May 27, 2016

Celebration for a soul

She was the epitome of emotions. She was the kind mother's heart. She was the only person who could handle the baby me when my brother was born.She was the cuddle in summer vacations. She was the support to sleep on the floor, in summer vacations. She was the library of stories just like my grand mother. (They were so much like each other)

She was my second grand mother. She had the abundance of calmness and fun in her voice. She was the one who even when from older generations,supported in whatever I chose to do.

But there was a pinch of pain. In fact Two, in her life. She was hurt by many people in her life but some how the love she showered on us never had a hint of it.

She never met the most important person of my life but chose to bid us a good bye. Painful it was for her,we just remember that she smiled and laughed off her pain. She chose to sleep forever

Fai, If you are reading this. If you can hear me talking to you in real like you do in my dreams..

'I'm not really upset that you left us because I know you are there with us, all the time. You left for the better life. You still laugh from your heart and smile from your soul but then I must tell you that this only daughter of our family always and always remembers you. Dad and mom feel the vacuum which would never escape from our lives but then those sputters of your giggles fill us with happiness when we see your photo. I choose not to be sad today. Because, that is not you would ever want me to be. I choose to be kind today, To celebrate you in our lives.'

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