August 17, 2013


If you look from outsider's eyes. We both are different like chalk and cheese. He is composed, I am complex. He talks when needed, I need to talk all the time. He lets me tell all stories from my world, I make him listen to my chattering which includes everything under and around the sun.

He loves cricket, and knows micro-details of the game. I love cricket only when the World cup is on air or say, when India is playing. He loves books and chews most of them. I love books to be in the world of fiction, enjoy its joys and thrills, finally try to come back in the real world.

He likes to try different food and never gets tired of visiting new as well as his favorite places. I am moody when it comes to food, I only crave for chocolates, ice creams and Indo-Chinese food for most of the time.

He is mathematically brilliant, analytically excellent. I am mathematically not analytic. I over analyse non-mathematical things! He shows off his English vocabulary, I show off my Gujarati vocabulary!

If he says he is going to kill you. Please run for your life, as from what I know he never breaks a promise. Yeah, he can be  late but never fails his own word.

No, if you think from the above statement that he has some violent shades, I better tell you he is as calm as some real Sadhubaba meditating in Samadhi. Hardly anything can distract him! Forget violence, he might take time to react respond to the situation. Yeah unlike me, whose reaction time is as long as 1/1000th second.

He is one of those buddies who has naturally acquired the skill of deciphering my mood just by a simple 'Hello' on the call, in a few months only. Which is quite unusual. I change my mood faster than the speed of the sound if situation arises! (Haww, too much of self introspection!)

Now, if you feel this guy is too innocent and Sidha sada for me! Mind you, break this misconception! He has lots of Shanpatti hidden inside and that is why I call him Shana! ( Okay, I have many Shana types friends! One more to add as a life partner!) That is what he is!

People may call our jodi an oxymoron but then only these basic differences made us jump together in the journey called 'Life'!


  1. Wish both of you a happy life forever with eachother makes your,each moment precision..

    full of wishes, God bless you both..

    a well wisher from the virtual world of social medias....

  2. With the differences, you will complement each other!

    2.I have added some pictures to my post 'The Daughter-in-law'. You may visit it again.