October 13, 2013

Pune bound

The day approached, when I will again relocate to a not so new and yet a strange city for me. Pune. The part of Pune where I have stayed before is more like a jungle, this time it is the proper city area. Anyway, it did control my nervousness to some extent.

It is not first time I am shifting some where. My last four years have seen more relocation than I would have ever thought of. This time it is different. I know I am here for my job, I might face pure professional environment than my first job - where I managed to get friends to die for. I will be at a higher position, where things will be judged in a serious manner. I will have to act more responsible. I am not nervous for these things.

I am nervous for the fact that after like days and days at home, it will be difficult to live alone. Of course virtually my parents, my would be and my would be parents will be there, but for me it is difficult.

I just want to finalize a flat where I would get room mates like I had in Singapore ( Now this is ultra difficult!), I want to work hard so that loneliness would be the last thing to enter my mind. I want to explore this city which is a blend of modern trends and traditions which survived ages.

With such hopes in my mind, keeping the TV on as I want some one's feel  in the hotel room I have been given for some days by the company, I am signing off. :)

PS: This post is written in jiffy. It shows randomness of my mind! ;)

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