July 31, 2011

A letter to rain of Mumbai!!!

Dear Rain,

Please dont come when i leave for office from home. I do agree you are a beauty but please anything in access will irritate me! Please go to Ahmedabad where people die for your love.. My mom keeps on waiting for you and cribs that you dont go there!! You are most welcome here also but sometimes you go to Ahmedabad also na....


July 29, 2011

Click of Relations....

My click!!

I name it 'Relations'.... It needs a string (Feel) to handle and tangle... Thats what makes a relation stronger!

July 27, 2011

Andaz Ahmedabad ka...

Couldnt stop myself from putting this click by me @ Ahmedabad ,Kankaria Lake..

A love letter to coffee :)

Dear Coffee,

I know you will be surprised to read this Love Letter to you but today I know I have to tell you this. I hate you for creating acidity and making me mad if I love you too much in a short period of time but then I am mad for you…

You are such a sweet thing for me that if any one upsets me , I directly come to your birth place in office ie. CCD coffee machine.. You were a BAHANA to meet  all my close friends and rejuvenate ourselves but now you are my close friend…

If I feel like crying I come to you , if I feel too much excited I come to you, if I get bored I come to you, if I get nervous I come to you , if I feel sleepy I come to you. So many of my friends hate you if I love you too much but then I can’t leave you like that. Let them tell me anything I am always there with you!.. in CCDs, Baristas, Costa café or just a filtered or homemade coffee… you are my love! And in summers I can’t keep myself away from a chilled form of yours… yummy cold coffee… I love to have you while working, chit chatting, reading or even say crying!!

I am also planning to have a very very big dashing and cutie mug for you to reside in! wont it be lovely?.. please wait for sometime till I get some really good deal! J

Let people taunt you… but you will be my love forever!! Can’t get enough of you dear!!


A chance...

A chance to remember..
A chance to smile together...
A chance to get the feel..
A chance to get off the reel..
A chance to be special..
A chance to dig out the treasure..
A chance to love..
A chance to live...

The chance makes us worth living ..

I am finding the chance worth breathing...

July 26, 2011

BIGGEST problems..


And these Un-undo words are the BIGGEST problems of our lives!!
We cant press 'undo' for these words!!!

Lets UN-live them!!

The perfect evening....

1 Cup of hot coffee
1 Old Kishor Kumar-Asha Bhonsle-Lata Mangeshkar song (Except tere bina zindagi se-Aandhi)
1 Biiiiiig Jhula



makes the perfect evening!!!!

July 25, 2011

The song i would like to sing!!! today!!

आ भी जा आ भी जा ऐ सुबह आ भी जा -२
रात को कर विदा दिलरुबा आ भी जा ) -२
आ भी जा आ भी जा ऐ सुबह आ भी जा
मेरे मेरे दिल के पागलपन की ओ सीमा क्या है
यूँ तो तू है मेरी छाया तुझमें ओ तेरा क्या है
मैं हूँ गगन तू है ज़मीं अधूरी सी मेरे बिना
रात को कर विदा दिलरुबा आ भी जा
आ भी जा आ भी जा ऐ सुबह आ भी जा -२
देखूँ चाहे जिसको कुछ-कुछ तुझसा दिखता क्यूँ है
जानूँ जानूँ ना मैं तेरा-मेरा रिश्ता क्यूँ है
कैसे कहूँ कितना बेचैन है दिल मेरा तेरे बिना
रात को कर विदा दिलरुबा आ भी जा
आ भी जा आ भी जा ऐ सुबह आ भी जा -२

The most soothing song for me today....

मंजिलो पे आ के लूटते है दिलों के कारवां
कश्तिया साहिल पे अक्सर डूबती है प्यार की

मंजिले अपनी जगह है रास्ते अपनी जगह (2)
जब कदम ही साथ ना दे तो मुसाफिर क्या करे

डूबने वाले को तिनके का सहारा ही बहोत
दिल बहल जाए फकत इतना इशारा ही बहोत
इतने पर भी आसमान वाला गिरा दे बिजलियाँ
कोई बतला दे ज़रा यह डूबता फिर क्या करे
मंजिले अपनी जगह है रास्ते अपनी जगह
यूं तो है हमदर्द भी और हमसफ़र भी है मेरा (2)
बढ़ के कोई हाथ ना दे दिल भला फिर क्या करे
मंजिले अपनी जगह है रास्ते अपनी जगह

July 22, 2011

Life,love and Creations...

My life is all about creating life , living love , loving creations!!

Sounds odd?? yes ... and When do you get this??  When you miss Life,love and creation!! Time waits for NONE!