April 2, 2018

You too

It is not really a spoof on #metoo movement. It is in fact written with a little bit heavy heart because every day since 1st of April A-Z Blogathon posts are popping up and sad news is, I am not taking it up in this month. (No......) Here is the good news (Not the baby news, nosy aunties!) we are going for a vacation for ten days in April hence, I decided not to participate in the Blogathon this year (Or atleast in April!)

Now coming back to the post. My life in office has come to a point where, the temperament of yours truly remains only one degree down to the boiling point. So when, my team members were busy solving a problem thanks to their language skill set - I refrained from monitoring trouble shooting the real time work going on in the system and rather started trouble shooting with our guys on the field.

Now, this is what happens when thirty people across nine locations of India are in one single WhatsApp group where we communicate if they are goofing up by mistake while entering required data (Am I sounding like a nerd? well, I am!) So, my team keeps on checking for such errors and post them in the same group, I am talking about.

So, I started posting error messages while my team was busy in something else. My typing speed is pretty fast, so they started getting messages faster than usual and three teams in three locations were making more mistakes, hence only their names were popping up constantly. This one fellow from some other location got worried that why no messages are being sent on his name? (In fact, he was doing just fine!) So, he messaged in the group amidst all trouble shoot messages.

"What about me, mam?"

Now, when we saw this message by this man feeling left out, after two hundred messages which were virtually finger pointing for rectification- every one started laughing.I added the fuel to the fire by saying (Not typing there obviously)

"I love you too"

And now there was a laughing riot.

(We can see, on going activities and communication on a bigger screen)

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