June 6, 2013

Mumbaiya Memories!

In Wake Up Sid when Ayesha writes her first article on the city of dreams, She knows why the city is special to her. She finds the city adorable. At the end of the movie, she realizes it was Sid who made the city so warm for her. The movie has some brilliant shots of the city of my dreams as well. The movie makes me nostalgic, each of the frame makes my heart crave for Mumbai.

I have written a lot about Mumbai, in the form of rants and in the form of ramblings. I love even the humid, irritating and still homely feel of the city.  I have a confession to make about it.

Like Sid in Wake up Sid, I have a bunch of Sids who made my stay in this city, an affectionate affair of my life.

Perhaps not even thousand words can give me a peace of mind, I am caught by the nostalgia trip.

The city of my dreams, please let me come and hug you again! Pretty please!

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