June 20, 2015

aPOINTment #5

Long time?!!? I bet. I was dying to type but then some planned and some unplanned situations surfaced out which made me lazy and busy both! Here I am again to blurt out some points!

  • Pondicherry trip on our first wedding anniversary! First already!! I can not believe the time flew so fast, and in such a fashion that I am comfortable enough to take the whole situation as a decade old relationship. There has to be a separate post about our trip which was an amalgamation of food, fun, walk and beach! Mr.ISB has to be thanked enough! 
  • I am stressed for some reasons which I do not want to blog about. Ahmedabad induces stress in me, as I am not there with my family. Even after six years - I have been living out, my heart sinks with nervousness whenever something goes even 0.1% wrong. I have been asked by every one to stop taking so much of stress. I am not sure if I would learn the way in next hundred years.
  • Rains. Mumbai Monsoon showed up , with a real wild swag. All areas lower than sea level in the city were clogged, but thanks to the alert-messages many many people did not leave for offices - did not get trapped. Humanity was resurfaced if at all it was lost. Every one helped every one and among cribbing sessions by media, there were people who appreciated efforts taken by officials. We were house arrested in a way but managed to do puddle (Huge and small) walking and semi swimming with hot filter coffee and Vada pav. No office and home made it an awesome day! How can I forget the Antakshari we played with my in laws.
  • I am back in the office with a LOT of work to do thanks to my past three trips to Ahmedabad, Pune and Pondicherry which is going to cancel out my next planned Goa trip with females of our family. *Cry*
  • I have been travelling to many industrial estates of Mumbai and New Bombay. I am in love with the city all over again. Local trains and people, specially. 
  • I miss Ahmedabad when it rains.There is no smell of Dalvada made in Amdavadi style,With a lot of spice, a bit of garlic, onions and Green chilies! Mumbai, you are missing something. 
  • The only thing I hate about rains is missing my jogging sessions. I hate gyms so I have re-started yoga which has not reached to the level I want to. Slowly. 
How was your last week? :)

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