September 25, 2014

Numb and alive!

The lump in your throat is going no where. You feel as if some body has gripped your neck to death. Your voice is suppressed in your throat with some gazillion tons of load. You try to breath and the nose refused to suck Oxygen into your body. You open your mouth and lungs refuse to pump up.

You fear if you will be alive after ten minutes or not.

Your eyes are loosing the sight due to the pain increasing exponentially in the lower portion of the face.


Nobody has tried to murder me guys and girls. Neither it is a nightmare nor it is a plot of some thriller.

The pain is brought to me by the cold I have caught.

*Cough Cough Cough*


A pile of clothes on the bed, those 10-15 books we read or we have to read on the sofa, those bowls and dishes on dining table after breakfast were smiling at me.

I was numb. Reluctant to leave that blanket and I closed my eyes again to get launched in the lovely world of sleepy souls.

Did I mention I still get dreams of India's MOM after two days of the success- May be I am from Mars.


Many times I was stopped by the fatigue in my mind and body to not to write a post and publish it on my blog. I can not get more numb than this.


Right from Deepika-TOI controversy, MOM, women scientists rejoicing over the success and The Indian Prime Minister witnessing the orbit shifting-placing of the Indian Mars craft, 'Make in India' campaign, the Garba deprived soul of mine - I have my own thoughts about everything being served on my platter. I have some gazillion curses for myself for not being able to be in Ahmedabad or Mumbai at least during Navratri. I am penning down none. May be I should better get back to life and kick type.


In the almost life-less, cough-ridden world of mine, there is one thing which gives me warmth, love and relief for half and hour or so.

A cup of Indian Masala - Ginger-Pepper-Basil-clove-Cinnamon tea. Yeah, please crush all the herbs possibly residing in your home with ginger and get yourself a nice boiled cup of tea. You are free from the sorrow of the horrible cold for half and hour.

Numb and yet alive!


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