March 23, 2018

Chai Time Chitchat #14

It feels like an era is over which started some 10 months back. An era of the Wedding of our sibling and the post wedding fatigue. Or at least I would like to think so that it is over.

I did the opening of 'this new era' (Again era! How dramatic I can be!) by taking the first step of trying out the french art of decoupaging. Decoupaging papers are not available in plenty in India but when we can recycle,why not? I used one of those 17 glass wine bottles I have collected and a torn Harry Potter book pages to make the first pilot.

Art is where your heart is, I say. I am not an artist from any stretch of imagination but this is something which puts me in the subconscious flow. Much like dancing, for me. The happiness of creating something can not be compared to any thing. And after all, I had read some where -'Home is where art is!' While my updated version is, 'Home is where the art is and the Chai is!'

By the way, do you know there is no fun in having Adarakhwali chai alone? I miss our uncle and aunt with whom I can share the super strong Adarakhwali chai. Lets see if how I can accommodate back to usual food habits and Chai Habits.

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