August 29, 2014

Religion, for me

Religion for me, is my business. Today when I write this post, I know the consequences might hit me hard right on my face but, hey there is something called blogging away my internal struggle. The struggle which is almost on the verge of concluding my decision for life.
  • My religion is faith. My faith. Be it in one God or some super power, who manages to give me hopes and positive vibes. Religion is peace and not a show off of whose religion is better. Religion is not spending crores from your bank account (or even money in black for that matter) when some kids on the street do not get food. 
  • My religion is not about worshiping hard. My religion is an energy which keeps me hopeful, which keeps my spirit alive. My religion is not about Gods,my  religion is about being human.
  • My religion would not compel me to fast. With scientific logic, detoxification of my body would happen only if I would feel peaceful from inside. With feelings of hatred, jealousy, ego,violence, complexes against others - nothing will happen even if I fast. Nothing.
  • My religion would not divide people of the country on the basis of faith.My religion would not stop me from co-existing with other religions with hearty attachments. My religion is about bringing humanity above all difference. 
  • My religion would never brain wash people's mind. My religion would make people think openly about all things-facts surrounding them. My religion would guide me to take correct decision in relevance with today's situation and would discourage me if I  follow age old traditions harming health or soul.
  • My religion would permit me to accept Eidee and hog the Sheer Khurma. My religion will teach me to say sorry if I have hurt some one. My religion will let me have Modaks too and will make me go to Haji Ali as well.  
  • My religion would not let me torture my body by starving myself. My religion will not force me to eat junk in the name of fasting as well. My religion would  not teach me unhealthy and unhygienic practices.
  • My religious place ( Temples, Pirs, Dargahs, Churches or Synagogues!) would only give me peace. I will never become the part of charity with name, spreading rubbish all over the place or even be a part of the religious function where people might get discriminated on the basis of caste, creed or financial status.
I am sure most of you think, I am bringing up a religion named 'No religious practices', but well that is how I see my way of life. I might deviate due to changing beliefs or even attempt to change my rules for not making others sad, but this is what my religion is.

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