June 2, 2015

aPOINTment #4

No more explanations for putting out points directly on the blog. It was a hectic weekend with always hectic yet awesome weekdays. Not a better way to show all of my thoughts accumulated in the tiny heart.

  • First thing first. I missed my jogging and walking morning session. Really. I love the way it makes my body a bit healthier every time. Touchwood.
  • The weekend with The Husband, Mr.ISB was good after travelling in the AC bus for four hours. How I hate these buses. Watching a movie, walk dates, nonstop chattering and do-whatever-you-want-to life style - best gifts Mr.ISB can gift! Intellectual , knowledge worthy chatting keeps the spark alive - How Geeky I know! 
  • The night after which I left Pune for Mumbai was horrible with night mares and getting up every damn hour was tiring. So much that even today people keep on asking why I am not feeling good. Sleeping peacefully is such an important thing! My two days at office is also tiring - in a fashion which confuses every one. I wanted to work and tick the to-do-list but the headache never allowed. Hoping for the best day tomorrow. 
  • Discussions of religions are so sensitive. I am really not sure if I feel attached to ANY religion alive on this earth. 
  • Restrictions and Religions are synonyms. Some day I would love to see getting myself liberated from both of them. No, I am not being forced by anyone to follow any single thing. Just saying.
  • Why are we not so sensitive about our country in the similar way? Why religion is not after the country? Can we see next generation kids wishing 'Jai Hind' in place of 'Jai random religion' sort of 'Naras'? May be it can unite us. Well, not in this birth. Oh by the way, I dont want Moksh, by taking birth again as an animal in this beautiful world is worth it.
  • I miss cooking. I do not feel like cooking due to hectic schedules and other limitations. May be that is back to being 'Me'!
  • I have a big pending shopping list and no time. These are must shopping items filtered from eight things to five. The lazy bums refused to walk over to the shop even when I had time in the weekend. 
  • I love writing mails.People whom I love write/wrote to me. How I love reading those mails again.
How was your weekend? Do you suffer from one topic turmoils? 

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