April 29, 2016

Y for Yearnings

My blog is full of them as I am a person with extreme sentiments. Either I have yearnings and cravings or I would be turned off to the extend of totally feeling number about things. I tried to change myself and I still do but at the end of the day I'm at peace when I am full of expressions as well as emotions which again is a result of those yearnings and dislikes close to detachments.

Nonetheless when it came to 'Y', I could think of this word only after rejecting 'Y for Yogurt' (Strawberry specifically) and 'Y for Yesterday' because of the boring explanations I had about them. Anyway, talking about Yearnings!

  • I want a day off. Surprisingly in the office and not from the office even when reaching office is more like hiking due to the scorching heat in Mumbai.I love my work and have a lot many assignments to finish off but there are ideas floating on which I need to focus without any disturbance. May be my office cafeteria would like to welcome an early morning visitor. 
  • I want a day off from the domestic stuff. Mainly because I am exhausted and not because I do not enjoy the work. Domestic stuff actually clears my mind off. Chatting with others while working or just getting things sorted out brings joy to me but then it is my body which gives up. I really do not know how people manage to take time off for their own health by working out, by sleeping eight full hours or postponing the cleaning session of those dirty kitchens. I respect them A LOT. People like me can not stand an elderly person working in front of me or a dirty kitchen unattended,a table suffering under a dusty coat- hence we suffer. 
  • I yearn for a few hours alone in my room which I conveniently get since two three days after dinner. If I do not come to my room and lye down reading a book- my body does not support me. My mind gets messier by next morning with only six hours of sleep which is really not enough for me. 
  • I wish to dance every single day and I have been failing to do it. Dance is like meditation for me and I can observe myself loosing the ability to start doing it, forget about having the stamina to do it. Though this is a conscious decision taken due to the No Maid-No Cook situation at home.  I wish they come back or I kind of sort out the situation by being super independent super woman. 
  • I yearn to have salads,fruits, sprouts and smoothies all the time. Very bad that I ever really have them.I'm already horrible in taking meals on time. Now my diet is full of carbs and over cooked Sabjis. I do try to get a fruit dish every single day in the office but my veggie intake is close to half than what I should ideally be taking.
  • Planning for a vacation in June and this time I want to really do a solo day trip to someplace in between the vacation. A day trip because in future I am totally planning to spend my time in Singapore as a tourist. Alone. For four-five days, nothing less. Of course I want Mr.ISB to join in for a few days afterwords! 
  • Sarees. One cotton, One Silk.I so wish to buy. I do not have any functions to wear but I want to buy. This sort of yearnings are better not entertained. Please koi shadi kar lo!
  • An off shoulder dress I really wish to have because I can not flaunt my flabby arms or fatty legs :D I have awesome shoulders. 
If you are still reading these yearnings of mine which anyway appear on this blog every now and then, in different forms or shapes -Hats off to you!


April 28, 2016

X is for Xerox

While reading my messages on his 'whatsapp' one of my colleagues (Call him V) who is one of the victims of leg pulling session we had a day back, jumped from his seat across the table. We all stared him for a while.Then he turned to me and asked,

V: Yeh kab hua?! (When did this happened)
 *Clueless I was about things he was talking about*

He showed my display thumbnail which was a childhood (rather a-new-born-baby-hood) of mine with my mom.I screamed at the top of my voice..

Me: "That is not me, that is my mom!"

He was shocked and opened the photo and not the thumbnail.Started laughing,

V: I thought the baby would be some one else's kid and I wanted to make fun of you being a mother of some toddler. But dude, You are the XEROX copy of your mom! 

Me:    :- ) 

Mom, you would not read this ever but whenever I see myself in the mirror I remember 'you' when I was a kid. Nothing in the world is as lovely as finding you in my own self.

Only when I throw a fit looking at the mess, I kind of question the DNA gifted by you!


W is for What's Up

So I decided to cheat a bit (if there is something like that) and grab this opportunity to catch up about life!

  • I have been reading a Turkish Author - Elif's novel and I must say I am pretty impressed by the style of writing. 'Rules of Love', do not go by the title.It is one of those classic versions of not at all good 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'! I hope I would finish it by this weekend. 
  • I've started taking time to pamper my body and which only includes 'not walking to the station and back in the hot and humid morning of Mumbai'. I generally get a drop by my dad-in-law in the morning and hire a cab in the evening. I must say this has helped me after I was stressed up juggling with office work, workout and home stuff thanks to the vacation being enjoyed by our house helpers! 
  • I have been having two table spoons of Flax Seed Powder. I'm not sure if it would help my hair,skin and sleep over all but it is definitely tasty!
  • Planning to make smoothies this weekend. Any suggestions? 
  • My work out session has reduced to fifteen minutes but I'm trying to clean house, clean up the kitchen and do the dusting- drying up clothes etc as well. I hope it adds up to something.
  • I have been struggling to get seven hours of sleep and then suffer drowsy eyes (Also the mind) for the whole day. I've increased my tea intake to half a cup but it counts. 'Not doing anything interesting' is not my thing and so when I go to my room before sleeping - I watch an episode of an old classic serial 'Byomkesh Bakshi' or get into the book. Once I start doing somethings I compromise my sleep as irrespective of the time I sleep, I get up by 6.30am.How am I suppose to finish eight hours of sleep?
  • I've been trying to keep my Sundays relaxed but in the end plan something out. This might not change EVER.
I guess,I need to more interesting stuff now.Nothing much to say! What's up with you guys?

April 27, 2016

V is for Vacation

Have you heard about House rules? What about Vacation Rules? In fact I do have, but I try not to chase them but fit in while planning for one. Once you start with it, things must flow and so should the enjoyment!

  • Vacations should occur exactly when you need a break. Now this one is mostly not possible but sometimes people do magic for you!
  • Vacations for me are less of the luxury and more of exploring the place. Guess what, I love AirBnB because of the reason.Cheaper on our pocket too!
  • Local food should be included for more than two three times in the itinerary if you have a planned one. Vegetarians need to do a bit of searching but now a days being 'Vegan' is in Vogue and at least one or two places would be there in the place you are. I've also been a big fan of small grocery shops - similar to 7*11. One would always get local fruit flavored Yogurt, fruits and breads.
  • History and stories around, are essential for me when on vacation. They make you know the city, you are visiting a little better. The psychology of the city always has the roots in them. I regret a lot about my trip to Europe in the childhood, which happened first and my interest for world war two grew later.
  • There should be two vacations in a year.One should be a long one depending on our own comfort. Another one-may be a gateway type. Two vacations keep me sane. A little bit less insane - would put it that way.
  • Road trips. Some day I want to go by road, in our own car or a rented one and explore things which can not be discovered while sitting in a train or a bus or even a cab. I do not know driving and so pestering others do drive for me is not good. Hence, I have to learn driving.Period.
  • I love clicking photos and if I do not get pissed off by people pestering me to shoot them, I do a good job or atleast try to do so. Bulky SLRs are a big problem but then it is one of the trade offs you make in a vacation. Some vacations need a camera and some would do with a phone camera.
  • A vacation should cover maximum of three cities and not more if, it is two weeks long. I do not want to touch and leave ten cities in ten days. That is not how globe trotters travel!

Do you like vacations? What kind of a vacation do you love?

April 26, 2016

U for Unmanned

One of the reasons I love India is availability of manpower here. You get your Laundry wala, you get your cook, you get your maid,you get some one to deep clean your house. If you earn you can very well burn your money to get things done. Though several parts of India are now feeling the gap between the demand and the supply. The segment who used to do the needful stuff are either educated enough to do more brainy work or simply do not want to work while enjoying different perks under quotas available. And so slowly but surely, big cities are moving towards Do-Your-Own stuff.

We have been suffering the aftershock of suddenly loosing our maid and the cook together for no-idea-how-many-months. Generally I manage like we used to in Singapore or while living alone in different cities of India. Now blame it on the hectic schedule or a new household with five people living under one roof and each one of us having career to manage. Yes,mummy becomes the first victim as she would generally manage the maid and cook department but now when none are available- three females of the family struggle! Okay I do not count mummy in the active member but then it happens that she has to go to a lot of things because me and my SIL would have office to tackle.

Mornings are the most stressful.Making Dal-Sabji-Roti-Salad along with breakfast and then preparing tiffin for two. Having tea and the hot breakfast, taking bath and getting ready. Things are not easy even when we are three people to cook (Help from Mr.ISB is a dream as of now) After cooking, replacement maid comes to clean the house but she does half of the things and washing clothes in the machine along with drying them up is left anyway for us. Today in the morning when I was rushing to the office after all the work done, sweating hard I realized how we have become slaves of the outside help.

I have lived in Singapore and we four girls had managed to cook,clean and laugh.In Pune some how thanks to Mr.ISB's help used to save my evenings and my Singapore habits did not make me go insane or exhausted every single time. Of course managing a family is no easy deal from any stretch of my imagination but the joy of being extra independent is something I'm missing.More over I have seen my mother,masis, buas, MIL and other females cribbing about the sudden vacations by maids -to some extent I've become the same. Even when maids come, co-coordinating our schedules with theirs become too stressful,many reschedule their plans just to avail there services or get under the panic mode if they cannot.

Days are not too far when we would be equipped with mops and vacuum cleaners every week, cleaning laundry on our own, drying them up, ironing them all. With each passing day I feel,I'm spoiling myself and later on would not be able to manage if things would fall on my shoulders.

And so I've decided to slowly do my own stuff.

1.In future buy a small vacuum cleaner to clean curtains, get rid of dust particles from all possible surfaces, book shelves in a breeze. My allergy can be controlled as well if I really use it.
2.Drying up and folding clothes on my own.
3.Asking every single person of the house to undergo a small cleaning drive every day for ten minutes.I'm sure, no one would mind cleaning their own home for ten minutes.
4.Washing bathrooms/toilets every day on my own. So many kids are not habitual of seeing this work as an important thing to do for hygiene. I'm sure my kid/kids/others'kids would learn something while watching me cleaning washrooms.
5.Discarding all the old and waste stuff which never got used. No things, no maintenance.
6. Like I have been doing since days, cleaning each glass and gadget furniture with a glass cleaner in the morning. This every day habit would not let me be totally dependent on maids.
7. Try to cook for five people once in a while.
8. Washing utensils and making them squeaky clean faster than average time taken by others ,comes to me naturally. I would maintain the habit.
9. I won't go mad chasing above goals.

Some times I envy people in US of A/Singapore. Doing their own stuff smartly, as a family with a weekly help.Life can be too independent!

April 25, 2016

T for Tea-mate

I have developed a very weird  extreme taste for tea and it is liked tolerated by not many people. Specially the people with very sensitive health . My mother and my brother hate tea of my taste because both are not at all comfortable with the amount of spice it has. So its only dad who loves /enjoys tea made by me with yours truly singing 'Tujhko Mirchi Lagi To Mein Kya Karoo' for the rest of my family in Ahmedabad.

After wedding it is my Dad-in-law who loves spicy tea with a lot of ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, very little sugar and green tea leaves if available. My Sister-In-Law and Mother-in-Law, both have delicate stomachs which creates acidity and hence daily it becomes a tussle between both parties on which kind of tea to make-Spicy or super dull with only a pinch of brown color.

I generally don't make my type of the tea when guests are home,true to the Bhav of Atithi Devo Bhava as I do not like silent curses given after two hours of the tea-drinking session.  :D

Yesterday I got a shocker. When my Dad-in-Law's eldest sister came home.She is almost of my Grandmother's age, may be younger by 5-6 years and not more.The super cheerful, strong willed and well read lady she is, was suppose to have tea-snacks at home. I always get nervous when I talk about food or cook food for her as she is the Tarla Dalal of our family (like my own grandmother again!) and my MIL very well knows this.It was quite a shocker when my MIL asked me to make tea for her - that too my type! Her exact words were 'Make tea of your taste, exact. Do not compromise with the taste.'My Dad-in-law also agreed silently.

Now, I was nervous and confused. She is old and after 70 people rarely like extreme tastes.Nonetheless I managed to make super spicy tea- Full of Masala which I procured all the way from my hometown-exactly from the firm who is specialized in herbs, spices and pulses since decades. (This masala is not for faint-hearts. It has dry ginger, pepper, Shankhpushpi, Mulethi, Tulsi and Lavang. Very very little amount of the mixture is needed for making tea in comparison with other mixes we get in the market)

I was mentally prepared to add some milk and sugar in the tea as I knew how Kadak  chai it was. To my utter dismay, she loved it.

She loved it! The Sakshat Annapurna of my family loved the tea. My types of the tea!

Overjoyed I was, I am. It is an understatement.

I guess, she is by far the oldest tea-mate I have got.

April 23, 2016

S for Sister (In-Law)

Unlike those 'Nanads' who burn their 'Bhabhis' hands with hot boiling water in Bollywood movies my Sister-in-law only makes me wait outside the house if I ring the bell and she is the only person at home- sitting on the sofa-doing something while acting to ignore me royally for a few minutes.

With this 'wicked' and fun sister in law- I do things which I never did before, with any of my cousins.(My real younger brother refuse to do any of such sharing activities which I can do with sisters.)

Something which I have missed in my childhood and teen age because most of the cousins I have are either too young for my age or they are taller than me or they just have different taste! Hence the sister-sharing thing never happened. Sharing with my brother was restricted to sweets which he loves.Oh wait that was the barter deal- as one small bowl of salad in his dish used to become mine if I share that small piece of sweet! Well, I digress. So, we share accessories, scarves ,hair dryers, perfumes.In fact, like true sisters we used to share the room as well when Mr.ISB was in Pune for six months!

I'm one prankster and every friend of mine knows this. Well, I have got one real one in my family now, if I do not count my mother and my brother in. This girl has gifted me a real sadakchhap shringar kit which had a dirty-cheap looking Mangal sutra, sindoor, lipstick, bindipack and kajal, on my birthday before the wedding! Moreover, she wanted me to apply/wear all of them so I can click a picture and send it to her!!She calls a bar our mind spa and often makes me drink to see if I get high or not! (Well, I do not like the taste of any such drinks apart from Mojito and some wines!) Needless to say when we three kids of the family go to the bar, Mr.ISB never drinks alcohol.

Our love for Fawad:
Yeah, this love for him is so strong that she actually said that she doesn't mind if Fawad chooses me over her, to get married (again!) because 'Chalon hum dono meinse kisiko to Fawad Mila!' When we discuss or watch his Telefilms or dramas we conveniently forget that I am married to her real brother and Fawad is married too!

Complimenting Each Other:
Now where our frequencies don't match we compliment each other. As lame it sounds, she is okay with managing kitchen sans cleaning while I am okay with cleaning things up when our maid decides to enjoy a vacation,putting mom-in-law in a panic mode! She loves mess and I love organizing stuff but we both have strike a balance to organize a mess. *If you understand what I mean!*

Night Time Discussions:
So after dinner once in a while, when we get our own space we put up crazy videos on Chrome Chast and laugh rolling on the floor. We talk in a nonsensical way where two sentences might not even co-relate with each other. When Mr.ISB was not in the town we had managed to survive long laughter attacks waking up mom dad in the bedroom at 12 in the night.

Kitchen Chronicles:
We can make tasty dishes together but most of the times we create 'topics' to discuss just to fade of the boredom off which gets induced by making Chapatis or similar staple dishes. She is one of those few persons I have allowed to be in the kitchen when I try a new recipe.

She is the one who asks me to slow down in my 'planned' life. It makes sense too. When I overdo something she points it out. She is the one who inspire me to take care of myself when I go into a self destructive mode. She has this unique brain where she can bifurcate important and not so important stuff clearly which I lack. Needless to say she inspires me every time she does that.

Our love for her Brother:
It goes without saying that we both love him,but we also Kosofy him together when we get pissed off by him! We both hate his one random word response to our 'touched the moon' excitement. We do irritate him together by our constant chatting many a times. We manage to discuss his act of sticking his butts to his favorite sofa. When I get into a tiff with her brother, this sister gets into the hibernation and when she fights with her brother I try to do the same.

Yes,I confess I'd never thought getting a sister-in-law would be so much fun even when I had no bias against the community of Sister-in-laws. She made it too easy for me to adjust to the family which anyway was not really tough. My sister-in-law is the sister I never got before!

Let me put this way,

 She is the best wedding gift I got on (and before) my wedding!


April 22, 2016

R for Revamp

Our lives need revamps every few years/months. These revamps either happen naturally due to age/experience or people bring it to themselves for  good. As and when we grow old, challenges change, situations change and if we behave too snobbish to change ourselves it does not always do the good. Now revamps when I mention here, is a positive change in life. I've a few for myself- either already initiated or collecting my courage to make them happen.

Wardrobe Revamp: 
Because I've been always too lazy to shop offline since long. I have tried buying quality clothes and shoes splurging money but always tend to forget that daily usage can also perish them which is inevitable. So in a few months I have to move my ass again to the mall to help myself dress up smarter. I have no patience for online shopping but lately I feel it is more convenient than to waste my day amidst saving myself from scorching heat, jam packed malls, traffic and freeing up a day for the heroic task. After giving this explanation when I feel better now, I must admit I have to buy formals wear, casual clothes, night wears, formal shoes, sports shoes, a yoga rug and what not. None of these mentioned things in my wardrobe are in a good shape to use. Only the Maha traditional ones are worth wearing, which are nicely hanging on those hangers which rarely get out of the closet when some one decides to get married.

Work out Revamp:
This is something I've been working upon since two weeks. I used to walk a lot. A LOT. Home to station and station to home- 40 minutes minimum in a day. Then the summer arrived and the comfort went to the trash. Sweating and heat penetrating into the skin got me exhausted in an unhealthy way.Finally I decided to be less Ziddi and started exploring options to switch my work out to activities like walking/running/dancing/yoga. Options were many but the habit of sleeping at 12.30 am did not help me out. So, the mission 'Revamp' started with a lot of brain storming and ended up on doing everything at home! Haah. Now, people feel when we work out at home, work out becomes too casual but hey, for me dancing is never casual! And so a Yoga and Dancing session every day like no one is watching - has become my workout. I get a drop to the station from home and the return journey is generally through a hired taxi. If I do not get the taxi I walk but as it is late evening, it is not too exhausting.

Food Revamp:
I'm loosing hair, my skin has become too dull and if I look back at my diet it is clearly the root cause. I need to consume more leafy vegetables, less cooked stuff, a lot of protein. These are not my words, these are doctor's words when I asked her on call about it. I need to grab a big bowl of salad every single day- a sum of what we all family members eat as of now. I need to grab a fruit or two every day, which I have started to follow. My intake of sprouts has reduced to zero. Need the revamp at any cost. Smoothie or no smoothie, I need to incorporate greens in my meals.

April 21, 2016

Q for Questions

Why is my damn back paining so much even when I work out?
Why the hell this scorching sun does not go away?
Oh my god, the cook is on vacation, life is a lot like hell. What to do?
Should I dance, dance or dance?
Oh this road from station to office, why dont you be friends with trees?
Why do I hate dressing up so much suddenly?Wait, time for a wardrobe change?
Well, should I go to a temple? Why do I feel so?
Why do I need a break from socializing when I'm really social?
When should I go to my home town to see my mom?
Why do I feel so hungry?
Why am I getting so exhausted?
Wow, did I ever know I would get such an interesting assignment to do?
Am I drinking enough water?
Should I walk from the station to home?
Why am I not getting the damn tea!?
Why am I enjoying being alone so much?Is it the super hectic day?
Should I deep clean the room to stop sneezing?
Should I ask dad to courier his favorite vacuum cleaner which I secretly wish to be mine?
Why am I so tired to go for shopping?
Oh man,I do not have enough formal clothes! What should I wear tomorrow?
Should I start taking dance classes?

They never end. Questions.

Do you question yourself,like I do? All the time?

April 20, 2016

P for Parallel

#Parallel world.To be precise #

Relative-1: Oh,come to our city for four-five days, as now toh you are totally free.(Referring to Mr.ISB's Denmark Deputation)
Me: Oh I do not have Saturdays off so I'm not that free to travel to another city but would try for sure.

In the parallel world..

Me: My husband does not make me work all the day also he is not my boss at work. So his being out of country does not really make me 'Totally' free. 


Relative-2: Poor girl. On her birthday her husband is not there. It would be difficult for her to stay alone with in-laws.
Me: I enjoy wherever I am! Also my in-laws are awesome people and I'm enjoying my day.

In the Parallel world..

Me: I have spent 3/4th of my life without my husband, big deal if he is not there. You don't have to remind me all the time that he is out of country. Also unlike daughter-in-laws of those daily soaps my life is supported by every one from my husband's family.


Relative-1 telling my MIL while she is stuffing cabbage, beans and cheese in Nachos for him..

Relative 1: This is my wife and my daughter's department. I don't do anything. (Pride in the air)
Me: Hmmmm

In the Parallel world..

Me: That is not exactly to be proud of. May be doing such small things for yourself would teach your daughter two things about independence and gender equality. 


Aunty: Why do pregnant girls now a days don't eat properly. The child would get affected.
Me: Hmmmm *Better to finish the topic then and there!*

In the Parallel world..

Me: Haaan Haan, You were never worried about the girl's health before. Not eating properly is not good for the girl first. Why do you aunties always care only for the unborn child. Both are precious. 


The Parallel world is where I unmask.

April 18, 2016

O for other

There are living and non-living things in life whom we don't like to care about but the society or the normal human tendencies of different types make us cling on to them.

Gifts. Some you love to the core. You indulge in them forever. But then there are things which you have not used EVER or stopped using them because either their life is over or you can not use them due to location, seasonal constraints or simply you do not like them any more.Do you discard them? At least, I take time to realize their worthlessness.

Clothes. Some of them are bought by you.Sometimes people buy them for you and eventually you do not wear them at all because your choice changed or you simply felt uncomfortable in them. Do we discard them?

Books. This one is almost impossible for me. I can not discard even one book. Even when the book is just too boring to read eleven odd pages. Even when it is about something which can evoke sleep in the otherwise an owl- that is me. I need to start discarding those bundles of pages/booklets I picked as memories of cities I visited or bought them just out of curiosity but never bothered to read.

Other miscellaneous stuff like rolls of ribbons,pens,old visiting cards, old gadgets, wires. We don't use them at all or we do but may be once in a year. It is wise to scrap totally nonfunctional things and keep a small part of things which you might need once in a year. The human tendency to save them for the rainy day does nothing but increase the mess in that cupboard of yours. Such things anyway hardly carry sentimental values.

People. Let's talk about discarding whom you do not like from tiny brains we have. Friendships which are already washed off feelings but you still tend to cling on to them for no reasons.Relationships which are unavoidable to not to manage but in a way they cost you a lot of heart burns even when you think about them. It is better to discard such people out of life. Doing something as a social obligation is cheating yourself. Peace of mind is something should be priority and clearly it is not being gifted by these people whom we just talked about. They create the same kind of mess in our lives, which useless books,clothes and gifts make.

Because anything which does not make you feel warm, it falls in to the 'OTHER' category.

And one should ignore, avoid and discard 'OTHER' if they come in between you and your happiness. (Or your suppose to be super organized home! :D )

I am starting with those 'OTHER' clothes,books and people. You?

N for Now

That is the 28th birth day gift I want to gift to myself. The power of NOW and when you do something NOW- you win situation right there. Basically NOW will wash off your POP (Paaps Of Procrastination)

I have been a bit successful  this year in doing things which I really really want to but some scary activities like driving and swimming (to Mr.ISB's dismay) are still there in my pending list. Oh in fact there are zillions of things I wish to do but then I have managed to do only a few. This year I want to push myself to do such things NOW.

  1. Learn Calligraphy. Now, learning it means you need a tutor which blocks my tiny calendar. So, Youtube can be one of the options I want to explore.
  2. Creating Fun Birthday cards for people I love. I used to do this religiously a few years back. This has to be started again.
  3. Host minimum three house dinner parties this year. Friends and a few cousins. I wish I can stop procrastinating for this.
  4. Well,exploring another land. This thing is on my cards already,thanks to Mr.ISB!
  5. I have been sleeping to less for some months now. I have tried to finish minimum seven hours of sleep since three four days.Let's see how this restless soul go about it.
  6. Peace of Mind. Anxiety is something which might fall on my face genetically and I have seen signs as well in myself. This has to be corrected. I should start NOW to change the way I handle such situation. (I am otherwise too brave and strong,seriously! -only if I see my parents/family suffer I panic. I used to escape from accepting the change noticed in me - I have accepted this now.)
  7. Expanding my ear-rings collection. 
  8. Cook a new dish every month. Even with only Sundays in my hand, I hope it is doable.
  9. Wardrobe make over. This has to be done. Or my own mother might kill me because my fashion conscious mother thinks my wardrobe has gone from boring to dull.Which my MIL also agrees but refrain from telling it on my face. The only person supporting me is Mr.ISB and my SIL.Kind of Unique Kaliyug.
  10. This is on top. Fitness. Frequent allergy attacks and decreased stamina needs to be worked upon. I am lost some weight but really problems need to be addressed apart from loosing some more weight. 

Enough for NOW :D

April 15, 2016

M for Messages *A Birthday Post!*

So as I mentioned here, I was not really excited for the day and the eternally optimistic funny person in me could not decided on any plans to make it fun.Disappointments were slowly gripping me and the day arrived.

Midnight calls and messages were few as I do not keep my birthdays 'Public' on Social Media platforms. People who cared and remembered my birthday would any way call or chat by the time day ends and that is what matters the most.

This time calls were special because Mr.ISB skyped and was the first one to wish! Cherry on the top was my Sister-In-Law calming my anxiety of 'How to react when some one wishes' while being there with me -Personally! Cheesing over the Pizza (If that is understood) was a long phone call from my younger brother who seldom expresses feelings and he called at 12.30 pm! (Oh that  6 feet tall super irritating toddler is growing up!) My bro buddy of course did not miss my birthday at 12.

Now most of the people who know me well,know I do not really like loosing my sleep due to long phone calls even when I do feel like not stopping them. So, of course my parents and a few old friends would NEVER call me midnight. This works well as it balances my energy levels.So I really could sleep properly to start afresh the next morning.

Office started well and with one of the directors not wishing me at all even when we were constantly chatting for work! He was being different than usual but when he took out a bunch of Dairy Milk Silks and hand it over to me (Sent by his kids!) I realized he was just trying to irritate me. Cake cutting and painting my face with a spoon full of chocolate cream (Sober guys in 40s I tell you, spoon because they don't really have to touch me!Bwahahahahah) was done with a lot of fun. After lunch we headed to South Bombay for an exhibition which ended up with a lot of laughter attacks, silly photo sessions and walking for half and hour hunting for one damn Lassiwala from the childhood memories of that same director.(Please note: We could not spot him!) The tired gang finally took an Uber back to the office with spicy tangy Bhel and Lemonade. I left the office with a warm feeling which calmed me down further as I thought with night the nervousness which had not appeared ye would appear in an intense fashion. I did not know what was there in store for the birthday girl!

When I entered home I had no idea I would be given the cutest birthday gifts I could ever get from in-laws side family! I was presented a bundle of letters from who's who living in Mumbai with a big card prepared by my Sister-in-law and Dad-in-law! Letters were from my Mom-in-law, Dad-in-Law, eldest paternal Aunt-in-law, two cousins, Maternal Aunt-in-law, two best of best friends and my little nephew!  5 out of 9 letters were specifically written in pure Gujarati for my love for the language which was a super special surprise for me. (My MIL I always new is proficient in the language but the pro-face of dad was never known to me. These letters are going to be precious for me, forever! Efforts taken by my local extended family members made me feel so goood! My little nephew's message with cute smileys and her mom's message brought some fresh air from the younger generation of the extended family. My two best friends what should I say (one gave a promotion to me by making me her toddler's Masi and the other refuses to grow up and get married), what would I do without them!

Apart from these collected letters, I got warm messages from my favorite Aunty from USA, my mom and dad from back home. I should not forget fun conversation with Singapore friends and Frock Buddy N as without them I do not believe my birthday can turn into a special deal.

But... The bestest of the  best part of the birthday came in two sub-parts. A really really witty yet warm  mail from Mr.ISB (which he wrote after an era and was long due!) and A super funny letter from my Sister-In-Law describing how we sister-less pupils have got sisters in each other-and other embarrassing facts of my persona! :D

I think the best gift one can ever give to a person is personalized messages.Long ones preferred, for people who can write!

Because Messages can make you feel more special like nobody's business!

April 14, 2016

L for Love

Whatsapping in the super drowsy state of mind, throwing rubbish which was forgotten in the morning..    (Recollected from the chat record)

Me: Your wife is a big time feminist. But I like her as she is. She is too ahead of her times but she is tired under baggages. But,I love her!
*After 10 hours *
Mr.ISB: I love her too!

Confession that was! 

April 13, 2016

K for Kopi

Before you roll your eyes, think of me going nuts about taking up this A-Z blogging challenge and coming up with self made words- STOP! Because Coffee is Kopi in Malay. (Thank God for not calling it Coffee,Malaysia; I did not want to write about K serials of India!)

Very few things I miss from my life in Singapore. Kopi is one of them. The traditional Coffee you get in Malay coffee shops and they are highly underrated,I must tell you. Toast Box was one of the destinations I craved to go to whenever I would land up in the mall nearby when I was studying in Singapore. A visit to this place was like gifting myself some indulgence. Toast Boax is a chain there and I am sure I would have graced them all (outlets in the areas I visited )with my pawan kadam at least once.Now when I think about Singapore, I think about Toast Box as well. Every single time. (Are you listening to me, Toast Box?)

The aroma of a little dark coffee- roasted,aromatic and sweet in its own balanced way would capture you as soon as you enter. They would pour it directly from the hot kettle into the white vintage coffee mugs. Old photo frames, antique furniture and lovely chit chats around you-One can not feel lonely there. Of course, you wont like to miss delicious Peanut Butter and Kaya Toast as well. None of these mentioned jewels are available in India.My luck! I never forget how economical they were if I compare with super hyped Starbucks in Singapore.

Closest coffee I could find in India, is our very own Filter Coffee Filter Kapi! Living in a south Indian area in the Western region of the India, it is my pure good luck that I get to gulp a mug anytime I want. Every time I sip it, I remember miss the taste and the feel of Kopi in Toast Box.

May be Toast Box should start their KOPI if nothing else, in Mumbai?

And I promise to buy liters  of Kopi every week!Okay?

April 12, 2016

J for Jewellery

The only super girly trait I have if I do not count dancing in it,is my love for Jewellery. I do not care much about dresses and try to go for comfortable ones even at the risk of looking under dressed. But, jewellery? No. Ear rings are my things and compromising with the pair is not my comfort zone anyway. Bracelets, chains and neck pieces are somethings I love but seldom wear,yet I can not say that I am not into them.

Love for ear-rings and other jewellery pieces has grown into me with years.As a kid I used to wait for festive seasons as only during these days my mother would allow me to change my small boring gold-diamond studs. I never liked them and always wanted to wear stones (Ruby or  Sapphire) or pearls in a little hoop style design. Some how my love for ear-rings stuck to these precious stones and I never liked Diamonds or Gold.

My wedding preparation became a war time activity between my mom and me as she felt for the society she needs to give me more gold which was not the scene in my family (My dad's side doesn't prefer Gold and always crave for stones and pearls with intricate designs for some unknown reasons! How I love such designs!). I was hell bent on not taking too much of gold and actually pestered my dad to fight with my mom to let me have those amazing pearl jewellery of old times.

Even today, if I would buy something from my heart it wont be gold or diamonds! (I read about Blood Diamonds and how we can not differentiate between blood and non-blood diamonds.I hate myself for being happy for two sets I got during my wedding as gifts from both sets of parents.)

In fact contrary to people's belief, I feel Stones with silver, crystals and Pearls are girl's best friends.They are more economical,so you can have more of them. They are fancier.They go well with ethnic as well as western clothes.Not all precious stones/pearls/Crystals need to be kept in the locker- so you can flaunt them every time you feel like! I so want to splurge some day into stones. Pearls I have got many and Crystals ..

Well, Mr.ISB already gifted me a set of Swarovski Crystals before leaving for Denmark.

Or I just made him gift that to me :D

PS: Next birthday may be stones? Did I mention I love Jaipur stones and pearl studs europeans wear?

April 10, 2016

I for Inertia

By Definition Inertia is the tendency of the matter to remain unchanged. Isn't it a realty in us- human being? Resistance to change. Resistance to go out of the comfort zone or even resistance to feel?

I have a lot of it unlike people's idea of my super human flexibility I generally show at work? You know what, that is also nothing but the inertia of changing my assertive image at work which is actually nothing but only a sort of fear. People close to me know or have observed that I have inertia for super weird stuff apart from resistance to move out of comfort that cozy comfort zone.

The Inertia in me stops me from doing something really new which already has some bias in my mind. Once I fear/believe something, it is rarest of the rare event that I try it. Swimming or driving.

Then there is this inertia to feel something. Negative or positive. People seldom know this kind of inertia I posses. Generally too expressive about even the temperature change of one degree,I do get cold feet when over whelmed. Let me explain. I'm certainly too expressive and sensitive even when I try to show my stronger/rude face at work. I wait for good things to happen like nobody's business with excitement and it's share of nervousness too if the situation demands.But when the wait is over or the same good luck appears out of no where in front of me all I can feel and express is a deadly combination of numbness and inertia. I do get judged for being a snob many a times but I fail to over come the effect (rather no effect) of inertia.I just behave as if nothing happened.

This weekend was The-Fight-That-Inertia weekend. I was waiting for Mr.ISB's call since eternity and the feeling was getting intense due to it being the Sunday-not doing-anything-day. I wanted to talk about hundred things to him but when he called- I was speechless. I had nothing to talk. This generally does not happen with my talkative nature but it happened and it used to happen before many a times.

We also received a call from my favorite aunt with whom I talk like there is no tomorrow albeit via e-mails. I was super excited to talk to her as generally we are in office when my MIL and she call each other, but when I picked the receiver up to talk, I did not know what to converse with the same favorite aunt or even the uncle. I just replied as if the inertia is not there but there was a lot of it. I was smitten by my overwhelmed self. I was caught by that Inertia fellow.

Okay, I should also mention instances where I got out of inertia.Yes, Baking had taken the last bench in my life and I wanted to revive it since months. I guess,last time I baked something was in last May? Mumbai and Baking both were toying around with my mood to bake even a cake. That was inertia of getting out of my schedule, put up that baking equipment in front of me, find an exciting recipe, buy required ingredients and just bake. Anyway, this weekend I made a move out and baked a super healthy cake with some Indian flavors.

I have many more inertia(S) to over come. The list includes swimming and driving but there are smaller but important ones as well.

Like expressing when it is really needed. For my special people.

A big sorry to all of them whom I really care about but fail to express the eagerness to be with them.

April 8, 2016

H for Hyperactive

That is what describes me unless I am reading an interesting book, watching some really Suits or sleeping. Wait, the last one is really doubtful as when I get up majority of the times I felt as if I have been thinking deep while I was sleeping but still feel healthy.

I am hyperactive. To the extent of hurting myself. 

- I can not sit after getting ready for something. Be it some work or going out. It is just impossible for me to sit and watching clock to tick. 
- I can not sit at home for more than half a day. My mind starts planning something even when it would be a much needed break for me!
-I can not lie down just like that.I can not think NOTHING!
-I can not see mess around me for more than half and hour. It is more of an OCD and less of the hyper activeness.
-Even if I am dead tired, usually I do not sleep if some work is pending. Like reaching home at 12 in the night and not unpacking. It happened last month when I came back from my home town after being with my mom in the hospital for a week,drained out physically and emotionally.
-I can not let others work in my kitchen. I need to multitask and if something goes slow it spoils my plan. 
-My mind keeps on weaving plan once I decide to do something. Rarely I visit a place without any plans. 
-Dance liberates me. May be this shows my hyper activeness. Sitting and watching someone dancing without even tapping my feet is a punishment.

It is useful most of the times as I generally do not keep work pending (Well,most of them!) but it does hurt me a lot as I seldom take rest when required.It creates disturbances in my sleep schedule. A bit of calmness becomes rarity in life. 

While even at the ripe age of 27 I am learning to manage this trait of mine, any suggestions?

No.Meditation is something which was tried thousand times without success. 


April 7, 2016

G for Goa

Now do not expect a long shiny travelogue ,because I have got NONE. Reason: I have not been to Goa Goa. Aaa..ah... I meant I have been to Goa three times if I recollect but as a kid with my family. It also means I have seen all the Temples, Churches and commercial beaches of Goa (I conveniently do not remember any of them properly) but the real GOA which people youngsters see is yet to be explored.

I have heard about Goan food, fruits, flea markets, hikes and drives. I have seen millions of photos of people having  gala time chilling on the beach, eating fancy stuff,wearing fancier clothes, enjoying colorful festivals. Photos which intimidate me more, are of people lying down and  reading books on beautiful beaches with drinks in their hands. Surreal. Every other person under the sun seems to have been to this Goa. And me? No :/

Now, do not get me wrong if I say I am not a beach person.I am not! People consider me a looser if I say I've not been to Goa and a super looser when I tell them- I want to go but I am not a beach person. (I do not blame them!) The reason of wanting to go Goa for me is not beaches.

The reason of wanting to go Goa is rains. I prefer Goa in rains. I want to go for long drives in that green Goa, drenching like nobody's business. I want to observe local people there. I want to drink hot chocolate in those small local homely stalls. I want to do that monsoon trek which is long due.I want to flaunt those floral tops which are happily sitting in my cupboard. I want to bike on narrow roads in outskirts of Goa and discover nature. I want to gobble locally made cheese cakes and pasta. I've read so much about the organic fun people have in Goa that I so very much want to plan my next holidays there. But...

That Goan Holidays never come.Either I do not get leaves. Or we plan to go some where else.Or I just jinx it every single time.

But I do not stop dreaming about my days in Goa.

Goa, you beauty. You better be awesome when I arrive.

Till then :)


April 6, 2016

F for Fruits

Yes,life can not be tastier without them.I am a big- nope a BIG lover of fruits. Spread them on the table and there would not be any if you leave us alone! I bet.

My love for fruits started early. My mom tells me that my first ever food-love was nothing cooked but fruits - raw fruits after Butter Milk, which made my mom a bit happy as her pre-mature baby otherwise used to throw every other food molecules out showing her tongue hundred times a day. I give credits to dad for that. Not for puking out stuff but for giving me this love for fruits genetically. Even fruit rules- I am coming to that. (The other thing he gave me genetically is my skin which I do not really like-otherwise I am almost a CC of my mom!)

I (We-me and dad) have laid out some rules in my food-life when it comes to fruits. No matter what, I never break them.

-Fruits can not be cut and served unless it is absolutely necessary.For example we can not bite a water melon. We can but should not. Cutting apples and serving is a crime.
-One can not say NO to fruits ever,if offered. It is an insult to me and fruits.
-Cut fruits in a lunch box is as good as eating pizza. You get nothing out of them.
-One CAN'T add salt or any spice on fruits and offer to me. I might not even touch them.
-One can not have them in flavored cakes. It does not even count. Fruit cakes kill them. Sin.
-Fruits can not be disliked. Any fruit for that matter. The only fruit I refuse to eat is a jack fruit.More because I have been taught by my parents that I am allergic to it with a good amount of severity.
-If you go to Europe and do not bring me dried fruits (without Sugar and Salt) I might not talk to you.
-One can not spoil the fun of having watermelon or oranges by taking each seed out while eating. Eat them. They are super healthy.


If you see fruits or  a fruit lying any where at home,one should not just look at it. Gobble and Eat.


E for e-mails, ah Emails

Confused about the capital 'E' while spelling the e-mail but the geeky me is really fine with 'e-mail'.

They are connections to different pieces of my heart - big and small,scattered globally. I am not exaggerating. People addicted to writing letters to special ones would know the feeling. Because,I write mails often.To some or the other person I care about. (If you are one of them, lucky you!)

Writing to people brings joy and comfort to me. I feel closer and the distance vanishes. My inhibitions about discussing certain things directly some how disappear and I talk straight from my heart, albeit through the keyboard and the medium of e-mails. I really do not expect people to reply because I would imagine them talking to me when I click on that 'send' button. If they reply, which generally happens I do feel like that kid who just won a big fluffy teddy bear! Every single time.

No,in fact it is like chit-chatting over a cup of Adarakhwali chai sitting in a balcony while it drizzles outside. Even the joy of blogging does not come closer.

Well,I do not mail any other person every now and then. I pick special ones from my life and never let them go out of touch. That one tool which helps me immensely in maintaining these relationships, in fact the only tool is an e-mail. Phone calls and Whatsapp are great but in today's fast paced life they are not sustainable. If I want that quality time with people I want to be in touch with, I would prefer e-mails over phone calls or any video or messaging services. Unless they are  your parents or spouse - video calls,phone calls and messages eventually becomes a hassle. (Special Occasions deserve Skype,phone calls or the best - facet to face meetings!)

I can not thank enough to  Sayesha Didi and Xena for coming back with lovely e-mails, Singapore room mates for those witty one liners, Frock buddy N for that Hi Hello, my aunt from USA for listening to me without getting tired through e-mails. Ah, I forgot Mr.ISB - the man behind the habit. Yes, he unknowingly made me pick this habit because 'Love' had to happen by e-mails?

You guys make my e-mails alive :) And So I kick in! :)

April 5, 2016

D for Distance

Physical Distance.Not the emotional one. Distance was always a part of my life after I left my home town to join my first company. Straight out of collage, raw talent and soft heart but the brave mind which can at the end of the day manage ill effects of that physical distance.

-Distance shows the real value of the relationship.
-Distance tests the relationship. Long distant friendships are some times stronger many a times.
-Distance gives that space which is required to introspect yourself. Understand yourself.
-Distance makes you independent. So that particular relationship is a lot more than the obligation or the dependence.
-Distance teaches you to be sane.
-Distance brightens up your life and expands your horizon.Because you have experiences from the other land too!
-Distance teaches you to be patient.

Today, when Mr.ISB is leaving for Denmark for Sixty days (and not Ninety, yeye!) I need to re-read all those observations I have made in life so far about the Distance.

Distance is good. Only if it is for Sixty days. Okay?

April 4, 2016

C for Cold

Oh,The Perennial Cold. Since 2013.

I am allergic to something. AC, Food, Pollen, Pollution- we do not know. The stuffy nose or the leaking nose is the main trait once I catch the allergen in my body. It gets complimentary sneezing attacks once in a while which subside only after taking Anti Histamine. I rarely get burning sensation in my throat but headaches are by products for sure. Lately my nostrils have decided to give me difficulties in breathing which means I have to use my mouth to breath which impacts my chit chat and hence mood!

So,Ladies and Gentlemen C can not be for anything else than 'COLD' because it is C for 'Constant' in my life!

Medicines, noting down habits, steam, turmeric milk, scarf while going out,avoiding dust while cleaning home- nothing seems to be working to stop these bouts. Medicines and steam give me some moments to relax(and to inhale using nostrils) but than in a few hours, if lucky-in a few days cold would strike back.

Pune,Singapore. Ahmedabad, Mumbai - I changed places. Cold is  the constant companion every where. 

What am I planning to sustain and survive through  this phenomenon which seems to be a life time partner?

- Take Himalaya Septaline to finish the dose. My ENT aunt who used to ask me to take these tablets every day for three months has stopped telling me this. Which means it is high time to stick to the treatment and not leave it in between which I have done almost five times in last three years.

- Take steam every night so that my nostrils try to behave while I get some good night sleep.

- Ignore comments on my super small sharp noise by friends,  Mr.ISB and the Sister-In-Law. :D (I have super small nose and even smaller nostrils and so cold creates serious breathing difficulties - A theory by my Pune friend!)

- Eat Ice creams. Not eating them is not helping as well. 

- Avoid Sugar which I am not doing AT ALL. *Yah Allah Takat De* *Drooling on thoughts of that Cheesecake I had last weekend*

-Sing songs. Honestly, my voice wears some very interesting 1950s-Brand-Nasal-Texture and so 'Bhawara Bada Nadaaan haaaay...'..

-Brownie points on  catching cold: Have more Adarakh wali chai... (Oh, did I tell you my colleague who is a fan of super mild tea calls my 'cold speal tea',Panipuri Ka Pani!) 


-Work out. I might sound insanely illogical but when I used to jog regularly I had comfortably elongated the period between two cold attacks. The logic says this can not be true as my cold is due to my body being allergic to something! But if it is true,I should work out regularly.

Any suggestion in making cold some fun for me?

April 2, 2016

B for Birthdays!

Aren't they beautiful? For me, they were/are always fun! There was a time when I used to like my birthdays to be stuffed with little big surprises, friends and fun. Honestly, I still love them. Unlike people who love cozy and warm birthdays with family, I prefer birthdays full of people. Family,friends,colleagues and cakes.

As a kid,I used to feel bad about my birthdays which would either fall on the last day of the exam week or the first day of the summer vacation. As I was not into celebrating birthdays with friends and cutting cakes at home- I used to pray that some day it would fall on school days when the whole class or say the whole school would wish me.I would be the hero of the day without any heroic deed :D
That mom made cake and friends had fun with dinner kind of birthdays were never my thing!

Grown up me did not changed the kiddo  me during collage days or even after I started working. I liked my birthdays on week days but would always miss my family, though my parents always made it special one or the other way. I kept on enjoying 12'o clock celebrations for two three years with a child's heart as at home we never celebrated midnight for some reasons. (Though,I despise the midnight celebration now as my liking for working days-birthdays combination does not really support celebrating at 12'o clock. Who the hell wants to celebrate only for a couple of hours and sleep before the exciting birthday starts in the office!)

Birthdays became more special once I started spending them with Mr.ISB. Surprises, dinners, friend's get together, surprise parties planned with my gang. He has so far done everything possible on my last few birthdays. It was/is a special feeling to see him gelling with gang for me and my gang chilling with him for me!

This birthday (OMG Only thirteen days left!),though things would be different. I wont have any of my usual birthday people- Mumbai Gang - not in Mumbai any more, Pune Gang,Singapore gang -not in Singapore but not in Mumbai,Mom still recovering from her illness and the biggest shocker- Mr.ISB. He would be in Denmark helping some vikings with ships, sitting in the building in Copenhagen. (Lame joke,I know!)

So,this birthday,I need to plan things on my own. I think,I am liking the idea of planning my own birthday celebration than expecting others to do it.

How do you celebrate your birthdays? How did you spend your last birthady?!

April 1, 2016

A for April

The first month of the new Financial year in India. My birth month (Which I need to plan to celebrate alone thanks to my zulmi Piya going to the country of Vikings for work for three months!!). The month of mangoes.The month of scorching sun. The Month of chilled Nimbu Pani. The month of blasting Air Conditioners to their optimum capacity while getting tucked under a warm piece of blanket. (Weird me) The month of work anniversary in my new awesome job.

Reminds me of my last office. Always surrounded by friends/colleagues. Working on boring stuff after my favorite boss's resignation. I was happy for him yet under the trauma of not having any good mentors around any more. April was the month which created professional stagnancy and mayhem for a year afterwards.

Back to today. I am surrounded by four awesome people. Working on a messy table just after an hour of organizing it by yours truly. Dreaming about dreams. Carving strategies, failing numbers of times.carving some more and getting results. Right from invoice creation and inventory counting to cracking clients. Developing products from the vendor while being not really knowledgeable in the area. Acting the very moment a situation comes up.

This morning,when I entered office after having my tea to combat effects of anti-histamine taken to fight my perpetual cold, my director with his usual boring expressions informed me that delivery boy from vendor's place returned without dispatching the material as we all were down stairs for tea. Now this particular guy at our vendor's place is one Namuna with the skill of pissing me off every single time I ask him to do something. I got pissed off. My super transparent face showed my anger in micro seconds (The colour of my face was RED, as per my team) . I was furious that he did not call me before asking his delivery guy to return without dispatching. This consignment was super urgent for us. We were keen on testing the product he had manufactured.I wanted to punch that Namuna from the mobile phone itself and so I picked the mobile from my desk....

And my director commented..

"I hope he is not playing an April Fool prank, specially on your first work anniversary day with us" and gave me a big cunning smile.

And I  realized...

It is April.The month of playing fools.