June 14, 2017

The Joy Ride

Last night, like a true Pativrata Naari I was waiting for Mr.ISB to reach home so that I can dig into my dinner. Mumbai monsoons are no fun at night if it decides to be wild, hence I was worried. He had told me he is leaving the office before two hours, he was not picking the call and I was hungry (I like to have at least one meal together daily)- well, not in that order but every thing put together was making me anxious.

And the door bell rang. From the front cover door- I could see him with a wheel in his hand.

My mind just dived back in the last weekend, when we had gone to a sports show room called Decathlon where I was eyeing on a sports bike but was in doubts if I want to buy one or not. I was not sure if I should invest into it but nonetheless,  I was freaking (happily) out at the site of sports bikes displayed there, remembering my childhood. Now, lets be honest - I did not even said that to Mr.ISB. I kept it to myself.

And here he was lifting a disassembled sports bike as an Anniversary gift! (Which we assembled together after dinner, Any one noting down relationship goals?)

To the pun lover husband I wanted to say, "Don't I  take you for a ride anyway!"


Happy Third Wedding Anniversary, Buddy!!! Let's continue to be the weirdest couple (disliking PDAs, ditching luxurious holidays and Gold- Diamonds, loving walking dates and blah blah) 

May the craziness stays forever. 

June 4, 2017

Wonder, woman

So, last week I read some where about this movie and casually messaged Mr.ISB that we should watch it. Little did I know, he would really decide on watching it the very next weekend and I would have to over come my inertia, collect myself and move towards the theater at 10.30 in the night. I also did not know that I would love the movie (unlike many who did not) and how!

It was kind of a revelation that how small boys (also big ones!) get endorphin charged up when they watch super hero movies. I believe some where they get inspired or connect that 'want to be powerful/brave/strong' selves with those heroes. I felt the same. Just like a small girl, I was all in to even pose like wonder woman.

May be the adult 'me' would say that it was not the character I fell in love with, it was the real actress Gal Gadot who managed to pull the role with some special Chutzpa. We, of course immediately went online to read about her and believe me, the real Gal Gadot is even more inspiring. This multi talented personality has aced up a beauty pageant (Ms.Israel, I am sure is no joke), army training, being a physical trainer to soldiers, modelling, and several sports. Apart from these skills she is quite unique in her own ways like- flaunting flats on the red carpet where actresses wear heals as tall as their own height, bringing up having two kids while never messing around with her career and so on.

So, the next day morning while I was having my glass of milk and Mr.ISB was working on his precious laptop I asked him a million dollar question, knowing he really likes such powerful personalities and not  damsels in distress.

"How does it feel to marry a wonder woman?"

I smiled but it quickly got converted into rolling eyes.

"Let the wonder woman come out of you!", Mr.ISB had a ready answer.

Well, then.