June 24, 2013

Because I need to write.

Days I have not been writing. Phew. Not that I don't have things to write about but twitter served as a tool for my mind who is busy in weaving one liner or a minute long thought. It eventually tweets and shuts off.

I must say, I missed blogging though. An open blank page and a mind-a heart filled with expressions are together an opportunity to bring out the inner you. If I talk life today, blogging about it right away will not be a bad idea.

* 2 hours this draft was open without one more word written on it*

See, I told you there are so many things to write about and my hyperactive mind calmly refuses  to pen down any one thought calmly. Yes , you got it write. Even when I try, I wont be able to blog. Is this kind of a writer's anti block with the same effect as writer's block? Okay now don't kill me, I am not a writer here.

I will get back to you, right in some days.

Because I know, I need to write.

PS: Before readers start throwing eggs and rotten tomatoes let me just close this tab.

June 15, 2013

Amdavad ni Pol!

Pol is a lane. So if you hear things about Amdavad's Pol culture, I assure you it will be something about uniqueness. The government thankfully, after years has realized the heritage value and have started the heritage walk but my curious sole wanted to see the famous 'old and amazing' structures managed to visit the 'Pol'.

Of course I am no great photographer but I managed to click some memories. Of course all rights are reserved. More about Amdavad after my heritage walk, for sure!

June 10, 2013

Four happening takes-Let me express!

It is the perfect weather to go out, take out the shield of umbrellas- rain coats and dissolve in the chilled rain drops. Well, as my mom and a few friends agree to a buddy's theory of misplaced Center of Gravity in my body, she doesn't let me go out and jump, I am happily swinging in the big garden balcony at home.

Last some days were exciting and full of changes- Good and Bad. Happiness of being at home, being with family, talking to friends sometimes, cooking and sleeping with a little bit nervousness for future. I thought let me express and ponder over awesome things happening with me, by me and may be, for me.

The Monsoon: 20 days under the scorching sun, suffering a heat stroke and the stroke on the head resulting into stitches finally ended with the refreshing breeze of Monsoon. Touch wood. Of course twitter made me nostalgic about Mumbai but then Ahmedabad is cool,super cool in monsoon. My now not so new (finally!) home has a big garden balcony only for me, it seems. Be it early morning or late at night, this place is in my permanent possession. Mogara, Jasood and other flowers with chirpy birds of our zoologist uncle in neighbour hood makes it super adorable.

Books: I keep on reading books, almost all the time. This activity eats out major chunk of my day after sleeping. I am not complaining, its a bliss. I read and narrate stories to my parents and discuss with them as well. That is fun, I am telling you.

Television: Going gaga over this idiot box as I absolutely was without it for four years. I watch matches, news (limited) , songs and of course dance shows. I am sure, my TV is feeling honored.

Yoga: Not sure about the whole weight loss effectiveness formula but I am already feeling freshness and flexibility, so much that my brother thinks, I might again start jumping/toggling and hurt my knees before the previous injury marks vanish.

Those were my fantastic four take on my own life! How many do you have?

June 6, 2013

Mumbaiya Memories!

In Wake Up Sid when Ayesha writes her first article on the city of dreams, She knows why the city is special to her. She finds the city adorable. At the end of the movie, she realizes it was Sid who made the city so warm for her. The movie has some brilliant shots of the city of my dreams as well. The movie makes me nostalgic, each of the frame makes my heart crave for Mumbai.

I have written a lot about Mumbai, in the form of rants and in the form of ramblings. I love even the humid, irritating and still homely feel of the city.  I have a confession to make about it.

Like Sid in Wake up Sid, I have a bunch of Sids who made my stay in this city, an affectionate affair of my life.

Perhaps not even thousand words can give me a peace of mind, I am caught by the nostalgia trip.

The city of my dreams, please let me come and hug you again! Pretty please!

June 4, 2013

What did I do at home?

Well, a little bit of this, that and clicks.

Nothing else :)