June 30, 2011

20 things I want to do in next 20 years!

·         Go for a number of treks – especially Himalayan Treks (valley of flowers to Mansarovar!)
·         Be the fittest sans migraine!
·         Jog a lot in rains !! (A little odd.. I know!)
·         Write books for kids to make them take interest in some tough and boring subjects like science (not so boring) & history (for some of kids, it is really boring!)…
·         Improve a lot on writing and photography !
·         I want to do BIJNESSS!!
·         Buy Patola and paithani saree !!! :P Very costly affair... I know!
·         Be the expert in fabrics from all over india!!
·         Be expert in YOGA!! If not miracles, it will help me trek better! :P
·         Develop my  culinary skills—includes Khandvi, Patra, Daalbati, crispy veg, puran poli and chocolate cakes!
·         Make a large collection of earings , bracelets etc with proper place to manage them!!
·         Make a small library for children which will have all my childhood books in Gujarati and English!! J
·         Blog blog blog blog :P
·         Travel a lot lot lot!! J
·         Learn to DRIVE a car!! (or I would say, I want to remove my driving phobia !! And I am serious!!)
·         Visit seven sister states!!
·         Do bungee jumping and scuba diving at the age of 40 ! :P
·         For god’s sake, I want to play badminton all my life!
·         Start an awareness group for all ladies between 30s and 60s..
·         Have enough daring to go to SPA! ( I am scared of SPAs for uknown reasons!!)

Ahem ahem!!!

June 26, 2011

How do you feel???

How do you feel, when...

Products 'designed' by you , burst like 'million doller crackers' while performing infront of the senior level people??????


June 25, 2011

From my window.....

In the morning... People doing Yoga..Walking..Jogging... Laughing (to scare me!!..laughing yoga you see!!)..
In the evening.....Tiny kids making parents run here and there... &  Some (Actually not kids-teens) playing..

Watching from the window with the cup of milk (not chai!!)... Captured teens playing football in the monsoon..

 So.... this one is the 'clicks' section of !! :)

June 24, 2011

My encounter with the Lizard…

Early in the morning , with great hunger to have milk (yes milky hunger attacks, I get in the morning!) I went to the kitchen. My not-so-favorite mug was lying inside the basket. With all drowsy eyes , I took out the cup and suddenly noted a movement in the space between basket and the fridge. (I hate my kitchen to such an extent I have lost all interest in making food!).. Within fraction of a second I realized that it was The Lizard!! The cream and black body creature!... I was freezed.. Somehow I managed to escape from the sight… She was standing (or sleepin??) still..

 I tried making different noise! :/
 I doubt if she had ears.. ( I should have googled it out!).. she was still being ‘the statue of my no-liberty ‘state!!...

I tried throwing ice cold water drops but seems she loved being chilled out!!! :/

I tried abusing her by calling her ‘Kumbhakarna’.. :/

I tried throwing jamuns at her… and yes.. she managed to move.. where??? Through utensils of basket to the freeze!!..

Now I was horrified with the terror!… ‘How the hell she entered into my kitchen’.. I felt she had let her ‘footprints’ on all surfaces she moved on!

My milk hunger got twisted as milk was in the freeze and she was right there on the door of the freeze!! I Imagined milk inside  the vessel getting affected by her laser rays (virtual creation by me!)….

I was getting late for the day and with the same ‘milk hunger’ and the disgusting lazy lizard syndrome … I got ready and left home!!...

I am terrified with the fact of increment in number of lizards in my house now!!...

To my horror I could listen to the song in the auto… ‘(Chhip)kalio ka chaman jab banata hai…..!!’… I stopped listening afterwards!

Ghee gol rotli....

I bet i can leave any other food including any damn chocolates for this!!

  The dish was made by my grandmother (Ma) and now my mom makes it!! and i simply love it!!

Some 3-4 days back i got an oppertunity by my friend's sweetest mom to have a dibba full of 'this' for the hungry me!! and i bet i dint give it to ANYONE!! :)

Missing  home!!

June 23, 2011

Yummmmmy ad to add yummyness!!

It highlights my 3 passions apart from Bharatnatyam (i love!)..
1.Dairymilk silk
2.Dairymilk silk
3.Dairymilk silk  :P

gotta ya?? :P

Here it goes! :

Oh i gotta go!!! My passions is awaiting!! :P


I don’t respect persons who doesn’t respect everyone’s time EVERYDAY.

I am blessed...

I am blessed , I got these wonderful eyes…
Though not in any special shape but the way the pair smiles…

I am blessed , I got the very sweet voice…
I speak I sing… with my own choice….

I am blessed, I got emotions I feel,
I can convey my love and sorrow to any one I meet with zeal…

I am blessed ,around me I thank every single lovely soul,
Eyes, voice and emotions are of no use without you all…

June 22, 2011

My imagination for after effects of THE TREK (Kalasubai)!!!..

·         Kalasubai (Highest peak of SAHAYDRI mountain range!) is holding my legs not to walk!!
·         My legs are made up of wooden drum beats which refuse to bend when I walk…
·         When I move on stairs (upward or downwards.. ) , I feel some one will come to hold my hand as a baby is learning how to walk!
·         Sometimes I feel I have grown old ! (the only point which makes me a bit happy!! :P )
·         My legs keeps on shaking while I walk-but I haven’t become Shakira, her hips are shaking!! :P (curtsey :bad joke : best buddy P)
·         For the first time I feel, if some body will hammer my legs I will feel ease!! :P
·         I dreamt somebody is pulling my legs so heavily that I end up doing stretching in the sleep! :P
·         People ask me ‘arre did u met with an accident??’ (annoying!! I know!)
·         I sat for 20 minutes at one place (except I travel by car/bus!) keeping my leg in hot water buckets added salt! :P
·         Someone offered me a sweet (that too my favourite! ), I dint took the opportunity as it included activities like , getting up from the desk, walking ,coming back and sit again!!!
·         My coffee breaks have reduces as again it has some not so interested movement by my legs!
·         Roaming around my locality is no more a pleasurable activity though I try not to avoid!!!
·         I bless my childhood massage wali bai for the good activity she does for all children!! ( I remember the name ‘Lakshmiben -à she seems to be the unbeaten champion in my society for baby massage! )-à I want to be a kid again !
·         Hard but I have realized why keeping yourself in daily workout is so much important but let me be fine !! ok!!
·         I have googled the one topic now 100 times ‘how to reduce muscle stiffness!! “ :P

All my pain mates please pray for the early recovery !! J

I am playing the game with my life… you?

Have you ever thought of feeling good consciously?? If yes congratulations!!... we are on the same boat!! But if no, try it…you will enjoy yourself just in a day’s time!!!

Yes, conscious efforts always converts into subconscious action when practiced regularly!! When I was a kid, I used to read madly.(thanks to mumma and my dadi). my dadi (I used to call her ‘MA’)had given me a novel named ‘polyena’..i don’t know the spelling also as it was a translated book in Gujarati.It is a story about a five years old girl who had her family which included a sister and a father. This very poor family throws her to a very stubborn aunt’s place. Her father had only one 'game' which she could carry with her.. that was… whenever you get something which is worst or less than what you always wanted, you should think that it is better than people who have less than what you have got. For example she got a doll from a dustbin which had stains on its frock and a broken leg.. her father taught her to think people don’t have dolls.. and that doll needs love as she doesn’t have a leg and you are capable enough to give love to her!!.. nice way na? the whole novel runs on this thought and finally her aunt also feels bad and starts loving her like anything! Not only her aunt but the entire town starts loving her!..

Today whenever I remember this novel and obviously my MA, I feel happy! And maybe I am also trying to play this game with my life!! my life is the game called ‘polyena’! I still have the novel but now in a very bad condition, as maybe it is a 50-60 years old book! But I would love to read it again and again!!

The game goes like this!..whenever you feel sad or a negative thought comes into your mind replace it with a positive one! (now so many books say the same!)..if you can’t ,think you haven’t received the worst condition or people do have worst condition in comparison with you!.. start feeling luckier! And you will be actually luckier! Motto of the life is to remain happy in any condition. You get promoted or not, got bad marks or you have lost something, you had a fight!..things can be changed when you are positive about it! Look at the little girl polyena.. she could have cried when she got a doll which is absolutely ugly for a kid to play! But she focused on giving love to the doll and felt good herself!! I am feeling the change since some days! Because…
I am playing the game with my life!! J YOU????

June 21, 2011


To whom so ever it may concern,

I  have spent my pretty valuable time on what should  be my first post!! but now I think thanks to GRAHAM BELL... ,I would prefer HELLO!! (No not like all IT people 'Hello world'!! )

Thanks to some of my very very close and best of all friends , I am here to blog out my thoughts!

Some titbits from my dimag and dil...along with clicks with my newie smarty camera!! (newbie in photography!)....

So here i will go mad with all my talks...(pagalpan bhi to zaroori hai!!!)....

Ending the first post with a happy note : PICTURE TO ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST!!!!