October 25, 2013

Life is on the roll!

It has been a long I blocked and many of my friends actually commented on it. Not because they missed my blog, mostly they missed my blabberings! Many people feel , if there are no posts from me for long, there is something terribly wrong. Believe me things are moving so fast, I hardly have some time and rather internet to sit and note them down. Like many other posts, this shall be a mixed bag from my monkey mind!

It has been almost two weeks I landed in Pune, with the hope of getting into the new job role and the city. Doing it good. Pune is not entirely new and so is the language, so far enjoying life. Super hectic schedules and house hunting take most of the chunk of my peace of mind, the not so peaceful chunk goes straight to Mr.ISB.

The first week in the five star hotel, sponsored by my new company was nothing but a week of transition from doing-nothing-phase to day-should-be-of-30-hours-phase. With superb services and facilities both at hotel and the company with training sessions, I guess I developed a nice habit of sleeping as early as possible. According to my mom, that is the most brilliant establishment of mine and the company put together.

The second week started with a lot of rush. Stretched working hours, late evening tele conferences to attend with on going small trainings and how can my health behave properly?! A lot of pain and multiple organ nervousness as I call it happened and I almost (along with Mr.ISB of course!) faced those two- three days. If I think now, they were nothing, pain lead me to capture everyone's peace of mind. Being alone and feeling sick yet sane, is the skill I am looking forward to develop.

Next week is going to have major changes again - Shifting to a room on sharing basis with other girls, getting into the job business some more and yes, preparing for the Diwali vacation. Yeah, my company is kind enough to give me five days holidays. Yuppy! Not for the vacation ( I dont need one now!) but this will be my last Diwali at my home. Very important for my parents, for me, well I am not going to spare them even in future anyway.

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  1. Sleeping as early as possible is really a nice habit!

    Have a good time in Diwali at your home. HAPPY DIWALI!