July 2, 2017

To Do Nothing in Kerala

It is very very weird that since months, the frequency of posts on my blog has decreased but then amidst the hectic schedule and my totally messed up state of mind ( I was tired of 'schedule', needed a break) created a big 'creative' block to even do random chatting on the blog! I decided to take a break from the craving of writing something forcefully as well. How awesome such desperate breaks can be- is something this blog post is all about, now that I am back from experiencing it. The break where...

We did nothing.

I, along with Mr.ISB and my SIL had decided a couple of months back to take a week long vacation where the sun would be kinder and so would be the place. Believe me, in April we were struggling to decide on a place even out side India, where we can go for a week. (Europe is my favorite destination but, for a week I barely can breath in, forget feel the place!) When we zeroed down on Kerala, I was sure of the resort and greenery as I had visited the place with my parents, but I was not really enthusiastic about the vacation. One, we planned to do nothing in the name of site seeing- I was okay with it but I was scared that my hyper-self would get bored. Two, secretly I wanted to explore a new country. Little less I knew, I did not need a new place to explore or too many things to do on this vacation. I needed to do nothing!

I kid you not. From the moment we checked in the room - three of us, till last moment kept ourselves busy in doing what we needed. Reading, watching movies, walking, eating, jogging, exploring plants around our cottages, indulging into Spa, playing board games etc. The brother sister duo swam a lot and slept off a lot. (While I read and enjoyed my cup of coffee enjoying drizzling rains!) And not even once we felt bored. I have to give enough credits to the Club Mahindra Resort Poovar, where every single three was pleasant and beautiful. (If somebody from Club Mahindra is reading this - do let me know from where I can get that cane chair and the stool on which I perpetually spent all my mornings and afternoons!)

My hyper-self was unbelievably calm as I had nothing at all do- no mundane stuff like cleaning the room or worrying about the next meal. I slept off every day for perfect seven to eight hours and how. I realized 20% of my stress before the trip was the irritation of not getting enough rest- mentally. Now,I was content. In fact I was worried that the vacation is ending too soon and I would show heavy withdrawal symptoms, but this trip surprised me again at the end of it.

I was all in to work. I enthusiastically and smoothly entered into the hectic work flow.

I am not sure how did that happen but I would recommend this kind of a don't-go-out-of-the-resort vacation once in atleast two years.

For now, you might want to look at the gorgeous place where I almost attained Niravana. (Green Nirava I would say)

Such walkways are witness to my hour long walks and lust for greens

While the brother sister duo swam, I enjoyed my coffee here
Post morning walk moments
The Hammock we all loved
Early morning reading sessions - Do not Disturb please!

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