August 4, 2014

Pointless points hovering in mind!

Today is a day where I am ready to type away the glory. (If it makes sense and you are still ready to read!)

  • Mr.ISB is away for a week and honestly apart from nothing- really nothing to do (read, cleaning house) and no one to talk, it was getting bored when my destiny decided to take the ride and I forgot the key inside the house. Well, a gang of 'dadajis' and a care taker pondered over a few options like asking some one to climb into the balcony and open the door. Well, the matured lady in me called the key maker and he opened the door in flat two minutes. I also should write that I was drenched in the rain while coming back from office. I also lost my dream of dreaking 'Adarakh wali chai' after reaching as it was already the dinner time.
  • The office work has become a complex mixture of good work and boredom. A part of me has no work and another part of me has all non-value-added system details fill up to do which was never a priority before. Also I have not mentioned that I have managed to move two of my bosses from this role and an upcoming new organisation announcement might add one more feather in my hat. Thank you, but let me tell you, upcoming boss might not be that awesome. *Pray*
  • I have got this unusual itch of doing something on my own. Thousands of plans but nothing is so solid to implement. Some day...
  • Oh did I mention, we have rented a costly but a lovely house? I love it to the core and the fact that, I can experiment on my own- I love it even more. A mountain , a small river, a swimming pool from the balcony, a cup of tea and a book. Life can not be better.
  • I am in search of a fitness freak soul. I am loosing out again on health front with fatigue and frequent migraine head aches. The runner ( who runs like a buffalo) is yet to come out other wise the treadmill right there in the club house is waiting for me. 
  • The office people who disapproves me as a good wife (The guess, obviously!) and relatives who think I am a good wife leave me in identity crisis. Of course the weird thinking of yours truly, starts with the theory that no one in the couple can be good or bad. It is how the other one manages!! 
  • I really feel I should just do a little make over of myself, not only in terms of looks but also in terms of personality - finding new hobbies and doing things I never did! The problem lies in the fatigue I get after finishing daily work. Needs to buck up?
  • By the way I guess I am in love with Google Keep! :D 
Random points - Pointless points I said!

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