September 12, 2014

Happy realization - September!

  • Grocery list is an open document. By the time you finish every specific thing you wanted for the home and the kitchen, the new month pops up with new requirements. 
  • When everything around you becomes dynamic, you tend to become static. Hence numb. People around me having tough time handling my stubbornness. 
  • The amount of coffee consumption is directly proportional to the multiplication of bored moments and hectic projects. It sounds weird but I get both in a day's time. 
  • The tea time at home gives me peace. I stir the piece of mind which runs too fast in the tea and gulp it down. I bet every one who loves tea feels the same.
  • The maids have boomerang characteristics, more you ask to come early, more they come late. Amazing thing is they can convince every day about her early arrival for the next day. I am taking her (one of them) in my negotiation session next week.
  • In lunch hour, if you work, you are punished to hear conversation of mommies talking to their kids on phone in the language which can be only deciphered with focus more than studies for board exams. It becomes much entertaining  irritating when you realize the person on the other end of the phone is not his or her kid, but his or her spouse. Seriously? Matured people?
  • People who are android supporters and people who are apple supporters (with a small bunch supporting Nokia as well) act as they were those people who created riots in Ahmedabad after Godhara incident.
  • The hunger which I fear becomes violent by the time I would reach to the food in the canteen, dies a tragic death when I see the food. That bad.
  • The last quarter of the year is actually the third quarter of the financial year in India. Which means you have to save money for investment with some seriousness. Only if all members of my family would not have destined to take birth on this planet in the same time frame.
  • I do not know why people send hoax messages warning against X Y and Z things we use or we see in daily life without verifying it with concern authorities. I have realized even if you ask them not to do this next time, people get fooled and spread panic attacks. Contagious they are. 
Just some titbits straight from my heart mind!

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