missed you!!

The main event was followed by a few friends who were not ready for the viday process again enjoying coffee cups at Costa Coffee!! :) Again chats of gadgets to business cases., OEMs to Regions!! :) Nostalgia!

Again me.dada and GLG1 went for shopping!! :) Bliss!! The same feeling!! I was living in the past!! :)

The auto ride back to home with GLG1-The most successful event of the day for some obvious reasons and when dada dropped me I had to come back to the present!!

The day ended up with the phone call to the best best friend of mine for 46 minutes!! Thank you!!

The perfect 2 days -swinging between past and the present or may be future!! :)

May the new year and upcoming all years, remain jolly with the same set of people! Amen!

December 23, 2011

A Bhel of Thoughts

Oh now this one is not my Mood swing ha!! :P

I was just going through some of the 'Yadon ki baarat' while making 'A bhel of thoughts'!

  • The face book
  • The battle with a win win situation
  • The CCD
  • The pani puri stall and Idli-Dosas
  • Nataks and Movies
  • Walks and talks
  • Singing songs
  • Dancing plans
  • Books
  • Local train mein sona..
  • Nightmares!
  • Blogs and Comments
  • Leg pulling sessions
  • The maggie!!!  
  • Smileys!! :P
  • My brother and that call!
  • Your Gujarati and My English!
A lot many more!

Why?I thinks I should stop!! The bhel has been prepared already!! :)

Why am I preparing Bhel?!! As I really don't know what Shanpatti I should do to wish....

"Shane, Happpppy wala budday!!!"

You love food so, the Bhel is for you!! :P
Cherish the Bhel and add some more Namkeen and Meetha in it as you always do!! Don't worry I am also there to add the mirch-masala!! :)

PS: Paigam from my brother/Your buddy "Add one more point-Chess Aka Shataranj...Tum dono hamesha mind game khelate ho..Kon kisaki zyada khinch sakta hai"!!! Any comments Shane??! :)

Friday ka Fundae!

So, I was having a talk with my best buddy , about my future. Yes I was worried! I explained my problem and the root cause of worrying!! (Now its a different story where I tell everyone 'Tension leneka nahi deneka!!)

He gave me first solution which means immediate action, execution and the mission successful!! No worries ,juice pivanu majjani life!! But but but , A risk!! The mission might fail, though I have some confidence! But, it may cause the pain of my life!! (Ahh, sounds filmy!)

I told him 'Next!"

He gave me the second option/solution,which requires patience and time both! I will be worrying about it till the right time will come,though risk will be less, may be pain will be less!

I told him 'The second option is safe!'

The only one sentence he told me , punched my mind!! 'Dont be safe!!!'

How true!! If you play safe, don't take risk, you might not get what YOU want!! My senior, my super boss and my inspiration as a leader always tells, 'Demand what you want!!' and so, the 'Dont be safe' punch line be the base of 'Demand what you want'!!

Speechless!! No arguments!!

'Dont be safe, demand what you want'!!' :)

PS: I think I am going to think over the new fundae of my life!! I promise!! :)

December 21, 2011

A solution for the swing-Mood swings!

After this and this....... I decided to watch a movie at 11 in the night!

Ah, I forgot to mention, I am a proud owner of my most favourite movie 'Chupake Chupake'! Yes the old one-Hrishikesh Mukherjee creation , Dharmendra , Sharmila tagore, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri! I opened the movie and the title track started playing with flowers coming on the screen!

The rhythm, Sur-taal-lay ,made me go to the song in the movie where Jaya Bhaduri is singing in the garden!(I have watched this movie zillion times and so I can aramse relocate the song from title to the actual situation of the song in my mind!)

The effect of the song , composition and the singer's honey-like (Shehed jaisi?!) voice made me go into the trance.............

Chupake Chupake Chal re Purvaiya.....
Bansuri Bajae..Raas Rachaye daiya re daiya..
Gopiyon sang kanahiya......

The semi-classical song by The Great-Lata Mangeshkar! The rhythm dragged me into a state where my mind was just relaxing! I was in the same garden and I was feeling the same rose and the breeze may be Jaya Bhaduri is feeling in the movie!! (I know I know , I can hear 'Nautanki!'!)

May be the solution to normalize the curve of my mood swings is here!! The Music! Songs!! &...

May be a day off to a garden or a walk on the silent beach! :)

PS: I was so sleepy after the title track that I dint watch the movie!! Thanks Shane for  the  movie!! :)

No 'sine' of stability

"Oh god , Almost all team-mates are not there in the office , What am I suppose to do?!!"

"Oh, She is back in the office!!!" *Happpy Happy*

"I am not allowed to take tea or coffee now , how will I survive?!"

"Omg, So many mails to answer and No approval authority available!?"

"I think, I will buy a new book today."

"I need to drink water , Why am I being so lazy for that?!"

"My mobile is gonna give me dhokha any time!! I need an i-pod too!! He raaam, kya lu?!"

"I need to re-start jogging or dancing!!"

"Why the hell, I need to follow up so much with vendors!!"

"When is my bro-buddy is gonna come!!2 Days more!!" :(

"Hell, Shane where are you!!" :(

"Oh , I cant drink coffee!"

"What mom will be doing? I will call her afterwards."

"Papa is good now!! Lets mail him!"


I think the curve of my mood is no more a sine curve. It has lost the normal formation and entered into an abnormal , swinging-abnormally-zone!

December 19, 2011

Following sine curve!

I admit! My mood actually follows sine wave. All my friends know,my mood and expressions change within a fraction of time! Yeah I am the moody one ,luckily 'throwing up tantrums' syndromes are seen once in a blue moon.
When I first started learning Trigonometry , I dint know I am going to follow the Sine curve so sincerely , Or I was just following it and I dint know it!

Saturday-Sunday and today, the Monday is a part of the same curve!

The peak amplitude on the positive side: Saturday morning - a sleepy lazy morning!! (Its a positive point for me , the hyper active me will always be on her toes to plan and execute weekends irrespective of office-touring and schedules!), Spending the best time (I feel it is always 'the best' time with friends!) with my buddy,sharing books ,enjoying kulfi!! :)

The peak amplitude on the negative side: Saturday evening , the lazy one! Yes, if I don't have anything to do and I have to be alone, keeping mum I get over frustrated!!

The peak amplitude on the positive side: I started digging out my CD case and found amazing photographs of childhood and college days! The best one: My bharatnatyam pic sent by my brother!! Goose bumps!! I had a 'yadon ki barat' while having 'Chhash'!! The music in the air.....!!

The peak amplitude on the negative side: Hours I hadn't talk to anyone! Called up my brother and the birthday boy was busy with the match!! Arggg...

The peak amplitude on the positive side:The prank I played was successful , I had sent flowers to my birthday-boy-bro which made him laugh!!Ahh by some other name! The mission accomplished with a photo of him as a jail-ka-kaidi with flowers!! :) Yeyeyeye!!

The peak amplitude on the negative side: I missed my Papa, mumma,home,bua and other 1 billion persons and things. I had kept mum for a few hours yaar! :/ I slept off like that!! A bad phase! :/

The peak amplitude on the positive side: Planned for the day!! yeyeye! Music in the air...Double yeye!! Had a chat with some of my cousins and bua!!! :) I smiled!!

The peak amplitude on the negative side: Keeping mum and living alone without my only roomies is NOT good for me!! 'Jaldi aajao Maa Annapurna!!'! It makes me sick!!

The peak amplitude on the positive side: A big phase!! Travelling by local train!! Music in my ears! The rhythm of the local train! Street shopping for upcoming marriages to attend..Long walks with the best buddy! The awesome and the amazing Chinese food with Paan!! :) The sleepy me coming back to my place! The perfect evening and the perfect dinner-Perfect People!! :)

The peak amplitude on the negative side: The fresh 'me' going crazy with the age old acidity by just a cup of coffee and the sickness returns!!

The peak amplitude on the positive side: I have some bigger tasks to achieve! Challenges , I love! Lunch with 1 dushman and 3 Dost!! Made me feel , I had a big lunch group before some dayz!!

The peak amplitude on the negative side: I am missing Nothing and I still I am missing Something!!

The peak amplitude on the positive side: I published a blog-post after 2 days!! I don't want to continue with the wave now..Sorry Sine-no-shine.. :)

December 16, 2011

Randomness in life is Lovely!

Yes!! I find it lovely! The random happiness in my life,makes me feel brighter, fresh and a bit more chirpy!I have been taught by 2 brilliant and close pals of mine to stop worry about things which are not even in the picture! :P I am trying to follow them! Ahem!!

I have gone thorough a very very brilliant training program , I guess I will blog about it some day.The fun part (I know somebody is laughing at the word!) is that we actually enjoyed so much! 2 days were more of masti and laughter attacks than usual boring training stuff. I enjoyed knowing people right from my father's age to my seniors. (Ah, I was the least experienced person!!)I loved listening to their experiences and of course loved interacting with them.Surprisingly I also realized I can keep mum and observe things which can be useful like anything and I can do  the job so nicely!! C'mmon I need a pat on my back! R.E.S.P.E.C.T for our trainer!!

2 days were full of emotional swings for me. I was extremely happy for several reasons and no-reasons state that I actually went into the full sub conscious me-mind and blurted out some secrets!! :P Okay, I give up! I cant hide some facts!! :)

My love for Tom cruise made me go and watch the 'MI-4'! and Boss, I enjoyed a bit Bolly-feel film from Hollywood with Anil Kapoor , the back ground sound track to dialogues and how can I forget the biggest attraction--Gadgets!! Automation and technology!!! :) I think The MI hangover would last for some days!

The filmy-me has come out of the wall after hiding her face for a year or so!! I have been throwing filmy lines every now and then! I am happy , I guess people around me are going to thunk their heads on the wall!!

I think I am loving the random' me', the actual filmy 'me' and the chirpy 'me'!!! :)
The same 'me' is super excited to plan the always 'Special Sunday'! 

The life is a bit complicated thing! If you become a solution or a happiness for a person ,you may become a kind of problem for the same person too!! On this silly confusing thought, I would like to end up the lovely random post on my blog!!! With a note, at the end like I always do!!Thank you!

PS: I just want to say Happy happy happy birthday to My most matured-supporting--loving--caring dada!!You rock my world!! :) Jaldi jaldi aja!

December 13, 2011


I was always very much into Gujarati literature during my schooling. I was such a passionate reader that Mumma and my Ma(dadima) used to hide books (new books) into their cupboards so that I don't finish them in a few days! If I am not found anywhere ,they used to find me in a corner with a book in my hands!

I had got the most amazing gift on my 5th birthday or something from a relative of mine , that on each birthday I would get books of my choice of X amount! Though Papa had to pay almost more than the X , but it was the reason I always looked forward to my birthday!I fell in love with books and languages due to the gift!

The best out come of my reading was my hold on Gujarati Language! Obviously I owe almost 80% of my hold to my 'the best school in Gujarat ' and my family. I started reading English afterwards I guess, I never looked back then. Hindi books I don't remember many , but yes, due to films and passion for songs I had started polishing Hindi and Urdu as well.I used to listen to Urdu-Hindi ghazals and develop my vocabulary.I loved reading books of 'Pehli','Dusari' and 'Teesari' exams of Hindi.My skills were always into reading and speaking in languages! I think blogging has given me a new direction of writing in languages I love!

I love Indian Languages like anything. I guess after Marathi and Bangla (Malayalam and Tamil is not possible in this birth but I would love to try!) German and Mandarin would be the next! :P

I have learnt a few sentences from my Mallu friends ("Enikyu manasi layla!") and Tamil friends ("Tamil Teriyad") Of course Bangla ,I can understand a bit and "Marathi bolnar sathi atmavishvas pahije azun!."

Before starting any new language seriously, I would love to polish my English and Hindi! I make zillions of mistakes when I write , I would say they are typos but but..I need to be the best! :)

I think learning languages , adds some sparks into your personality. If any one makes fun of any particular words or accent, my dimag goes mad! Be it 'Che' from Gujarati , "Ache" from Bangla ,"Poda" from Malayalam!

I would like to quote a dialogue from my favourite movie 'Chupake Chupake', The Hrishikesh Mukherjee fame...

"Bhasha apne aap mein itni mahan hoti hai ki uska mazak nahi udaya jata!"

I guess I need to glue back to my books and start polishing my not-so-polished languages and improve!

PS: Yeah the post seems to be like summing up random thoughts about 'Bhasha', but I think I need to polish 'Bhasha' first and think about writing in a structure afterwards! :P

Countering the countdown!

Yeah He is coming. Exactly after 10 days! He would be in Mumbai!! Oh my god! My brother will be in the same city for the full week!

I will try to walk as fast as I can , but damn I can not promise ,He was the Rajnikant of the office and The walk is the exact replica of Gandhiji's walk for Dandi kuch!

I am ready to sit as much time as he wants for eating stuffs he loves!! Yeah yeah I have made the list of places which can  make him enjoy his favourite food!

I am ready to stay late and roam around!! Obviously he is gonna come to drop me back! Super cool na..Some more time to bug you, dada!

Damn, I cant take more leaves , but I know he will come to office and meet the left outs! I know I am the only one from the  gang but he gotta meet a few folks specially!

I promise I will keep mum, whenever my fertile mind will create a fully falatu PJ! I can not be sure though!

I hope he is happy with a few decisions I have made , I would definitely like to see his expressions!

I know he has to do shopping over here! I just love to help him for the same!

The gift he had given on Rakhi is a big hit over here and It actually reminds me.. now only 10 days..He will be here!!

Hey, CCD is missing him..Ahhh...Not more than me! I will drag him there with one more buddy of mine! :)

He is going to miss his sister and the city more than anything else in the world! Just let him come to Mumbai!

Yeah the perfect 'Ten'! I have started countering the count down!!

PS: Shane..Shanpatti dada ke age nahi chalanewali!

December 11, 2011

Deja vu - An age old one!

As a kid I was always fascinated with Mumbai's chaka chaundh! Almost in every summer vacation I would be visiting Mumbai at my masi's place and look forward to another visit!! :P

Mumbai was a city of fun for me! Or us cousins!Mumbai was fun,Juhu beach,over bridges with lots of lights at night,Fantasy land, church gate and fashion street!

I remember,getting down from the train, early in the morning! (Travelling by train was so much fun and I used to eagerly wait for the same!Oops me, my brother and my cousin used to plan for the journey too!) The Mumbai feel would come when in ,the dark Mumbaiya atmosphere, we would take a taxi and go to Masi's place passing through highways and over bridges! Over bridges were something rare in Ahmedabad at that time!

I used to think I would come and stay at this place! Without any planning I got my job location at Mumbai after years , started into  the hectic schedule and was  a bit 'not happy' with Mumbai..Again the sine curve started going up, Thanks to my lovely buddy-brothers-group, roamed around a lot and I am a true Mumbaikar! :P 'Mumbaika nasha lag chuka hai boss!'

A day before I realized 'what is a dream' and what does it mean when you had some gut feelings of the same! I was walking on the pathway of western express highway with a buddy of mine , The time after Lunar eclipse , we were chatting and what I saw! I realized I had a Deja vu! The same western express highway, same over bridges, same lights and the same moon! What I used to dream from the taxi was true today! It was not a dream may be! It was a Deja vu- An age old Deja vu!

PS: I had the most special Sunday with my brother-on-call , Shana and my awesome school buddies! I met one of them after 6 years!! The Sunday was thrilling due to 'shanpatti' as well 'bhaigiri' :) Yeah I know know , The 'shikari' had become the 'Shikar', 3 pranks by 3 persons! :( Bubblegum ,You need to buck up!

December 9, 2011

Mind blocks!

Its an awesome topic to write for me. I have/had some millions of mind blocks, I tried to conquer some and Some tried to stick to me! But, they are not good. I want to face all of them , they are not fears! They are things you are going to miss in your whole life! I need to live all my mind blocks.

I first heard about it first from one of my elder (very much) cousin, when she asked me to wear long earings and I was horrified!! Yeah, I was a teenager don and the tom boyish girl of my class at that time. I told her, it wont suit me and my image would get punctured! She said its my mind block and forced me to wear a pair of her choice of earings. I carried them well and Now they are an addiction!! We both have a biiiig collection and I am very very possesive about it! Okay a confession: She has a better collection! :P

The other mind block was about SPAs, 'I wont be able to go to SPA' block, In my last kerala trip I enjoyed it the most! :)

I always thought ,I wont carry traditional dresses properly, like sarees, salwars, chudidars. I never had a doubt for choli as I was always a good garba player!. Today, somehow I have over come that mind block so nicely that I carry chudidar almost on daily basis sans dupatta! :P I carry it with dupatta also , but sometimes! Its a different thing that another mind block about jeans has entered my mind! :/

I had/have a severe mind block of wearing cream and white shades!I generally avoid wearing them.I think they make me look like an ugly dumbo. But, the situation has improved thanks to my brothers who gifted me a nice and super cool white watch and people appreciated so well that , I cant step out of my home without it! :) Still, a long way to go for apparels.

I had one for make up! A basic makeup! A weired one!' I can not carry any cosmetics on my face' block! Thanks to GLG1, I had removed it 30% and I think I wont move ahead of 40%! :P

I have a longer list of my on going mind blocks for which I have to tighten my seat belts and take off! like,

Car driving - more of a mind block , less of a phobia
Swimming and skin infections
Playing football
Wearing anklets- I simply love them but... :(
Carrying a chiffon saree-The most glamorous attire I can ever imagine!Just like Yashraj movies!
Going on sea-shores-yeah the nervousness wali gudgudis are felt!

The list can be updated daily! :P

My life is God's gift , its the one time show! I can not miss any damn thing for any silly stupid thought of my mind!I would fight and remove them and push them 100 yards away from my mind! (I know now some of my friends would have a chance to force me to do some things related to my mind blocks and when I would argue , they can throw this post of mine and dance over my head!! :P)

How many mind blocks do you have?Did you fight to move them out of their mind?! :)

PS: I really want to get rid of the whole list! and Yeah.....I know a person who is a bit conscious about his hair (I have made him so may be!) and I am trying to create some mind blocks in him!: P Kidding! Happy Birthday to him , yes the one who is an easy target of my pranks/mazak/masti daily! The one who is the luckiest to get the best wife in the world ( thank god! she is talkative !)and me as a very good friend! Thank you!

December 8, 2011


Beware: A silly stupid topic is chosen by the author!

Hmmm *After trying to feel a bit comfortable*I start.There are certain types of Gudgudis I have come acrossed. The feeling doesn't remain same for all types but yes ,the level of excitement/nervousness for 'anticipation' or the 'result' makes you feel  uncomfortable and sometimes,you enjoy the same!Lets see how many types of Gudgudi I have experienced!

The excitement wali gudgudi: These gudgudis are experienced when you know the result of the scene or the process for which you are feeling gudgudi.If you are the host of any party or if you know the results of exams by gut feelings!I feel on the previous day of my birthday , its very shocking that NO one can give me surprises and if someone tries the gudgudi feeling is worth! I felt it horribly on my 'board exams result day'!! Worth! These gudgudis actually make my confidence at the last moment! An irony! When your life (on that moment) depends on some one's response to your action and you are waiting for his/her anticipation ,the gudgudi you feel is awesome awesome and just awesome! I put it on excitement wali gudgudi section as I really don't wait for surprised and shocking anticipations! :D

The nervousness wali gudgudi: Okay this one is not totally on negative side, but they are felt when you know the probability of the result in your favour can be 50% only! Or or ...They are felt sometimes when you perform something and you are loosing a bit of confidence at the last moment!These gudgudis were felt whenever I went on the stage, though I am lucky enough to get people who converted them into 'The excitement wali gudgudi'! :) I feel them when I am going to rebel against any established system,but again it gets converted into confidence at the last moment! Lucky I am!

Basically if you see, all these gudgudis can not be categorised but I tried and still I find each gudgudi holds a special and unique feeling!

When I was thinking of writing a post on this I was going through the same and Oh ,I forget to mention, it creates mess sometimes like this post itself! :P :P

How many gudgudis and which kind of gudgudis you have experienced??! When!? :)

Disclaimer: I am going to wear a helmet today if at all you are going to throw stones after reading this post on the most silly topic on the earth! :P

PS: I am thankful to Mr.Shana for providing this great topic to blog!!! Shane mujhe pe ek ehsan karna ab kabhi na ehsan karna!! :P

December 7, 2011

The story of a group..

Characters: Office Lunch group members:

Girl Lunch group 1(GLG 1), Girl Lunch group 2(GLG 2),Girl Lunch group 3(GLG 3),Girl Lunch group 4(GLG 4)
Boy Lunch group 1(BLG 1),Boy Lunch group 2(BLG 2),Boy Lunch group 3(BLG 3)

A very happy-go-lucky , best buddies group!!


GLG 1 resigned , All were very very happy for her! She was going to study after all!! :)

BLG 1 resigned, All were very happy for him, he was fed up with the job and got a fantastic job offer in a new city!!

GLG 4 got a transfer in a new city. She was going to get married! All were happy!

BLG 2,GLG 2  resigned. All were feeling alone but we were very happy for the career jump they had but cribbing had started. Oh, the 'all' word was too big for 2 people.

Yesterday, BLG 3 resigned. GLG 3 is not so so happy now. Now the Lunch Group is not a group.

She is alone, and its me :/

PS: Okay guys and girls, I do have an excellent masti group still dwelling on the floor and amazingly understanding best buddies with me. I just miss my perticular LUNCH GROUP! I have a bigger lunch group now..Thengah to all GLGs & BLGs!

December 6, 2011

Chhoti si Kahanise...

I am actually a music person! I can not listen to a song! I have to listen, sing and express. It actually depends on my current state of mind , may be on current trend to my mood,which kind of a song I am going to listen to..

I was hooked on by Rockstar songs like this and this!
Somtimes I was bubbling to this!
Sometimes I am more on old songs side with more meaningful lyrics!
Hold on..I can stick to the songs like "Why this kolaveri di" to "Dhinkchika" too!

But, today I am gungunaing this song! Out of the blue! Right from I opened my eyes!

Chhoti si kahanise,
Barisho ke pani se,
Sari wadi bhar gai...
Na jane kyon dil bhar gaya...
Na jane kyon Ankh bhar gai.....

Shakhon mein patte bhi the,
Patto pe bunde thi,
Bundon mein pani tha,
Pani mein ansu the...

May be The mood swing at the best!?!! The song represents exactly same feelings! Kabhi khushi kabhi dar...No gum Bubblegum! :)

PS: No, its not raining today in Mumbai! May be feelings are! Happy wedding anniversary Mom and dad :) You are the world!! You are the way!! :) Oh I can not forget the friend who made me fearless by a phone call last night :)

December 5, 2011

Hadse ya sanjog?!!

Disclaimer: A silly,stupid and meaningless post ahead!

I know I know,it sounds like a typical serial on Zee Tv! But chill , Hum kabhi serious nahi hote and ho bhi jae to koi hone nahi deta, kambakht!!

Kya apko kabhi laga hai apka pehle se koi chiz ya logose rishta ho? (Curtsey : Karz,Karan Arjun,Kudarat etc) Well frankly , I  do! I feel some names, some letters and somethings always have some purane janam ka to nahi but some rishta with me. As in bonding! Lets see..

I have become friends to most of the people ,whose name will be starting with 'S'! I gel up very soon with them. I know it can be my perception but 60% (almost) of my friends names start with 'S'!!

I share a typical bond with people named 'Vaibhav'! There are a lot many Vaibhavs if you will check my mobile phone and I share 'cold war relations' with all of them!! :P Some of them are best persons on this earth for me. I must add, some of them are such nalayaks that now, they will be flying high in the sky!! I must pull them down by saying..Judge saheb aap nahi ho usme! :D and yess..Dont 'blame' yourself for being one! :P
I share friendship or rishta (relatives, you are bound to get gelled up with!) with people whose names start with  'Pra'!
I have 7-8 friends named 'Dhaval' and to my utter shock 3 of them share same surnames too! The same I can note for the name  'Rucha'! But I must tell 'Rucha' name is a sign of the most friendly and sometimes frank characters on this earth! :)

For family members I can not be analytical like this, as my family members have the most weired names on this earth and they are mostly so uncommon that Facebook would also wish to make them all patented :P

I still think, yeh sab hadase hai ya sanjog?!!!

PS: I forget about 'N'! These people don't call very often but they know me better than me!One of them is so pissed off with me that I couldn't attend his brother's wedding & he has stopped talking to me! *me in my innocent looks!* The other one will hate me for not attending his own wedding! Bro, I tried, you know that!The third person! My frock buddy! Good for nothing! I am going mad to attend her marriage and she is being choosy!

December 4, 2011

When Amdavad called me...

Papa's accident, Parent's 25th wedding anniversary and my brother's birthday made me go to Amdavad with all my desires to meet them! The totally relaxed evening on the day I was leaving made me sleep in the train , listening to  blabbers by  2 tiny girls in the same compartment! I must say, my twisted leg and my mood both were saved by my friend who came to drop me at the station ! :)  I was still sleepy when I had to get out of the train at Kalupur railway station and when I reached home I realized , my 5 years younger brother is a damn good driver!!The shock, seeing papa's legs blew up my mind and I  blurted out my anger which was followed by smiles by papa!! :P

The booking of tatkal return ticket made me relaxed and my sleepy desires evaporated which were replaced by my hopes to feel home , chat with mumma papa and frock buddy N..and and......a loooong list was made in the famous fertile mind!

The rest of the day was spent in meeting all relatives and not to forget cousin's wedding  shopping & planning of course!I met my most good looking and cutie pie cousin-The 2 years old rock star-->Paisa vasool trip! Papa's leg was the constant source of attraction and mood swings for me and I can really say now 'My papa strongest!" :) I really don't want to see him like this!

The evening walk with my frock buddy N was all refreshing and satisfactory! I hope I haven't missed any story to share N! :P I was looted by my brother under the 'bahana' of his birthday :) , followed by our all time favourite yummy kulfi session!

I must say by the evening, I was missing Mumbai and obviously the life and the pace of Mumbai!

The second day went into preparations of Pooja at home and the Pooja which was followed by a long chatting sessions with my dear Buas and masis :) I am pretty excited for my cousin's wedding in January now and I am the eldest of all Salis you see! :) Oh I forgot to mention my bua's gift to my papa , 'a kettle' (chai wali aluminium made) to avoid the kind of accident which got him burns on his legs during taking steam to cure his cold! :P :P The idea to take steam was given or say prescribed by my Doctor bua , the same bua.. and so the blame of the whole accident was shifted from my papa's carelessness to Bua's 'daktari talim'! :P I must say...'My papa Smartest!' :P

Leaving Amdavad made me feel odd-a mixture of feelings! 1.5 Days were not sufficient to fulfill all 3 purposes of my visit adding number of people I wished to meet. I was feeling low at the same time, thanks to some friends and my office, I still had an attraction to reach Mumbai as soon as possible! I have become the true 'Mumbaikar' it seems!! :) But I can not forget 'Apanu Amdavad', my home for full 22 years!! :) Not to forget I left my Papa like that , but my Mom and my elder buas can handle him properly! :P

Rest, Yes I am missing home!! :( Looking up to meet all my people over here to overcome the low wala feeling! I hope in/by  the evening, I will be the same super fine Bubblegum! :)

PS: Dont worry Shane- I will come with the 'real-me emotions and expressions' soon! Trying hard! :)

December 1, 2011

For the boy!! :)

Disclaimer: A long post and one can find it random and silly as well.

Well I still remember the moment, I saw some hours old baby in the cradle.I had told mom he looks like a ‘shiyal’! It means 'he looks like a wolf!'( It is shocking na!He was still looking pink and brown..)Yeah mom said 'He is your brother!'.. Apparently he became too too cute although that I realize now, cherishing old photographs!People used to call him 'Ganu' (A short form of Ganapati!) looking at his cute and big belly which is a god gift! I remember his habit of calling me ‘dida’ as he couldn't speak up my complex name! :)

I will divide the time frame of my life in 4 parts:
1.       He was a tiny little creature in front of me.
2.       He was now a baby boy running here and there and still I looked like an elder sister (best period!!)
3.       He was now competing me in terms of height and size! People had started noting that he is almost of my height ! ( I used to deny the fact!!)
4.       He was no more in competition with me.He had grown beyond limits and I looked like an ant in front of him!! (This is a permanent thing now !!)

 As general siblings theory I never used to feel jealous instead as per my baby book by my mom I had become ‘samajdar’! (Now I know some friends of mine will laugh a loud but dears.. This is a fact!).. but yes.. I do recall some moments when papa used to make him eat on the dining table and I used to feel jealous!! Especially when papa used to make him sleep sitting on ‘Hinchko’ (jhula) and singing classical songs..!! ( I never told you papa ,I used to feel jealous!! ).Gradually the 'J' factor vanished and sometimes caring and sometimes a typical sibling relationship started.He was a free baby. He only needed food if someone has to take care of him and that someone can be any one unlike me who always needed mumma and papa!But but but....Now you can see the 'J' factor over here!Ahem!

Now frankly in some ways he was a fast learner.I learnt how to ride a bicycle with the help of papa and I suppose my brother learn it after some months on his own though he is 5 years younger to me!! There are a number of things he always learnt faster than me!Now it includes car driving too!I was shocked when he told me that he will come to pick me up from the railway station tomorrow in the morning!! :P

He was always a BBC radio for me.If I made Greeting cards on some occasions for our parents and show to him,The next moment I would go out and he would tell mom about the gift.I used to cry and foolish I was , I would again tell him next time I made something J

I remember all pillow fights ,pencil fights to dhabba fights!! (dhabba is beating each other on back!! Yes we did it!!)  and when mom would come to shout we would change colors like chameleons.. ‘majak karta hata!!’( we were doing masti!!) .. He had destroyed number of paintings or notes of mine.. and maybe I had done the same.. :P

There are some very prominent differences in out personalities.From the very first day, I was a premature baby and he was an over weight baby.I used to be a passionate reader and made a large collection of books which he never ever touched!He is a big big automobiles fan and may be he is the person with the help of whom I cracked my first job in an Indian OEM! I used to struggle to identify cars! :P I am a complete chatterbox and he is NOT! He hates drawing!! I used to get horrified by seeing his science diagrams!I am all in if someone clicks my photos and he would never ever smile while giving(or not giving?) a pose!

Calling him at 7 PM to come home from play ground was always frustrating for me..!!I dint want mumma to shout on him for being late. 100 of times I had taken his sides.. and the next moment mumma papa would go we would shout on each other!! J

I still remember the night before I left home to join my first job..! He was happy !! why?? He would get to sleep on my bed plus some cupboards and things will get transferred to him!! And logically I would have felt the same if in his place!! Lolz!

He is a nice TABLA player (He should start it again!), A very nice singer ( We always used to sing in duet and sometimes create chaos at home!.. A good cricketer (as all Indian guys want to be!),A tennis player,A robotic enthusiastic like me.. J with all his laziness which irritates us ;) and his being no sharing son for mom (All guys are so mom!!!)..A shant brother for me (I know  I know  I talk on his behalf also!)..and the (cold ) warrior against papa!! Hehehe…

Although a caring son when nobody is at home (controversial statement may be!!)..A caring brother (when I am out and I want some one to pick me!lol!)..

I can’t say all these memories mentioned are enough as I know,memories are always in making!! And I feel the'huge'younger brother of mine ( looks like a body guard for me!) will do what is the best for him! Dreams are yours and do what your heart says *! (*=conditions apply!!! I am his didi ok!!)

After all these dhamakis and reloading memories , I  wish the boy..

A very very happpppy wala birthday!! :)

November 30, 2011

Recipe of the year!


A charged laptop-1
Internet connection-1
Net banking/Credit card/Debit card -According to the taste.
An alarm clock-Optional

  1. Get up at 7.45am using Alarm clock if you prefer. For me, it started at 7am! :/
  2. Open your laptop and boot it up.
  3. Check your Internet connection.
  4. Open the browser and IRCTC site.
  5. Log in and check the 'Tatkal' quota.
  6. Click the 'book' button , in hopes that the booking will start.
  7. You may get messages like "Booking permissible after 8am". But keep on trying.
  8. You may indulge in smsing your best buddies to keep yourself calm!
  9. At 8, again log in.(Patience required!)The site will be a target of thousands of people.
  10. Call your experienced friends who can console you that you will be logged in soon!
  11. You will get the desired page with 'Seats available' message.
  12. Book through net banking or any cards you have!
  13. Call best buddies that after 2 months finally you are going home!!

Khushi Khushi Khushi!! 100% Pure! No gum added!! I AM GOING HOME!!

November 29, 2011

Moments I enjoyed-The flying visit to Nashik :)

  • I enjoyed the very early morning walk in the company campus as I had to take our company bus at 5.45am and Ahoy!! Mumbai in fog is something I loved!!!
  • The horrible bus journey to Nashik was also a part of fun-time pass. Favourites on  my play list and the window seat gave  me some comfirt.
  • The excitement to be in the company campus at Nashik to meet my office-mates made me tumble twice! :P The marriage of a friend was the biggest excitement though!
  • An urge to wear a maharashtian nose ring was fulfilled :)
  • The grand welcome smileys I got in the Nashik office were adorable. Chatted a lot with all buddies out there and obviously chocolates were given by some sirs to their 'laadali' chhoti don! :)
  • I enjoyed the lunch with juniors! Yes, a junior guy cooked for me!! :) It was awesome with my favourite chocolate fantasy!! :)
  • The stay at one of my seniors place was awesome! Taiyar hona for all functions and having tea and chitchatting- I enjoyed!!
  • All those veering bike ride with saree I had put on thanks to all buddies! :P
  • The biggest reason to enjoy was- I used my DSLR fully to click and store good memories!! :)
  • The continuous support given by all buddies out side Nashik was something I would always expect! Samaj gae? :)
  • The return journey and andheri galiyon mein chalana-- Memorable with one more twisting and tumbling in Mumbai!: )
PS: Oh did I congratulate my friend for her wedding?? "Congratulations dear!!" and yes! My camera is missing you! :) You are the most supporting buddy I have got when I was in Nashik. You rock :)

November 27, 2011

Killing a judge!!

One of my friends after months called me up!The guy's surname is 'Nyayadhish'. We were chit chatting in our usual matter. He was my team-mate previously, we were talking about our memories related to work-place and other gossips. He always knew about my fertile mind who always crops good 'PJs'! ('Good' depends from person to person though!) We were laughing over some silly issues and suddenly I felt and so I said...

"If true to you surname , you would have become your judge, then what would have happened?!"

Listening to the new twist in the conversation..


"Any one who would have come to you for justice , you would have beaten him up!!!

"Pagal hai kya..Why would I ?!!"

"Because when 'Nyay' -'aa'---'Dhhiiishhhhhhh'!!!"


*Laughing on my side of the phone and may be thunking his head on the other side of the phone!*

November 25, 2011

Game(s) bana dali...

Being the eldest child amongst all cousins (of my generations!Not ones who are elder to me by some 10-15 years!) I have some sound memories of games I played, rest of my cousins were followers! I am talking about some silly and extremely silly games! All of them are related with my FB [Frock buddy N!,who is my neighbour, best buddy and guide (??!!?!?) and more of like an elder sister now :)]

A very very common game for any girl. Some how what we played was different. I had a lot lot many utensils to play with and some toys were with my frock buddy N. In summer vacations when her parents will be off to their offices , her grand mother will be sleeping, we would start playing! First we would be dealing and distributing toys. We will make our homes under the huge dining table. I still remember from my two dolls one was barbie and the neck was broken from the mould. My dear Papa who dint know about aesthetic importance, had joined both the part with a brown cello tape.We used to plan a drama that the barbie doll was murdered and we were the spies! (Thanks to some spy serials like Byomkesh Bakshi!)

I still remember on of the 'bhaiyas' of neighbourhood, of FB's age (2 years elder to me!) used to ask for the role and we used to make him 'palatu kutta' tying dupatta around his neck once!! :/ Sorry bhaiya!

I dream of Genie.
The normal game, locally called '9 Khana'! Where we have to draw 3*3 square with all partition lines. In first round without touching boundaries,we have to walk in a certain pattern. Then skipping one square, 2 squares,jumping, with one leg etc.patterns were developed. Every round will throw some candidates out of the game. Final round was the crop from our mind's kheti. We used to love the serial 'I dream of genie' and love the way Genie will say with action and expressions! (Winking her eye!)We have to do the same (Note: Exact!) while walking in the pattern! Silly?No.....Extremely silly now and serious invention of a new game at that time!!

I am ashamed why did we call the game by this name! It was just a 'picture'! We call them films! :/
The difference was it was played while eating kachchaa aam on the big tank of our colony and score was decided while drawing on the tank with chalks!! I hope people reading over here can understand our emotions if not my write up! :P

Mara -mari
This was our own 'eureka' game! We have to draw a circle on the road, tie our hands keeping them at back side and try to push each other out of  the circle with the force of the body!! Hell, now my mom would be knowing why I used be so  dirty after 'play time'! Half of the dirt will be removed at FB's place and rest at mine! So my mom knows only 'the half truth'!The name was not decided! I have named it today only! FB, do you remember the actual name??

There were so so many small games we actually made and played but I guess these are very much clean and sharp in my memories! They were so silly that I pray people can get them while reading the post!

Till then , thinking of one more game to play with, what say FB? :P

Did you make any silly games in bachpan??? :)

November 24, 2011

Extended independence on My Father's day!

Your truly is in college finale year. The full fledged engagement of a cousin is going on.
*Gossiping Gossiping going on*
1 Girl is standing in the corner and wondering what to do! (Gossiping with aunties is the last option!)
Suddenly meets a group of cousins and the session of dancing is going on! Masti in the air!!

Scene: (After  2 days!)
Papa picks the ringing phone : " Hello"
" Hi, this is so and so, My son is so and so, we loved your daughter. My son liked her. If possible..."
" She is too young mister."
"We are ready to wait for 2 years!"
"No, please don't go for so young girls and please leave my daughter!"

Mumma worried about my father's Blood pressure and also about daughter's future!
"Don't talk to all like this. This is the first match we have got!"
"My daughter is very young , let them be first! I don't care!"

Me *Grinning at mom with victory dance in my mind!*


After 2 years of the previous scene:

In Kerala, Nov,2011 :

Mom: "The guy is very good , ekdum open minded , family is chilled out and based in the metro city."
Papa : "No, she needs time."
Mom:"The guy is 3 years elder to her ,means well settled and matured also!"
Papa:"She is also matured enough, give her sometime please!"
Mom: "But, your sister has only approved him , he is the best for her!"
Papa:"She is still young , lets close the issue!"

Me *Grinning at mom with victory dance in my mind!*
SMS conversation with Papa:

Me: "Papa, Save me from aunties!!! Don't handover me to anyone so soon!"
Papa: "Beta , don't take tension , I have pulled brakes! It was difficult to stop your mom's supersonic-get my daughter -married-mission! But, I was successful, now enjoy life for at least 1.5 years!

*Grinning and again a victory dance!*

Papa ho jab sath , to darneki kouno nahi baaat!!!

I am celebrating my independence day with Father's day today!!! :P

PS: Many many happy returns of the day didi!!! :)

November 23, 2011

A girl...

Its about the tallest girl, I have ever met. She is the real charm! I still remember , guys used to feel odd to talk to her due to her height! :) She became my room-mate for some days in Pune , she remained my good friend and now she is my room-mate and of course the best of best friends! :) Oh I forgot to mention , She is my junior! :)

She is talkative like me, She is an expert in leg pulling like me. She can sidhofy any tedha medha guy. She can handle anyone who is drunk and she can always make anyone see tarein zameen par! She is a lot like me and she is sometimes a bit more matured than me!

She likes to scream at me, when I become conscious about my looks,she hates if I don't have my food.She supports me even sometimes without no mood to pull any one's leg! Obviously our third roomie (whom we call Maa Annapurna due to her amazing culinary skills!) becomes bakara!oopss bakari!

She puts her best in cooking and dancing and ahoy I am her fan for both! No, no seriously! She can do any stupid thingie to any over matured thingie that make me feel inferior being her senior! She supports me through thick and thin...Youtube is our favourite website , we can watch numbers of videos of Madhuri,Sridevi or any dancing diva. Aah, its not that we share the same passion! I will focus on dance and she will be focusing on costume-designs! :P She makes the rocking and ultra awesome tea she makes! It can make me keep awake for a number of days eksath!

She wants me to get committed/engaged/married as soon as possible. As last option can not be obtained so soon, she tries for another two! She praises me, in front of her doctor who is from my caste, in hopes that the doctor uncle would be having a son! :P

The crux of the story is I am not able to grasp that after 5 days, she is going to be Mrs from Ms. God bless the man! :P

I try not to take interest in any of marriage-shopping , I tried to discourage myself to be in the amazing marriage aura at my place. I hate to help her to pack her bags.

I can not imagine myself , I wont be waiting for her to leave for office. I can not imagine I wont be encouraged by her to dance everyday , every moment. I am going to miss her singing..The best she can sing is a song from Delhi Belly. I am going to miss her scoldings for my not-so-updated dressing sense. She grins when I play some very old songs, I will miss those looks.

Girl, I want to tell you something...

"Kuch bhi ho jae...I AM YOUR SENIOR!" :) :)

I wish , you.. (If at all you read this!) CONGRATULATIONS for the marriage in advance! I warn her would be..and now our very good friend (with god's grace, he is the most matured person on this earth!).."Keep her happy all her life, or else ghar pe halla bol denge :) "! That can happen in any case though!

Chal ab..thoda senti--for her--> You know I don't cry infront younger ones but that doesn't mean I am not going to miss you! I am not able imagine the void we would feel, I don't want anyone to take your place at our place!

Over and out!

November 22, 2011

Bubbling Bollywood-music!

When my team-mate pinged on the communicator, saying he is getting bored in the meeting and asked me if any song I want! For a moment, I went blank! I know him well , and I knew getting any data from him is next to impossible and we share the same intrest when it comes to music, I took the opportunity fatttakse!

I asked for some very new songs if he has , as per our interest we started floating towards old Bollywood, The era of Kishore Kumar , Asha Bhonsle , Lata Mangeshkar to Mohhd. Rafi! Bingo, it clicked with,

Pukarata chala gaya,
Gali gali bahar ki,
Bas ek chhaon zulf ki,
Ek nigah pyar ki....!

It was the first spark of the day! I was getting into an obsession!

The second spark came in the evening ,when I had a fight with one of my friends , and we decided not to be on talking terms and started playing Antakshari instead! Almost same kind of songs we loved , so it was obvious that we would again float into the same Kishore Kumar and Rafi era...Boy..We were discussing Manna Dey to!

"Laga chunari mein daag chhupau kaise" to "Yahooooo" ! I remembered "Taron mein sajake apne suraj se, dekho dharati chali milane!"...Thanks Shane for recalling -"Tum jo mil gae to.."

Those 2 sparks were enough to go home and open my "Ever green songs" folder and listen to them for the rest of the day! I was heeding on  " Bhawaren ki ghunjan hai mera dil" to  "Hothon mein esi baat"..

The best was " Baharon fool barsao,Mera mehboob aya hai..."

Eventually I ended up indulging in  the folder "Ghazal" on my laptop and ahoy....

"Ankhon se door na ho, dil se utar jaega,
Vakhta ka kya hai,Guzarta hai guzar jaega;
Itna Mayus na ho, Ilwate gum se,
tu kabhi khud ko dekhega to bhi dar jaega"-By Lata Mangeshkar.

"Rat bhi, nind bhi kahani bhi, hay kya chiz hai javani bhi,
dil to sholose karti hai sailab, Zindagi bhi aag bhi pani bhi."-By Chitra Singh!

I was stunned by her melodious voice!

The bubbled out Bolly-old time , made me thing the current scene of Bollywood music, where we sing,

"Wanna be my chhammakchallo...o..o???"

Where is THE REAL STUFF boss??

Humse hai muqabala!

In the famous battle of pulling each other's leg seriously! After settling the score for 1-1 , I warned the friend of mine..

(First victory was mine and the second game was snatched away from me.)

" I will sharpen my skills and come back to you, I would win , I bet!"

Me *Thinking*, Now the reply would be, "I will also sharpen my leg pulling skills and give you a proper fight!"

I got an answer!!

"I will let you win!"

Feeling like thunking my head!!!! *Muqabala barabari ka hai dost!! I will come back to you on this!*

November 21, 2011

Shooting bullets..

Now one of my friends told me so so many times in 2 days that I have become violent! So here are bullets of my life....Dhishkau...
  • My roomie is getting married this week, I have realized finally! It makes me feel sad and I know there is a change going to come in our lives!
  • I feel terrible when the same roomie shows amazing maturity! (read, she behaves as if she is the gyani baba of the place!)
  • For the first time I am feeling OK and much much better and confident after most of my office buddies left my current company!
  • Some more resignations on the way, my gut feelings are strong!
  • I have got the ,sava sher' , who can pull my leg like hell... But but, I am going to sharpen my skills and mukabala barabari ka rahega! Reply: I will let you win!! :( I cant even answer now!! :/
  • I am really feeling jealous of some of my friends who play badminton regularly!Gosh, frock buddy N, I miss you!
  • I have started drinking water, yes yes, I am trying hard to take care of myself.
  • I want to update my I-pod as it is still in the era of 'Aaja nachle' and 'Jab we met'! Kambakht, I-tunes and Windows 7 ne dhokha de dia dossst!!!
  • I am eager to watch 'Chhoti si baat'! Oye shane sun raha hai? 
  • My bro-buddy (Delhi fame) has promised me something , I am waiting for the new year! :)
  • My roomie's nephew stays at our place sometime, and just today we heard she called me by my name!! What a feeling!!! :)
  • I really loved when my brother smsed me the title track of our favourite cartoon, Scooby Dooby Doo...!! 
  • My niece who just visited my home-town, threw my cat into a bucket of water and now in the dustbin!!! I know it was just a small teddy!! Ahem! Her last sleep!

November 20, 2011

The Senior on Saturday & A Sunday with Shana!

Apart from my heavy and really heavy headaches and shopping blues , I met a number of juniors on Saturday! Ahoy, I felt so coool! I am the senior now!! Common! Its fun! The great irony is some of them are elder to me!!!!The lovely group has some of my very very best friends! They are cool, They are awesome, The are fun and yes...One of them is a great cook!!! :) I am now a matured senior mam of all!(No laugh, okay!?)

The fun part of Sunday started with my quest with the ticket checker on Dadar station, It took bloody 10 minutes to get over him!(Most of the time was spent in finding punched tickets from my bag!)...After one trial of getting on the train with my friend , we actually had to take a cab and went to the hall to see the natak 'Kanji Vs Kanji'!Now let me introduce to this friend of mine ,and I (& now you all will) call him 'Shana'!

The cab reached, Shana told me to purchase tickets of the show and he was to give cash to the cab-driver. I went inside the gate , where I got to know its not the gate of the main hall and I have to go through a lane beside the place. I thought I would tell him to finish the payment of cab and come,I looked back where the cab was parked. I was shocked there was NO ONE standing there, not even a cab! I checked up the ground if any case Shana had gone made and started playing cricket with kids! The same moment I realized while struggling to take the train on the railway station I had given my mobile to him!!!Now I had no ways of calling him..I don't remember any mobile numbers these days! (My stupid mind didn't realize, I could have called on my own number!) I still had courage to go the ticket window and purchase tickets. I finished the booking stuff and walked over observing and thinking what can be done!..Suddenly I noticed 'Shana' searching me after some 15 minutes!! I was relaxed, blank,confused!He was laughing! He had asked cab driver to go to police station when demanded double amount!!Here I was lost and ek ajnabi area mein.... :P :P  We laughed a lot on this,but actually I was about to cry as I had already cooked up a story of kidnapping of  The 'SHANA'!

As we had some hours to spend in south Mumbai,before the show starts , we went to 'Moshe' , Where we had the most delicious Blueberry cheese cake ,Geoey chocolate cake, Pasta!!Yummiest ever food I had since ages!!! Over eating made us walk a loooooong in anjan and not at all andheri galiyan of South Mumbai.I as usual kept on chattering, forgetting about my ill health and had superb time :)

The hall was already half full when we reached , I was feeling home! Gujarati language in pure form was attracting me inside! The natak itself needs a separate post on this blog! R.E.S.P.E.C.T with 10/10 star for direction, dialouges to acting!It made us laugh like anything and made us emotional at the same time!

The post-natak session was fun with 'Rustam' ice creams of marine drive!! Shana made me roam around the actual beauty of Mumbai! :) Churchgate to Dadar in the train was spent sleeping by yours truly! God bless Shana for the whole day blabbering and then sudden silence by me!

I am not able to digest that I slept so peacefully after my being' officially insomniac!' As, I had the time of my life!! Shane ki shanpatti worked!!! :)

PS: I missed Shana's expressions when he tried to find me by dialing my mobile number and found his name displayed as 'Shana' on my mobile which was with him actually!

November 18, 2011

Meet my music-mate!

Pooh- Name toh suna hi hoga!! :)

I dont share him with anyone! Ahem!!!

November 17, 2011

Tag-di lifestyle!?

I was tagged!! Guess what it is my first ever tag!! (I know its funny! 100 posts over and not a single tag?!)

I here by take this opportunity to post something about my life style! But doston, I like to shoot one arrow to hit 2 targets! (ek teer se do nishan??!) I will door karofy all shikayats about myself...Aaai shapath , I will try hard!! ;)

So my current life-style:
  • I am maha irregular for my meals, I generally tend to forget my dinner! 
  • I have a habit of skipping breakfasts! Now blame my room-mates and me , we are always late! 
  • One good factor is I just love fast walking & Jogging , dancing and badminton! The bad thing is ,I struggle to stick to my routine for walking and jogging!
  • I love to pamper myself ,be it a new haircut or even taking rest and doing nothing,but I just don't do anything due to my hyper active nature!!! I cant sit at a place for a longer period of time unless you give me a good book in my hands!!
  • I am particular about my daily dose of milk and I have also won the khitab of 'Amul baby'from my friends! I am so proud that , I am making my bones stronger!
  • I am not at all good at sleeping , sometimes I call my self insomniac and the other day I will sleep well!The only problem is I actually look like a vampire when I don't sleep and I get irritated by everyone around  me!
  • I love green veggies a lot! (Thanks to my Papa!) So, no escapism from salads! To add shine to gold (Something like 'sone pe suhaga?!), I don't like fried food including stuffed puffs,samosas!
  • I just love fruits, but I have to be active enough to go to buy fresh fruits and enjoy!
  • I am not a drinker! The good thing is 'I don't take hard drinks' and the bad one is-I don't drink water properly. I forget!
  • I am a coffee-lover! I need to reduce my coffee intake!
So, when I was tagged , I knew, I will realize how badly I need a life-style make over!

November 16, 2011

'Katti'yan karu?!!

Yeah the fever of 'Rockstar' is still high and I am repeatedly indulging in some songs.Those includes 'Katiyan karun' also..

A spark in my firtile mind:

I can use the song to finish my this mission and blackmail emotionally!!

What say??.... :D

'Katti'yaan karu?????

PS:Dont come and sing 'Batti-ya karu' , Hope nobody is a tubelight over here!! :D

November 15, 2011

A victim of resignations!

A sudden change in life comes when you switch to a new job! A new boss, a new organization ,new team mates and a new canteen?!! (Food changes okay?!) You have to struggle to adjust.May be discovering some surprises and shocks would be painful too.

I am not joining any new company! I am not!Still , I am feeling the pain-I am the victim of resignations of my office-buddies (Read-best buddies!)..

I am being the 'ulta' victim of resignations of my office!I do have a separate gang now which has left this office in a short span of 2-3 months (Mass resignation?!) , leaving the youngest member (yours truly!) in the office!!!

I know I know , I am a brave girl , a very strong girl and can manage miracles (Thats what you all are going to say!) ..But, I am not able to manage the 'sannata' jo chhaya hua hai doston!!

The 'Sanatta' ...
  • While having lunch (Other team-mates are kind enough to tolerate me , but where are you people?!)
  • While having numbers of coffee breaks,just to discuss any damn topic!
  • No hang outs after office-time, be it a movie or a walk back to our respective accommodations together!
  • Those CCD pass times! (I have been again a bit lucky this time , I do have some people who meet me the same way!)
  • Your desks haunt me! Specially if some new unknown people have taken it over!
  • Laptops of you people, from which I used to shoot mails by your official Ids and we would be making a chain of hundreds of mails!
  • Phone calls if I am late even by a few minutes from my usual (Dont laugh!) time to punch in!
  • Walks we used to enjoy in the plant after lunch! We still do the same, enjoy but you all are not there!
  • All those pranks..I can not play everytime on everyone! (I still do!)
  • I still have people who appreciate if I blabber most of the time and cant keep mum!
Dont you people even think that I would stop doing all these things! I will ,as I enjoy (I am lucky to have some new friends/ some old friends who take care of me, now a lot like you!) and may be I recall you people and just make up my mind....

"I will make you people come back to me again , in the same city we will be"!

Yanna rascalla...Mind it!!


I have a habit of mailing very regularly to my dear and near ones on daily basis, specially if I blog or write something , first thing I do is to expect comments from some people!

One of my brothers  (Who is a very very very sensible writer ,not like me!) wrote me back..Here is the chain of 2 mails!
To: 'One of the bhais'
Subject::A letter to an addiction-Bubblegum

Address: Café coffee day,Mumbai

Dear Chocolate fantasy,

I just want to request you, not to attract me too much with your delicious smell and taste. Every time I see your photo in menu card I tend to feel like indulging in you. I have got warnings from several people not to be with you much. Please stop being so so good. I really really can’t stop being with you if I see you or smell you. Please don’t follow me in my dreams and thoughts. Please.

From:'One of the bhais'
Subject:'RE: A letter to an addiction-Bubblegum'

Dear Café Coffee day

I understand, u are trying to flirt with my Sister!
It is good to be a friend but please don’t cross your limits.

She can have you once in a week.
The love between you too will be limited to smiles (i.e less chocolate) and shake hands(i.e less icecream).

So, please try to keep her happy with your delightful presence.

Bubblegum, I understand your love for Chocolate fantasy….have it once a week!
Rest I have complained to Café coffee day..It wont indulge with you anymore!

Well wisher!


My expressions : Priceless!!!

November 13, 2011

I smiled :)


  • A college friend , living outside India for studies pinged me on whatsapp and asked " Should I add rise first or 'other stuffs' in oil while cooking Pulao?! Actually it was a rofl moment!!
  • A friend of mine after ages pinged me on chat and after 5 minutes 'Arre you are still the same!!Ditto!'!
  • My room-mate (who had gone to her didi's place on Sunday) replied me 'Kabhi nahi' on my question, 'When are you coming back yaar!' but after a few seconds 'Kidding yaar..In sometime!'!
  • One of your roomie asks you 'Aaaj dinner mein kya khilayegi?' and suddenly seeing her studying your interest for cooking ignites!
  • You are scared of your mom's enthusiasm of searching guys for you and your father smses 'Dont worry , I am there to pull brakes!'
  • You are mesmerized by the song 'O re piya' from Aja Nachle and find that , even after years your postures are perfect and feel you can again start up dancing!
  • You are again super confused what to buy 'A new I-pod' or 'A new mobile' when you are hooked on to music so tightly!
  • A friend of yours , smses you back after your late night message - 'You will get dark circles and now-a-days good guys don't like girls with dark circles!'
  • The same friend calls you back when out of frustration you sms ('I want to scream') to hear,how you scream!
  • A brother of yours is selected in an expedition in Himalayas getting over other hundreds of entries!
  • Your friends wish you  'Happy Children's day' and you freak out at them..and after 5 minutes... :)
How many smiley moments you had recently??!!! :) I had plenty!! :)