June 16, 2016

Not 'Two' Much

While walking in the streets of Copenhagen (Now our one of the favorite cities!)

On seeing a board displaying a brand name,

Me: Meko mari par tere ko nahi mari..
Mr.ISB who otherwise successfully controls his expressions by showing 'null' emotions, failed and gave that sad smile.

(I'm sure the 'Mekkomari' brand cried silently that day!)

Thank you Mr.ISB for being supportive through all of my sad (but creative,come on!) jokes!


While going back to the home stay in Bergen, Norway..

Me: So, what next!
Mr.ISB: You watch the series you were watching. I watch series I want to watch. (On that huge soft bed.) Fun?
Me: *Smiles* Yuuuppp!

Thank you  Mr.ISB, for giving space and still be there all the time. (I know you need that silent space which I raid and disturb whenever I want!)


After returning after the hike with two wooden block legs, to cover up for my anger I showed while hiking down which was actually my frustration about now uncovered weak stamina of yours truly..

Me: What if I would have given up in between..
Mr.ISB: I would have lifted you like 'Vikram' and you would have been my 'Betal'.
Me: ...........

Thank you Mr.ISB,For pushing my limits, for the superb hiking experience, I would not have done this without you. Kind of conquering the highest peak of seven mountains of Bergen,Norway.


We just celebrated our second wedding anniversary with two weeks long vacation in Scandinavia.

Not Two much, I know!

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