June 14, 2017

The Joy Ride

Last night, like a true Pativrata Naari I was waiting for Mr.ISB to reach home so that I can dig into my dinner. Mumbai monsoons are no fun at night if it decides to be wild, hence I was worried. He had told me he is leaving the office before two hours, he was not picking the call and I was hungry (I like to have at least one meal together daily)- well, not in that order but every thing put together was making me anxious.

And the door bell rang. From the front cover door- I could see him with a wheel in his hand.

My mind just dived back in the last weekend, when we had gone to a sports show room called Decathlon where I was eyeing on a sports bike but was in doubts if I want to buy one or not. I was not sure if I should invest into it but nonetheless,  I was freaking (happily) out at the site of sports bikes displayed there, remembering my childhood. Now, lets be honest - I did not even said that to Mr.ISB. I kept it to myself.

And here he was lifting a disassembled sports bike as an Anniversary gift! (Which we assembled together after dinner, Any one noting down relationship goals?)

To the pun lover husband I wanted to say, "Don't I  take you for a ride anyway!"


Happy Third Wedding Anniversary, Buddy!!! Let's continue to be the weirdest couple (disliking PDAs, ditching luxurious holidays and Gold- Diamonds, loving walking dates and blah blah) 

May the craziness stays forever. 

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