May 30, 2012

For us and IRCTC!

I was introduced to the whole IRCTC fundae by my frock buddy N, when I used to bug her and other senior bhaiyas for my indore trips. But the youngest of all, that's Bubblegum dint get hands on experience with it, at that time!They only managed the whole trauma.The story kicked off when I was transferred to the dream city-Mumbai. As during my Pune-Nashik tenure, I had to travel by bus to my home town.

If you check the available trains between two cities-Mumbai and my home town, there are N number of trains you can get(N=17,mostly) and once, you might consider yourself lucky, albeit-before you actually try booking online on your own.

My tryst with the online-tatkal booking began some two years back. Of course I cant plan my holidays before three or four months and when you start planning before a month of your 'much needed holidays', you find waiting list which refuse to move at all. So, I had and I have to try my luck with tatkal every time.

I have developed some tricks and a list of requirements for the successful Tatkal booking. I had decided to blog about them after validating.I think I can blog now as I got my Tatkal ticket just in the second trial,at 8.36am.Note the time. From 8 to 8.30 in the morning the IRCTC site behaves like a stubborn kid who just refuse to eat and keep the food in his mouth.Note-chewing and gulping, that means opening the site and start booking is out of the question.

So here I go with some of my tips, I cant promise they will work for each one of us!

  • Practice Pranayam every day, it makes you fit and most important virtue it develops-"Patience"!
  • Try placing ice-pack wrapped in the napkin on your head when you book online to avoid high blood pressure or anger induced by errors occurring while booking the ticket. 
  • Keep all your stuff with you-Identity proof and credit card-debit card. You might shop online something if you feel stressed-for you all girls out there,who treats shopping as a stress buster thingie! 
  • If you have some buddies who can act as a fire extinguisher for your 'On fire' mind, keep your phone near you. Best-Assign speed dial to each of them to reduce the waste of time.
  • If possible keep friends-your relative online on the site at different locations having different login ids of their own to book your ticket.Forward this link of tips to them too,This will make you a good manager, handling multiple subordinates-almost.
  • Keep a napkin-towel-bucket ready, in case you are planning to  travel for some sentimental reason and you fail to book the ticket. You may cry to reduce your load.
  • If you believe in God,you can also play some chants or mantras to feel the holy power. Though I haven't tried this, some of my relatives feel good trying this out.
  • You can also keep a pillow, a dart game or a kick boxing kit with you , in case you end up vandalizing every thing around you in frustration.
  • Keep your room-mates or colleges away from you in case you don't gel with them much.You might target them.
  • You might fail each time on different steps of ticket booking,even after getting into your login. Just check a chill pill and believe in 'Karmanye Vadhika Raste, Mafaleshu Kadachan'!
  • Last but the most powerful and proven mantra for Bubblegum-When you fail to book the ticket after fighting with the site and get on your nerves, float a status of your irritation for IRCTC on Face book, let people comment, try again for one or two times after the act. In my case I always get the ticket after floating the status. I guess IRCTC has some sort of emotional connection with Face book!  :D
This time I followed each of the tips and Bingo, I got the ticket in the second trial as I mentioned earlier. I guess the first tip worked really well!! :)

All IT engineers-developers  of IRCTC site, if you are reading this, I appreciate the improvement- No multiple log in permission on the site. Can you please speed up the whole site, a little bit??? 

Just to reduce the carbon foot prints of the world???

The amount of carbon dioxide increases in the morning, all over India, and the reason can be The smoke induced by high blood pressure and anger of so many Indians who fail to book the ticket because of the incompetent railway ticket booking  site of the IT brain of the world.

May 29, 2012

A question thanks to 'Matilda'!

I guess I had seen the movie somewhere when I was matured enough to understand it's not for me, its for kids! :/ But who cared? Or who cares even now![I guess the post is going to be long and meaning less in the beginning but I want to blog to clear the nostalgia feeling!!]

 So the other day when I was roaming on the streets of Mumbai, Me and my buddy noticed piles of books and that means that is our favorite place to be. I was in need of books to satisfy my need of daily reading. My buddy took the plunge of suggesting books along with the 'Book wale' bhaiya. Suddenly I noticed a book named 'Matilda' in the kids literature book-lot. I grabbed it at once.

The teenager Bubblegum with her three years old mischievous cousin is sitting in the drawing room and watching television in the horrible hot evening of May. I remember the month as otherwise at five in the evening you can never get me inside home. I would be out to play with Frock buddy N.

My cousin is as usual asking me thousands of question and was focused on not letting his Didi to breath even for a minute. Suddenly I noticed a notorious looking girl on some random channel on the television doing something with her father's hat. I remember everything.Crispy clear. I asked my cousin to watch the girl and tried to make him watch the movie. From the very moment the terrible-two-chatterboxes were so much engrossed in the movie that mom and masi inside the kitchen dint realized at all that we are still in the drawing room. I guess the day was a golden-head ache free day for my mom. Yeah the terrible duo (One in 9th standard and the other was not even sure about the meaning of education!) used to make them feel crap with headaches, of course with the help of other cousins! ;)

May be I learnt something from the movie that day, how to fight for your rights. How to help people. How to tolerate tough things of the life and still try to get out of the cage.Kids movie and innocent I say!

Flashback over:

I grabbed the book. I went home. After two days I picked the book. Read it at once. Finished and enjoyed.Yeah kids book it is. But Don't you think, each one of us loves to be a kid again??

There is so much innocence in these kinds of books. How to fight evil, what is good, what is bad. What great people do, what bad people do.Why jealousy is bad.How to respect for people who care for us. Why we shouldn't bad mouth. Everything. I guess my ethics are built on the basis of what I have read apart from my parents upbringing. We all have learnt these stuffs in our childhood days.

Suddenly a question popped up in my mind.

Do we really care about 'those values' we have learnt in our childhood?

May 27, 2012

My life and all that!

Okay My life is always so dynamic (Don't stare!) that If I (or somebody I love!) don't end up creating a blunder every 15 days, I get scared(and my buddies too!).Obviously I feel good during the blunder or after the blunder!

I decided to write down all my heart for various reasons. Too many things to shoot and too fast things are moving up(& down!). I am happy, I am sad, I laugh out loud, I smile, I cry my lungs out too! As I believe blogging is therapeutic, I decided to pen down all the mess I have in my mind!

  • I am facing the biggest change  of my life, may be. Details to be disclosed soon.
  • I am happy and I am sad. Something like, one of my eyes have tears of happiness and the other has tears of pain. Wow, I am turning poetic!
  • I was scanned. Period. I had to undergo CT scan (I am fine, just a verification of good health!) and I had the most pathetic drink of my life. The green yucky (if at all you understand!) drink made me sick in a minute.No wonder it is called 'Contrast'! The whole scene was used to make a comedy show by the buddy who accompanied me and an uncle from the staff. I guess the only good thing about the whole 'drinking scene' was the walk to remember (to digest the drink and avoid puking) which actually made me feel good, be it  talks on dance, drinks!(yes!) or some stupid clicks of yours truly. Of course I don't want to tell you guys how I felt almost 'burnt' from inside while the scanning was going on,that I prayed for Japan! The damn radiation thingie! The whole scan was followed by a treat of Subway sandwiches by the buddy, a fishy flirty smile of a guy (must be 3 years old!) and 5 hours of sleep!Period.My buddy said, I dint speak up a word after the test! Contrast?? :D
  • I am living on a count down. Count down of leaving the warm cocoon and be more independent.
  • I guess I am going to have a life time panga with him. Buddy, please don't take panga.
  • My uncle (Fua) is recovering faster. Thanks to all readers and buddies who prayed for him! I'm happy!'Thank you all' is an understatement.
  • I have become a super solid fan of Subway sandwiches.
  • I have developed a short tempered nature in this young(24 is young okay!) age, and I am ruining my own health because of them same.I owe to take a chill pill!(Don't stare, I will loose my mind!)
  • The pending shopping list is growing up like anything and I am doing nothing. Nothing!
  • I am on the off-sight journey. A friend of mine is trying to show me USA by clicking some brilliant clicks every time he is out and send it to me by whatsapp! Dude, I am enjoying the trip!! 
  • Long Distance Relationships! I need to review again the status on that!
  • Planning a bash with friends for the hangover which can never get over! For me the drink will be obviously milk or coconut water, not the yucky colored 'Contrast'!
  • I am terribly home sick, I am terribly 'Buddy sick','Mumbai sick' at the same time and I am terrible already :D

May 23, 2012

That moment called zindagi!

The moment and me. For a minute. My mind stopeed and took that much needed pose. The cool breeze could be felt inside me. The sense of being secured. The sense of just living that moment. The water far away, my heart wanted to listen to the song by those cute curly waves. I had my life with me. I felt, luckiest for no reason. I felt the moment.

The moment called Zindagi-life!

I revisited these lines,

Kabhi dekho mann nahi jage,
pichhe pichhe sapno ke bhage;
kabhi dekho sapno ka rahi,
chala jae sapno ke aage;
Zindagi kaisi hai paheli hayee,kabhi yeh hasaye kabhi yeh rulaye..

May 21, 2012

I bow to thee-2!

My school was different. I must say, it is different. We had kindergarten classes where kids don't carry school bags or the tension of tiresome and boring homework books. Kids are taught to develop their senses, their vocabulary in their mother tongue-Gujarati. They are taught sportsman spirit, loyalty. They are taught color differences, songs,prayers of all castes. They are taught clay work, craft,painting and what not.

We had pure khadi-white uniform. Unlike other schools we had to sit on the floor in the huge assembly hall for the prayer and class-cultural programs. We learnt terminology in English too and Cambridge courses too. We can speak,write and read languages clearly. Not all students have mastered all languages but at least one from many,every one has. We were given exposure of music, classical music,dancing,reading,elocution, role-prays,drama,instrumental etc. You name it and we had experienced it.It provided us the stage!!

The best thing was -culture. We were different. We are different. It may sound odd but till 5th standard we used to call our teachers 'Behen' or 'Bhai'. 'Madam' and 'Sir' came into the picture in the middle school.We actually used to sing a song dedicated to our school-our life time friend,philosopher and guide. After passing the 12th standard, we realized the actual value of our school in building our personality and everything I have mentioned here.

So whenever we, students of Sheth C.N.Vidhyalaya pass through the school, we bow to thee. It shows how much we respect our school, we worship the school like the God! It shows the immense attachment we feel.It is the epitome of any attachment I feel.

When I was passing through my first and current company today in the morning, I saw the big entrance and the big name of it from the fly over. I felt I am bowing to this company who actually made me something from actually nothing student, who developed my attitude, who gave me the opportunity to explore the corporate world. It made me what I am today. I felt the sense of pride and the whole feel was a sudden realization.

I felt the second epitome of attachment, respect and admiration.

I bow to thee, my school and my company.

May 19, 2012

What do you say..

When you talk talk and talk and people around you listen to you so so enthusiastically! Especially when they are your parents,brother (a little bit!), Identical Cousin and Fai M and fua S! (Uncle-Aunty!)

When you have your dinner and you feel you had proper dinner (home-made) last time you were at the same place with the same set of people (as mentioned above!), that was some 30 days back may be!

When you actually realize why people call you and your cousin, a set of identical cousins.Reasons are laughter attacks induced by tupid jokes,i-pods,i-phone craze,songs,shopping,Disneyland,jogging,earings and last but not least-Dance! (We can dance anywhere,anytime-provided we should feel like dancing!)

When you realize your always hungry brother is no more hungry all the time and very smartly controls his diet.You have nothing to scold him on that topic now! :/

When you virtually go to your another Fai MM's place in USA and plan for Disneyland ,scuba diving ,sky diving and what not with your brother and the identical cousin!! :)

When you contribute in completing a full jar of 'Mukhvaas' with your family while chit-chatting!

When you go to a 'Khadi Bhandar' shop,find children's books section  and suddenly feel you are still behaving like a kid Bubblegum who wants all books to read at one go!

When you get your self hooked to songs like 'Aafat ke parinde' and 'Pani da' which are suppose to be latest favorites of your best buddy! :)

When you have plenty of 'Keri no ras' to indulge into any time of the day!

When you have all the freedom to stick to the big television in the drawing room and enjoy to the fullest,No one can stop you!

I say, "Its home!! I am home!!"

May 17, 2012

Ek jaam friends ke name!

I just heard it on the radio some days before, "Friends are relatives, we choose!"!

Not bad. Friends are important and they become super important if you are away from your family.They keep you high all time (in my case!), they scold you when you are up to some stupid action.They become your moral support. Its true, they are relatives we choose!

Suddenly I have become very much conscious of the fact that, we must enjoy the present when we are with friends. Never know till what time you all will be together, in the same city. Worst, in touch.I started noting how I feel special and I smile because of small tiny cute gestures (or a tight scolding session!) of my buddies, irrespective of their locations!

I wanted to capture some of these moments, I guess I need a 3D (Harry Potter fame?) camera?!

-My frock buddy N pinged me in the morning some days back on 'whatsapp'! The conversation was like this-(meaning less?!)
Frock buddy N:Uth gai??
Bubblegum: Yeah why?
Frock buddy N:Hehehe, ese hi.

A big smile by Bubblegum! :)

-I was feeling exhausted after the Nashik travelling and the pinch of pain. The night was horrible with head ache and I was forced to take rest. I slept off finally. Before my alarm rings, I got a mail alert on my mobile. I checked. I got a biiiig mail from my best-buddy which made my day!! I read it for 238740 times and I guess my all pain disappeared suddenly.I mean when he writes I just love to read and whenever I ask him to blog or write more, he says, "I am very bad at it!! I know you will read this,just wanna tell you,

"Dude you write your mind-heart out!!! At least write for me!!!" :)

-Here goes a conversation with my bro-buddy on call, while waiting for another friend of us, Shana.

Bubblegum: I am waiting for Shana-sir. (Sarcasm is important!) 
Bro-buddy:Oooo sir!! (He is scared for Shana may be now!)
Bubblegum: (Trying to control my frustration!) Let him come late. Poor guy is missing some moments with a good friend like me!
Bro-buddy:What about the poor girl waiting for him?
Bubblegum: The girl will roar like a tigress!! (Woow!)
Bro-buddy:Not roar, you will mew like a cat!! 
After the incident (Shana is still alive!), the very next day I got a ping from my bro-buddy!

"What is tigress doing?!!"
Mugambo khush hua!! ;)

-When two nashik-buddies (One is JQ and the second one lazy fellow SB!) mail me and there is a loop of chains mails with no agenda. In one such mails,we start playing Antakshari! (I am the initiator!)

"Guys,These mails are very precious to me!! To remember how stupid we are!!!"

-A friend of yours from USA whom I call by the name of  a film character (which I don't want to publish here or else this can be my last blog!) he hates to be called, gets irritated when I suggest him a makeover which can make him look like his sister-ditto!!  :D 

"Dude, If you are reading this, I wont call you by your real name. Ever!!!" :D

-A school-college friend KS who is a doctor now, scolds you like your father to take the vaccine, you are scared of. For the first time in life. Period. Oh I felt special but I certainly dint smile!! :P

-The would-be of the same doctor-childhood friend fellow, pings you and makes you understand about the whole vaccine thing!She is a doctor and the vaccine is important! Thehenga to Dr.KS, I smiled! :P

Such crazy friends make me smile or make me special each time they dive into my daily life.I can note a lot many incidents but these are the latest ones!! ;)

To all my friends and upcoming new friends,

Guys and girls, you call I am high all time!! That's because of you!!
Ek jaam friends ke name,


PS: Jaam-Kissan jam, okay?! ;)

May 15, 2012

The perfect pinch of pain!

Yesterday I was travelling from Nashik to Mumbai, by our company bus. Apart from the new awesome interiors, the bus doesn't have much in the name of suspension system or dampeners. I manage somehow, every week.

I was frustrated because of the bus-break down right at the time of departure and so the late arrival in my Mumbai. I settled myself in the bus with a heavy head (ache!) and plugged in the i-pod.

I could see the sun setting from the large window. I was not so happy, it was a closed Volvo bus. I love the Igatpuri road which is made up of zig-zag roads and scenic beauty. I remembered my camera which is feeling a bit sad as I cant give him the time now a days. 

I started listening to songs and gazed through the window. We were heading in the north direction, we were following 'Dhruv' star. The dark sky and a little red horizon with black structures in between. I wanted to click.

I suddenly felt like an urge to cry. I was not sad.It is something which was coming out of my heart. The sight was trying to pour a pinch of pain in my heart and I must say that pinch of pain is necessary to poke you sometimes. So that you know how lucky you have been, how you have everything in the world, how you have to go further, how you will have to face problems and how you will come and achieve those dream which are twinkling in your eyes right now. That is how you respect happiness and smiles in your life!

The whole lot of emotions came out of my eyes! I still cant name the whole feeling.I named it 'The perfect pinch of pain' today!

These feelings have no agenda, no goal and no specific reasons. May be the song in my ipod described the feeling.

"Thoda hai, thode ki zaroorat hai,
Zindagi fir bhi yahan khubsoorat hai..."!

May 13, 2012

Hey you silly!

Hey you silly Bubblegum ki pareshan atma,

What do you think all the time? Day and night? You feel you life is moving very fast-but that's what you always wanted. You wanted to spark your dreams again. You are about to do that-what is stopping you?

You are a strong girl. You have overcome so many problems and depressions. What is making you think all the time. You are not worried or scared I know, You are scattered and blank. Just gather your guts and fall into the pool! You gotta swim!!

Things are awesome around you. Even if they are not , you always make them awesome. What is the need to think? You, who believed one should just move out of the comfort zone, struggle and achieve dreams one has, is getting scared? No then what is holding you back?

Your family?-No. They are always there. You know it very well.
Your job?-Job? In the whole world, you are scared of not getting the salary?
Your Mumbai?-Where is it going-You are enjoying and you will enjoy your Mumbai anyway!

You are scared of loosing the world of besties you have made! Right? Ah, isn't it bad that you have a doubt? Come on Bubblegum, they play it hard to make you smile every time.

You have to give a shot-You have to move! You have to achieve dreams-this one is your one of the finale shots. You are the smile and strength of your buddies-if you behave so, what do they feel!!

Buck up Bubblegum!!

Expressing is not a problem, but panicking just by those silly thoughts of struggles in future is a problem. The don of Kandivali area is fearless-What are you up to Bubblegum??

Smack those stupid thoughts away and enjoy! Reach out to your dreams! Just like your name-keep on Bubbling and fly high in the sky!!!

Your buddies are with you always!

Yours truly,
Real Bubblegum!

May 11, 2012

The heart of India!

So at around 10 in the night, I was travelling through the heart line of Mumbai, yes! I was in the ladies compartment of the local train.

Now, most of these local train travelling memories are colourful. I just love to travel by these trains. You have this amazing frequency if trains. No need to wait for more than 5 minutes and lo, you can travel miles, that too at low cost.Above all, one can see all shades of all kind of personalities. That is what attracts me towards these trains. Especially if you are travelling in a ladies compartment.

I see different female phases of life. I see a new mother with a tiny toddler. Sometimes even managing crying babies or worst, twins! The most beautiful thing, other ladies will actually help such ladies to sit and manage the situation.I see a school going kid, holding his/her mom. I see a grandmother with a grand-kid, engrossed in the conversation.I see a housewife sharing her blues and pinks with other ladies. Most of the time, they would have met for the first time in the train and now they regularly meet each other as they use the same train everyday. I have seen a local-train group ladies just like kitties. I see a newly wedded lady, with all her ornaments and pink blush talking on phone. I see ladies cross checking by peeping through the entrance, if their husbands/sons or friends have boarded the same train successfully in the general compartment or not. I see college going girls giggling about the latest addition of the handsome dude or the pain of exams. I see working girls listening to the music and out of focus from the world inside. I see some girls, blushing while messaging and staring the mobile screen.I see lady vendors selling earings,files,folders,hairpins and what not and struggle to earn the bread for the family. I generally enjoy the beauty of the whole sweating,screaming atmosphere.

But,just a few days before, I saw something which actually got captured in the image-film of my heart.It was nothing very special, very general for us. But that day I pondered over the whole scene.

Just near my seat, 3 ladies covering their heads with Dupattas and lashing pretty eyes were chatting.They were discussing about the real estate condition of Mumbai. Meanwhile 2 ladies wearing salwars and mangalsutras came in rush.After settling themselves down, they started talking to those 3 ladies.A young girl wearing skirt came with a 'cross' locket hanging through the neck. She greeted all of them with a smile and dived into the discussion. What amazed me was the kind of discussion they were having. All of them were updated and putting their points logically, going in the same direction, deeply involved irrespective of the barrier of languages. Just then I realized, This is India.

We, Indians, fight due to some differences like state,caste, creed and what not.At the end, we all are one. The scene was not a drama. It was a real life situation where ladies from different castes and cultures were talking to each other so happily, even sharing snacks with each other. All educated.

I don't think so we need to discover new ideas to implement peace in our lives.They are already there. We have stopped enjoying and noting small pleasures of life when we actually live 'Unity'! Peace is an old world, we should implement 'Enjoyment'!

I will never ever forget the whole scene which helped me to realize what India is all about and how we actually live 'Unity in Diversity'! Period.

 It is the heart of India, a beautiful one.

May 10, 2012

A talk with my God

Dear God,

What to tell you. You give me all happiness but with a pinch, every time. Last time I asked for something, you gave me after months with a lot of pain. I still wanted to respect your decision. You dint let me. A blast and the whole dream world collapsed. I had realized by the time, the world was something I dint deserve! Then why did you give? If you gave, you snatched?! I am happy now you did.I deserved the better one!

Months later, a gift from god came, brick by brick I started re-building my dream world in this true world. I realized this was the world I wanted. Not the one which was in my past. I was super happy. The time flew. World was there,strongest- ready to fight against all odds. Suddenly you started moving the plate beneath the world. It shacked. I am sure, the world is my goal. My motto. My life.

Is it necessary to shake?Is it necessary to give me a pinch?? Is it necessary to ruin my world again? No.

You wont do that!! Right??? I cant even complain that, you don't give me what I want. You give and then snatch. Don't do it again. I have still some faith in you. Some? You are the reason to our existence.

Hope you wont let my faith die.

Waiting for your decision,(I have decided, it wont change!)

PS:I really need to believe in 'you'. Prove it!Dont let the whole thing die.

May 9, 2012


Declaimer: Scattered thoughts on the subjects compile, so-Champi chatting! Read at your own risk to understand! :D

So when my head was aching badly last night, as if some body is igniting dynamites in my mind one by one, I recalled the song!! Yeah I am like that, I have a song for every situation and almost every dialogue given, precisely!

"Sir jo tera chakraye, ya dil duba jae, aaja pyare paas humare, kahe ghabharaye kahe ghabharaye, Sun sun sun, are baba sun is Champi mein bade bade gun!" 

Yes, I just love head-massage (Champi!) and especially by my Youngest Masi and my mom! They are experts! With God's grace I have got the talent too.Me and my masi both are on the violent side though!! If you understand! :D

So, I believe giving champi is an art and a god gift. Not everybody can do it. It needs passion, involvement, heart and yes the oil!! The hands doing good champi are blessed. One actually pours positive energy by hands. The loving and caring person can only give the best champi!The champi-taker (the one under the act!) feels the relaxation out of all freaking-blood sucking tensions and headaches. My masi as I stated is on violent side always gives me the awesome champi whenever we meet. The service she gives comes to an end with the sleep and yes the messy-mahakali-hair-looks.Any way I remember the good part only!I guess me, my other masis, mom and cousins, we all are obsessed with her champis! I remember before her marriage my mom and me, both used to wait for her every alternate days and enjoy the champi!

My mom-who herself is also a good champi-specialist, used to spoil me by indulging in the holy champi to her highness-Bubblegum. I had to forget the champi thing when I used to get targeted by Migraines after leaving home for my job.My mom used to make me so much relaxed when I used to go mad by these chronic headaches which also give insomnia free of cost with them.Ah, I missed the mom-masi wala champi last night a lot. Was all the blabbering, a kind of digressing??! :D

So, I recalled all those champi moments with mom and masi.Then, I traveled more towards present in memory trip.I am blessed with the champi-giving art too, albeit not exactly like mom-masi duo. I remember my  bhaiyas coming for the special champi during my Indore trips! My younger brother who was then-of almost my height coming for the oil-champi. I guess he doesn't get headaches now-and headaches are now afraid of his huge structure!!My papa-everyday enjoys champi-not by me-by mom! And, a proud moment-My mom enjoys a lot,champis given by me! My 2 room mates at Pune used to come to me almost every week for the very special Bubblegum-champis!! :) For a champi-giver, these are proud moments!

There is a rule but! A champi giver can not do his or her own champi!! Yes, mostly. So I missed my masi and mom so badly for a while. Yahin duniya ka usool hai!!Just like,a real mom can not pierce her daughter's ears! (Wheeeee, there is a saying in Gujarat!! :D)

I have read somewhere, years ago, The 'Shampoo' word has come from the Hindi 'Champi' word during British-Raj!!

Ah,The real-point of this Rant-like champi chatting was-Nothing-How I missed chmapis at home! :(

Hey but,I can conclude with a good part and no-headache-only-fun-state,

"Lakh dukho ki ek dava hai, kyona aazame....kahe ghabharaye kahe ghabharaye.."!

May 6, 2012

Hooked on to-II

Some songs give me goosebumps. Some songs are weapons to make me go in trance. Some songs are dream songs to perform. Some songs make me go into the world of dreams. The rhythm of some songs soothes me.

I have got one. I am hooked on to it. Yeah buddies, I am still in the 'Jhoom barabar Jhoom' era!

I listen to the song 'Bol halake halake' almost daily and how I wish to get lost in the song, still, everyday! 

Especially when I hear these lines,

"Aaa nind ka sauda kare,
Ek khvab le, ek khvab de;
Ek khvab to ankho mein hai,
Ek chand ke takiye tale,
Kitne dino se yeh asman bhi, soya nahi hai isko sula de"

Loosely Translated: 
"Lets make a deal, of the sleep,
Take a dream, Give a dream,
The dream is in the eyes,
and under the pillow of the moon (light),
Since many days, even the sky has not slept off, please make the sky sleep too"..

Sh...Bolhalake halake.... 

May 3, 2012

Omens I picked!

There two types of omens. Good ones and  bad ones! We generally note the bad ones and forget to see the good ones. I sometimes feel its all in our minds-We decide to get the positive energy and so we find good omens. When we are in a confused or sad state of mind we always attract negative energy-default. We have to dive into the positive side and get the good omens. 

I myself half of the time struggle to find those 'Good omens', so get scared of bad ones and the upcoming future. I suddenly realized in the morning about 'Omens we pick' while listening to the music. My not-feeling-well state changed slowly into the rocking-and-enjoying state of mind! Songs I played in my i-pod relaxed my mind and took out the bad feelings. I realized it was 'my pick'! I realized, when we pick a bad omen, we actually get to see more and more 'bad omens'! 

I decided to today to make a list of all good goodie omens around me I missed to see in last few days.Here I go!!

  • I have my ipod and Sony earplugs (The deadly combination!) with me and so I can indulge into music anytime any where!!! I have finally managed to get musical things in place!
  • I actually celebrated my Birthday birth week birth month so so nicely! Ah, Thanks a lot my buddies :)
  • My life is changing slowly, new opportunities are coming up! How can I miss noting those omens?
  • He is recovering, slowly but steadily! :) :) :)
  • I met one of  my college friends (note: A girl!!) after like ages and we enjoyed a lot lot. All our favorite things-Shopping, Panipuri, ganneka ras and coconut water! ah, and most important three things-chatting chatting and chatting :D
  • I saw a hilarious,musical and touching Gujarati play with a wonderful buddy! :) The best time of the month. ah, second best! First one was this!
  • I am fullto into love of  fast walking and jogging so much! It is not making any difference on my body that's a different story. :P
  • Even if I cry, crib, do all kinds of tantrums knowingly or unknowingly, some buddies can tolerate my vandalism, handle me and repair my mind-Hook or by crook :D
  • I made cheesecake!! Come on, its a good omen!!
Once I started I noted each and every good things happened to me in last few days. The weather appeared to be nice and it made me smile all my way to office. I guess I managed to pick Good omens over bad! 

Did you?

May 1, 2012

One dream One life!

I have a dream, I have a life. Like everybody has. I call the phenomena , 'One Dream One life'. The phenomena has some versions. In a version, The dream is the life you want to achieve. It is something keeps you sane, rush towards the dream , achieve and lo, one more dream and one more life is there to meet. The other version is, A dream and a life both in different direction. You have to think and you have to think, then you have to decide, which part of the phenomena you want. You need to choose.

One more version is there. A combination of a dream and a life. Which has a period of both the versions I have described. You have to choose a dream or a life in a phase, after achieving one, You can live the second phase.If at all you choose.

In the former both versions, one can get through easily, comparatively.In the later one, you need to challenge yourself, you need to grow, you need to mature with time. Everything without loosing a focus.It tests your guts.It tests your soul. When you bang on it, The dream and The life becomes 'You'! 

One dream One life,
I chose a little bit of both.
Fortunate enough I get the support,
Strong as I want.
Future has an act in its kitty,
Life is all but the gravity.
I shall stride to achieve the dream,
Holding my life within,
Indulge in present you also say,
I struggle to find your way.
Something in me grew today so strong,
I feel proud and try to hold on;
The same life and the same dream,
Because the little bit of both,
Is what you shall also reap.

PS: Just an impromptu write up. May confuse you, but all I will say is, I am proud to choose a little bit of both, the third version-if you understand! Its tough to express today!