November 24, 2015

aPOINTment # 9

  • My work is keeping me busy, super busy. So much that I come home and feel as if it is a hotel room where I come to sleep. Just to go back to the office in the morning. Hey, but I love what I am doing. I am not slogging in a way. I do not wish anything else apart from some more money right now! :D
  • My walk to the station, from station to the office (To and For) is so precious to me. I manage to call my people, hear some good music and virtually dance with it as well. I think I am addicted to such walking sessions. 
  • I think about Sarees when I am not thinking about office or decorating home. Thanks to upcoming wedding seasons where I would be flaunting my sarees. Hopefully! 
  • Our house was broke. I did not blog about it intentionally, as I had hopes of getting my favorite watch (gifted by my aunt from USA) back but things are not moving and jinxing it won't make any difference. Yes, our house was broke. I am not scared forsome reasons. At all. Thanks to Crime Patrol? Other family members are. That is why I try to not get into panic every night when we lock doors and windows like we wont open any of them for years. 
  • My body needs rest. For some reasons I feel like sleeping for eight hours unlike my old self not sleeping for even seven full hours. My stamina has gone for a toss. I listen to my body though. I sleep for eight hours. Only if I can sleep early and avoid the mess in the kitchen I create due to lack of time. How much I miss my morning jogging sessions. High time?
  • My office people think I get high on Nimbu Paani. Blame it on the sweltering sun or my frequent vendor visits. I gulp down two to three beer mugs of Nimbu Pani, (Haanji, our cafeteria contractor gives Nimbu Paani and Chhash in Beer mugs!)
  • The beer mug of Nimbu pani could replace my cup of tea but not every day. It was not Nimbu Pani's cup of tea (Mehwahahaha). I still love my Adarakh wali kadak chai. So much that when I catch cold and ask my cafeteria person to use exactly 1.75 times of ginger in my precise recipe of making tea. My team mate dreads this tea and calls it Pani Puri Ka Pani. Talk about spices! In fact I generally do not get the kadak tea every morning unless my dad-in-law makes it, so I have found my share of joy here. Ah ya, my dad in law loves Kadak Adarakh wali chai!
  • My dream of visiting a cold country in the Christmas is getting transformed into a wish. How I miss winter in Mumbai, how I love mountains even when I feel as if I would pass out in the cold. How I want to wear long boots and over coats once in my life, to play with snow and other red green shiny stuff called Christmas trees. 
How is life treating you guys?  :)

November 16, 2015

Di(l)wali updates!

- I did Rangolis. Yes. Three different Rangolis with Diya decorations around. My neighbor is kind enough to not to let me think about Diyas at all as she manages to decorate the whole floor. While I was confused about my feelings regarding the same, I managed to make other things beautiful. (I am fiercely possessive about my Rangoli and decoration plan, only if I could tell her)

- Our maid was not there for a day before Diwali which meant we (Me, My sister in law and my mother in law) had to clean up the last moment stuff on our own. Which included cleaning and decorating the drawing room - lobby, cleaning kitchen, decorating the house with new table-mats and show pieces (which any way we would have done). We were exhausted but thrilled.

- We went to Crawford market. The messiest and brightest place in Mumbai which I always wanted to explore. Though we could only dig out the tip of the iceberg and not the whole market, shopping for cosmetics, LET lights, some crockery for kitchen etc was done. A shining experience for the new Mumbaikar, which ended with the awesome milk shake with 'Takhmariya' at the famous 'Badshah'!

- As Mr.ISB was home and so our bedroom was alive. Messy. Lovely. I tried to put some 'Jaan' in it by decorating it with photos and a newly gifted silk rug on the bed. Some day I would be able to decorate my bedroom with really classy stuff.

-I tried making Cinnamon rolls again. With a hardly functional oven and new but not so good yeast. Results were okay but it did not make me sad. I am not sure why. Mumbai does not give me the spirit to cook or experiment some how. 

- Sarees. Yes, yes I could not only independently handle them, I could also feel awesome while flaunting them. I had decided to give myself the opportunity of  loving the pieces of six yards by wearing them and not only by buying them! I realized it is not about creating those perfect pleats. It is more about feeling the fabric. I am looking forward to those hundreds of weddings I am going to attend this year. 

- Met my Bro-buddy. The visit was fun but not the way I wanted it to be. May be every one else around me are growing up and I am left to carry out immature acts. I like to be like that. May be.

- I watched the worst movie of the century. Prem Ratan Dhan Butt payo. Butt smacking actions and CID Chhap graphics. Sonam did not prove herself only as a worst actress ever, but she managed to snatched the trophy of worst dancer from Tabbu. We did not watch it on a big screen but we used almost one GB of our data by downloading it online. I am not sure how we are going to recover this monetary and emotional loss. Two minutes of silence for all, who watched this movie last week.

-We visited hundreds of relatives in these four days. Okay, frankly we visited only six close relatives/family friend. Ended up eating various types of sweets and namkeens in tons. Due to which I became the patient of 'Sugar Rush' and slipped (Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen.. I managed to tumble one more time!) while walking on a straight , not at all defective road. I lost my favorite black cotton pant which was torn apart due to the accident when I lost the balance. (Sugar rush theory is better than telling people 'I do not know how I slipped'!) 

- I am happy I could create a bucket of beautiful memories while missing my Amdavad home.

November 9, 2015

A home to remember!

  • It would have a big book chest with antique polish, parallel to one of the walls. On it, would be my valuable possessions increasing the charm of my room. Traditional art pieces and old brass Diyas would find their rightful place. 
  • One wall would be a photo wall. Period.
  • The kitchen would be ergonomically designed and so would be all cupboards. They should not make users bend all the time or fuss over tiny jobs like taking something out while making some one stuck while cooking. I do not want them to be expensive, I am sure I can find solutions to revamp cheaper ones too!
  • My drawing room would not be out of theme. Flowers to show cases. Things would be little and classy. No candles and No tacky frames. Only simple traditional art stuff and they would be white, cream, golden, copper and happy :)
  • There would be no clothes on the floor or on the bed. Everything on hangers, nails or in baskets. Organizing things should not be complex. They should be easy to engrave as habits in daily routine.
  • Idols we love would be in a classic marble wooden temple. Gods from all religions. 
  • Each of the big section of the house would have a dustbin. No, Dustbins carry wastage and no negative power or black magic! 
  • There would be no open storage system in the drawing room or the dining room. 
  • There would be a space for my beloved oven. May be below the platform or on a side panel.
  • Beds would be more beautiful due to the presence of side tables. They would have have space to keep our watches, remotes, books we are reading, torches and medicines. 'Place for all these things should be right next to the beds'. Talk about user experience! 
  • Rooms would have big open windows which would have flower pots or a couple of bottled plantations. They won't be covered with clothes hanged for drying all the time. 
  • Washrooms have nothing in metal except fittings. Brush holders to soap holders. Rusting is so not hygienic and they are dangerous if you get injured.
  • Shirts and Sarees would be hanged nicely on hangers. Thin metallic ones. No harmful plastic.
  • Liquid soap dispenser would be there near all basins with Dettol giving strong smell for my own satisfaction! 
  • I will have bottles turned into 'Bagichas' all around. I love these tiny ecosystems.
  • The passage near the main door would be classier than the entire house. Bright and crafty. In Diwalis Diyas would charm guests away or they would be smitten by fancy small Christmas sock in the Christmas. 
  • News papers and magazines would have their own cute holder in the drawing room. 
Do you have such ideas for your home? 

How do you make home?